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Unraveling Athena | Official Trailer
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The Rise & Fall of Leeds United
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Andy Murray: Wimbledon's Hero
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Robin Singh
Robin Singh преди 8 минути
Nathon lyon sounds so depressing all the time
Rahul Kadam #YNWA
Rahul Kadam #YNWA преди 24 минути
Harshit Chaudhary
Harshit Chaudhary преди 30 минути
I would love to see what was happening in India's dressing room
Majid Ahmed
Majid Ahmed преди 55 минути
OMG I don't have words to express test cricket is really a test mentally and physically fit the cricketers !! Thank you so much for sharing this documentary
ahmi's empire
ahmi's empire преди 58 минути
But son plays atack
Majid Ahmed
Majid Ahmed преди час
1:02 is he wearing women's sports bra
Football_Nerds преди час
1:21 me and my cousin hearing stories from our grandpa
Surati Pradhan
Surati Pradhan преди час
What is the name of the documentary series please someone
Aakash Srivastava
Aakash Srivastava преди час
redemption is well and truly complete
каракорум столица мира
каракорум столица мира преди час
Не болды?
Sat Matharu
Sat Matharu преди час
Best feeling in cricket is to see Australia losing. 2nd best is to see them cry 🤣
Firas Mahdi
Firas Mahdi преди 2 часа
Son went to boot camp, lucky Lorris
Vanine преди 2 часа
Hugo Lloris is dumb af
Psd преди 2 часа
Wow. Never thought of it this way like shown in the video. Feel like slow claps should start for the Aussies (and of course India too). Respects to the Aussie spirit all the way from India. You led us to new benchmarks, you continue to lead us as far as fighting spirit goes. Thank you Australia (not just in cricket mind you!, this is a fiercely strong SPORTING country spread across the universe of sports).
fanatik mizik
fanatik mizik преди 2 часа
Naveen Rajput
Naveen Rajput преди 3 часа
2:01 stokes feeling the pain 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Niehit Sharma
Niehit Sharma преди 3 часа
Tynks amazon for letting me know that cricket players wear bra I honestly didn't know that and a nice documentary
Woofy DogG
Woofy DogG преди 4 часа
When the asian and the french boy fight in school
Adam Irfan
Adam Irfan преди 3 часа
@Woofy DogG haha...
Woofy DogG
Woofy DogG преди 3 часа
@Adam Irfan I wrote asian cause Korean and french doesn't seem real
Adam Irfan
Adam Irfan преди 3 часа
asian korean one...
Desi Chichora
Desi Chichora преди 4 часа
One of the best lesson for human
biswarup das
biswarup das преди 5 часа
So this is what happens in dressing room
saurabh Deshpande
saurabh Deshpande преди 5 часа
5:28 the sound of the hit is like a bullet.. Goosebumps
BeeNews преди 5 часа
Make web series on India team also how agree 😅
rahul kapur
rahul kapur преди 5 часа
That summer time is coming again soon...ready or not Aussies? I hope both teams put up a great sporting show...win, lose or draw, cricket must win! 🇮🇳🇦🇺
Karl Liu
Karl Liu преди 5 часа
Lloris: son you should run back to stay next to me after shoot. i almost be fuck one .
Typical Sebi
Typical Sebi преди 6 часа
That wasent even out it bowst on the pitch then joe caught it
rohan kumar
rohan kumar преди 7 часа
But now they both are playing in one team in ipl..
arnav express
arnav express преди 7 часа
Steven smith like jofra comment
ashwin pawar
ashwin pawar преди 7 часа
1:00 Is that guy wearing a bra?? 😂😂
박윤호 преди 8 часа
아마존 더러운 인종차별 기업!!!
Sonu aujla
Sonu aujla преди 8 часа
0:51 bowler appealing looks like jassi bumrah
Twisted Soul
Twisted Soul преди 8 часа
3:33 ever batsman in the world after duck even in my galli cricket 😂🤣
Jimin Seo
Jimin Seo преди 8 часа
재계약 하지말구 이적하자 그럼 닭집경기 안봐도 되는뎅...ㅜㅜ
pankaj barman
pankaj barman преди 8 часа
I like this guy somehow...there is a genuineness about this guy compared to other Australia cricketers...
Ryu jin Cho
Ryu jin Cho преди 9 часа
I'm with son
Abhi Meena
Abhi Meena преди 9 часа
Thts y is the best test batsmen in the world
endangered species
endangered species преди 9 часа
He tried to kill people with covid before and now with tennis balls too??
ᄋᄋᄋ преди 9 часа
요리스의 에미는 창년이다 요리스는 손흥민을 무시하고 있다 요리스는 얼굴도 원숭이처럼 생겼다 요리스는 음주운전 사고를 낸 쓰레기이다 손흥민은 토트넘의 에이스이다 손흥민은 득점 선두이다 나는 요리스를 경멸한다
Sudhir Padhi
Sudhir Padhi преди 10 часа
Why make Australia look like heroes here even when they lost, that too in their own country. It's India who are the heroes, who defeated them in their country, which is the very thing in test cricket.
Atul Tripathi
Atul Tripathi преди 10 часа
ek match haraya us pe web series.....shows the power of indian viewer crowd
Rachana Amul Parikh
Rachana Amul Parikh преди 10 часа
I understand shirtless but why are they wearing tops
suresh madhu
suresh madhu преди 10 часа
Back end is terrible after got out
Ishtmeet Singh
Ishtmeet Singh преди 11 часа
And they want kashmir?
Ahmed Al Farsi
Ahmed Al Farsi преди 11 часа
Mohamad Iqbaal
Mohamad Iqbaal преди 12 часа
The fact that he can't wait to present the all-time England greatest goalscorer to Harry Kane: The most unselfish footballing legend ever
Sumit Singh
Sumit Singh преди 12 часа
8:05 is lyon crying 🙄??
Dry War Gaming
Dry War Gaming преди 12 часа
Being an indian i loved watching that match .. bt after i watched this video i feel sad .. u played well love from India
Ghumman Brother 2
Ghumman Brother 2 преди 13 часа
Smith fake smile
The Mind Gamer
The Mind Gamer преди 13 часа
Stuart broad looks like CODY jones
JuZ Do iT
JuZ Do iT преди 13 часа
Smith and jofra playing as team mates in RR
Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma преди 13 часа
what a joke. tell someone that australians are good bloke on the field to someone who has not watched Australia for 23 years
samarth chauhan
samarth chauhan преди 14 часа
Chak dee india....... Agression ka dusra naam indian ......
Shubham More
Shubham More преди 14 часа
India Vs Australia in December will be 🔥🔥
cd n
cd n преди 13 часа
No one wrote this script did they? When Sri Lanka will tour South Africa again.
Sagar Akshayan
Sagar Akshayan преди 14 часа
2:49 Wow that sound ...!!!Seriously youtube should consider banning dislike button for certain videos.. if you accept like this comment
naveen kumar
naveen kumar преди 14 часа
Rajasthan royalers 😂
Vikas Mishra
Vikas Mishra преди 14 часа
00:58 why that guy is wearing BRA
THE SHAWNER преди 15 часа
India OP
THE SHAWNER преди 15 часа
Yup that's true
Poison Person
Poison Person преди 15 часа
no simth no starc ni warner in this series that why india win
Gorantla Yaswanth sai teja chowdary
Gorantla Yaswanth sai teja chowdary преди 15 часа
Legend ❤️ Smith💛
grescia karly
grescia karly преди 15 часа
Totenham vs?
Rezzmatazz преди 16 часа
Need 4Speed
Need 4Speed преди 16 часа
Thanks for showing us the emotions of each individual.... Absolutely beautiful
Raghunandan Reddy C
Raghunandan Reddy C преди 20 часа
Virat is the villain in this documentary. I like it.
548 Nilesh Tiwari
548 Nilesh Tiwari преди 20 часа
Smith is happy in IPL that he don't have to face Archer
Haddingtonian GCP
Haddingtonian GCP преди 21 час
I love Adams. Seems like a great bloke
vaivesh vijayan
vaivesh vijayan преди 21 час
Hats off 'Prime Video' for releasing such a fabulous movie of a real time hero...
ab.de. villiers
ab.de. villiers преди 22 часа
Jo jofra archer ko bhi pel de so hai ab de villiers 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amazing Facts
Amazing Facts преди 23 часа
Test Match Cricket has always been the real game of cricket 🙂 Thanks Amazon for bringing the emotions behind the game and players 🙏
Mussa Tunkara
Mussa Tunkara преди 23 часа
mourinho lowkey roasted them
Lucifer Cave
Lucifer Cave преди 23 часа
Seriously, after watching this series now I can proudly say that Test cricket is a War.
St0ner OP
St0ner OP преди 10 минути
@Savage Doge I mean today's people don't understand that test cricket is a war they think it's boring
Savage Doge
Savage Doge преди 18 минути
@St0ner OP Your a legend if you understand :)
St0ner OP
St0ner OP преди 21 минута
Today's people don't understand it, I am happy u did
Savage Doge
Savage Doge преди 6 часа
But with no bloodshed thankfully
siddharth slayer
siddharth slayer преди 23 часа
Without Warner and Smith also you guys were excellent. That's what i like about Australia.
박재석 преди ден
He just feedback for victory
Pranil Paste
Pranil Paste преди ден
If I'm not wrong...0:54 The man behind Nathan Lyon in dressing room wearing sports bra...🤣🤣🤣
Honey Singh kaa fan Assam
Honey Singh kaa fan Assam преди ден
HR Rocks
HR Rocks преди ден
This is the power of camera work and direction. I mean at the end of the day it was just another cricket match and no one would have ever thought so seriously about it. Hats off.
sumit преди ден
they are just building up the hype for next series
Kashyab Kalathingal
Kashyab Kalathingal преди ден
While Indians fought these punks at their own fortress, these losers were busy acting for a web series. No wonder they lose the series You are really lucky if you are able to see this comment before Amazon deletes it
Patrick E
Patrick E преди ден
Son’s facial expression at 00:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tasnib Shihon
Tasnib Shihon преди ден
2:00 see the reaction of Ben Stokes
Iman Sihabudin
Iman Sihabudin преди ден
This is korean drama