⚪Top 5 Bale Cartoons!⚪
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🎯Football Shooter!🎯
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😭The Premier League is BAAAAAACK!😭
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kareem nazar
kareem nazar преди 12 часа
i know i am late but this was made in my birthaday
muhammad ali
muhammad ali преди 12 часа
hahhahaha love the last part of CR7 hahhaah
Haqimie Qimie
Haqimie Qimie преди 12 часа
liverpool vs ajax 1-0
Cool Name
Cool Name преди 12 часа
Sporting Lesbian😂😂😂
Kaustubh Varshney
Kaustubh Varshney преди 12 часа
Modric fucking up the defence 4 times is really how it felt watching it live, I can't imagine how sad I'll be when this man finally hangs up his dancing boots. Amazing highlights video!
Langius преди 12 часа
Sumaiya Tasnim
Sumaiya Tasnim преди 12 часа
this is my favourite football channel 😅😅
Samir’s Games
Samir’s Games преди 12 часа
Next battle de Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes
Sergio Gaming
Sergio Gaming преди 12 часа
I'm after 1-3 😂
鄰居我的 преди 12 часа
Anyone thinks Ramos’s Red Card is super cute?
Jesus Organisation
Jesus Organisation преди 12 часа
To zlatan your nose 😭😭😭😭😭offside
Murad Mammadov
Murad Mammadov преди 12 часа
The answer is simple: GET RID OF KOEMAN (and please don't make Ronaldo laugh like that)
Rani Buch
Rani Buch преди 12 часа
Dean your amizing
Samuel Watson
Samuel Watson преди 12 часа
Barca is not Barca without Neymar and Suarez playing with Messi.
Association of Games
Association of Games преди 13 часа
Open this: bgcd.info/one/pqrTop1tm62-n3k/video
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed преди 13 часа
JAZZY GAMES преди 13 часа
Still the top scorer in el clasico history
Thomas Paulson
Thomas Paulson преди 13 часа
0:27 pique blinders coming soon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ILikeJuiceYt преди 13 часа
isn't it funny that Mourinho got sacked the day after 442oons made this video?
Thomas Paulson
Thomas Paulson преди 13 часа
Pique blinders coming soon🤣🤣🤣
Georgeta stefanescu
Georgeta stefanescu преди 13 часа
3 1 Liverpool e chels Liverpool win
Agnieszka Trybulska
Agnieszka Trybulska преди 13 часа
Osalah Elsahly
Osalah Elsahly преди 13 часа
but real have the most wins in el clasico
ILikeJuiceYt преди 13 часа
phew! Allison is back
Dabdemonizer YT
Dabdemonizer YT преди 13 часа
Messi 2018-2019 Teaching Phil Messi in 2020 The aprentice is now the master
barney stinson
barney stinson преди 13 часа
Messi is thrash now. Lmao
Shaquille Wilson
Shaquille Wilson преди 13 часа
I have zlatan and rashford on pes2021
Favsur Favsur1
Favsur Favsur1 преди 13 часа
I love how Ronald drop kicks var
Aditya Hariharan
Aditya Hariharan преди 13 часа
Messi deserves more than what Barcelona are treating him
Kane Naveen
Kane Naveen преди 13 часа
Most idiotic coach koeman
Steven Wertyuiooo
Steven Wertyuiooo преди 13 часа
The only way for Barcelona to improve is for Koeman to start as a Center Back and be in charge of the free kicks...
Daniel choi
Daniel choi преди 13 часа
Abeed Samad
Abeed Samad преди 13 часа
VIPKILLERX23 преди 13 часа
Honestly sell messi he can't deal with this
Ishraq Hasin Ahmed
Ishraq Hasin Ahmed преди 13 часа
Worst match ever for us
Hung Phan
Hung Phan преди 13 часа
who is the guy with the potato head in chelsea team?
Bhola Nath
Bhola Nath преди 13 часа
Logan K
Logan K преди 13 часа
Can you make a loop of modric dribbling?
Jencarlos M
Jencarlos M преди 13 часа
Who got street fighter vives
Random Games
Random Games преди 14 часа
Oscar Killua
Oscar Killua преди 14 часа
My loveeeeeee.... Neymar? 😂
Ronaldo Soccer
Ronaldo Soccer преди 14 часа
Siiiiiiiii R7
Nischay Jit Singh
Nischay Jit Singh преди 14 часа
Its weird to see no Suarez singing in Barca video
Aarav Singhal
Aarav Singhal преди 14 часа
2:11 The seat on which messi sits has the MSN barca logo😂
ilyas siraj
ilyas siraj преди 14 часа
Let’s goo I was waiting !!!
Vi Nay
Vi Nay преди 14 часа
Messi looking dull nowdays😢.
Aayush Gurung
Aayush Gurung преди 14 часа
Dumb ass va r this laliga var and referee is corrupt how is that even penalty that was clearly dive and how didnt even got a penalty for handball
Mayed Alsamahi
Mayed Alsamahi преди 14 часа
I’m scared from the Ronaldo laugh at the end I’ll have nightmares
Rahul преди 14 часа
That Ronaldo laugh 😂😂🤣
NAVEEN YADAV преди 14 часа
Ramos is a real looser above all. He should be an actor. Bars decision was pathetic .
hu Xaifa
hu Xaifa преди 14 часа
that style of diving of Vamos 🚫😂
Deiniel Tapiaa
Deiniel Tapiaa преди 14 часа
1:52 my god they predicted that????
Shriniwas Gouda
Shriniwas Gouda преди 14 часа
That drop kick though 😂
Manchester United
Manchester United преди 14 часа
Wheres MSN song
Manchester United
Manchester United преди 14 часа
Ma fav characters are Ronaldo messi suarez and NEYMAR
Alpha09 преди 14 часа
Rony S
Rony S преди 14 часа
0:10 nice advertisement.
Đặng Hoàng Gia Yêu Doraemon
Đặng Hoàng Gia Yêu Doraemon преди 14 часа
Carolina Antao
Carolina Antao преди 14 часа
Sandeep Shukla
Sandeep Shukla преди 14 часа
Moksh Koushik
Moksh Koushik преди 14 часа
Get a funny koeman logo on the barca logo
Aditya Khare
Aditya Khare преди 14 часа
Nice to hear CHEWY SUAREZ at the end ADIOS........ Really missing him in Barca jersey 😫😫
Bėrakan преди 15 часа
The way Cavani said *wahoo* is killed me
LOO YIN KANG Moe преди 15 часа
Real Madrid 2-3 Shaktar Barca fans: Hahahahahaha A few days later... Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid Barca fans: 😐😐😐
ElAlaso преди 15 часа
Me doing an exam* Mi mind: Shi-tty Shi-tty Ney-mar ha-ha, Shi-tty Shi-tty M-ba-ppe
Navin Kumar Joel
Navin Kumar Joel преди 15 часа
Pique blinders 😅😅
Carolina Antao
Carolina Antao преди 15 часа
Swathi Bammidi
Swathi Bammidi преди 15 часа
Who is here after real crush barce 1-3
S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT
S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT преди 15 часа
Sacked in the morning! You’re getting sacked in the morning! Sacked in the morning! You’re getting sacked in the morning! (If you’re asking, I was singing about Ronald Koeman.)
Kingstontamang Marded
Kingstontamang Marded преди 15 часа
Big fan
håvôç 0990
håvôç 0990 преди 15 часа
Who else forgot Real Madrid has Eden Hazard?
I.D.O.S преди 15 часа
Dean become the ref?
Elena Remaycuna
Elena Remaycuna преди 15 часа
Who looks trincao?
אורי משאט
אורי משאט преди 15 часа
imagine if suarez will bite messi
Nuriddin Torehmet
Nuriddin Torehmet преди 15 часа
Messi Pereira
Messi Pereira преди 15 часа
Lenglet just catapult ramos and send him to his buddy red card
053 Arya Ajay
053 Arya Ajay преди 15 часа
Which song is this a parody of?
Mohamad Aurafa
Mohamad Aurafa преди 15 часа
This is how mny times messi says sub me off | V
EKA PEKKA преди 15 часа
Can you do a conspiracy theory on Alphonso Davies injury