BT Sport Shorts: Jürgen Klopp
преди 16 дни
Leg3ndKilla687 преди 14 часа
Khabib and DC need a buddy cop movie together 🍿
TheTruth7242 преди 14 часа
Always will have respect and admiration for Daniel Cormier
farbrorknark преди 15 часа
DC is built like a tank.
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T преди 15 часа
BREAKING NEWS: Liverpool have signed a deal with Netflix to create a 10 part series on this VVD injury
joel exotic
joel exotic преди 15 часа
He performed so well in his 2nd coming Spurs went from 3-0 to 3-3 in a few mins
All Gucci Drip
All Gucci Drip преди 15 часа
Adam is the best mma reporter in the game
Pich Ofir' Aviyah
Pich Ofir' Aviyah преди 15 часа
Justin had a single leg at the end lol
Nathan Lhoni
Nathan Lhoni преди 15 часа
Looked happier here then he has done in the last 7 years (apart from when he was playing golf or in Wales obviously)😅😅
DoNNa DoNNa преди 15 часа
Khabib and khabib
Louie Scott
Louie Scott преди 15 часа
He barely touched him grow tf up
Fernando Chavez
Fernando Chavez преди 15 часа
DC, a class act
AA- Gamer
AA- Gamer преди 15 часа
the fact that he acknowledged the broken English he uses made my day lol
m AL-ESSA преди 15 часа
The only thing that hurts in this interview is khabib playing the entire pool game wrong and the interviewer didn’t say anything💔
MH T преди 15 часа
RIP Mic Guy 🎤
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez преди 15 часа
Whattt did he say he's half Mexican.
Michael Stephanou
Michael Stephanou преди 15 часа
All the love for DC
Harry Kane
Harry Kane преди 15 часа
Madrid fans:.... *Shoots self*
Mma Series
Mma Series преди 15 часа
I would love to see a rematch at some point. Tony was never respecting gaethje, he definetly would in a rematch, and we learnt that gaethje can only put him away with 100+ strikes.
Dogs Life
Dogs Life преди 15 часа
richard best
richard best преди 15 часа
2:20 number 3 moving like he's going on a Sunday afternoon jog round the park
DTD преди 15 часа
Dan “stop the fight” hardy
FizzyG преди 15 часа
Arsenal need to sign szoblozai
Richard Cahill
Richard Cahill преди 15 часа
Check out real fight "aryan vs DC black "
MC Malsawmkima
MC Malsawmkima преди 15 часа
I enjoy so much,I was laughing when I type this😃😃😃 Respect to Both Fighters 🙏🙏
madinsane преди 15 часа
Richard Cahill
Richard Cahill преди 15 часа
Check out real fight "aryan vs DC black "
Deadeye преди 15 часа
Who else thought that was guardiola at 0:17 😂😂
استاذ اليوتيوب
استاذ اليوتيوب преди 15 часа
Haseef Kalam
Haseef Kalam преди 15 часа
Amazing work BT sport! Doing it right
Rick York
Rick York преди 15 часа
These teams have *two* European Cups between them...demonstrating their pre-eminent heritage in the world of football.
Darren whyman
Darren whyman преди 15 часа
Joe Thiboutot
Joe Thiboutot преди 15 часа
Dc is the best! My favorite mma personality. I think he should take 1 more fight against jan blachowich and take another belt before retiring fully! He could smoke jan!!!
Sahil Rana
Sahil Rana преди 15 часа
How is this trending #1
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell преди 15 часа
Damn BT Sport are killing it!!!!!💯
Ismail Safi
Ismail Safi преди 15 часа
Inshallah he will win.
Nicola Maxwell
Nicola Maxwell преди 15 часа
Watching Dana made me cry n I've seen the tribute video 😥😥😥
Dan Penberthy
Dan Penberthy преди 15 часа
Suarez must suffer from PTSD because of Bayern
Héctor преди 15 часа
Sorry for this question, who the 3 kings are?
Sadeem javed
Sadeem javed преди 15 часа
kane velasquez,Luke Rockhold,Daniel Cormier
Mooney Makes
Mooney Makes преди 15 часа
Yoel won the fight they just know he isnt going to be around much longer
Kimia Naboka
Kimia Naboka преди 15 часа
Sad how people hating on a guy like DC and loving the complete pos Jon Jones.
GOHAR ALI преди 15 часа
Jack 4220
Jack 4220 преди 15 часа
Best defence we’ve had this season
Jackfarren 22
Jackfarren 22 преди 15 часа
Modric should go back Tottenham
Car Univ
Car Univ преди 15 часа
Two Men of honor and morals. Both have self-respect for them selves and for others. We should all try to live better lives. Finally two great examples of how people should handle themselves. Both men of great character. If these two men could somehow work together after they retire. They might do a lot of good for the word.
Jersain Vargas
Jersain Vargas преди 15 часа
Jack hermanson is a journalist too?
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels преди 15 часа
Remember how Liverpool fans tried to make everyone feel sorry for them after they lost this game? 🤣🤣🤣
Jacob Lister
Jacob Lister преди 15 часа
Hopefully Nathaniel has recovered from the Dodson loss and can keep the momentum
Akshay Satheeskumar
Akshay Satheeskumar преди 15 часа
Cavani: I'm glad I left
Phil Space
Phil Space преди 15 часа
Adrian did well 2-3 great saves......the lad done good.
ytNO-SCOPEZ преди 15 часа
4:19 Romero plays for PSG 😂
BD REACTION преди 15 часа
Eagle 29-0 insaAllah 💪💞🇧🇩👌
IAmMarvel1 преди 15 часа
The interviews are awesome !
FV25 преди 15 часа
De Gea looked soo pissed at Tony after that og, like wtf mate wrong net idiot
solo master
solo master преди 15 часа
is dc going to judge the match ??
Why Film WORKS
Why Film WORKS преди 15 часа
3:18 his face. LOL
Achilles преди 15 часа
Great interviewer
TFTFB 1 преди 15 часа
Mma Arabia behind dana
Aamir Sayeed
Aamir Sayeed преди 15 часа
Khabib 29-0
Aamir Sayeed
Aamir Sayeed преди 15 часа
Alhamdulillah ☝️
Stewart Speirs
Stewart Speirs преди 15 часа
Let's Go!!! 💙
CMRN_ преди 15 часа
Shaktar has 10 player out because of corona...
Dave Robert
Dave Robert преди 15 часа
Danial Cormier is a massive wet wipe ! 😑
Altaf Kalam
Altaf Kalam преди 15 часа
Man AKA is such a legendary gym at this point. There are other gyms with good fighters and top 5 contenders in them but who has the resume of AKA? Right from Thomson and Fitch and Swick to then champs like Rockhold, Cain, DC and now Khabib, the last three of them being in GOAT convos all the time, and then the upcoming talents like Pico, Crutchmer, Makhachev. That gym is nuts.
Danny Boy_Dannyboy
Danny Boy_Dannyboy преди 15 часа
Mate, he seems so so so happy & chuffed just to be back talking to his old pal. Copying other comment below but seriously he laughed more here in this interview than his entire length in ESPANA!