Jordan Oleary
Jordan Oleary преди 12 часа
Whitaker and canonair was two rounds too short lol
Red Templar jo
Red Templar jo преди 12 часа
i will no longer watch this farce its a setup,,money money money..
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh преди 12 часа
whats up with danas right arm?
marklower007 преди 12 часа
Izzy gunna knock him out again. He was levels above rob in their first fight. No way he closed that gap in just 2 fights. Even Jared caught him a few times. He is just too good standing for rob. It's a bad style matchup. Robs number 1 tool is his striking. Izzy is a even better striker than him. So it puts him in a odd spot.
Sairam Shanmugam
Sairam Shanmugam преди 12 часа
Wow...wht a nite. Khabib most time times throws reckless punch n some accurate. He look more lean exhausted on weight nite but looks bulked on fight nite. Why? But im happy as no more boring fight. Hey its my opinion
TheBigHomie Joe
TheBigHomie Joe преди 12 часа
Let's be honest the Lightweight class is lacking lol not saying dude isn't good but not much in that division 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ripay Project
Ripay Project преди 12 часа
Saya bukan siapa2 tanpa ALLAH 😭
bally raina
bally raina преди 12 часа
How about tony khabib fight
Daniele Bruni
Daniele Bruni преди 12 часа
Tony was right: double K.O. Nobody has the belt
GENGISH KHAN преди 12 часа
Ahha what a joke
POP SHEPSKI преди 12 часа
This guys a sweetheart
Devon Nelson
Devon Nelson преди 13 часа
Reporters acting like this was a Paul Felder “retirement” Khabib is done for real. He’s not the type of man to say something like that unless he really meant it
Dizzle преди 13 часа
This guy is a jackass
Jassen Michael
Jassen Michael преди 13 часа
Reporter: So coffee over crystals? Whittaker: What are crystals? Reporter: Jared is very much into the crystals. Whittaker: Oh, uh, maybe I had more coffee than he had crystals. Lol Still Whittaker: It seems the logical solution. Maybe if he had coffee and crystals he would have used it better. How can you not love this guy? 😂
mike m
mike m преди 13 часа
Allah yehmeek. Inshallah no one will ever be in his league. We just knew that if anyone was worth humbling next it had to be Justin.until next time kabib god bless.
tina cool
tina cool преди 13 часа
After reading some comments, some people may use some time reading history. Because they sound ignorant and uneducated.
The Mysticmac
The Mysticmac преди 13 часа
Much much much respect for KHABIB. Am christian also conor fan but khabib is the GOAT he is the best in business
tre ami
tre ami преди 13 часа
dana "calling khabib the baddest mf in order to keep him in the ufc to contend for the bmf" white
George T.
George T. преди 13 часа
Blah! Blah! 😒 George St Pierre is next. They’re both retired now. A few months and then the super fight.
trigueiros113 преди 13 часа
.Khabib best athlet i ever saw of all sports. Just Michael jordan or phelps are near
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise преди 13 часа
If Dana keeps calling everyone the baddest MF, we're gonna need more BMF belt
J преди 13 часа
Schmo is the real reason we’re here come on now lol
Think for yourself.
Think for yourself. преди 13 часа
He still got it.
GOT vs Avengers
GOT vs Avengers преди 13 часа
Kids in the future: tell me about 2020. Us: bursts into tears...
Tony Olguin
Tony Olguin преди 13 часа
Family values to the max! Respect!!!!
The One
The One преди 13 часа
whittaker sucks, his performance was horrible. Adesanya will kill him in a rematch.
Tyler Soles
Tyler Soles преди 13 часа
Such a likeable guy, not gonna lie hope he gets the rematch and wins.
Bogdan Rudyuk
Bogdan Rudyuk преди 13 часа
The Viper
The Viper преди 13 часа
After the fight: With all respect you tried your best to prepare Justin for something that non UFC fighter could be prepared. Your fighter gassed out after 3 minutes, panicked, got beat up and tapped out in 6 minutes. Good luck next time Trev.
Usman Sajjad
Usman Sajjad преди 14 часа
Wow so respectful!
Nicholas Pagano
Nicholas Pagano преди 14 часа
khabib back to wrestling the bear
Moisés González
Moisés González преди 14 часа
StevePeeve преди 14 часа
"If you have enough coffee you can do anything" - Robert "The Peoples Champ" Whittaker
Christian Michaels
Christian Michaels преди 14 часа
Kevin Hart as an MMA fighter
Freddy Alvarado
Freddy Alvarado преди 14 часа
Subts un SPANISH
Billy Bob
Billy Bob преди 14 часа
Hahaha Dana is so blunt it’s hilarious
Gerard Donnelly
Gerard Donnelly преди 14 часа
Khabib is one of the greatest fighters of all time if not the greatest, but he’s not the bmf #supernecessary #theressurection
Александр Плетенцов
Александр Плетенцов преди 14 часа
У меня такое ощущение что Хабиба попросили уйти, для зрелищности, пока не появиться новый железный чемпион мира , что бы сделать легендарный матч для поднятия рейтинга....
ibnu romadhon
ibnu romadhon преди 14 часа
Assalamualaikum brother did great..always keep humble and never arrogant..all of indonesian like you...
joe b
joe b преди 15 часа
Oh well this did not age well LOL
LiL MopHead
LiL MopHead преди 15 часа
Usman broke that jaw tho
Feralz преди 15 часа
Whittaker gets is. The idea is to be successful in this world while staying true to yourself, a lot of people attain success but compromised who they are, so in the end they got what they want but lost themselves. Hardly a fair trade off.
political papi
political papi преди 15 часа
That Perry question threw Dana off
EM M преди 15 часа
Where TF did he break down? Click bait? Someone starving for views ? Sad
Ty Haring
Ty Haring преди 15 часа
You line um up I’ll knock um down
Feralz преди 15 часа
Whitaker: he’s a hard fight, I’m not stoked to fight him. BGcd Title: Whittaker wants Adesanya Me: you never go full retard
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez преди 15 часа
Ok khabib won and stole the show. I feel as if Justin was the closest to beating khabib. He did put justin to sleep in quite a fashion to head out. I feel his pain. It's not the same when your corner man won't ever be there again. Much respect. Understand his decision. But that's not saying Justin didn't perform
This man smells of desperation. Know what I mean? Eager to be on camera, know what I mean? This man's fans are as cheap as his wit. Know what I mean? I smell the need for a full time camera crew. Know what I mean?
Jon Fletcher
Jon Fletcher преди 15 часа
Meltin those CNN beta male soy boys.
my drawing art
my drawing art преди 15 часа
legend ,, khabibs,,
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader преди 15 часа
Wait im so confused...What happen lol
ORA ORA ORA преди 15 часа
Rob sound scared af
J S преди 15 часа
Started fighting cause his dad stopped fighting cause of his mum
46chambersoflife преди 15 часа
Khabib has the most shittiest striking in mma to be a chanp lets be honest.....but God damn is he imposing....
M _123
M _123 преди 15 часа
13:20 khabib: They all good...when they stand up but when I grab them, change little bit how true is that ✌
DMP Lopez
DMP Lopez преди 15 часа
He reminds me of Rhonda Rousey cocky and arrogant!!!! Hope Masvidal beats his ass like Holly did Rhonda 😂
Jonathan Hunter Sr
Jonathan Hunter Sr преди 15 часа
Don't think he ready fa that Chet!
Vance Edward
Vance Edward преди 15 часа
Thankfully it was his mother that asked him to promise because she can change that promise. If it had been his father he would never fight again.
B-Shot преди 15 часа
Why Mcgregor look like captain barbossa
Light Light
Light Light преди 16 часа
#Virus_Corona_Adalah_Sebahagian_Azab_Yang_Lebih_Kecil #Obat_Penyembuhan_Dari_Corona Petikan dari bayan keterangan yang ditulis oleh Al Imam Al Mahdi Al Muntadhar, Nasser Mohammed Al Yamani, beserta tarikh dan tajuk keterangan: 19 - 05 - 2020 Virus Corona dan bayan keterangan pemutus yang sebenar, pemisah antara yang hak dan yang batil, bukan senda gurauan.. Petikan keterangan: Demikian itu agar kalian sadar akan kadar kemampuan diri kalian, juga supaya kalian tahu dengan pasti, bahawa penyakit azab seksaan yang mencekik dari Allah ini, yang kalian namakannya virus Corona, sama sekali tidak ada yang akan menghilangkannya dari kalian selain Allah yang Maha Esa semata-mata Maka dari itu hendaklah mereka bertaubat dari dosa-dosa besar, dari perkara-perkara yang keji, menganiaya, menindas dan menzalimi manusia, dan dari kezaliman syirik, hendaklah mereka mengucapkan: "Wahai Tuhan kami, sesungguhnya kami ini telah menzalimi diri kami sendiri, dan sekiranya Engkau tidak mengampuni kami dan memberi rahmat kepada kami, nescaya kami termasuk kalangan orang-orang yang merugi" Setelah bertaubat kepada Allah dan kembali pada-Nya, hendaklah mereka mengucapkan: "Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku ini adalah hamba-Mu, aku mohon dengan hak Laa ilaaha illaa Anta -tiada tuhan yang berhak disembah kecuali Engkau- dengan hak rahmat-Mu yang telah Engkau tetapkan ke atas Diri-Mu, dengan hak besarnya nikmat keredhaan Diri-Mu yang teragung, yang lebih besar dari kenikmatan syurga-Mu, aku mohon sembuhkanlah aku ini dari azab seksaan Corona atau singkirkannya dariku, sesungguhnya kami ini percaya pada penyeru kebenaran dari sisi-Mu" "Ya Allah, lenyapkanlah dari kami ini azab seksaan-Mu yang datang dari segala macam rupa, agar kami ini dapat mengikuti jalan yang hak dari sisi-Mu, kami mohon teguhkanlah keikhlasan dan kesetiaan kami terhadap perkara yang telah kami janjikan kepada-Mu, wahai Dzat yang membatasi antara manusia dan hatinya, Dzat yang Maha Berkuasa mengubah dan menyekat di antara manusia dan pekerjaan hatinya, tiadalah bagi kami harapan selain dari mengharap pada rahmat-Mu yang telah Engkau tetapkan ke atas Diri-Mu, sekiranya Engkau tidak mengampuni kami dan memberi rahmat kepada kami, nescaya kami termasuk kalangan orang-orang yang merugi" "Ya Allah, sesungguhnya Engkau telah berfirman dalam muhkam Kitab-Mu:Berdoalah kepada-Ku, niscaya akan Kuperkenankan bagimu [Ghaafir:60], maka terimalah dariku permohonanku dan taubatku kembali pada-Mu, dan dari-Mu aku mengharapkan agar Engkau memperkenankannya, sesungguhnya Engkau tidak menyalahi janji-Mu, wahai Tuhan kami, Maha Suci Engkau, janji-Mu benar dan Engkau-lah yang paling pengasih dari sekalian yang mengasihani" "Ya Allah, teguhkanlah keikhlasan dan kesetiaan kami terhadap perkara yang telah kami janjikan kepada-Mu, untuk mengikuti orang yang menyeru kami ke jalan Allah, dengan seruan dakwah yang berkumandang di seluruh dunia, dari khalifah Allah di bumi Al Imam Al Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al Yamani" "Ya Allah, jadikanlah perutusannya sebagai suatu nikmat anugerah untuk kami, bukan sebagai kemurkaan dan dendam terhadap kami, disebabkan keberpalingan kami dari seruan dakwah yang hak, oleh Al Imam Al Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al Yamani" Barangsiapa yang menolak untuk berdoa dengan doa ini, maka pasti kelak mereka akan ditimpakan dengan azab seksaan yang kalian namakannya sebagai virus Corona Selesai petikan Bayan keterangan selengkapnya pada pautan ini: 👇👇 Ini adalah pautan bayan keterangan Al Imam Al Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al Yamani mengenai Corona, sebelum ianya diumumkan oleh Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO), sebagai wabak yang melanda seluruh dunia, pandemik global, sekitar kurang lebih seminggu setelah bayan keterangan dikeluarkan, dengan tarikh dan tajuk: Virus Corona adalah sebahagian azab yang lebih kecil sebelum kedatangan azab yang lebih besar, mudah-mudahan mereka kembali ke jalan yang benar.. 5-03-2020 👇👇 Ini adalah pautan bayan keterangan Al Imam Al Mahdi kepada Xi Jinping, Presiden Republik Rakyat China, Imam memperingatkannya akan kedatangan virus baru yang lebih dahsyat serangannya dari virus Corona, bayan keterangan beserta tarikh dan tajuk: Dari Khalifah Allah untuk seluruh dunia kepada Xi Jinping, Presiden Republik Rakyat China.. 22-05-2020 👇👇
Monscent преди 16 часа
*That's a no from me dawg*
Black Jack
Black Jack преди 16 часа
Subhanaalah . Khabib
Michael Seet
Michael Seet преди 16 часа
Bobby Knuckles..a real class act and i am sure on his best day he can beat Izzy..
Onetumeni преди 16 часа
This did not age well
joe Johnson
joe Johnson преди 16 часа
Khabib is the best of the best hand down
joe Johnson
joe Johnson преди 16 часа
I no it's American expression but imagin kahabib beat the shit of dana White Cos he said the badast motherfka
Justin Ball
Justin Ball преди 16 часа
D.c proper good bloke
ssrevolver преди 16 часа
A bunch of respect for both!
kyle Kallaus
kyle Kallaus преди 16 часа
Good hearted fella
badmotorscooter1000 преди 16 часа
Retirement story is cover up for the real story. The weigh in debacle. And Dana Whitle was at the center if it. Dana is a lowlife that has no character
Jay Reez
Jay Reez преди 16 часа
Gotta respect Dana and the UFC they always put together some badass fights.
Yasserimo преди 16 часа
if I am strong.. I even have no confident to tell i can smash everybody.. but this guy say it very comfortable..
MJ преди 16 часа
Congrats to Khabib the best ever in sport. Both are great fighters and very respectful guys. No trash talking..... Both are great role models to the sport and man in general. Great guys!!!
Aaron Crudele
Aaron Crudele преди 16 часа
He doesn't even want the rematch he knows he's gonna lose
Driss El Jammoudi
Driss El Jammoudi преди 16 часа
So true let's leave him heal himself first great mma legend
Simon B
Simon B преди 16 часа
Time to teach him BJJ coach.
IWipeMyOwnAss 8D
IWipeMyOwnAss 8D преди 17 часа
Mike Tyson is the baddest mfckxkkxa on the mfkckckcn planet
M VP преди 17 часа
Thats very hard to except to never see him again in fights. But i can aay that best of luck brother. I hope you get what you really want.
nik0100 преди 17 часа
Wait did he put the guy to sleep with a broken foot ???
Виталий Железнодорожный
Виталий Железнодорожный преди 17 часа
Trevor Whitman спасибо за Хабиба