Garet Z
Garet Z преди 13 часа
Milner: how many did each of yall score against barca Divock n gini: 3:01
raed Ali
raed Ali преди 13 часа
anyone else thinks Minamino is not at the level to play for a big club like Liverpool?
Mr T
Mr T преди 13 часа
I do not even know why do they call it VAR(Video Assistant Referees) , just change it to VR(Video Referees) because that what it really is. The referee on the pitch should use it in difficult situations to "assist" him in taking the correct decision, nowadays the referees on the pitch are relying completely on the ones behind VAR without even going to that monitor on the sidelines and checking the situations for themselves.
Chris James
Chris James преди 14 часа
4:36.... what is going on there?
Eduardo Carlos
Eduardo Carlos преди 14 часа
I think Klopp it's ungrateful with Origi, is better shooter that Minamino, Minamino sucks. Now they don't even give Origi a chance, unfair...
Iron westy
Iron westy преди 14 часа
Jajajaja, iPhone the admin
Potatobananapudding преди 14 часа
If a Foul on the Line of the Goal box counts as a Pen, then a “goal line clearance” should be a goal by this logic.
narpan123 преди 15 часа
0:25 Giroud Charming Style did not work on referee 😂
Atul Shrestha
Atul Shrestha преди 15 часа
Thank you boss.... for making us believe again ....
Uncle Fester
Uncle Fester преди 15 часа
Poor lad had to see Henderson when really he wanted to see pogba.......
LX7 преди 15 часа
Well LFC have found the replacement for Ádrian Dan Moore
Sanithu Udunuwara
Sanithu Udunuwara преди 15 часа
Klopp drinking coffee: Ehhh😂
Blair Crooks
Blair Crooks преди 15 часа
Heskey was alright🤷🏿‍♀️
圍棋愛好者 преди 16 часа
Allison back
LJA Productions
LJA Productions преди 16 часа
The 'celebration' after the West Brom game was misunderstood by almost everyone except those who saw the bigger picture, the bigger picture that Jurgen was trying to build a team spirit whilst respecting and saluting the fans and i'm so glad this is used as a reference point.
RidingwithSam преди 17 часа
Eric Hendry
Eric Hendry преди 17 часа
BGcd's closed captions auto-generates to Dutch on this video lol
LIEW WILLIAM Moe преди 17 часа
unprofessional refree
waka 77
waka 77 преди 17 часа
Brhm Iraqe
Brhm Iraqe преди 17 часа
ناقص هدف ضد توتنهام رأسية آخر دقيقة لمحمد صلاح وأدخلها خطأ المدافع
glostoperthpom преди 18 часа
That was never a penalty.
CØᎦMØИΛUΓΛ преди 18 часа
aquele lance não foi penalty, foi fora da área.
Asyik Sundani
Asyik Sundani преди 19 часа
To be fair Mike Dean wasnt at his best performance. Some bad decision he Made cost both teams. Fabinho penalty was riddiculous, but Andrew Robertson handsball luckily ignored by referee.
Jackson Derrick
Jackson Derrick преди 19 часа
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Felipe Vieira
Felipe Vieira преди 19 часа
"Alisson fica fora de um jogo" Liverpool: *PERDEMO*
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker преди 19 часа
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Reece C
Reece C преди 19 часа
I've watched this 7 million times
Cactus Play
Cactus Play преди 19 часа
Var out
Andile Brizzy
Andile Brizzy преди 19 часа
whats the name of the opening song
GPH преди 19 часа
Heard loads of pundits saying Jota was average, I thought he was outstanding throughout. Gave the team energy and always available, his goal was well taken too.
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy преди 19 часа
Klopp is like a dad while he has to manage 25 kids.
David hughes
David hughes преди 20 часа
Its the john may way. AKA TURKEY TEETH.
DJDannyN2009 преди 20 часа
What an amazing game this was and a great experience to see so many legends play in the same game and for my sons first ever visit to Anfield it was special for him especially to see Gerrard score at the end and win the game. Something I hope he never forgets
Başar Aslandoğan
Başar Aslandoğan преди 20 часа
What a year
AZRAEL 7 преди 21 час
Klopp?! GERMAN
xéw xéw
xéw xéw преди 21 час
Mane is back
Chimera Gilang
Chimera Gilang преди 21 час
5:30 the revenge from arnold to hendo🤣🤣
Nor Way
Nor Way преди 21 час
Only positive from this match is that we won
Daniel Wozniak
Daniel Wozniak преди 21 час
Van Djik 🤣😂✌
auobelbshari auobelbshari
auobelbshari auobelbshari преди 21 час
بوبي فيرمينو
spooky willo
spooky willo преди 21 час
wait a minute that I saw when I get home
Leander Liland
Leander Liland преди 21 час
Henderson is so overrated
riqueumi game
riqueumi game преди 21 час
The Paladin
The Paladin преди 22 часа
Man VAR is ruining this beautiful football
Hugo Rodrigues
Hugo Rodrigues преди 22 часа
Mane jota salah
Just Nag
Just Nag преди 22 часа
So bad the team is gradually hitching to Mane. In his absence, Liverpool struggles
abdulaziz yalahow
abdulaziz yalahow преди 22 часа
What a beautiful 🤩 history Liverpool Fc you’ll Never Walk Alone Period Let’s Go Reds
Sriram преди 22 часа
salah closes his mouth and asks like im not offside right? after scoring goal lol
Ikraan Maxamed
Ikraan Maxamed преди 22 часа
X2_ ChapZZ
X2_ ChapZZ преди 22 часа
We Hate Liverpool fc we love Manchester United
Ikraan Maxamed
Ikraan Maxamed преди 22 часа
gingerjaygaming преди 22 часа
is it true that you urged to sign over van dijk 😓
Spasy преди 23 часа
Man U fan 20 times meanwhile Liverpool with 19 and one premier league title
Farhan A
Farhan A преди 23 часа
Jota is an incredible singing for Liverpool
Ramdhani Fajri
Ramdhani Fajri преди 23 часа
Where the heck the sounds come from?
Amir S
Amir S преди 23 часа
VAR offside rules running football !!!
cuz the only way for Wednesday to score was from cheating lol UP THE MIGHTY REDS
Saïdou преди 23 часа
Mané is the key but all are so good. i think this year VAR will be against us
Tausif Ahmad
Tausif Ahmad преди 23 часа
Had salah passed the ball that deflected from the side bar to mane, it would have been 3-1... anyway salah otherwise was fantastic as usual.. YNWA
Stephen O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien преди 23 часа
Who is here after lfc won premier league
Đark Çhïłđ
Đark Çhïłđ преди ден
Salah would have had an incredible goal..VAR are big time robbers
Aashis Rajbhandari
Aashis Rajbhandari преди ден
Everton just forget to score goals
Adhitya Satrya Nugraha
Adhitya Satrya Nugraha преди ден
Firmino Comeback
Droid Gaming
Droid Gaming преди ден
Welcome to the wonder metropolitano
怎么样感觉 преди ден
Bastatdooooooooiioo rigore del kazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz maledizione vaffffffffffffankuloooooooooooooooooo
Doctors' theory
Doctors' theory преди ден
Perhaps, English referees are conspiring against Liverpool by nullifying important goals. What a shame ! Yes we missed our van dizk but our squad was strong as usual.
udean bambang
udean bambang преди ден
imagine a team passionate as liverpool, as good as barcelona, as deadly as real madrid, as consistent as bayern munich
Rahul преди ден
“Welcome To Anfield” ryt ?
Phil P
Phil P преди ден
Villa fan at 2:17 😂😂😂
Caio Felipe
Caio Felipe преди ден
Caio Felipe
Caio Felipe преди ден
Nepali Kto
Nepali Kto преди ден
Wow I like deigo jota..Now it's time for deigo jota in liverpool
PSplay Network
PSplay Network преди ден
0:47 you can literally hear the guy cry for offside! What an entertaining match.
ليبرالي مصري
ليبرالي مصري преди ден
The toxic comments from Senegalese on every comments about Salah is disgusting
thierno mballo balde
thierno mballo balde преди 22 часа
Salah is bat
Parsad singh
Parsad singh преди ден
1:47 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Jannis Meier
Jannis Meier преди ден
How important was Anfiel and the fans?
Cian Sheridan
Cian Sheridan преди ден
Egyptian King Salah = legend