Life Update
преди 8 дни
I've been making INSANE SHOTS in NBA2K21...
Alex _
Alex _ преди 16 часа
Man Tyceno is on fire with the cinematic movie
JaySav преди 16 часа
I watched this on annoyin channel but i had to show my boy tyceno sum luv 2🖤🐐
Markell Harris
Markell Harris преди 16 часа
Nice to have you back
_ Staticzz_
_ Staticzz_ преди 16 часа
Bro he really used a elite 1 acc
Rolando Scott
Rolando Scott преди 16 часа
Can you go to the court
Imnot-regular :
Imnot-regular : преди 16 часа
Ik not even mad he’s not that good a this game like 21 both next gen and current gen are terrible
Johnappleseed Jr
Johnappleseed Jr преди 16 часа
Yionbot преди 16 часа
I want them to play again both having practice cause ngl this was kinda cringe to watch knowing how good they were in 2k20
Phantom x Rose
Phantom x Rose преди 16 часа
Tyceno is like MJ after he went to play baseball just wait till he get his rhythm back he’s gonna come back and 3peat 💪🏽
Ethan Iacovou
Ethan Iacovou преди 17 часа
Congrats on 1 Mil subs
ISOSAUCINYU-YT преди 17 часа
Annoying is happy by beating tyceno he hasn’t been playing the game and annoying has Lmao
Eternal Crystal
Eternal Crystal преди 17 часа
Tbh Annoying took close shots and middies on a dude who took a 6 month break. Sad
Carti Co
Carti Co преди 17 часа
Never wager on this game again
Deviontae Cooper
Deviontae Cooper преди 17 часа
Now all we need is gman
Deviontae Cooper
Deviontae Cooper преди 17 часа
Dude I never clicked a video so fast in my life
Troy Marsteller
Troy Marsteller преди 17 часа
and. he’s. back 🙏
ffarrarff преди 17 часа
Even Jordan couldn't come back and immediately dominate. Stay up
Christian Terrazas
Christian Terrazas преди 17 часа
Tyceno backkkk!!!!
XxleurigamesxX преди 17 часа
hey don't give up brother you are the best ❤️
Francisco Ernesto
Francisco Ernesto преди 17 часа
Annoying hyped up and he using a bigger player the guard tyceno since he couldn’t guard him with the same size as him annoyings trash🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Beexh Ahh
Beexh Ahh преди 17 часа
I’m watching this from in school truly goated
BagDeparted преди 17 часа
Lllleeetttsss GGGOOOO! Tyceno I been waiting. Everybody stopped playing. I appreciate it. Well at least not lakerfan. U 2 best I the community. Future wager?
Shelove._a преди 17 часа
Xbox is Fs better then p4
Shelove._a преди 17 часа
Tyceno back
Soulja преди 17 часа
ty was locked
Andrew Helmy
Andrew Helmy преди 17 часа
The 🐐
Anthony Conner
Anthony Conner преди 17 часа
Dre Wyoming
Dre Wyoming преди 17 часа
The chat is so bad he hasn't played in months and they hating on him weird
Hoodie Miles
Hoodie Miles преди 17 часа
That move so clean 15:15 I’m mad that 2k made you miss that
Aaron Tejada
Aaron Tejada преди 17 часа
He’s backkkk
Itz Deshawn
Itz Deshawn преди 17 часа
Annoying Uglass proved you can’t take breaks and come back and play one of the best in the world and get away wit it💯 I wish Tyceno won but we all kno he gone get his get back❗️💯
Panoz095 преди 17 часа
I've lost some episodes, what happened to Z? I think his name was Zirinic?
Ye Foo
Ye Foo преди 17 часа
Hate when people play like annoying 🤦‍♂️
yaboinate преди 17 часа
The king is back
Nxsh Chill
Nxsh Chill преди 17 часа
Ty that wager is not ur fault lowkey annoying was only taking mids and close shots
Shordiesellin преди 17 часа
Kris is so nice bro
Matthew Toxic
Matthew Toxic преди 17 часа
He is back
Farzon Hussain
Farzon Hussain преди 17 часа
Annoying is happy to won but tyceno dont even play 2k bruh
Anthony2kgaming преди 17 часа
Keep it up man ur finally back we gonna get them in a part 3😏
Relaxing Noises
Relaxing Noises преди 17 часа
the revival
Tony Lee
Tony Lee преди 17 часа
How tf does annoying make every white 💀
超级无敌小何 преди 17 часа
I miss that Tyceno in 2K19 bro
Zachary Quanico
Zachary Quanico преди 17 часа
lanticse_kid _
lanticse_kid _ преди 17 часа
Tyceno Lowkey look like he scared to shoot
Jay 2 dangerous
Jay 2 dangerous преди 17 часа
tyceno : we don’t need to be fancy right now also tyceno : shoots fade and reverse layup
Cristian Meza
Cristian Meza преди 17 часа
My respect for Kris 📈📈📈 happy to see you back Tyceno 👌🏽
Reekz преди 17 часа
1 mill ceno in the building
SG Horsey
SG Horsey преди 17 часа
Welcome back King
Lucio Giovannetti
Lucio Giovannetti преди 17 часа
Tyceno is just trash bro. Stop acting like he is good even he knows his playstyle is dead. Could't even drop off me and my little brother.
lanticse_kid _
lanticse_kid _ преди 17 часа
Yo tyceno how do I rep up faster as a big
Adendric преди 17 часа
He simply makes me want to get back on 2k
jayden treasure
jayden treasure преди 17 часа
any one else what to see him plat joe knows
I-Dinos-I преди 17 часа
No way my g is finally back.Let’s go !!!!!!!
ImSiphon преди 17 часа
Why was annoying only doing cheesy stuff like shooting close shots and mid range fades
BlicksFN преди 17 часа
I love how when Tyceno was blaming himself for the loss Kris told him to stop Nd he was good true friend ❤️💯
Aight преди 17 часа
Let’s be honest... if Tyceno played as much as annoying he would have made him his bitch
Cameron Christopher
Cameron Christopher преди 17 часа
Tycenos first wager back I love tyceno
Kashout 37
Kashout 37 преди 17 часа
People who spam square rlly have no skill I hate that😂
QuitWhining преди 17 часа
This mans comes back first vid has 20 ads like damn
TLR RAY WAY преди 17 часа
There so bad at the game now 😭
Cristian Meza
Cristian Meza преди 17 часа
Sam Sukin
Sam Sukin преди 17 часа
Can you not do speed glitches in wagers
J B преди 17 часа
Why they not playing next gen
Xavier Pluto
Xavier Pluto преди 17 часа
nxndribbler преди 17 часа
This game was kinda ass ngl
Robert Bass
Robert Bass преди 17 часа
washed you play like a bum now
Parker Russell Wollheim
Parker Russell Wollheim преди 18 часа
why you not speed gliching its one of the best ways to get open because 2k nerfed actual speedboosting
Greek Freak
Greek Freak преди 18 часа
Congrats playboy you deserve it
ItzQuay -_
ItzQuay -_ преди 18 часа
Tell tht boy to his clean room mans got a entire chipotle bowl tht he didn’t eat just sitting camera
RAZI преди 18 часа
Fryceno will activate soon. just need to polish up
Humbled Dwill
Humbled Dwill преди 18 часа
FryCenoooo!!! 🤘
spagettifork преди 18 часа
Runback of the century
Klampp преди 18 часа
It’s Ight ty just gotta get in the feel again still a legend 🦅
Matthew Ewell
Matthew Ewell преди 18 часа
Btw look at the like to dislike rate on this video the community loves you man please keep posting❤
Sebastian Berardinelli
Sebastian Berardinelli преди 18 часа
tyceno tio 2k cook you up what happen bro
henry2humble -_-
henry2humble -_- преди 18 часа
legends back ❤️
Deme FN
Deme FN преди 18 часа
Bro tyceno u jus need more practice on dribblin bro
Not NOAH преди 18 часа
Is Chris using a splat script?
Liam Yu
Liam Yu преди 18 часа
Congratulations on 1 mil subs!!!🥳🥳🥳
KING преди 18 часа
Congrats on 1mil tyceno