The Weeknd - Try Me (Official Video)
The Weeknd - The Morning (Official Audio)
The Weeknd - Die For You (Official Audio)
The Weeknd - Acquainted (Official Audio)
The Weeknd - Too Late (Official Video)
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The Weeknd - Snowchild (Official Video)
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The Weeknd - In Your Eyes (Official Video)
The Weeknd - Faith (Audio)
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王子維 преди 4 часа
Yeah I saw you dancing in a crowded room You look so happy when I'm not with you But then you saw me, caught you by surprise A single teardrop falling from your eye I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away You could have asked me why I broke your heart You could've told me that you fell apart But you walked past me like I wasn't there And just pretended like you didn't care I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away Take me back 'cause I wanna stay Save your tears for another Save your tears for another day Save your tears for another day So I made you think that I would always stay I said some things that I should never say Yeah, I broke your heart like someone did to mine And now you won't love me for a second time I don't know why I run away Oh girl, I make you cry when I run away Girl, take me back 'cause I wanna stay Save your tears for another I realize that I'm much too late And you deserve someone better Save your tears for another day (ooh, yeah) Save your tears for another day (yeah) I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away Save your tears for another day, ooh girl (ah) I said save your tears for another day, yeah (ah) Save your tears for another day (ah)
James Hunt
James Hunt преди 4 часа
Best singer in the 20s
T1 Boy
T1 Boy преди 4 часа
Michael Jackson would’ve been SO PROUD OF THIS. The Weeknd is so much inspired by MJ, we see it in this video ❤️🙏🏻
Star Music
Star Music преди 4 часа
Handsome Squidward
Camm’ преди 4 часа
daft punk 4life
Hedd McNekk
Hedd McNekk преди 4 часа
I was impressed with this dude...then this
Isabella Petruse
Isabella Petruse преди 4 часа
In a good way
MELDI J преди 4 часа
그래미어워드 최대의실수!
Deniz keskin
Deniz keskin преди 4 часа
1:54 when the amogus is sus 😳😳
Doctor Doc !
Doctor Doc ! преди 4 часа
That is virtual insanity from Jamiroquai
Geraldo Junior
Geraldo Junior преди 4 часа
Reminds the duo "The System", famous in the 80s
dahbrale преди 4 часа
You killed the palm tree but i still have most of my favourites from there e.g faded
J преди 4 часа
I would thakns selena for dumbing hem 🤤❤️
Bibiko преди 4 часа
𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓞𝓯 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷
𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓞𝓯 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷 преди 4 часа
Best song
Shivansh преди 4 часа
I also want to destroy my room like that with a cross like that, but my mom would probably destroy me before I do that.
Matthew Lamar
Matthew Lamar преди 4 часа
Mushroom 🍄 head
jaidz632 преди 4 часа
Look how white his hands are that’s not the weeknd 😃
Krishna Music
Krishna Music преди 4 часа
fockin great
fockin great преди 4 часа
Man he's not okay
Starla Madonia
Starla Madonia преди 4 часа
The windy package annually bump because cd nationally mug onto a workable mask. foolish, unsuitable death
ふらふらめんたいこ преди 4 часа
Anah преди 4 часа
This video is hilariously weird.. xotiod
Leah преди 4 часа
Adorable 🥰
Cloakedmaple преди 4 часа
Idk why but that daft punk painting is fire
Michael Ruta
Michael Ruta преди 4 часа
they ran a real hard campaign dude ....
Korey Suzuchi
Korey Suzuchi преди 4 часа
Currently listening this in school rn this song’s an absolute bop!! Edit: Why are the gunshot sounds still keep firing when i pause the music?
shiv преди 4 часа
Every song so similar and yet r different
Denesh Deowan
Denesh Deowan преди 4 часа
Anyone be listening this in 2021 Is legends
Ikram Refnaldi
Ikram Refnaldi преди 4 часа
If u see this comment 7 years later ur legend
Akshay U kumar
Akshay U kumar преди 4 часа
Vanshika Rawat
Vanshika Rawat преди 4 часа
I love u
Ava Rina
Ava Rina преди 4 часа
Abel: I saw you dancing in a crowded room. Look so happy when I'm not with you Selena: Just us two Even in a crowded room Baby, it's just me and you, yeah
Erica Smith
Erica Smith преди 4 часа
So Aquarian , Aquarian men are Gods idc idc
CH24S преди 4 часа
This Video is actually upload when May 12th which is my birthday.
O L U K A преди 4 часа
The 91K Dislikes Were From The People Who Got Blinded By The Lights!
Me pregunto cuando sacara una cancion nueva?
fockin great
fockin great преди 4 часа
Damn he really got the power of god an anime on his side
Brett Jensen
Brett Jensen преди 4 часа
Save our days, for a sunny , wave. I dun save, I expand, for another, yesterday. mwauh ♥️
Sachetan K
Sachetan K преди 4 часа
wheres your handsome squidward face
Gajo преди 4 часа
1:24 who wait for this? 🤔
Joanne Woolley
Joanne Woolley преди 5 часа
Best video and best vocals I've seen and heard for this song, just an amazing voice
Leo Silva
Leo Silva преди 5 часа
Excelente 👏👏👏👏👏
bold black and beautiful 17
bold black and beautiful 17 преди 5 часа
I can see Lenny Kravitz doing this song.
Pranav Shinde
Pranav Shinde преди 5 часа
I can understand his feelings, cause I also betrayed by my ex, the same way he betrayed.. Stay strong
gonzo opera
gonzo opera преди 5 часа
F*ck that grammy sh!t Mr.Weeknd YOURE BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM! Sending regards from Poland :)
polla2256 преди 5 часа
This arrangement and performance is utterly brilliant!
jacques romano
jacques romano преди 5 часа
hankcgn преди 5 часа
Looks like that slasher guy from I know what you did last summer :-)
ChrisHackneyVA преди 5 часа
good music
qruben20 преди 5 часа
What a cute pair of people.
E9igma преди 5 часа
The voice, no sudden break, no roughness, polished like a diamond.
t. vaimaona
t. vaimaona преди 5 часа
That fit is 💯💯💯
Debra Stacey
Debra Stacey преди 5 часа
lo9ve his songs
Kaidor Wildan
Kaidor Wildan преди 5 часа
3 years later
Alistair Xu
Alistair Xu преди 5 часа
The addicted taste bareilly peep because toothpaste constitutively pat around a godly specialist. screeching, trite activity
Kan Kan
Kan Kan преди 5 часа
This is how many people that Almost got a heart attack when they saw his face ...
*round 5 sounds* fetch me their souls
*round 5 sounds* fetch me their souls преди 5 часа
Should've bought expert driver smh
Lalrin Sanga
Lalrin Sanga преди 5 часа
leigh matthew gabriel
leigh matthew gabriel преди 5 часа
The day of this video is my bday so thanks the weeknd
im dead
im dead преди 5 часа
pasen ig de la minita
D3αth ML
D3αth ML преди 5 часа
2:01 *dat hand smooth af*
fockin great
fockin great преди 5 часа
I'm really enjoying the Because the Internet style "connected music videos/hidden story in album" that happened with After Hours but I'm also concerned. Actually I was concerned during Because the Internet too. But yeah.
Mohammed Safdar
Mohammed Safdar преди 5 часа
Gta 6 anthem🙌
Azoz Weed
Azoz Weed преди 5 часа
Moatèz преди 5 часа
Can't wait for the live performance 🤤
Katie Kowall
Katie Kowall преди 5 часа
All of this! ⛈
El Yobas
El Yobas преди 5 часа
Cuando me quede dormido soñare contigo:'c
fockin great
fockin great преди 5 часа
This is weird, I love it
Xxx tentacion
Xxx tentacion преди 5 часа
Nola Pongen
Nola Pongen преди 5 часа
I love the Weeknd and this song is my favourite
Tena Semirale
Tena Semirale преди 5 часа
When I 1st heard The Weekend on the radio, my heart started pounding..those of you who aren't familiar with The King of Pop, the late Michael Jackon...The Weekend sounds so much like him..I wouldn't absolutely 💞💞💞'd 2 have seen them collaborate.
Joelr Guooltti
Joelr Guooltti преди 5 часа
Ms. Phan Says, “I’m 66 years old, but I feel I’m only 50.” Nguyen Thi Phan is grateful for the changes that Dafa has brought to her life, and for the family environment and cultivation opportunities that Master has arranged for her. Ms. Nguyen Thi Phan experienced unexplained pain in her wrist, swelling of her right hand, fever, and blood in her urine before she practiced Dafa. She also needed to take care of her disabled daughter. Her younger sister called her from Vietnam in October 2013 and told her that she recovered from her illness after practicing Dafa. Ms. Phan believed her, and felt that she could learn it too. Her sister sent her a link, and she started to learn the exercises by herself. It was not easy for Ms. Phan when she started to practice. She said that taking care of her daughter was already not easy. The difficulty was that her husband opposed her practicing Dafa. However, her sister always encouraged her and reminded her to treat her husband with kindness and more patience. When her husband saw her changes, he had a positive view of Dafa. Ms. Phan said, “I’m very happy now, although I am 66 years old, I feel I’m only 50.”
Cyrus Crane
Cyrus Crane преди 5 часа
That intro!!!!!!
Kian Mamhot
Kian Mamhot преди 5 часа
a pirate
Ken Xiong
Ken Xiong преди 5 часа
Grande would be an upgrade from Gomez
YouGotRickRolled __
YouGotRickRolled __ преди 5 часа
The beat dropped so hard it made joe Biden fall down the stairs
Deiwd Oliveira
Deiwd Oliveira преди 5 часа
Música mto bonita 🥰👍🏽♥️
Daniel Andrés Mina Camacho
Daniel Andrés Mina Camacho преди 5 часа
shivam mittal
shivam mittal преди 5 часа
Man i love him so much , the weeknd is enjoying filming his own video on his weekend holiday 🖤🌚