Kev Burrows
Kev Burrows преди 4 часа
I'm not in the least bit traumatised.
MidKnight 2004
MidKnight 2004 преди 4 часа
This is the kinda stuff I want to see in the news more
Movies and Series
Movies and Series преди 4 часа
Plot twist : This was actually a story about 2 cats on a zoom call with human filter.
Jennifer Hunt
Jennifer Hunt преди 4 часа
Say it with me- "RIOTS"!
Joseph Stoddart
Joseph Stoddart преди 4 часа
MaiTeN преди 4 часа
The cat: I am not a cat!
abc xyz
abc xyz преди 4 часа
1st panel : Recording prohibited People watching this recording : 👁️👄👁️
Junaid преди 4 часа
This old white man who is the chair of the meeting can't handle strong educated Asian woman... 😂
tahiti treat
tahiti treat преди 4 часа
Megan, don't forget all Minions are males! This is DISCRIMINATION!!!
mav 5332t tab7f
mav 5332t tab7f преди 4 часа
That was my first work day.
Black Panther
Black Panther преди 4 часа
After an impact dont move if you are not in immediate danger.
William P
William P преди 4 часа
Actually he hits the bus
Red Pill Nibbler
Red Pill Nibbler преди 4 часа
The pandemic only exists as a narrative. If people had never been told there was a pandemic then no one would have even noticed.We’ve been played like a violin.
JerseyHellYeah !
JerseyHellYeah ! преди 4 часа
Omg trump is so dumb
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio преди 4 часа
17-341 Vivek Pallikona
17-341 Vivek Pallikona преди 4 часа
He just wants to stay cool 😎
Chrisjon Amar
Chrisjon Amar преди 4 часа
But some African American doing Asian hate disgust me the most
Adam Goodword
Adam Goodword преди 4 часа
The bus driver was going too fast. He took out a post before going on to the sidewalk. That poor man. I hope the driver lost his licence and job!!!
Junaid преди 4 часа
Wong is wonderful...
George преди 4 часа
This was so funny 😂😂❤️
Taric Alani
Taric Alani преди 4 часа
When did Jodie Foster dye her hair red and join the Australian legislature?
President Trump Lives In Your Head Rent Free
President Trump Lives In Your Head Rent Free преди 4 часа
Cepheus Talks
Cepheus Talks преди 4 часа
Golden Grievous: this will make a fine addition to my collection
Matto niy
Matto niy преди 4 часа
Shes so full of herself she cant admit any faults, this is exactly why she failed miserably
ThatChubbyPanda преди 4 часа
Fly high sky king
thomas addis
thomas addis преди 4 часа
“I’m not a cat” just threw me off
Stephen Dilley
Stephen Dilley преди 4 часа
The WHO sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and endorsed by China !
Yxsuf преди 4 часа
The fighter jets ended up causing the crash but they’ll cover it and call it suicide for the media 🤡
Anish Singh
Anish Singh преди 4 часа
It retrieved the Mic for Putin.
niceguy60 преди 4 часа
Is fair to Compare Respiratory Problems numbers in Winter with Spring 🤨🤷🤦 . Following this Dumb Logic are we not expecting In Hot Summer days to have even less respiratory Problems like it has been since records have begun 🤨
Jason hayward
Jason hayward преди 4 часа
Get off the man's home. Morrison you pointless twit crim. And take the rest of the scumbag criminals in the group with you. Call administration now!
Guardian News
Guardian News преди 4 часа
Families of George Floyd and Daunte Wright join together in grief: ‘The world is traumatized’ ►
ali baba
ali baba преди 4 часа
and the quality?
Asterio преди 4 часа
recording of this is prohibited... so why would this video be online?
KÏD преди 4 часа
Maria Selepak
Maria Selepak преди 4 часа
This lady came prepared 💥 boom!
Steve Kane
Steve Kane преди 4 часа
LOL Dummycrats
Ex1tcutioner преди 4 часа
you know you are a problem when a women stand up and list your crimes and everyone agree with what is said..I hope he resigned.
Colin Courageous
Colin Courageous преди 4 часа
Just the tip of the iceberg politics is corrupt and companies are corrupt, they all become wealthy because it is a huge public purse, David Cameron still thinks he, iand the civil servant helping him are above any rules and laws I hope they get hung out to dry
Alfie Solomons
Alfie Solomons преди 4 часа
"recording of this hearing or live stream is prohibited."
Haris преди 4 часа
Love China so much from Islamabad, Rawalpindi
Remo Gaggi
Remo Gaggi преди 5 часа
Love to see the war mongering psychos get slapped down.
Steven Trafford
Steven Trafford преди 5 часа
Makes me respect him more😂
ျမန္မာျပည္ဖြား မ်ိဳးခ်စ္သား
ျမန္မာျပည္ဖြား မ်ိဳးခ်စ္သား преди 5 часа
We Love Myanmar Army🇲🇲 ေသၾကေပါ့ ငါလဲျမန္မာပဲ😂😂
روح اله تاران
روح اله تاران преди 5 часа
لعنت به ترامپ
Tumathy преди 5 часа
Imagine needing an assistant to remove a zoom filter.
ninewolves213 преди 5 часа
No code of journalism being practiced here.
stevey_pro преди 5 часа
Hahahahahaahah cowards every where
Komando Mando
Komando Mando преди 5 часа
adallie преди 5 часа
siren head sounding headass
San Play
San Play преди 5 часа
May Allay grant him Jannah and grant us all this amount of faith. Ameen.
Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty преди 5 часа
Thats hilarious
Kurt Luvvinz
Kurt Luvvinz преди 5 часа
This a kangaroo court.
Deem Alhalabi
Deem Alhalabi преди 5 часа
Tbh, he’s a bad leader, he should’ve went out and helped the people behind him in a crisis!
SALINAS SANTANA преди 5 часа
To much play GTA
TexasRailfan21 преди 5 часа
What is that thing dangling from the bird's beak?
L0N3 W0LF J преди 5 часа
Yuri A. G.
Yuri A. G. преди 5 часа
1:30 Gamma Two... Engage...
Barbara pemb
Barbara pemb преди 5 часа
I can’t even stand to look at the lying traitorous crook! More lies no doubt!
The Voice Of Reason
The Voice Of Reason преди 5 часа
Exactly a year ago i was called paranoid - now look 🙄
stevie6621 преди 5 часа
Built in 19 days lasts only 19 mins.
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio преди 5 часа
Awwwww.......I would hug and pat it!
Shanda Toney
Shanda Toney преди 5 часа
You mean riots erupt tell the truth the capitol was a riot just like these are riots not protests keep the same standards as you did with the capitol riot
Abyan naufal
Abyan naufal преди 5 часа
Borobudur temple : 😶😯
Mosaic Labrador
Mosaic Labrador преди 5 часа
Politicians are never honorable and rarely right.
BitterSweet преди 5 часа
Who came at the time Japan decided to dump the radioactive Fukushima waster water?
atmywitsend 1984
atmywitsend 1984 преди 5 часа
I am glad that both of these people exist. Polar opposites are what make life so entertaining. Imagine if we were all the same. What a very dull world this would be.
MrRaybo преди 5 часа
He’s not a cat
Krp Krp
Krp Krp преди 5 часа
She's hiding something or protecting someone as her threating behavour is to silence others.
TheHopelessGamerz преди 5 часа
All the evidence i need that birds are spy robots.
Mobzöller the Meme Guy
Mobzöller the Meme Guy преди 5 часа
The guardian better prepare for 180 days of jail time.
神N I H I L S T I C
神N I H I L S T I C преди 5 часа
Thore Gunnarson
Thore Gunnarson преди 5 часа
Go to School,