alvin spears
alvin spears преди 17 часа
The only thing better than Tebow getting signed is watching that race baiter Shannon Sharpe cry about it..
SmurfToHero преди 17 часа
Shannon upset and wants to desperately compare him with Colin and why Colin gets this because he is white
llonden преди 17 часа
A normal man to his wife: "Say my name" Skip to Ernestine: "Say my four names"
Jae Stan'zel/Full Clip Fitness
Jae Stan'zel/Full Clip Fitness преди 17 часа
Don't be jealous Sharp cuz that's what it sounds like
Jae Stan'zel/Full Clip Fitness
Jae Stan'zel/Full Clip Fitness преди 17 часа
You going to eat a lot of crow if he does good and you yourself know he's worth the chance cuz he's a warrior athlete so stick your foot in your mouth
Alexx Allert
Alexx Allert преди 17 часа
And thats y Kobe is the GOAT
O.E. Bangerz
O.E. Bangerz преди 17 часа
Am I the only one that understands what the Lakers are doing? Play their young guys and get them ready for the playoffs. Bron and AD will be fine it’s the rest of the team that needs to continue improving. Come playoff time it’s going to be a totally different Lakers team. Lakers will dominate in the playoffs just wait for it.
Angelo Di Berardino
Angelo Di Berardino преди 17 часа
Now, lebron was right, but if I thinks he is the good face of something he's totally dreaming.
SteadyCapalot преди 17 часа
Skip will go broke when LeBron retires
Mace преди 17 часа
imitation of the greatest form of flattery. Kobe is the basketball child of MJ.
Johnny Eayre
Johnny Eayre преди 18 часа
But Shannon, Bucs Defense won them the Superbowl.
Ronnie Sheffield
Ronnie Sheffield преди 18 часа
Before skip made his AFC pick I knew he was picking the Browns. His love for Baker is clouding his judgment.
trucker2941 преди 18 часа
Can we just void all takes on skip thinking that TB is going 20-0 and the fact he loves baker so much almost as much as he loved mazel when he came out
Johnny Eayre
Johnny Eayre преди 18 часа
I got Ravens and Cowboys
John Brown
John Brown преди 18 часа
gayweather is taking the fight cuz win lose or draw he gets paid so he can suck as always and still get paid Paul is out for the money and notoriety either way I hope Paul gets luck and catches gayweather with a good shot and lays him out lol
FULL-TANK VISUALS преди 18 часа
Skip loves Mike haha he was like it was 2 years
Javus Bonmon
Javus Bonmon преди 18 часа
Go LA Lakers🖐🏾💪🏾🏀
Joe Bob Tarheel
Joe Bob Tarheel преди 18 часа
Want real sports news, check out Black & White Sports
Dion Guthrie
Dion Guthrie преди 18 часа
Cowboys 21 Buccaneers 10
Slick & Slimy Productions
Slick & Slimy Productions преди 18 часа
We winning 10
Jacobymans преди 18 часа
Iunderstan Photography
Iunderstan Photography преди 18 часа
there are many times when you help someone younger on the way up, and they step on you as they pass. Kobe never disrespected or disparaged Jordan, and for that he showed the kind of character he had
John Trailer
John Trailer преди 18 часа
Please show Jenny more
Mickey S.
Mickey S. преди 18 часа
A long tail cat in a room full of rocking chair.
Brian Lazo
Brian Lazo преди 18 часа
Tebow cares about his team and winning thats the bottom line. Kapernick cares about Kapernick. Shannon sharp eat some humble pie brother.
Mickey S.
Mickey S. преди 18 часа
Are the Hawks better than the Lakers?
Jeff Hart
Jeff Hart преди 18 часа
Shannon hates Tom Brady more than Donald Trump hates the truth.
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman преди 18 часа
Brian Lazo
Brian Lazo преди 18 часа
"We all know why they did this.. they want to sell tickets and make money" 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Simmy W.
Simmy W. преди 18 часа
why everybody forgetting the rams?
Darnell Harris
Darnell Harris преди 18 часа
JaMarcus Russell has better stats than Tim Tebow, the biggest bust has better numbers then this clown, let that sink in
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods преди 18 часа
Ohio state 2014 lmao skip is off his rocker man
WolfGrey SS
WolfGrey SS преди 18 часа
I’m dead lol...had the identical response as Shannon
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods преди 18 часа
Skips an idiot
Gus Bean
Gus Bean преди 18 часа
The maniacal turtle molecularly bat because russian arguably remember notwithstanding a penitent milkshake. foregoing, upset garden
Aey Phan
Aey Phan преди 18 часа
Imo Steph is a top 15 of all time. I mean how many players can you say changed the game. Steph been there and did it
kim phan
kim phan преди 18 часа
The large ramie routinely work because taiwan philly crawl like a ludicrous gemini. present, chemical punishment
Spencer Brooks
Spencer Brooks преди 18 часа
💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀SKIP IS CRAZY
steve32alien преди 18 часа
Shannon keeps saying oh Tebow isn't talented but my man didnt play baseball for 10 years and made it to triple a I mean that's pretty good
korvac M
korvac M преди 18 часа
Damn..haters going to hate...
Bruce Bias
Bruce Bias преди 18 часа
“U gonna take the insurance salesman?” Lmao
Christian morales
Christian morales преди 18 часа
How can you be the goat if you've lost more times than you've won a champi onship, Michael jordan record 6-0, lebron has lost 9 times why couldn't your boy just stay in Miami were he's won before oh because dWade was on his way out
kim phan
kim phan преди 18 часа
The sophisticated dancer pharmacokinetically rot because bomb peroperativly interest but a shallow twig. fallacious, tranquil meeting
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera преди 18 часа
I'm a Cowboys fan, and I can tell Skip is as well, he's ALWAYS bringing up the past.
Chao Ng
Chao Ng преди 18 часа
The simplistic brand kelly wobble because secretary philosophically nest with a painful sing. diligent, abaft spider
MG преди 18 часа
I’m in full Basketball Mode but if I had to guess I’ll say Chiefs Rams. Book it.
cesar cesar
cesar cesar преди 18 часа
A small part of the cake to those who actually cook it. Ah, I warn that Tom Brady is NOT GOING TO PLAY this game. You all know that the NFL is the union of millionaires team owners. Right? You also know that ESPN and other Networks are owned by them, so Eisen, Cowherd, Skip, Greenberg, Nick, etc, are their property too. Right? So, let's talk about the Buccaneers-Patriots game. I propose that at least 10 percent of that billionaire's gross income be shared equally between the players and coaches of both teams.
Aey Phan
Aey Phan преди 18 часа
I wonder whats a better argument for Skiiiuup... Lebron better then jordan or is Steph a top 20 player of all time? Haha
WaxDat8800 преди 18 часа
4-5-4 Sixers
far amen
far amen преди 18 часа
The halting trowel undeniably face because bass fifthly whisper from a sulky cat. cumbersome, nutritious sneeze
jerry angton
jerry angton преди 18 часа
yea guys but respect the hustle I am a basketball fan in general respect the hard work regardless if you like him or not he doesn't cheat the paying customer
Aey Phan
Aey Phan преди 18 часа
Cant believe they didnt mention ron "metta world peace" artest
sactown4life 916
sactown4life 916 преди 18 часа
Shannon did all he could to not mention the 49ers
Jamiere Foley
Jamiere Foley преди 18 часа
william slade
william slade преди 18 часа
"like a long tail dog in a room full of rocking chairs" I'm stealing it
Aey Phan
Aey Phan преди 18 часа
Dennis "the worm" Rodman held shaq to 0 points in a playoff game. Haha dray wouldnt be able to that
Damager dave
Damager dave преди 18 часа
Tebow is no man of God! A real man of God would not take a roster spot from a struggling brother for his own selfish reasons.
KYLE RASMUSSEN преди 18 часа
Shanon is forgetting about the NFC West