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Lobo Diseña Locura
Lobo Diseña Locura преди 12 часа
Woah, that escalated quickly.
Devin Khamis
Devin Khamis преди 12 часа
Get Jim Jeffries on the show
преди 12 часа
gordon regretted this with evry single tastebud
Erik Jorgenson
Erik Jorgenson преди 12 часа
this is great content
Solar Skyy
Solar Skyy преди 12 часа
Chip Skylark!!!
Afiya Denis
Afiya Denis преди 12 часа
Hahah this last one make the video 10 times better
Space Man
Space Man преди 12 часа
9:53 a rat
musicforplants преди 12 часа
MAN he is very funny dude..
extraalarge преди 12 часа
next we need ski mask the slump god here
Jason rai
Jason rai преди 12 часа
Well here you are proven the kids wrong Gordon : [email protected] hell!!! They didn't think you could do it but here u are Gordon : SHIT!!!
Kyle Downey
Kyle Downey преди 12 часа
Homeboy went the hardest I've ever seen bro
NEMESIS преди 12 часа
Yeah my dog ate a taki once. She never wanted one again.
angela cannon
angela cannon преди 12 часа
Guy Fieri: Says he's not extremely into hot food. Also Guy Fieri: Eats a big slice out of every single wing up to Da Bomb and the Last Dab with no problems whatsoever, without taking a single sip of water or milk.
Greg преди 12 часа
Why are they giving him almond milk lmao
Leon Vanic
Leon Vanic преди 12 часа
Thank you Taker! Enjoy retirement and know the new era will carry the WWE.
Maja Thomyads
Maja Thomyads преди 12 часа
That goat do be thicc ngl
Umair Syed
Umair Syed преди 12 часа
yoooo it's the roblox guy
Faith Bowman
Faith Bowman преди 12 часа
That is a sweet and darling person.
CandyCornLord86 преди 12 часа
The echoes tho
its Chris
its Chris преди 12 часа
john beach
john beach преди 12 часа
Sanaa Williams
Sanaa Williams преди 12 часа
I think my dude is high
Prince Bam
Prince Bam преди 12 часа
POV: you saw this part on TikTok 3:08
Pappa *
Pappa * преди 12 часа
Wtf is this new camera angle🤺
john beach
john beach преди 12 часа
I wonder if any screams were heard coming from his bathroom the following day... That stuff burns twice!
Racquelle Britton
Racquelle Britton преди 12 часа
This is by far my favorite Hot Ones episode ❤
Lauren Angelet-Rohacik
Lauren Angelet-Rohacik преди 12 часа
That was legendary !!! The Final Dab... Madness !
Zane Patterson
Zane Patterson преди 12 часа
The roblox guy lol
Falk Hammermüller
Falk Hammermüller преди 12 часа
Why have you stopped using celebrities?
Sanaa Williams
Sanaa Williams преди 12 часа
My dude. About to be on that toilet
CarterArts преди 12 часа
the editing on this lmaoooo
tayottt преди 12 часа
It’s very funny that I got an ad for The movie Brave with this video. I guess Saweetie’s wig affected the algorithm.
J G преди 12 часа
"Shit" "fucking hell"
elrichmc con crocks
elrichmc con crocks преди 12 часа
The Best K-pop singers couple This is so racist i love that
Deejay animations
Deejay animations преди 12 часа
Sad to see he retired 😞
Laura Chaidez
Laura Chaidez преди 12 часа
You should do Harry Styles 🤩
Sanaa Williams
Sanaa Williams преди 12 часа
My dude about to pass out
Ariana Cepeda
Ariana Cepeda преди 13 часа
Have Soulja boy on the show 😍😍😍😍
Achraf Abbes
Achraf Abbes преди 13 часа
Lil Nas's mouth got briefly paralyzed
s6pphire преди 13 часа
roblox man eats wings
Gozienna Anamelechi
Gozienna Anamelechi преди 13 часа
Frat Boy!
PGC_popcornsaveg !
PGC_popcornsaveg ! преди 13 часа
Y’all need to get the spice king
MyNameIs Ill
MyNameIs Ill преди 13 часа
This that stuff that makes you actually think that you are pretty genius yourself when you're high lmao pretty much a thought process at my head when I'm up there like Russell speaking of multiple tongues.
vikki 285
vikki 285 преди 13 часа
Bring rod wave on here
Patricia Patricia
Patricia Patricia преди 13 часа
"Now I look like a little girl lost in WalMart," 😂😂😂
Nico Pacheco
Nico Pacheco преди 13 часа
I’d like to appreciate Sean for literally having hundreds of guests and yet he never makes it feel awkward. He’s a great interviewer
Jessica Pucci
Jessica Pucci преди 13 часа
Achraf Abbes
Achraf Abbes преди 13 часа
Ist just me or Sean is eating invisible meat ? 14:25
Millionaire Mel
Millionaire Mel преди 13 часа
His lips look so cute on the thumbnail pic..hard to imagine them wrapped around a 🍆
Dedded by Glamour
Dedded by Glamour преди 13 часа
16:06 the *instant* regret and he ain't even eaten it yet.
Nicolas Yang
Nicolas Yang преди 13 часа
Sean : Does that work? The lime. Gordon : Rubs lime on his ass. Sean : Dies of laughter.
Mindfully Dissociated
Mindfully Dissociated преди 13 часа
his personality is GOLDEN wow
Ayo Olukoga
Ayo Olukoga преди 13 часа
Jesus is the way the truth and the life. God sent his only begotten Son so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith in Jesus. Trust Jesus. Jesus Christ. Jesus saves. Jesus conqueres. Calvary Cross. The Blood. Salvation. Gospel. Heaven or hell. Kingdom. Sacrifice God bless all.
Sara Nichols
Sara Nichols преди 13 часа
This is the first time I heard Undertakers voice 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Patricia Patricia
Patricia Patricia преди 13 часа
He talks exactly the same way he raps.
Austinnn Landees
Austinnn Landees преди 13 часа
Kidd K Rool
Kidd K Rool преди 13 часа
Anybody got the ID on that jacket? Shit's fire
Law Faljean
Law Faljean преди 13 часа
This is my favorite artist
Confused преди 13 часа
Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 18:08
GobbleFN преди 13 часа
you guys should really do a video with spicekingcam from tik tok he’s a really good spice channel and i feel like it would be really intresting
Sensei Madara
Sensei Madara преди 13 часа
Petition for First We Feast to invite Mike Tyson xDD
Quinton Whaley
Quinton Whaley преди 13 часа
should have done lil peep
Rage gaming
Rage gaming преди 13 часа
The roblox guy
TXY DX SLXY GOD преди 13 часа
YOOO where he get that garra backpack domi and jd beck next??????
Patricia Patricia
Patricia Patricia преди 13 часа
Lil Yachty: dying Sean: Over the last couple of years...🤣
Gold преди 13 часа
Im eating Re-Heated BK. God what a life
WaderMelan преди 13 часа
Dixie Fox
Dixie Fox преди 13 часа
The undertaker is my absolute favorite wrestler, I'm sad he is retiring but he has been in the business for 30 years; it's crazy. My whole family has been a Undertaker fan, I've always wanted to get a autograph or a picture for my family to freak out over lol. But it's enough just to be a big fan :) Even if undertaker dosent wrestle anymore he will definitely still be my favorite!! This was alot of fun to watch and get to know him without the jacket- y'know? Not to be cheesy but thank you taker 🤣🤣🤣😊😊🤟
Long Board
Long Board преди 13 часа
Note to self; Peanut butter on the balls. Check
Sgruggy преди 13 часа
Vladimir Polii
Vladimir Polii преди 13 часа
6:13 Sean : "you know the sad things about key and peele coming to and end" Key : "end ? is that because we do this?" Peele : "Its true because we're dying right now"
J Amar
J Amar преди 13 часа
Kyle eating like he doesn't know where his next meal is coming from
esteban collazo
esteban collazo преди 13 часа
Sean: "Here you are proving the kids wrong" Gordan: dying
Shelly Ann
Shelly Ann преди 13 часа
Thank you Mr. Ramsay for sharing your pain, it was so so funny. ☺️
puffpuffpass datass
puffpuffpass datass преди 13 часа
you should get an EDM artist/DJ on here :)
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht преди 13 часа
Bro says, “that was nothing” then proceeds to die
Patricia Patricia
Patricia Patricia преди 13 часа
I feel like the crowd is too white to understand what’s he’s saying