Is NIO the new Tesla?
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Supra DRAG RACE: 3.0 v 2.0 v Mk4!
Audi RS7 vs RS6 - DRAG RACE
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The craziest police cars in the world!
Kit Emett
Kit Emett преди 17 часа
Great review.
Thomas Hervø
Thomas Hervø преди 17 часа
Beautiful car, but the tail light reminds me of an old Citroën C5 estate 😄
aznag badre
aznag badre преди 17 часа
S21 Ultra !!!
Jack smedley
Jack smedley преди 17 часа
this car is stunning and I love some Audi cars but this ticks all the boxes for me .
Maksym И
Maksym И преди 17 часа
Get a Galaxy Z-flip and it will fit anywhere
Laurynas V
Laurynas V преди 17 часа
Abdullah imran
Abdullah imran преди 17 часа
I thing your views with this toyota land cruiser video is higher that more your other videos 🖕
Steven Li
Steven Li преди 17 часа
Are you going to do a new jaguar review?
Prithvi Sriman
Prithvi Sriman преди 17 часа
I LAUGHED SO HARD when he said captured a vegetable 🤣🤣
Ritik Rajput
Ritik Rajput преди 17 часа
Lamborghini won
Markuss Dundurs
Markuss Dundurs преди 17 часа
Samsung S21
Pearson Heard
Pearson Heard преди 17 часа
it looks a lot like a Taycan
Miguel Ramalhão
Miguel Ramalhão преди 17 часа
Why the paddles???
Schmitzelhaus преди 17 часа
Jesus, could you stop banging your phone against everything or tipping your fingernails on the nice paint?! ;) 😂
TMM преди 17 часа
While Mercedes is busy rolling out one hideous EV after another, Audi has hit a homerun :)
SAlaaitie преди 17 часа
Electric cars are rubbish
Lotus F
Lotus F преди 17 часа
No proper armrest for the driver and the armrest in the back is just embarrassing, yeah well done Audi...
Awais Ali
Awais Ali преди 17 часа
Looks amazing inside and out especially for an electric car. Best Audi interior going right now. But it’s just too heavy in mass
JWL преди 17 часа
19:14 Matt starts a trend designed to draw people's attention now that the exhaust is dead. Clever.
A S преди 17 часа
Matt, the car looks hideous. Almost like a Chrysler Crossfire.
The Artemis
The Artemis преди 17 часа
The colour wasn’t too good.
Khomotso Mogane
Khomotso Mogane преди 17 часа
Get an S21 ultra in phantom brown. It comes fitted with a carbon fiber camera module.
Bavarian Car Enthusiast
Bavarian Car Enthusiast преди 17 часа
What can I say - right car - right driver - wrong colour! ;)
TJbuilddz преди 17 часа
9:28 just..... just....... shut the fuck up like HOW DARE YOU COMPARE A LEGEND TO AN AVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Hood
Tom Hood преди 17 часа
Must be the ugliest audi on sale, those tail lights are way too big, interior is boring too.
Josh W
Josh W преди 17 часа
I don’t think Jo will be happy with you honking at other women 😂
Ckdjbdi8d6 1#diudj8
Ckdjbdi8d6 1#diudj8 преди 17 часа
That range... horrible
Swe Slipknot
Swe Slipknot преди 17 часа
Sick design 👌🏻
Toni Zeqaj
Toni Zeqaj преди 17 часа
Can you review the brand new Maserati Ghibli Mat?
A V1
A V1 преди 17 часа
mats on it with the reviews💯😂
Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver преди 17 часа
Audi turd rs in Schiße grün
AM преди 17 часа
Stunning car. Well played Audi 🔥
User 2389
User 2389 преди 17 часа
Lol the car is blue in the thumbnail and completely purple in the video. Great editing. 🙄
Prasanjeet Pani
Prasanjeet Pani преди 17 часа
It's just another porshe with Audi's branding
Retro classic fleet
Retro classic fleet преди 17 часа
What colour would you like your Audi etron? Bile green please👍
NÆLKÆ преди 17 часа
Get the s21 ultra
VloggingWithK преди 17 часа
It looks like a rs7
SiiliViin преди 17 часа
So this is a budget version of Taycan with dog poop paint.
James Steele
James Steele преди 17 часа
Are the windows tinted, if not why for £133,000, also it’s coloured like a curry.
Brayton преди 17 часа
The future of Audi and their RS range
Wukhoss преди 17 часа
8 adverts in this video wtf
jason tate
jason tate преди 17 часа
Is this, cowshit green?
William Mears
William Mears преди 17 часа
I think the main reason why people wasn’t looking at the Etron is because in Milton Keynes we’re used to seeing Electric vehicles, we even have little starship robots who deliver our shopping 😂
Wasa Bee
Wasa Bee преди 17 часа
Pretty much copy Porsche body shape
Simon Adams
Simon Adams преди 17 часа
Seems a bit pricey, even for the base model! Considering all audis come with practically the same interior, they're not really offering very good value between their models here.
Ishak Sebi
Ishak Sebi преди 17 часа
Looks like Tesla's time has ended 😀🙂
alireza esmaeili
alireza esmaeili преди 17 часа
MARIA P преди 17 часа
Can someone inform us when and how often you have to replace the batteries in a car like that?????
Mr Outcast
Mr Outcast преди 17 часа
Can we stop for a moment and talk that disgusting diarrhea color on this particular unit? Imagine someone buying it in this color
Lê Tuấn Nguyễn
Lê Tuấn Nguyễn преди 17 часа
Do anyone reckon the colour on the picture was yellow íntead of greeen??
Bene преди 17 часа
Do you Review the New mach e ?
Rui Malta
Rui Malta преди 17 часа
It's a nice vacuum cleaner. Expensive one. There are some idiots that are going to buy it and pay for this already obsolete technology.
Bart Cadogan
Bart Cadogan преди 17 часа
The car is gorgeous...that colour though 🤢
Alix Alixandris
Alix Alixandris преди 17 часа
Бмв объехал таёту! Ха-ха.
Vasile Burlacu
Vasile Burlacu преди 17 часа
17:41 cute dacia Duster
Kassem Ghaddar
Kassem Ghaddar преди 17 часа
Can u race a 1000hp Supra vs a 1000hp m5 plz
Cut The Crap
Cut The Crap преди 17 часа
Far too expensive turd coloured abortion from VW. Never buy another VAG product after diesel Gate
sean fisher
sean fisher преди 17 часа
I didn't like that they decided not to go with the vegan interior.
Chaka Whyte
Chaka Whyte преди 17 часа
Lovely looking, would love one over a Tesla, but not in baby poo green
MrKolaCraft преди 17 часа
unfair tbo ... should have tuned the heck out of the old one to compensate for the modern tech on new ones ;D
Erwin de Roo
Erwin de Roo преди 17 часа
06:28 "Wish I had their job". A lie has never been more blatant
01howardproductions преди 17 часа
I like the colour but the front looks really weird I like the side more than the Porsche taycan
Rohit Bodalikar
Rohit Bodalikar преди 17 часа
The day you stop stickin sticks into cars is the day I stop watching carwow
Nino H.
Nino H. преди 17 часа
Go with the Samsung
Gareth Edwards
Gareth Edwards преди 17 часа
Love the design but please change the colour, I would rather have one of these than the Taycan
Pawie преди 17 часа
0:00 Is it? - No
Chase Shoots
Chase Shoots преди 17 часа
Looks like an electric kia stinger lol
Njoi Fontes
Njoi Fontes преди 17 часа
Yep I would get either a Neo or an XPeng. Please do a video on XPeng if you can. It competes very well with the model 3 and model y and has one of its cars for sale in Europe
felix yacob
felix yacob преди 17 часа
S21 ultra matt
sospeter wangai
sospeter wangai преди 17 часа
s21 Ultra is the better choice
Starmedia Tech
Starmedia Tech преди 17 часа
What car designer chose that colour for a car ? Has to be one of the worst colours ever .
David Evans
David Evans преди 17 часа
Oi Musk thats how you make a cool electric performance car!
Aiden Ilkhani
Aiden Ilkhani преди 17 часа
Not sure why they scaled back on the interior options, as I recall a light-grey/white interior, which is not available on any of their websites. For me it is between this and the Taycan. I am not a Tesla guy, do not like their exterior or interior to be honest.
TJbuilddz преди 17 часа
Was there a grandma in the MK4 like what the hell was that shitty driving?
Phil Smith
Phil Smith преди 17 часа
Love the car but the colour is something found on the Austin Allegro back in the '70s . Yuk🤮
Fahd Haykal
Fahd Haykal преди 17 часа
Doo doo green
Gary Clark
Gary Clark преди 17 часа
I believe it’s a first for all wheel steering in an EV. No?🤔
Amit преди 17 часа
Best electric car on the market now. What a car 👌
C T Kat
C T Kat преди 17 часа
Interior looks so much better than the Taycan
Dan -
Dan - преди 17 часа
The fact you think audis laggy infotainments better than teslas is hilarious