Moments \u0026 Memories | 2021 LEC Spring
EU Masters 2021 Format Explainer
преди 16 часа
EU Masters Is Here
преди 16 часа
MAD Elyoya | 2021 #LEC Spring Rookie
G2 Rekkles | 2021 #LEC Spring MVP
преди 16 часа
LEC Spring 2021 Finals Weekend Tease
LEC: The final stage!
преди 16 часа
Jack Links x Road to EM | Episode 5
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman преди 55 минути
Sjokz should know by now, with great power comes great responsibility.
ALEXANDER STOYANOV преди 57 минути
LEC production never disappoints <3
baked fish
baked fish преди 58 минути
this video just really showcases how medic's casting is on another level. he's perfect for building up the energy to those teamfight moments but knows just when to slow it back down to continue the cast. also that 5Head vocabulary just adds to the cherry on top, its so different from everyone else that i can always differentiate it from the rest of the PBP casters. (obviously love the other 2 as well)
Orcrima преди час
i really really need the first song, it sounds so fucking dope
Choco преди час
Lily Rose
Lily Rose преди час
Smile and cry in the same moment... That Rekkles in the beginning is just too much 💔
Rem's Watt
Rem's Watt преди час
Name a better duo than Shockwave and lolesports highlights, i'll wait
Just Alex
Just Alex преди час
yeah reminds us all the failed dives from FNC ... you can't even call those dives , more like inting
samat T
samat T преди час
RO Slots
RO Slots преди час
Gamblying mafia hit again!
john michael quides
john michael quides преди час
The hypeeee haha
Alexander Maramigin
Alexander Maramigin преди час
What a great spring season we get. TY LEC for great production =)
Manu Corleone
Manu Corleone преди час
Absolutely amazing highlight video! Thanks for an awesome Split LEC!
idleblueJ преди час
this is honestly one of the best interviews in the scene. Really a lot of insights here.
Honza Milda
Honza Milda преди час
MaestroA29 преди час
Makarone Sendwicis
Makarone Sendwicis преди час
5:35 this is why i love LEC :D
Camilo Alvarez
Camilo Alvarez преди час
John Inglis
John Inglis преди час
SJOKS has literally become every Fnatic's fan number #1 enemy.
Camilo Alvarez
Camilo Alvarez преди час
Teejay Tejones
Teejay Tejones преди час
No more monologue for Sjokz. ☠️😂
Owen Jarvis
Owen Jarvis преди час
i honestly think that g2 either win next split or fall into the dumps, and join teams like SKT who used to take it all but can't win anymore. if they lose summer i wonder what roster changes they are gonna make
James Calder
James Calder преди час
Jankos will go, Wunder and probably Mikyx
Benedictsaint преди час
The Monologues were spells cast by a Grand Witch.
Mald Lions
Mald Lions преди час
Let’s go MAD and S04!!
Mohammad ElHajj
Mohammad ElHajj преди час
Video is too good
Oskar Elysee
Oskar Elysee преди час
Top laners are always the best guests on EUphoria.
geotovan преди час
damn, the lec songs add so much to the video
Im God
Im God преди час
wp gg 😁 joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solobolo 😱
Im God
Im God преди час
wp gg 😁 joking 😂 We shilling 😎 Solobolo 😱
Darkning Pl
Darkning Pl преди час
I gotta says, League's Edgiest Casters' music is perfect for those montages
izor 1111
izor 1111 преди час
what is the song in the background in the start??
Zachary Sun
Zachary Sun преди час
This is what happens when Caps underperforms
James Calder
James Calder преди час
Wunder, Jankos, Mikyx and you lose your primary shotcaller and ability to flex in every role.
c00li0 преди час
Armut will top gap nuguri
James Calder
James Calder преди час
Armut might be a god but Nuguri is Kratos...
Barahuna преди час
For everyone who is wondering about the first song: It's "Raising the Roof by The Sonic Hijackers · Redlight King Album: Anthemic Beats: Audio Wax Please make sure to pay your taxes by giving it a thumbs up, so everyone can see it :)
rezanecsvk преди час
I see this comment i press like and give you my respect <3
Zachary Sun
Zachary Sun преди час
Man what a season this was
Seller преди час
Best split ever
Abhigyan Borgohain
Abhigyan Borgohain преди час
whats the song?????
Conner Huss
Conner Huss преди час
That was a roller coaster of emotions as a fnatic fan
ElJavoLoL преди час
#AlwaysFnatic my man
Orin Daspit
Orin Daspit преди час
sjokz 👊 😥
Vedansh преди час
Always fnatic baby
Gergő Berkes
Gergő Berkes преди час
Same for me, but I still love them. #AlwaysFnatic
Arjun Banerji
Arjun Banerji преди час
Damn, they did Rekkles dirty in the beginning. "The reason I joined G2 is because I wanna win again" They had to use this quote to just rub salt in the wounds. Absolutely hilarious editing. Apart from that, really successful split for EU. At least 3 top teams next split in Mad, Rogue and G2.
baked fish
baked fish преди час
the irony haha
Shloke Chakraborty
Shloke Chakraborty преди час
Dont count s04 and fnatic out.
Futurepoint преди час
What an epic recap!
ve25 преди час
One of the best highlight videos ever...the production is insane
Cily преди час
Aw yes, glad it got uploaded separately. Had goosebumps when they showed it after the final
A___A B___B
A___A B___B преди час
This was such a pleasant ending of the finals' day. 😍
Noa Assmann
Noa Assmann преди час
sjokz actually scary wtf
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray преди час
Trace Jenkins
Trace Jenkins преди час
Vedius hauling ass out on to the stage for the glory of Nocturne is amazing
Phoenix I
Phoenix I преди час
Last time I was this early, Rekkles and Caps were still at Fnatic :C
NGKaktusz преди час
After watching this I would like to see more of the casters during the game, they are so energetic and adds another level of intensity, hype and connection with the team
Munkh Saruul
Munkh Saruul преди час
I really need to know the first music used in the video.
James Calder
James Calder преди час
"Raising the Roof by The Sonic Hijackers · Redlight King Album: Anthemic Beats: Audio Wax [Taken from Barahuna's comment above]
Futurepoint преди час
Same, it fit so well!
Manuel Sfeir Garrido
Manuel Sfeir Garrido преди час
Hong yejii홍예지
Hong yejii홍예지 преди час
widepeepohappy преди час
It feels so bad to hear Reckless say "I just wanna win again" after what happened. Sadge
Hasosy преди час
if he wants to win, he should join mad
ArthurTFE преди час
Rekkles is insane, but I believe that he’s still limiting himself. He needs to find the balance between cockiness and risky play (like Carzzy’s dive on Senna in RGE vs MAD game 5). He’s been playing for quite the while, but I believe that he’s still got a hell of a lot of potential
widepeepohappy преди час
@Johannes Schunke that's your fanboy perspective, think about it from a players perspective. I doubt you would want to keep losing over and over again if you were in that situation ;)
JuQiFnS преди час
@Johannes Schunke Damn he must be so sad you dont care about him
Johannes Schunke
Johannes Schunke преди час
Honestly i don’t care about hin anymore and i was happy they lost
TheLittleChicken преди час
Posted 17s ago WOW never have i been so early
Barış Aksu
Barış Aksu преди 2 часа
turkish subtitle is it possible?
Narugto Uzuymaki
Narugto Uzuymaki преди час
Knk çok zor neredeyse 1 saat
InfamousSlay3r преди 2 часа
Armut is so likeable it’s insane.
Napolyon Bonapart
Napolyon Bonapart преди 2 часа
Turkçe altyazı yok
Ralph Pena
Ralph Pena преди 2 часа
LOL NA team upsets a eastern team "well IG looked a little sus that day" and EU team gets the upset just better baby.
Yur3te преди 2 часа
5:02, he said multiple times "ryze", not "nice" xD
SEHU преди 2 часа
Petition to put Armut cardboad statue in the background 🙌
The Episode One
The Episode One преди 2 часа
Both podcast from lec and lcs are so fucking good this week. Damn 👌🏻🔥
infernal140 преди 2 часа
Best stare in LoL since Snoopeh
Oguz Han
Oguz Han преди 2 часа
Please all stand up and hail the new king, your highness, his majesty Armut!
Kacper B
Kacper B преди 3 часа
Jakub Świdłowski
Jakub Świdłowski преди 3 часа
I want LEC back tonight
MlfOOns преди 3 часа
김선우 преди 3 часа
the legendary seires
Linards Ž
Linards Ž преди 3 часа
I dont care about MSI anymore the 5th place for my teams is going too MSI I am from EU and I am chearing on C9 and UOL if they make it. Sorry MAD this team is shit in international tournaments they are sinning out of theyr mind they have worse players then LPL and LCK so they have worse chances then S04 would have. RGE FNC G2 S04 all are better for MSI.
Marek Košnár
Marek Košnár преди 3 часа
These guys play LoL profesionally (meaning that it is their regular job) and they don´t know that Soraka´s W is green heal? Hell I play this game once in a week, I definitely don´t play supports and I know that. Sometimes I wonder if they (some of them) actually have worse knowledge than a mediocre gold hardstuck..
Marek Košnár
Marek Košnár преди 3 часа
Annie E for example.. a little girl in a shield that is covering her.. well according to our "pros" it apparently looks like Nasus or Riven or I don´t know. This cannot be Annie.. Also it´s a "fire champ" I bet everyone can see that this is some kind of flame, then Labrov comes in saying it´s Aurelion Sol.. like what? :D
Nuri Soydal
Nuri Soydal преди 3 часа
Can you add English subtitles?
MaxxVII преди 3 часа
Ofc Brutalizer was one of Bwipo's favorites.
laugh away
laugh away преди 3 часа
Hans Sama got a soft voice.
MrNotagoodtime преди 3 часа
The return of divephoria
Ahmet Can Tuhta
Ahmet Can Tuhta преди 3 часа
turkish stage beast
Solo Lane
Solo Lane преди 3 часа
Im so excited to watch LEC. I mean is kinda meh if the final is always G2 and Fnatic tbh. Now, LEC is more competitive than ever before. I believe theres no fear to fight G2 anymore.
Czymbru преди 3 часа
Armut is only in his first year of playing in the LEC and he's already a legend
Giggelino преди 3 часа
Dmxx. преди 3 часа
Gnarmut has a playoff ragebar that turns him into mega
Dearex преди 3 часа
Title if Rouge had won: Sadlions
Good Old Dude
Good Old Dude преди 3 часа
Thanks see you soon!