Top 10 WTF Tennis Moments!
преди 24 дни
Top 10 Denis Shapovalov ATP Shots!
25 Times Jack Sock WOWED Us All! 😱
Soevjaan Oemar
Soevjaan Oemar преди 11 часа
Zverve play Better and better, i think he is can win Grand Slam
Lachie King
Lachie King преди 11 часа
Great job hubert bad luck de minaur #TENNIS
MagicBoy преди 11 часа
Что не так с этим Де Минауром🤦🏻‍♂️
Der private Killer
Der private Killer преди 11 часа
Where is Sock‘s forehand?
Fez преди 11 часа
Wtf is this camera angle? Feel like I’m watching it from the international space station
Chris Ansell
Chris Ansell преди 11 часа
Jesus, Humbert's forehand!!! what a missile. Demon had to do everything he could to keep most balls away from it. Effortless power.
Sven König
Sven König преди 11 часа
The last game was amazing
Kiran Udaykumar
Kiran Udaykumar преди 11 часа
Hope you do more of this @ATPTennisTV, too good a segment to miss.
sprattner преди 12 часа
yes what? 😂
Andrei Nuzhnyi
Andrei Nuzhnyi преди 12 часа
Disgrace for ATP. Worst umpire and worst tournament in the whole tour.
Christopher S
Christopher S преди 12 часа
AZ is looking like the best player in the world at the moment
Omri Dagan
Omri Dagan преди 12 часа
Zverev finally being aggressive. That's the only way he plays good tennis and wins
Aditya sreenu
Aditya sreenu преди 12 часа
There's one player who never appears in these kinds of videos.. No Antics on the field.. No chit-chat.. No throwing cuss remarks.. Just grunt, grind and more grind.. Most they can make an off-the-ball video about him is the way he keeps his bottles..lmao Yes, I'm talking about RAFAEL NADAL
Vasek Frydl
Vasek Frydl преди 12 часа
Not gonna lie but they were pretty desperate to get those 7 minutes worth of highlights.
Ann Cheng
Ann Cheng преди 12 часа
I think Khachanov’s forehand would be really interesting to analyze
Samuel79170 преди 12 часа
This is the best I have seen him play, Damn, that was so good👍
angelokimikurt преди 13 часа
The trophy, if u can call it one, is so tiny..
JC CHATTIC преди 13 часа
Excellent match Ugo à votre meilleur encore
Aviral bajaj
Aviral bajaj преди 13 часа
What a load of BS on Federer's FH. He takes away time, how is he precise? The dude has like a gazillion errors every match.
Colo Susini
Colo Susini преди 13 часа
Que bestia lo que jugo Nalbandian en su plenitud. Un monstruo del tennis!
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee преди 13 часа
You can wrap it up in a structure at
DEREK HO преди 13 часа
where's Verdasco
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee преди 13 часа
You can wrap it up in a structure at
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi преди 13 часа
Tsitsipas is the best looking forehand for me
27scole преди 13 часа
well done
Robert R
Robert R преди 13 часа
Terrific aggresive style. Zverev finally kicks away his "I play not to loose" style and gets "all in". His ground strokes were like a machine gun. Have not seen that from hin since years! Zverev now reached "Safin mode". Schwartzman did not play bad at all. He simply had not the slightest chance. In that form Sascha could challenge the top 3 now on hard court
Atomic S.H.
Atomic S.H. преди 13 часа
A German destroying a Jew... Not the first time
T Clipse
T Clipse преди 14 часа
I love them both. Diego because he is my idol for short players. We’re the same height Zverev is finally playing the tennis he needs to! Awesome run
Sam Chung
Sam Chung преди 14 часа
how does the water bottle tape thing end up on the chair?! 17:42
Diego L. Puente M.
Diego L. Puente M. преди 14 часа
These highlights are great! One recommendation though. Please, do not give away the winner with the cover image!
Oliver McCall
Oliver McCall преди 14 часа
Zverev will be a GS champion very soon
Foreskids S
Foreskids S преди 14 часа
Who is sacha!? Thought his name was Alexander...
Sebastian преди 14 часа
Thiem thrives on clay yet his biggest titles come from hard court
Chris Wu
Chris Wu преди 14 часа
Sasha actually really remind me of David Nalbandian, incredibly solid on everything w a outstanding two hander, Sasha just got the rocket first serve as a bonus
Chris Wu
Chris Wu преди 14 часа
all pretty on point except on Sasha saying similar style and personality with Safin, they cant be more different at least on court, Safin is smashing racket and cursing out ppl left and right and also quit during matches quite often if he is bored, Sasha is incrediblly professional since he got on tour, Marat is really similar to Agassi, just ruthless grip and rip everything he sees and not a good defender, Sasha for his size is probably the best defender at his height and age by far and doesnt really play an offense game except his huge serve
Neal Ranzoni
Neal Ranzoni преди 14 часа
Probably Lying
Probably Lying преди 14 часа
this was a boring match..... but there were some crack shots in there.
Worawat Srisawasdi
Worawat Srisawasdi преди 14 часа
This is literally the word of God himself.
Jeremie T
Jeremie T преди 14 часа
Zverev has really improved his forehand a lot over the past year! It always looked like he had the potential to hit big forehands but never did so good to see him doing that finally! He’s also stepped up his aggression which is good!
highlandsh преди 15 часа
Schwartzman has to play near perfect tennis to defeat the top players and sometimes he does.
Crue преди 15 часа
When you see Monfils on here you know he’s gonna be winning the point
Ghanshyam CBSE
Ghanshyam CBSE преди 15 часа
Sasha seems to be in red hot form to claim his yet another ATP World Tour Title next. I'm keeping my fingers crossed & do believe he wins the year end Title just to compensate with the tough loss he suffered at the hands of Thiem during recently concluded US Open. Once that's done, he will surely be one of the strong contenders to enter AO 2021...👍
Ali Ilman
Ali Ilman преди 15 часа
James Franco with back-to-back wins at Köln. Not a bad way to start your tennis career.
falkahfy property
falkahfy property преди 15 часа
What a strong little man, but he made a lot of errors that give zverev poits
Nishchal Arora
Nishchal Arora преди 15 часа
Being a left hander is always an advantage as majority of opponents are right hander. Whereas, it is a major shift for a right hander
Sebastian преди 15 часа
De minaur has terrible posture
Sebastian преди 15 часа
Schwartzman would be a much better player if he wasnt that short
Theorem преди 15 часа
congratulations sasha
Atharva Thatte
Atharva Thatte преди 15 часа
I was sure Zverev will win but never thought it would be that easy!
Banmbang wahyudi
Banmbang wahyudi преди 15 часа
CONGRATULATIONS ALEX ,well-comeback where the way you use to be .One day at a time right ,keep it up WELL-DONE ..
فواز منصور
فواز منصور преди 15 часа
The physical attributes play a strong role in Tennis more than any other game
Yan Okimura
Yan Okimura преди 16 часа
No surprise here,better player took the title,De Minaur is lucky enough to be in this final.
Steve Just Saying
Steve Just Saying преди 16 часа
Couldn't finish the highlight... two boring players outlasting each other. Humbert vs. Di Min match was way more fun to watch, imho.
CC Squirtle
CC Squirtle преди 16 часа
Wow his cross court backhand is unbelievable
sangita shrestha
sangita shrestha преди 16 часа
stan let andy win this one to boost his self esteem. no joke. he started sandbagging in the second set.
Crystal Methany
Crystal Methany преди 16 часа
height difference at the end though..LOL
Jan Leibetseder
Jan Leibetseder преди 16 часа
They both need a girlfriend.
Terence Wong
Terence Wong преди 16 часа
The last 2 forehand winners of Zverev remind me of Del Potro.
chinesemanfeng преди 16 часа
Zverev having a great 2020
Gordon Huang
Gordon Huang преди 16 часа
Great video!
Jesse MacDonald
Jesse MacDonald преди 16 часа
i have a theory that he's embarrassed by the USO final performance and said to himself never again. He has won two titles since, and the last 1.5 years for him have been super low confidence imo (double faults). I have a feeling he will be mentally stronger, and more confident this year
ppm120667 преди 16 часа
I think you are right. That loss hurt for sure, but he has turned it into something positive.
Aditya Mantri
Aditya Mantri преди 16 часа
Man this is a packed final :0
Aurelio Costa
Aurelio Costa преди 16 часа
Go Zverev go.....
Derrick Reyes
Derrick Reyes преди 16 часа
How beautiful this was. Attack! Attack and more attack... Nowadays it’s who hits the hardest (and most topspin) from the backcourt.. 🙄
Leo преди 16 часа
Wtf is this angle comon now??!!
Raul Garfias
Raul Garfias преди 16 часа
4:12 “Blah, blah, blah... blah... blah... (blah...)... DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN!!!”. I was using earphones while looking elsewhere there, I almost reacted like those girls in the background 😂
andysunstory преди 16 часа
Mischa Zverev should be here 🔥🎾
RossBayCult преди 16 часа
By the way Evans blocked it back into play, he would’ve won the point anyway. But it’s surprising there’s no Hawkeye in this tournament.
Chay Sayaovong
Chay Sayaovong преди 16 часа
the semi took took much out diego
Mahesh waran
Mahesh waran преди 16 часа
Roger djoker all scared now