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Mantap bangt
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Как называется этот фильм
Neena Bastin
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English subtitles please
LATA MANI преди 26 минути
Ali and kirax are made for each other Their pair is so cute that they make others to fall in love Let the romance start in the air
LATA MANI преди 25 минути
Plz dont do it like yemin
Edit Sarkisian
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Even Yaman call abi was different than usual, poor Ziya, now Sahar knows why Yaman that much mean personality.
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Yaman is right, Sahar too much down to earth woman, that's not going to work in that inviermant specially with two evils sisters.
samira pasqua
samira pasqua преди 39 минути
Where is the rest of the series 36 and on
naseema ahmed
naseema ahmed преди 42 минути
Nedim is Gorgeous
mari gold
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Yaman you have no idea how badly you need hugs.. 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
Jingkie Espinosa
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Where is the 37 episode
Maria Warren
Maria Warren преди час
I love it when Yusuf say amça/uncle so cute ❤️
CLisa преди час
Can someone explain to me who Zuhal is? I just have been watching the show from the clips. Haven't seen it yet, but who are the other people that live in the house? Who is that lady with the black hair?
Violeta Eles
Violeta Eles преди час
Pobre no sabe que hacer. En el fondo es dulce
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When will uplode full episode 😪😫
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next episode
Anwar Omar
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I love one in this movie 😘😘😘
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Le cattive diranno a Yaman che resteranno loro per guardarla per non farli restare da soli
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Romio safe Juliet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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Seherde kirazda ruh kimi hareket ediler
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Eres linda y dulce.seher... Mucha suerte....
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Subtitulos en español por favor
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Wait are they married now I left in the middle so can someone tell me what has happened so far?
Soumyadeep Datta
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This girl doesn't know how to speak. Such an insensitive comment. Imagine telling your father that you are not able to protect your son! She deserved this stern response 😤😤😤😤
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Es muy cruel yaman
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Where episode 36
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English subtitles please
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Very nice
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We're eagerly waiting for next ep with English sub Please....
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Hello..May i know actually legacy drama how many episodes?😅
Iman Hannosh
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Airin Wicaya so far it’s 36 episodes
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Bu dizi nerde yayınlanıyor ki? Neden başlık ingilizce? Yorumlarda hep yabancılar var? 🤔
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Bu ne ilaç aşkıdır. Herkes ilaç kullanıyor:)
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has this video subtitles? I would like to understand What they say. I like this serie.
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أتمنى الترجمة إلى العربيه لطفنا☺️🌸🌸
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Casal lindo . Vocês deveriam trabalhar sempre juntos em outras séries filmes. Tudo vocês são grandes atores e tem uma química ótima juntos
Cheila Tomazoni
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Obrigado 👏👏👏
Paulina Martinez
Paulina Martinez преди 4 часа
I wonder how he will called her when he finds her on the street. Will he called her by Seher or Yusuf'un teyzesi????
Наргиза Комекова
Наргиза Комекова преди 4 часа
Как называется сериал? Подскажите пожалуйста?
Noora Shaba
Noora Shaba преди 4 часа
Salim is a pain, don’t want to see him in this drama.
Piku Piku
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From this moment yaman ows seher his soul and heart ❤ ♥ ❤❤❤
Violleta Itterman
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Pues yo me quedaría hablando con Yaman y le diría que se comporta como un caballo con Seher y que es una bestia peluda, que si sigue así nunca va a tener una chica que se enamore de él.
Silvia Mariela Pozos Saldana
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Es increíble como las personas pueden influir en uno, asi sea la persona mas oscura del mundo y q aparente ser insensible, vemos q muchas veces es una gran coraza para defender a alguien sensible, inseguro, y traumatizado, por ello no juzguemos la portada, no sabemos el porqué cosas ha pasado esa persona. Hay muchos Yaman por el mundo, eso transmite esta historia. El amor siempre es la mejor terapia
puja saha
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Eng sub every episodes
Lily Searam
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Translation of the 35th Episode: Yaman: Know your place! Watch the way you talk. Zuhal: I didn't mean... Yaman: Don't repeat this nonsense again! Understood! Seher: That's bad. I don't want any conflict because of me. I wish you didn't do that. I could defend myself. Yaman: When? When she said everything and left? You are as guilty as her. Seher: Me? Yaman: You're acting like a maid, not a guest! Not saying a word after hearing all she said? Where's your pride? I would never allow someone with a weak character to raise my nephew and make him weak, too. So not just Zuhal, but you also have to pull yourself toghether. Begüm's Mother: Hello? Begüm? Do you hear me? Begüm? Kiraz: Your mother called. I thought it was urgent, so I answered to the call. I thought it was something bad, but thank God it was nothing. Begüm: My mother? Did she say something? Kiraz: She said, that she is in Italy. She bought a wedding gift for my Commissar and you. Begüm: What about Ali? Did you say something to him? Kirazcim, shall we talk to you a little bit in the garden? Come on. I want to explain everything to you. You are a woman, too. I'm sure you will understand me. Kiraz promise you won't judge me. I had to do something like this because I was afraid of losing Ali. You understand me, or? Kiraz: But you are already engaged. Why did you do something like that? Begüm: Because I love him very much. After seeing him with that woman, I got scared. I was very scared. And because I was afraid of losing him, I did something silly like that. I know it's not right, but I had to do it, Kiraz. Are you going to help me? Kiraz: I think you should tell the Commissar the truth. Begüm: Of course I will. How long can I keep this a secret? This will be the first thing to do after the wedding. Don't worry. Kiraz: I can't handle such a burden, such a secret. You're putting me in a difficult position, too. Please talk to him before the wedding. Begüm: No way. I can't tell him. If I do, I will lose Ali forever. I know him well. He will never talk to me. And he will go to that woman. Kiraz I can't handle this. Kiraz: The Commissar is not someone who would leave his fiance in rough days. He wouldn't do that. Ali: Kiraz! Begüm: If you tell Ali, I will kill myself. I swear I will. There's nothing I can't do for the man I love. I wouldn't think for a minute. Ali: Kiraz! Begüm: Kiraz, I beg you please. I'm begging... Please I will kill myself. Will you handle this burden after I die? Ali: Kiraz! Where are you? Zuhal: I hate she! I hate the scunge, gannet, suburb girl, sister! Because of her. He scolded me to protect her. And this in front of the shred girl. I did not deserve this. Ikbal: You deserved it Zuhal. Zuhal: What? Ikbal: You don't know Yaman at all. He has no tolerance for injustice. What do you think is he hiding under that rigid mask? A stupid mercy. Did you not notice how he treated Yusuf, Ziya with compassion? Now to that scrap aunt. Danger souls started running fast, Zuhal. If you are not smart, we will lose this war. Apologize to Yaman immediately. Zuhal: No. Ikbal: This is the best move to make. Otherwise, this situation will be up to you. While that scrap aunt is standing next to Yaman, you just stay and look from afar. Your choice. Seher: Did you wear your pajamas yourself my sweetheart? Yusuf: Yes. Look, I brushed my teeth, too. Seher: Well done. Your teeth are like pearls. Yusuf: Auntie did you cry? Seher: No. I didn't cry. Yusuf: Your eyes are red. Seher: I just chopped onion. It's because of that. Yusuf: Don't ever put onions in my meal again. Seher: Why? Yusuf: Because it burns your eyes and you cry. Seher: My sweetheart, tear isn't a bad thing. Sometimes it's even good. It relaxes people. Sadness, pain, all that flow with tears and leave. Yusuf: After I fall down, when I cry, the pain passes a little. Seher: Exactly sweetheart. Let's go to sleep now. Good night. Have sweet dreams. Yusuf: Aunt! Can I tell you something? I cry when I miss my mother, because I'm sad. Seher: Look, the next time you miss your mother and cry, call me, too. Hold your head here, all your sadness will go away. Okay? Yusuf: Okay. Seher: Let's go to sleep now. Yaman: Good night my little fire. Yusuf: Uncle did my aunt cry? She said because of the onion, but I don't think it's because of the onion. Yaman: Let's go to sleep now my little fire. It's late. We will talk later. Yusuf: Good night. Ali: No. No. What a disturbance, I'm available. Camerad: Good luck, camerad. Ali: Thank you camerad. Camerad: You know I would never miss your wedding, but these days are so tight. I couldn't get permission, sorry. Ali: No problem. Camerad: I wish you had told before. I couldn't adjust it, my hand is tied now. Ali: Actually, I didn't decide this year, but when you were planning, destiny laughed. Camerad: What's the problem? Your voice is not very good. Ali: No. Marriage is good. Somehow my life will be in order. Camerad: So would you recommend it me, too? Ali: I recommend it of course. Marry you, too. When a person finds the person he wants to see with him in his life, then he should get married. Ikbal: Sehercim are you going somewhere? Seher: I have some job to do. I'm going outside. I was going to ask you would you take care of Yusuf. Ikbal: Of course I will take care of him. Is there a problem? Are you alright? Seher: I'll be back without delay. Ikbal: Don't worry about Yusuf. Uncle Osman: Shall I go to buy bread my daughter? Kiraz do we have bread? Kiraz: Did you say something Uncle Osman? Uncle Osman: Are you fine, I said. Kiraz: I'm fine. Uncle Osman: No, something happened. Tell me, what happened? Kiraz: Welcome. Come in. Neslihan: Shall we put the passengers on the deck of the ship? Yusuf: No. This is a freighter. Like the ones of my Uncle. It doesn't have passengers. Neslihan: Okay. Ikbal: Yaman. Did something happen? Yaman: Why isn't Yusuf's aunt not with Yusuf? Ikbal: She went out. Yaman: Where did she go? Ikbal: I don't know. She had some job to do. Yaman: Why is she going out without telling me? Ikbal: I thought you would know it. Yaman: You take care of Yusuf. Ikbal: Of course. Don't worry. Yaman: I'm listening Nedim. Okay. I'm coming to the company. Begüm: It looks so good I can't tell. You will be a very handsome groom, my love. Tie? You're going to wear a tie, right? That't it. It also followed your suit. I had never tied a tie since my father died. My father always tied his ties to me. My heart was strange. My lovely father. If only he could see our wedding, too. But anyway, my mother will see it. We will be able to fulfill her last wish. This gives me some comfort. One minute. Ali: Yes Firat. I'm at home. I'm coming now. It's okay. I got it. See you later. Begüm: Who was it? Ali: I must go right now. Begüm: My Love, while we are on honeymoon, Ezgi will take care of the house. She will complete the shortcomings. I said, okay. Isn't it a problem, or? Ali: I must go right now. We will talk later. Okay? If you let me, I'll change my clothes. Begüm: Okay my Love. Baris: Tea, coffee... What would you like to drink Sister Seher? Seher: Thank you. I don't want anything. Baris: A cold drink maybe? Seher: Thank you. Maybe later. Baris! Will Selim be too late? Baris: No, no. He will come soon. I could call him if you want. Seher: Not necessary. I will wait. Nedim: All the terms are written here. Yaman: Did you read it? Nedim: I read. To make a decision as soon as possible, you have to read it. Yaman are you okay? Is there a problem? You don't look good. Yaman: I'm fine. Seher: Did you bring the spices from Antep? Selim: Yes. While I was gone, I said I'd get something. Seher: You did well. Selim, I came to ask you something. Selim: I'm listening. Seher: Is your offer to work from home still valid? If you gave up, it's okay. Selim: No. Of course it is. If it suits you. Seher: Thank you very much. Selim: I want to thank you. Working in this restaurant with a chef like you, is luck. Seher: So should we plan now? What should I do? When should I start? Selim: You can start with the orders for tomorrow. Can you raise it? Seher: Yes of course. It has not been evening yet, I have a whole night ahead of me. Give me the list, don't worry about the rest. Selim: Is everything okay? Seher: They are calling from home. I'll talk later. I should go now, Selim. Selim: Baris was preparing something. Are you going without eating? Seher: Thank you. Yusuf must be worried. Selim: At least drink tea. Seher: Okay. I'll drink. Selim: Okay. I bring it. Zuhal: Hi! The secretary was gonna tell you, but I just came in. Am I interrupting? Actually I came here because of the sad thing that happened yesterday. I couldn't wait for you to come home. Seher... I'm sorry about what happened with Seher. I'm sorry. I regret it. Yaman: We closed this subject back at the moment. I need to go. Zuhal: I'm sorry. I didn't know you were busy. Hello sister. Ikbal: Zuhal what's wrong? Are you okay? Zuhal: No. I'm pretty upset! Ikbal: Is Yaman there? Zuhal: He's not, he left. He didn't even listen to me! He was so rude! Ikbal: Zuhal, calm down. Take deep breaths first. Take your pills right now. Do you have them with you? Zuhal do you have them? Zuhal: Yes. Ikbal: Okay. Take your pills right now. And come straight home. I'm waiting. Zuhal: I don't want to come home like this. I'll stay out to refresh my mind. Ibo: I find it. Kara: His mother's medical report? Firat: This time it might work for us. Teaman: We have to rescue the commissioner from this marriage. Ali: What were you looking at? Kara: He was showing us the photograph of his girlfriend. Firat: Okay friends. Ali: You are hiding something for sure. I can't deal with you but now.
Lily Searam
Lily Searam преди 6 часа
Translation of the 35th Episode: Part 2. Kiraz: Uncle Osman, why didn't you go to dry clean? Uncle Osman: I didn't mind, go. Kiraz: Are you okay? Shall I measure your blood pressure? Uncle Osman: No. I'm fine. What a problem this is, it neither looks like tension nor headache. May Allah not give this trouble to the enemy. When Ali was getting married, I thought he was going to follow his wings. But since this wedding thing started, my son's face is not even smiling. I don't understand what is this rush? Her mother might want it, but let's see if Ali does. Kiraz: It's destiny Uncle Osman. We should wish the best for the Commissar. Firat: Is this Begüm's mother? Are you sure? Kara: Well, this woman is intact. She is doing shopping. Firat: Her condition is good. See how she devours the pizza. Ibo: My friend did a good job. Kara: Well done. It shot beautifully, unnoticed by the woman. Selim: Come on Seher, I'll drop you home. Seher: Not necessary. I'll go. Selim: Are you hiding something from me again? Seher: No, Selim. Selim: As if something bad had happened. Or did the tactless do something again to you? Seher: Don't worry. Everything is okay. Selim: Okay. Seher: It doesn't matter who treated me and how after this time. My only concern is the happiness of Yusuf. That he is good. The rest isn't important. Anyways. I'm late. Yusuf is worried. See you later. Selim: See you. Kara: Are we sure guys? So if we send it, there is no return, you know. Firat: Is the woman sick? No. Is there a lie? Yes. Do we love our Commissar? Yes, we do. Has he the right to know the truth? Yes. What do you say now? Kara: Okay. Let's send it to him. Ibo: We have a decision. Are you ready? I send it. Firat: I hope we won't regret it. Ali: Begüm we need to talk right now! Begüm: What happened? Did something bad happen? Ali: Go home now, we'll talk. Begüm: Ali you are scaring... Kiraz: Uncle Osman? Uncle Osman: Come on. Sit down please. My daughter, I need to talk to you. Either way, the wedding will take place. Understood. Begüm will come to this house as a bride. She will rightly want to set up herself. I thought, living with the newlyweds would not work. What do you say? Kiraz: Uncle Osman, I will leave. While they're on their honeymoon, I'll look for a place. Uncle Osman: Why are you taken over immediately, my daughter? I spoke for myself. With young people, neither they will happy nor me. I contact the real estate agent on my way from the city. I told him to find us a two bedroom house. It's enough for us. Kiraz: Yesterday on the phone... Uncle Osman: What happened yesterday my daughter? Kiraz: I forgot to eat on the stove. Uncle Osman: Crazy girl. Zuhal: I wish you would die like your sister! And get the hell out of our lives! Everything would be so good! Begüm: Ali hasn't come yet. His car isn't here. How did I forget that phone there? Even if Kiraz says, I deny it. I say she's lying. It's okay Ezgi. I have to check it out before Ali comes. Hello Uncle Osman. Uncle Osman: Welcome my daughter. Sit down please. Begüm: Is Kiraz at home? Uncle Osman: She's in the kitchen. She's cooking meal. Ali you are early my son. Begüm: Shall we talk in your work room, love? Ali: We will talk here! Tell me! I'm listening! Begüm: What should I tell, Ali? You called me. Ali: Tell something about your mother for example. How is her treatment going in the hospital? How many days have she left? Uncle Osman: Ali my son, what are you talking about? Calm down. Ali: One moment please Uncle. Begüm will talk. Begüm: I can explain. Ali: What is your sick mother doing in Italy? Explain it. I'm waiting. You lied to me. You fooled me. You tricked me. How can you use your mother for such a lie? She's dying. She hasn't much time left. What kind of person are you? Begüm: Ali!
Cevriye Karaman
Cevriye Karaman преди 6 часа
Aslinda bu bölümde seherin teklifi kabul ettmedigini ögrendi yaman ön yargili oldugu anlasildi burda seher süt annesiyle konusup ev aradigini söyleseydi yaman ne yapardi konakda sadece yusuf icin kaldiginin soyleseydi yaman nasil tepki verirdi aslinda yaman seheri kayip ettmemek icin bu hircin halleri yusuf bahane seher simdilik daha yamana karsi bir sey yok onun sade yusuf ön planda hem yamanin bu hödük hallerini sevecek degilya adam adeta buz dolabi seher bunu severse sehere kolay gelsin
Ayshia Alshaikh
Ayshia Alshaikh преди 6 часа
Good he needed that slap !!!🤣🤣🤣
ofelia florez
ofelia florez преди 6 часа
no necesitan hablarse, con las miradas se entienden !!!!!
Sandra Barbosa
Sandra Barbosa преди 6 часа
Espero a siste o capítulo 36 boa noite meus amores
Tamires преди 6 часа
Faria mesmo por ele,mesmo nao mereça essa atitude ela fez
mari gold
mari gold преди 6 часа
Lol😂 he picked up the capsule from the floor to eat it, strong man yehhh We think so too💪💪😂😂
Tatiana Cleonice
Tatiana Cleonice преди 6 часа
Gostaria assistir mais séries como esse com todos os episódios completo em português.
Roh Gsmo
Roh Gsmo преди 6 часа
وش اسم المسلسل
Suêly Albergaria Pedreira
Suêly Albergaria Pedreira преди 6 часа
Meus amores♥️♥️♥️
Sahida Shaikh
Sahida Shaikh преди 6 часа
Its like sleeping beauty
Marwah Jan
Marwah Jan преди 6 часа
Me rewating the episodes
Leticia Carreno
Leticia Carreno преди 7 часа
esta novela no tiene chiste porque los autores no tienen romántico uni amor
Silvia Mariela Pozos Saldana
Silvia Mariela Pozos Saldana преди 7 часа
Casi estoy segura q en su mente de Yaman dijo: "¿que clase de hermosa criatura eres?!!!! 😁😁😁Ni siquiera parpadeó, este hombre ya cayó
jane eyre
jane eyre преди 7 часа
it seemed to me that Seher snubbed Ikbal ,she did not tell her where she's going , looks like shes learning thanks to Yaman🙏👏
Miss Kurdi
Miss Kurdi преди 7 часа
What did he do with the door?
pips basher
pips basher преди 7 часа
@monaliza kindle translate more. Thanks
Maria jose Silva sousa
Maria jose Silva sousa преди 7 часа
Trasmltir Em porguês
Dulce Pacheco
Dulce Pacheco преди 7 часа
Ótima esta novela
Silvia Mariela Pozos Saldana
Silvia Mariela Pozos Saldana преди 7 часа
Quien mas gritó cuando Yaman toco la mano de Seher sin dudar????? Ahhhhhhhh. Fue hermoso 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aynaz Mina Karan
Aynaz Mina Karan преди 7 часа
Yenge de aynı mikser gibi her şeklilli karıştırıyo ortalı
ΑγαΡy преди 7 часа
Halil. You are so handsome. You are breaking lots of hearts. Starting with mine. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.
Teresa Oliveira
Teresa Oliveira преди 7 часа
Legenda em português
A S преди 7 часа
ممكن تترجمه حلقات إلى العربي 😻😻😻😻😻
mari gold
mari gold преди 7 часа
Hold my arm🙄, I was like carry me in your arms to the car.
pips basher
pips basher преди 7 часа
This movie is same like zehra at first there iwas English translation but then dissappear. After 13tth episodes
mari gold
mari gold преди 7 часа
Yaman burglar seher comes to your kitchen for late night snack Mmm😋😋
Angela Neiva
Angela Neiva преди 7 часа
Poor Seher is so lonely. She could have a friend to vent and share things. 😥 I hope Kiraz.
Lisa M
Lisa M преди 7 часа
Zuhal is ..🤣🤣🤣 she fight her self Lol.. make me laughfing, grow up ladies to much fish in occean and Fish market 😁😂🤣
pips basher
pips basher преди 7 часа
Yaman... For your eyes only
pips basher
pips basher преди 7 часа
Yaman is a good guy.. I love the way when he gets mad with love intense. He has a good heart but he can't show it..
Ogy Roma
Ogy Roma преди 7 часа
ما هو اسم المسلسل لو سمحت
Gönül Günes
Gönül Günes преди 8 часа
Ooooooh agızina sağlik Yaman ne güzelde laf ettin sümsük Sehere. Bir insan o kadarda ezik olmamali😖
Lisa M
Lisa M преди 8 часа
I don't understant turkei languese, but i really eddited 🙄 .. now what I learn from here . Thamam Ainem.. Merabar ... Hi Sweet Yusuf 🙋🏻‍♀️ germany 😘😍🤩
Tanya & Kathleen Hynes
Tanya & Kathleen Hynes преди 8 часа
Thank you so much 😊💐
Asma'u Sulaiman Abubakar
Asma'u Sulaiman Abubakar преди 8 часа
Their soul touches other that's why she heard him. Yaman don't be surprise of how she hug you. she already know you are in need. Seher😂