NBA 2K21 My Career EP 12 - 1st NBA Game!
NBA 2K21 My Career EP 2 - Injury!
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Matthewarmenta15 преди 12 часа
6969 subscribers with 0 videos challenge
6969 subscribers with 0 videos challenge преди 12 часа
John Piala
John Piala преди 12 часа
Ash преди 12 часа
That's a noob move
STRO MEDY преди 13 часа
Zach lavine??
Mr. FG
Mr. FG преди 13 часа
Big 3 on the playoffs got beat up by a rookie? Overrated trash
Mr. FG
Mr. FG преди 13 часа
Playoff P trash asf as well as westbrick, cmon y'all
taj longmuir
taj longmuir преди 13 часа
is it going to start in 2o2o becember 22 second
Life with LO
Life with LO преди 14 часа
Hold Up so is Deng getting a ring ?😂
Jamalosuarus преди 14 часа
durant should be a 97 lol
Kenyetta Garvey
Kenyetta Garvey преди 14 часа
Chris you have to do the updated version of the ghost of Tsushima
Supaa FreshKidd
Supaa FreshKidd преди 14 часа
Imagine if lebron really becomes LeGM for an NBA team in the future 🤣🤣🤣😭
Erick Holland
Erick Holland преди 14 часа
They should just make an nba 2k14 remake
Russian Spy
Russian Spy преди 14 часа
It’s amazing how quickly a team can go from contender to should rebuild
Ash Nwa
Ash Nwa преди 14 часа
I’ll take dame any day over anyone
Ferd Brown
Ferd Brown преди 14 часа
Putting together some cheese?
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell преди 14 часа
I think the ratings are almost perfect what you mean
Julius Callaway
Julius Callaway преди 14 часа
Luol Deng, Timofey Mosgov, and Bismak Biyambo.
DLO Aryan ,
DLO Aryan , преди 14 часа
Jayson Tatum overall made up for zions trash rating, so overrated, but Tatum is noice
Rong преди 14 часа
220 M ,, crazy contract
Keystan Glass
Keystan Glass преди 15 часа
Makin Legoat money
Lee Marvin Muca
Lee Marvin Muca преди 15 часа
Sana all
Abhi Chataut
Abhi Chataut преди 15 часа
zion is super over rated......who the hell is he???ones who call him better than luka are dumb af..
Abhi Chataut
Abhi Chataut преди 15 часа
steph was 96 for sure had he not injured himself😥😣
Jack Helton
Jack Helton преди 15 часа
Rip Kobe still don’t feel right
Stephen Abraham
Stephen Abraham преди 15 часа
Chris Smooves studies basketball lol.
Miguel Cruz
Miguel Cruz преди 16 часа
Chris smoove is waiting on a noob!
Dan Dan
Dan Dan преди 16 часа
Clippers officially the best meme team
Noah Drafts
Noah Drafts преди 16 часа
What about wilt chamberlain
Steven131 25
Steven131 25 преди 16 часа
Harden shouldn’t be over curry
Lj Storyahey
Lj Storyahey преди 16 часа
In short , they want to make money , pandemic or no pandemic 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Hasmoon M
Hasmoon M преди 16 часа
They did jamal Murray dirty
be_clever_ 777
be_clever_ 777 преди 16 часа
Aaron Gordon should go to the Lakers 👍🏻
Garrison Armand
Garrison Armand преди 16 часа
Klay Thompson is underrated as well should be a 91
Samuel E. Howell
Samuel E. Howell преди 16 часа
The fact he thinks he deserves his salary hurts my head😂😂
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty преди 16 часа
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty преди 16 часа
Luqman Sadiiq
Luqman Sadiiq преди 17 часа
Braulio Rivas
Braulio Rivas преди 17 часа
R.i.p. Chad wick I bet he is in heaven?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Celo B
Celo B преди 17 часа
Who remembers on 2k13 when Jimmy Butler was a 58 overall
4PF Leakzz
4PF Leakzz преди 17 часа
Dett dlo cut?
Dawid Burnus
Dawid Burnus преди 17 часа
gaming with erold
gaming with erold преди 17 часа
When 2k wasn’t dog shit
keyboard warrior
keyboard warrior преди 17 часа
If they had Mosgov and Deng shiiid Lakers would 3peat. Naymsayin.
Trixxy преди 17 часа
I just want the season to start
Harry Yeboah
Harry Yeboah преди 18 часа
Lillard at 93
Harry Yeboah
Harry Yeboah преди 18 часа
Kd not lower than harden
jose mauras
jose mauras преди 18 часа
Yayyyy I can’t Waite
ScepKing Shark
ScepKing Shark преди 18 часа
Wait? Jamal Murray only at 87, that's not right.
George Alexander
George Alexander преди 18 часа
Nikola Jokic 93, Tyler Herro 74, Pascal Siakam 88, Kawhi Leonard 92, Paul George 85, LeBron 99!
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo преди 19 часа
So will the lakers and the other teams load manage?
Matt Elorriaga
Matt Elorriaga преди 19 часа
NathanGamerTV преди 19 часа
Zion is the only player who looks so real lmao
Abdullah S
Abdullah S преди 19 часа
i forgot abt luol deng.
its K7
its K7 преди 19 часа
Smoove, do a throwback series pls :(
Lando Hudson
Lando Hudson преди 19 часа
Mozgov had a horrible contract too that’s part of the reason why dlo was traded🤷🏽‍♂️
Playboi Goose
Playboi Goose преди 19 часа
Bad call
Chirpy XC
Chirpy XC преди 20 часа
Who tf in the Lakers front office said, let's pay Lul Deng 70+mill
savion jimenez
savion jimenez преди 20 часа
man lebron will whoop steph curry next year chris smoove
meena partha
meena partha преди 20 часа
It’s about to be 2021 and I’m still watching old Chris Smoove vids
Maximus Gladiator
Maximus Gladiator преди 20 часа
Am disappointed you didn't start with LeGm
Briane Desear
Briane Desear преди 20 часа
Hey few things were fishy and few things were pretty decent
Jessica Riley
Jessica Riley преди 21 час
It doesn’t matter lol nobodies going to watch lol
sharonda pieters
sharonda pieters преди 21 час
It’s bad to the lebron last fans everyone else who love the warriors we love it it’s a great finals
Blaise преди 21 час
Wasn't he on the TWolves last year?
FuZyIMPACTz преди 21 час
I thought i was about to see some luol deng highlights in 2020 😂
Frederick Stephens
Frederick Stephens преди 21 час
Lebron is better then Jordan, Jordan a better scorer! Jordan couldn’t never carry a team the same way lebron can
Desmond Williams
Desmond Williams преди 22 часа
Nicekicks 205
Nicekicks 205 преди 22 часа
U forgot to mention about AC’s story.
Jason Geffrard
Jason Geffrard преди 22 часа
i miss russ
mr2yen преди 22 часа
Still getting that African in the back.
JoeySk8z преди 22 часа
They are being so generous nowadays on 2k..
Herman Ostergard
Herman Ostergard преди 22 часа
LeGM is not working those books with a high school education, he called Daryl Morey an man with a masters degree “uneducated” lmao
Andy Ortega
Andy Ortega преди 22 часа
Anthony davis carrys lbj
Jaylon Fudge
Jaylon Fudge преди 23 часа
That’s the past dude 4 rings all ik
Jennifer Takai
Jennifer Takai преди 23 часа
trade zion and lonzo for first pick for lamelo ball'
100 Dollars
100 Dollars преди 23 часа
Lakers should sign pau gasol
CrimsonPlayz преди 23 часа
guys isnt it ironic that boogies first game as a pelican was against the rockets, and his last game as a pelican was against the rockets?
Jeremy Humes
Jeremy Humes преди 23 часа
Toronto will probably be playing in the U.S
Ali Osman Kayapinar
Ali Osman Kayapinar преди 23 часа
what about 2015? injured kyrie and love