Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed
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What's in the Box? - Game Theory's BIG Secret
- __Glitchy-Mations__ -
- __Glitchy-Mations__ - преди 17 часа
I will kill to defend my shiny furret
Noah Oord
Noah Oord преди 17 часа
Okay you might be right about this but all these things in the gamd are also stuff that could happen(or already has happened) in real life. So some of that stuff could have also happened WITHOUT spider man
AceKing* преди 17 часа
Can you do another apex legend game thorey
KingBee преди 17 часа
You know that Emerald ore is double more rearer than finding end portal (forgot name of whole building)it is more rear than finding 2 end portals without eye of ender soo i dont care if you have full netherite totem if you have 1 Emerald ore you are richest ho flex
Cray Z
Cray Z преди 17 часа
Teachers belike : What does the author want to say with this game
some random gamer
some random gamer преди 18 часа
no ammo boxes? no teamwork? Dude a full team of engies can destroy the enemy team easily Unless they have a 3000 hour spy main But its very unlikely that the spy main would penetrate teamworking engies constantly spychecking And you say there are no ammo boxes There are multiple ammo boxes on perfect locations for players to grab but actually overwatch did not just copy 2 of the characters in tf2 THEY COPIED 4 like for example the female russian body builder which is the same as heavy except with more advanced futuristic weapons and opposite genders And sombra which is just spy with no backstabs And torbjorn which is just the engie but smaller and the same turret guns and sentry guns THEY HAVE THE SAME THINGS but with no dispenser and tracer which is just the female version of scout with a time traveling machine SORRY OVERWATCH FANS BUT IM ADDICTED WITH TF2 *and also spy can just sap every hero on overwatch lol*
Lunar Snow Warrior
Lunar Snow Warrior преди 18 часа
ok, so what if it's the other way around, and the your character is an animal too, but they see see themselves as a human
ZgermanGuy преди 18 часа
The Appalachian familys family tree is more a circle if you ask me
Aricool123 Ari
Aricool123 Ari преди 18 часа
When you realize there’s under the bed rock which is flat
TheVibes' преди 18 часа
9:08 Real Life Human Sized Smurfs
wondercas13 преди 18 часа
How can people be so awful as to hate on someone who lights up my and my friends life.
Rainbow KingYT
Rainbow KingYT преди 18 часа
I have a theory u can look into = « micheal is the crying child ». I know why but I’d like you to test it ;)
Olaf Ostrouch
Olaf Ostrouch преди 18 часа
Now let him find out that pixels aren’t always arranged the same way in entities and blocks
Luke Welch
Luke Welch преди 18 часа
Fionn Monstyr
Fionn Monstyr преди 18 часа
There is now ten books.. TEN. Look on amazon and see for yourself.
Milo Leerdam
Milo Leerdam преди 18 часа
I hate gamers
Kidfox111 преди 18 часа
shazia thalia
shazia thalia преди 18 часа
Him: say quran Me: its Qur'an not quran im muslim btw
Alexis Cardona Castillo
Alexis Cardona Castillo преди 18 часа
So is this why shiny pokemon in pokemon GO are weaker than their common version
Anne-Rebecca Janina Van Loock
Anne-Rebecca Janina Van Loock преди 18 часа
Having to listen to this intro, hurt. Like... seriously, I know it's the internet, but really? Giving the guy hate for him trying his best? I don't see the issue. He gave a game which is a game talking about what your choices will do. Something that's important. Not to mention, like he said, he talked about bullying, cyber bullying, and then people go and do the act they talked about? Bullying a man just trying to amuse us? Yikes, humanity needs a reboot. Love you and your content MatPat, I hope you can push through this, even if this a few years after this happened.
Xx Ava Plays xX
Xx Ava Plays xX преди 18 часа
If you think about it, MatPat probably is Scott Cawthon mass releasing games so that he can keep this channel alive
That one gamer
That one gamer преди 18 часа
Hey matpat make theory on terraria it is has to much lore Like this to make him see this
Cian Brady
Cian Brady преди 18 часа
Hot wings
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith преди 18 часа
me when i see crying child: Hey it's Chris Afton!
Shain Bennett
Shain Bennett преди 18 часа
psycho soldier
psycho soldier преди 18 часа
A less relevant detail but the sans's and papyrus's shadowed sprites shadows are on the corresponding side
Levi's World
Levi's World преди 18 часа
2017: oMg GuYs FnAf 6 CaNcElLeD Me in 2021: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
DJ Wolf Wild
DJ Wolf Wild преди 18 часа
My life has been a lie 🥲 I thought the crying child’s name is Chris 🥲🥲🥲😆😆😆
Jan Zadorozny
Jan Zadorozny преди 18 часа
A terrorist admits that he accidentally hit Isabel with a net in animal crossing Karens: ViDeO gAmEs CaUsE ViOleNcE!!!
666demons 13Charas-fromundertale
666demons 13Charas-fromundertale преди 18 часа
There’s another thing, the pigmen wear things on their bodies
CC 2224
CC 2224 преди 18 часа
my crazy theory i made up in the first 5 mins is ford is the dog who is trying to discourage his past self, he doesnt want to be immortal, you stated in your last vid the void exists beyond time and i think arthur found a way to exist in alll games. There is little proof of this but that is the conclusion my stupid brain made up
J H преди 18 часа
13:10 you were right all along!
Gabriel James Valdez
Gabriel James Valdez преди 18 часа
6:18, ever heard of shulker boxes or ender chests
Drawing WolfOwO [old account]
Drawing WolfOwO [old account] преди 18 часа
Hot wings
Jan Zadorozny
Jan Zadorozny преди 18 часа
Karens: ViDeO gAmEs CaUsE ViOleNcE Gamer: sits at home and does nothing
BS KartXS преди 18 часа
Allah rızası için Türkçe altyazı ekleyin
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed преди 18 часа
The kaput bobcat globally return because coal inevitably form across a observant peru. abnormal, heady saturday
Sam Bam
Sam Bam преди 18 часа
What do you think of what happened on march first to Tommy
vincent spaans
vincent spaans преди 18 часа
If you can turn of the cama then your good. Just camp the doors
mirza svanize
mirza svanize преди 18 часа
how abaut michel geting scoopd the robots move there
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese преди 18 часа
Even with that many possibilities you would get duplicates in EA games.
Róbert Vasvenszki
Róbert Vasvenszki преди 18 часа
Yo to every avatar fans who watched the puppet master episode and this title reminds them of this, cheers
Reaper Anims
Reaper Anims преди 18 часа
You need to have holy water and a cross
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar преди 18 часа
Remember that the books are essentially an alternate version of the Fnaf story So what if the story of blackbird is just a telling of a story where the crying child never dies He lives a relatively normal life, sheltered by his older brother The crying child gets older and eventually gets told the truth, to keep him from having to deal with his fathers mess, Mike gets him to enlist in the military while he deals with the purple guy. Of course this is all just baseless speculation, no evidence supports thisbother then the brother being called Mike. But still food for thought
Heroisch_Marciii YT
Heroisch_Marciii YT преди 18 часа
New Trailer new Video...(Hopefully coming soon)
Johnny Bedico
Johnny Bedico преди 18 часа
My Shiny Altaria is shaking
Ehsan Orand
Ehsan Orand преди 18 часа
Dorian Huveneers
Dorian Huveneers преди 18 часа
Fall guys
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith преди 18 часа
Me: Fnaf doesn't scare me Also me: NOT ANOTHER THEORY
Bird Studios
Bird Studios преди 18 часа
@Schaffrillas Productions
Neris преди 18 часа
You can ionize the air with lasers to lessen the resistance and have control over where you shoot.
Hong Ee Ng
Hong Ee Ng преди 18 часа
🤔try standing beside a lightning doom, you will get shock 100%😆
WildTheLynx преди 18 часа
Vanny: what do you ant to eat? Glitchtrap: souls of the innoccent william: bagle Glitchgtrap: no! william: two bagles-
Zachary Clark
Zachary Clark преди 18 часа
Matthew Fay
Matthew Fay преди 18 часа
I think pokemon just age not evolve because you know with some animals bodies change with age like lions
Mary Sloan
Mary Sloan преди 18 часа
honk honk
honk honk преди 18 часа
I've been seeing people say that the soul of golden freddy is a girl named Cassidy, black hair, brown eyes and people saying that purple guy was controlled by an animatronic named G/[email protected](Glitchtrap) so maybe [email protected] was enemies with the FNAF1 souls but it's just a theory, "A GAME THEORY"
ashleigh longue
ashleigh longue преди 18 часа
"you mike schmit are the killer." *laughs* that's cute 2014 matthew patthew
HARRY BENSON преди 18 часа
Actually it's if you were to shine
iam dead-inside
iam dead-inside преди 18 часа
Mat: we pinpointed the identity of the most confusing characters Scott:well yes But actually no
Jim Dock
Jim Dock преди 18 часа
Who on earth actually wants this content
Dusty Brown
Dusty Brown преди 18 часа
this is not a Game
Phone made Musics
Phone made Musics преди 19 часа
Ok but what about the master ball ? With it the Pokémon doesn't need to go through the physical threatening to be captured
iam dead-inside
iam dead-inside преди 19 часа
Matpat: this game was meant to show the story of the bite of 87 victim Scott:HAH NO
monica bean
monica bean преди 19 часа
monica bean
monica bean преди 19 часа
How keep idiot busy look up
monica bean
monica bean преди 19 часа
How keep idiot busy look down
Noellie Playz
Noellie Playz преди 19 часа
NGL i just realized! Jeremy from FNaF VR Cut off his own face At a theory we just covered Jeremy being bonnie Withered bonnie has no face, and we knew that Jeremy cut of his own face Idk what is this but is a random thought
Life Nugget
Life Nugget преди 19 часа
But shouldn't the zombie with her species of fungi also be immune? And if they were why would they bite ellie
John Ornstein
John Ornstein преди 19 часа
U literally said in ur video what is a yoshi u did not want to make a FNaF theory
PGP преди 19 часа
Hot wings (why not)
Cerys Newman
Cerys Newman преди 19 часа
this video is seven years old this year, let that sink in...
Shazia Ayub
Shazia Ayub преди 19 часа
Dear Austin if they don't teleport HOW DO STEVE Teleport with ENDER Pearls
Carolin Becken
Carolin Becken преди 19 часа
I didn't think it is dandruff in ya hair yk
khanerre преди 19 часа
It's interesting that the security guard was having dreams about Ennard and Ballora being dentists, and then later in another story the Plushtrap toy has human teeth. Maybe it wasn't a dream and they took his teeth? I dunno just a weird connection
Kai Mercero Student
Kai Mercero Student преди 19 часа
When matpat and austin are combined the universe will experience a wave of 9 years off anger evaporating anything in its path
Sea Wolf
Sea Wolf преди 19 часа
how much time does this man have to use his brain to solve very very very very very complicated stuff and edit like crazy
honk honk
honk honk преди 19 часа
I think the story of the ocean monument is the same as the story of atlantic, once on land, the land underneath breaking leaving them to evolve into guardians
Mace Omeara
Mace Omeara преди 19 часа
Insta kill is also in black pos 2 and 3 maybe 4
KVF Studios
KVF Studios преди 19 часа
It hurts to see Matpat so sad and down because some offended 12 year olds thought their opinions matters. I think we all can agree that Matpats Theories are fantastic and absolutely admirable. I cant even imagine how much time he puts into these things!
Kyle Curry
Kyle Curry преди 19 часа
I remember when this came out i didnt have to wait for commercials to view the video. Good old days people.
SquiggleJam преди 19 часа
I have a question for you about Mario Odyssey. In the moon kingdom the gravity is low, but you can go in the underground caverns where the gravity is normal, and that doesn't make sense to me. Is this realistic?