SkyN0v4Gaming преди 12 часа
I want yall to watch the credits and notice that there's dots in each letter with some code. At least i think
Benjamin преди 12 часа
Love it! BUT I do hope that Raiden seeks advice from the Elder Gods at some point, I mean he's Raiden he has to
HEDERA преди 12 часа
Where there is Smoke there is fire
Aidee Williams
Aidee Williams преди 12 часа
Anyone else annoyed by the fact subzero got rid of jax’s arms, CHILE WHERES ERMAC AT
Soap преди 12 часа
Stop making superhero movies! They are killing cinema!!!
Donovan Greenwood
Donovan Greenwood преди 12 часа
Awfully religious and the music is.. a tad too personal. This is my first red flag, i hope its the last.
PLEB преди 12 часа
I can help with this , he believed the grandfather paradox was bullshit , that u could kick grandpa down the stairs and it wouldn’t matter
Rids lol
Rids lol преди 12 часа
I still think Ultron is hayward☝️💀
Logan Smith
Logan Smith преди 13 часа
That’s kinda cute
John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson преди 13 часа
Excited to see this, but disappointed that Leto gets a straight up redo. Most iconic villain in comic history, he goes full cringe lord with it, and then gets a do over
Top Comments
Top Comments преди 13 часа
My mom had the same effect as Scorpion when she was mad at me and say COME OVER HERE !! 👁 👁
köiZü преди 13 часа
Nah Jake died a virgin. He didn't talk to the girl Lucy he met at the bar. He lived in regret of not making use of that opportunities.
Atiq Hussain
Atiq Hussain преди 14 часа
Joy Gill
Joy Gill преди 14 часа
At 02:06:53 in Avengers, Nat and Banner are talking about the Teseract. Banner says "What does Fury want me to do? Swallow it?" LOL ....the Flerken
Zachary Cox
Zachary Cox преди 14 часа
“It was crouton all along” lol
RaavaTV преди 14 часа
You’re shorter than I expected
iam trappedonanisland
iam trappedonanisland преди 14 часа
I am so torn on who im rooting for! Argh! I might need the spoilers first so im not sitting all tense thru the entire movie! I cant wait!!
Łysy Saitama
Łysy Saitama преди 14 часа
Cage is purple guy
Jerry Kale
Jerry Kale преди 15 часа
I bet you feel stupid for calling her self centered today hunh??
Tony Olanipekun
Tony Olanipekun преди 15 часа
I have a question that has been baffling me since we find out that Vision’s body wasn’t taken by Wanda - if his body isn’t inside the Hex then what exactly was Hayward tracking in there?
Keeferino преди 15 часа
yea. im pretty sure im absolutely OBSESSED with tenet.
Denzil Forde
Denzil Forde преди 15 часа
I think your theory about Tony's hand is a long reach 🙃
flashkraft преди 16 часа
How about the theory that the protagonists cyanide pill was real and the rest of the movie is a dream he is having as he dies.
Joseph Bowman
Joseph Bowman преди 16 часа
I already know the damn Snyder Cut Story... but you’re really funny and Australian or whatever so here I am.
White Emerald_
White Emerald_ преди 16 часа
I never viewed the ending driver as Jesus taking him to salvation. I like that! Nice job! :)
America First
America First преди 16 часа
Agatha always has a gold ring on her left hand. It appears to be a wedding band! As she is holding the dead dog, it is displayed dead center of the screen.
Michael Gibbins
Michael Gibbins преди 16 часа
I picked Dr Strange to come in from episode 2.
Mr Imperfect
Mr Imperfect преди 17 часа
Zack snyder : I am using my favourite songs for jl teasers , trailers , special looks Me : ( my profile pic )
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach преди 17 часа
The supergerm ending humanity newspaper shot could be a hint to the metagene being involved on a global scale maybe giving way to future heros and villains in future movies.
LordOfTrash преди 17 часа
Midsommar, Hereditary, The Witch and The Lighthouse are four of the absolute best horror films in recent years. I would love to see Ari Aster and Robert Eggers collaborate on a horror film in the future.
Ghazi Kaoud
Ghazi Kaoud преди 17 часа
We are still not sure who agathas husband, Ralph, really is but he is probably Mephisto because of all the things that Agatha said about him. And that book that we saw in episode 7 is gonna be the reason why doctor strange might make an appearance in wandavision because he is trying to retrieve it since in doctor strange we saw that a book was missing in the library
What’s Up
What’s Up преди 17 часа
Stephen King’s mini series are always pretentious, drawn out and the endings are usually disappointing. For example, it took me an entire year to finish the second season of “Castle Rock” because as much as I love Annie Wilkes character, the entire season was painfully slow and I didn’t care for the other characters at all, that I’d wished Annie would kill them all to put me out of my misery. I was originally excited about the casting of “The Stand” with Marsden, Skarsgard and Goldberg, but even they couldn’t save this laborious and dull mini series.🙄
Aset Dedieva
Aset Dedieva преди 17 часа
Btw, the guy linda reminds me of the newest superman. Just a red cape and some trousers, and voila, and asian superman.
Aset Dedieva
Aset Dedieva преди 17 часа
I loved andbwatched old mortal kombat on tv when i was 8 or 9, and i still love and would watch it. I will alos watch this one an dim sure i will like it, but no way in hell would i ever allow any kid under 14 to watch this. Its way too brutal and looks too realistic. Compared to the old movie this is like a SLAUGHTER HOUSE.
Dracu_SRL преди 17 часа
harooo ... subazero ... Get overere herere....
Adam Duffield
Adam Duffield преди 17 часа
Totally agree, dark fate is hot garbage. To me the true terminator timeline goes like this. T1 T2 T3 Salvation. And terminator resistance the video game. It brings the story full circle which was the original intent of the writers of salvation, there was ment to be sequels to that, exploring more of the future war ending with john connor sending kyle reese back to 1984. Because if john doesn't, he'll never be born. So dark fate fucked up on that account, because if skynet never came into existence then kyle reese would never have been sent back to 1984 and shagged sarah thus john would have ceased to exist as he would have never been born! Also going by dark fate, if skynet never came to be, then the Arnie model of the terminator would also have never been created thus couldn't have been sent back to kill john connor. Dark fate totally fucked up with major plot holes.
บาสส เชยๆ
บาสส เชยๆ преди 18 часа
UBI fan25
UBI fan25 преди 18 часа
Hearing this Pt2 and Pt3 need to happen seriously man that sounds like the best thing for DC
Gama Sharma
Gama Sharma преди 18 часа
Absolutely not his wife
5dmc1 преди 18 часа
imagine if The Darkhold was brought in and Gabriel Luna's Robbie Reyes ended up showing up at the last minute at the end of the final episode as a huge cliff hanger, That would be BAD ASS
KayleeKez преди 18 часа
pls stop pronouncing the "H" in Homage. Oh.Mach... Just google it. pls.
Anu Malek
Anu Malek преди 18 часа
This is ridiculous, you will ruined your players, pissed off your wife and your children will think that you are downright crazy.
Fire IM
Fire IM преди 18 часа
All in all not a bad theory although I don’t think it’s going to happen as reveals on reveals I kind of cheap
Dain Peterson
Dain Peterson преди 19 часа
Raiden looks like let down. The original movie had better characters
Og Manora
Og Manora преди 19 часа
Yo where's Johnny Cage
Robert Cain
Robert Cain преди 19 часа
That wasn’t the shining Easter egg🤦🏼‍♂️🙄
Clark Jr
Clark Jr преди 19 часа
i think joss weedOn deserves all the hate he got from the fans, not only because he butchered the justice league into the josstice league, but also because of his behavior towards the casts back in 2017 when they were reshot the movie
Murdock преди 19 часа
Why people like Tom Holland? His acting is not even that good.... I don't get it
Dj Grundel
Dj Grundel преди 20 часа
What I mean is that I straight up cancelled and went back to torrents. These days it takes all of 10 sec (if even) to download an episode. No dealing with a crappy UI and constantly inadequate servers. Long live TPB!
Leonardo Comerci
Leonardo Comerci преди 20 часа
That was a rarely-pronounced asian "GET OVER HERE", not a cool one.
the333DC преди 20 часа
How did Letti get invulnerable again?
Sam Gorena
Sam Gorena преди 20 часа
Maybe the mechanic godzilla is the friends we made along the way
Kiwi TV
Kiwi TV преди 20 часа
Oh and p.s. don't know about anyone else but I exited at the 2min BS detector mark .... There is a difference between quality content and content just for the sake of getting views and ripping off your subscriber base of their time.
Ceez B
Ceez B преди 20 часа
these recaps make me realize I missed 90% of the show... like I watched it but most of it went over my head.
Kiwi TV
Kiwi TV преди 20 часа
You really take a stretch at some of BS spoilers/Easter eggs you dream up
Roxana Reed Media
Roxana Reed Media преди 21 час
OK I've binge watched all your Tenet videos and not only do I need to watch the movie again I also need to watch all your videos again 5 times ago before I watch the movie I've already seen next week
CYBERFACE преди 21 час
Can't wait to see Dr Strange
Sam Gorena
Sam Gorena преди 21 час
Maybe the white vision is the friends we made along the way
disjon redmond
disjon redmond преди 21 час
Wonder if Mothra gonna help? 🤔
Margoreth Alves
Margoreth Alves преди 21 час
wtf is this shit, It aint mortal kombat without johnny cage, wtf is up with skinny kano. should have brought back the original movie kano.
MarcAthelsta преди 21 час
Deidre Scott
Deidre Scott преди 21 час
I think the thing that impressed me the most was how sinister and scary they made “pretty” into, how trippy folky became and how horrific simple daylight can be. There’s so much beauty in the film, flowers and trees and lovely dresses...then the underbelly comes through and it’s a shock. Subversive as hell and just damn clever. Still couldn’t watch it through again though. 🤔
genxsis83 преди 21 час
Love the puns and jokes that continue through the whole episode!
Jalen Ellis
Jalen Ellis преди 21 час
2:05 🎵That was cold blooded!!!🎵 (Chapellle show reference)
Chiaki_Chan преди 22 часа
Grew up on this game can't believe it's a movie
Diogo Queiroz
Diogo Queiroz преди 22 часа
Mauro Cabral
Mauro Cabral преди 22 часа
When Monica pushes herself through the hex you see five versions of her. I think the hex some how blurs the line of multiverses and that's why you see a Pietro from a timeline where X-men exist and a timeline where Monica has super powers?
K преди 22 часа
I'm confused. Did they remake the movie altogether? Or they just took the same movie and edited the graphics and CGI?
KYLE SMILE преди 22 часа
Pankaj Bharti
Pankaj Bharti преди 22 часа
My question is that in which time is the future version of the protagonist located and from which he starts manipulating time backwards (including recruiting himself for collecting the pieces of the algorithm).
SANdy Olsson
SANdy Olsson преди 22 часа
Am I the only one who is going to miss s4 cast, they rock !
Barry Allan
Barry Allan преди 22 часа
How come when tony hit him he had red blood but when Thor did it was purple?
Lynn Furr
Lynn Furr преди 22 часа
Astonishing! Well done!
DEZ KING преди 23 часа
This movie will not make alot of money
Jaay Ramirez
Jaay Ramirez преди 23 часа
His name is cataract.
Paul Leach
Paul Leach преди 23 часа
Couldn’t get through the first episode. The soundtrack and bad directing took me out of the story (split screens? Are we Stephen Soderberg from 10 years ago?)
Liam Baumgardner
Liam Baumgardner преди 23 часа
Just noticed this too! Tony Stark kept his original invention, the DUM-E bot, even though he explicitly stated in Iron Man, "Pepper, I've been called many things. "Nostalgic" is not one of them". Such a beautiful ambiguity so early on, showing that he truly cares about where he came from
Devin Bankett
Devin Bankett преди 23 часа
No, this still doesn't make this one of the best comic book movies ever made. Boooo
Josemari Z.
Josemari Z. преди 23 часа
10:56 “What a Reach.” **Halo Fans Liked That.**
Morgan August
Morgan August преди 23 часа
I honestly was more hyped for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier more than I was for WundaVisuhn and BwackWidoh