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Sandi Gagic
Sandi Gagic преди 20 часа
I'm not surprised by the respect of these two bc they do have the same manager and Gaetje did help him during a weight cut before. They go way back
Alex преди 20 часа
I feel like calling him "the most violent" is kind of dumb... Being "violent" doesnt mean shlt
head Shot_2103
head Shot_2103 преди 20 часа
Personally, I think Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov has got this fight all done and dusted because he fights like a beast... Tactically and Physically - Khabib has got it... Khabib's got this fight under his belt... WIN FOR THE EAGLE... Who do you think will come out victorious from these 2 leaders???
Dailynn’s P.O.V
Dailynn’s P.O.V преди 20 часа
This will be a easy fight for Khabib!
Ameen Top fitness
Ameen Top fitness преди 20 часа
Fantastic Both are the best
belajar tani
belajar tani преди 20 часа
Michael H
Michael H преди 20 часа
Fast forward past Nelk pussies on the beginning
M00nShad00w преди 20 часа
More dean and less serra!
njv1746 преди 20 часа
Jared "The Double-barrel Cannonier! 💥💥".
Hüseyin Gökmen
Hüseyin Gökmen преди 20 часа
khabib admdır siz hiristiyanlar malsınız
Sadik sdz
Sadik sdz преди 20 часа
Khabib ❤️
ПАТРИОТ преди 20 часа
Хабиб 29-0💪💪
Max преди 20 часа
Rashad should have sparred with Bernard to really learn his tricks.
Stace Lunches
Stace Lunches преди 20 часа
DC is the best !
evimbenim kemer
evimbenim kemer преди 20 часа
Ya viju otca Habiba kakaya bolshaya poterya kakoy chelovek bil.Allah rahmet eylesin.
AzQrT آزقرت
AzQrT آزقرت преди 20 часа
شد حيلك نبيك توصل ل اسرائيل وتجلده
Marino ツ
Marino ツ преди 20 часа
That sexy ears :D
Danger_Bay преди 20 часа
I like how Khabib and Cormier start wrestling each other 2 seconds after their reunion
Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul преди 20 часа
The respect!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Slixlix преди 20 часа
“Your the jujitsu guy in the gym ?” “Do I look like a jujitsu guy?” “Hell yeah.” Ha, it’s so true they look like a gust of wind could blow them over but they’ll fuck your shit up. BJJ is fascinating.
Mr Body
Mr Body преди 20 часа
As soon as Khabib grabbed him and took him down, I was like Khabib won, there is no point of watching anymore.
Ming Bing
Ming Bing преди 20 часа
Khabib gives the worst hugs
diara 420
diara 420 преди 20 часа
Gaethje will lose by submission..
Tadgh Murphy
Tadgh Murphy преди 20 часа
boring fight, really bad to give wrestling such a big part of mma. rule changes needed
PL Lyons
PL Lyons преди 20 часа
Robert "oh yeah" Whittaker
Osman Mohammed
Osman Mohammed преди 20 часа
Dxgener Lation
Dxgener Lation преди 20 часа
Justin will knock out khabib
Tom Lee
Tom Lee преди 20 часа
He came in with the vision, he’s gonna go a long road
Sub Zero
Sub Zero преди 20 часа
I can't wait for this Epic Fight!
KIPA DOKA преди 20 часа
Is it fight or something else 🤣🤣🤣 better watch wwe, as justin gathje can't beat cena John 😒😏
MessyMike 33
MessyMike 33 преди 20 часа
How come khabib won the Gleison Tibau fight(*Never Leave it to the Judges*) when that fight(even though he,Tibau was pre-USADA- & 'El Cucuy' steam-rolled him, easily). How could khabib not see that fight as a blemish on his record?
KUSHAGR SOLANKI преди 20 часа
GOAT for a reason
Alan Dorado
Alan Dorado преди 20 часа
Salem should moan in khabib’s ear... Nelk boys
raendy keep
raendy keep преди 20 часа
go go go khabib, your prouds everybody
Generrale преди 20 часа
Man khabibs fighting style is so boring
Andile Mzobe
Andile Mzobe преди 20 часа
If watch closely from 3:13 to 3:55 then you can argue that Connor gave up against Khabib.
Kyle Oswell
Kyle Oswell преди 20 часа
Paras Stone
Paras Stone преди 20 часа
Brought tears to my eyes after seeing khabib and his father in octagon together .
Gibbet Hoskins
Gibbet Hoskins преди 20 часа
Cannonier's body transformation from HW to MW is insane
Kelvin Domingos
Kelvin Domingos преди 20 часа
7:02 Hahaha
Mike Flower
Mike Flower преди 20 часа
They should sign Jones Bones to fight this guy.
Nathan Hargenrader
Nathan Hargenrader преди 20 часа
I wish it started right now
MessyMike 33
MessyMike 33 преди 20 часа
He lost all three rounds(the fight IMO) - to- none against Gleison Tibau. Everyone rewat h this fight; • no cage control, no takedowns and less damage/ strikes.
Ned Danson
Ned Danson преди 20 часа
Joe you have a microphone and no crowd, why are you yelling? Ease up on the supplements bud.
Tobias Engesbak
Tobias Engesbak преди 20 часа
Still don’t understand why dana asks who’s got the first question.. we all know
siriusisastar преди 20 часа
Speak up, sparrow - we can't hear you.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson преди 20 часа
Khabib smash
antho преди 20 часа
im rooting for khabib - but how can u hate justin... such a great competitor nothing but respect.
Donkeh! преди 20 часа
How are no comments about NELK!?!
Somali Tyrant
Somali Tyrant преди 20 часа
He’s good but too slow Israel will pick him like costa
Must_Tang Boss
Must_Tang Boss преди 20 часа
Khabib is that one ex-girlfriend that won't let you go. Harder you try, nastier she gets..
af fan
af fan преди 20 часа
Khabib vs Buakaw 🔥🔥🔥
MARK GLYNN преди 20 часа
I reckon the Conor vs Porier fight will sell more ppv buys than this title fight...LOL...!!
MrScucc17 преди 20 часа
Who were those total losers at the start of the video? Lol an Dana invited them? Hahah
Lanz Ramiscal
Lanz Ramiscal преди 20 часа
PosyLubelak преди 20 часа
Coool As boxing blondes horrible thakilla :) cheers great fight week
Darra Burton
Darra Burton преди 20 часа
Cannonier had a transformation! And is kicking ass
Israel Mankge
Israel Mankge преди 20 часа
Khabib mouls people for a living.
Shane Christiana
Shane Christiana преди 20 часа
Great class by Justin, refuses to hold his belt and let Khabib pose with his belt instead cause he is the champ. Respect!
Someone Anonymous
Someone Anonymous преди 20 часа
Whitaker is right, Khabib's mask looked really badass.
Mohammad Hassanpour
Mohammad Hassanpour преди 20 часа
Why does Jared sound like he's been on DMT 😂😂
ThePoorBoy преди 20 часа
This is the best representation of MMA and the martial arts in general we could ever ask for. Both of these men possess honor and embody the warrior ethos. They are raising the bar in terms of respect, skill, and mindset. Fuck all the histrionics of McGregor and the entitled behavior of Bones. I can't wait to see Khabib and Justin make history. What a privilege it will be to see these men fight each other on Saturday.
Wedcone преди 20 часа
9:15 song name?
John. Qsx
John. Qsx преди 20 часа
Awwww thats how you show loves to your opponent, hug and hug and hug ❤️❤️❤️
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker преди 20 часа
Khabib has too much riding on this, will win in an epic match ❤️
Nitin Prasad
Nitin Prasad преди 20 часа
Meanwhile gets followed by tony secretly
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons преди 20 часа
Khabib is boring I hope there’s some striking
World Wolf
World Wolf преди 20 часа
Coca-Cola with ice
pardesisivakasi преди 20 часа
Where is the reaction part of Khabib and Mctappers press conference ? :)
newaz преди 20 часа
Conor: Touches khabib by inch His fans: "My god he is soo strong! :')"
Avdut Pai
Avdut Pai преди 20 часа
When he said I grab them 😂😂😂
Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson преди 20 часа
Aaaaaaaaaaaand NEWWWWWWWWW!!
Aafaque Shaikh
Aafaque Shaikh преди 20 часа
Would love to see UFC fight between jared and Israel Adesanya
Chris Comp
Chris Comp преди 20 часа
Khabib “sub-zero” Nurmagemadov
Matty Jungblut
Matty Jungblut преди 20 часа
is Jared training in the latest shorts...??? Adult nappies...!!!
Chrono Percival
Chrono Percival преди 20 часа
what is the title of the song?
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons преди 20 часа
This isn’t as fun without the trash talk