Khabib Nurmagomedov Announces Retirement | UFC 254

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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After defeating Justin Gaethje and improving to 29-0 at UFC 254, Khabib Nurmagomedov announced the performance would be the last time he fought in the Octagon. The lightweight champion won 13 contests while with the UFC.
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Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan преди 9 минути
Magstar 39
Magstar 39 преди 10 минути
He come from a small village Now he famous in large and largest city's and smallest villages
Арт Гю
Арт Гю преди 10 минути
Мужчина настоящий
Shane1228Earth преди 10 минути
He will be back. They always come back..
dwi noor asrori
dwi noor asrori преди 10 минути
best of the beast !!!
SantaHub преди 11 минути
gg khabib bro 😎😎😎😎
Виктор Виктор
Виктор Виктор преди 11 минути
Хабиб-лучший! Легенда!
Nicky Doo
Nicky Doo преди 11 минути
why is he wearing that hot ass hot
Roy Stroble
Roy Stroble преди 11 минути
Ooooo its lightweight scary lmao
ZeeshanZk viral videos channel
ZeeshanZk viral videos channel преди 11 минути
Alhamdulillah الحمد لله I love u ❣️ my brother khabib...
Samus преди 11 минути
Why he deserves the N1 P4 P : 1 - NO CHEATING PICOGRAMS WAS USED during all his career 2 - 29 / 0 wins 3 - Never lost a round ( that Conor fight shit was a lie go watch it again ) 4 - Humble 5 - Respect all his opponents he fought against 6 - Help people ( Not KAKY : ) ) 7 - Dominated every single fight 8 - Made Megan exited on every interview : ) 9 - Made Dana loves him and forgot about Conor 10 - changed the UFC rules , if you need a title fight go back in line and win few fights Thank you KHABIB , WE WILL MISS A FIGHTER LIKE YOU THAT's for sure.
sopoisun преди 11 минути
You both great
Vince Cobra
Vince Cobra преди 11 минути
The best fighter mma ever how are you mcgregor he destroy you so easy.
JAR VIS преди 13 минути
codi geiger
codi geiger преди 13 минути
Heromody _
Heromody _ преди 13 минути
Ai habib bro you killed all the crew members you are a good imposter
Fandys _One
Fandys _One преди 14 минути
Happy ending respect
AmiloCentrino1445 преди 14 минути
RESPEKT ✊🏻 khabib 👆🏻
Kris the Kidd
Kris the Kidd преди 14 минути
Is he wearing a wig
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali преди 14 минути
Alhamdulillah 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼☝🏼
Wiryo Sentono
Wiryo Sentono преди 14 минути
allahuakbar,, kabib is the best indonesia muslim,,, my brother rusia,,
wahyu tejo
wahyu tejo преди 14 минути
Khabib's story deserves a box office
Asep bbq
Asep bbq преди 14 минути
you are still the best in our hearts👍
Umair Ahmad
Umair Ahmad преди 15 минути
#7th trending in Pakistan
Magstar 39
Magstar 39 преди 15 минути
Khabib change my life my thinking working hats off man
David преди 16 минути
he is good but no way 1 place in ranking he is lightway stipe miocic would kill him in first round. so no way he deserve 1st place in ranking.
Chippy The Hungry Bird
Chippy The Hungry Bird преди 17 минути
quick moves
quick moves преди 17 минути
Awesome job brother, we will miss you!! We don’t know when we will get great champ like you NEXT!!!
S Man
S Man преди 18 минути
Great achievement but he is pretty unbeatable and would only have got even better , the fight to ground will always happen with him and he won’t be beaten so ultimately his fights are not that entertaining
MasterUFC234 преди 18 минути
Team Hollow
Team Hollow преди 18 минути
The russian goat
Wahyu Hidayat
Wahyu Hidayat преди 19 минути
There is only one khabib.. inspiring...
Morris the Cat
Morris the Cat преди 20 минути
Tarek Ahamed
Tarek Ahamed преди 20 минути
God give me everything! khabib true GOAT.
jaden bek
jaden bek преди 21 минута
he was sooo good
A-Y преди 21 минута
Last words DC I love U Brother
Isakalalremmawia Isaka
Isakalalremmawia Isaka преди 21 минута
coner are you watching these video🤨
jaden bek
jaden bek преди 22 минути
damn this is sad
Simple MayMay
Simple MayMay преди 23 минути
hey guys I just started my youtube channel few days ago I have like 3 subs can you please help me grow
Ishaan Vashist Vlogs
Ishaan Vashist Vlogs преди 23 минути
Great human being
Ishaan Vashist Vlogs
Ishaan Vashist Vlogs преди 23 минути
Great human being
elliot mercer
elliot mercer преди 23 минути
Man, I was really hoping that was his natural hair until I saw him move it. I genuinely thought it was dope as fuck. You kill it, bruv. You're a legend.
m0rx преди 24 минути
Definitely the most respected P4P fighter
asim hussain
asim hussain преди 24 минути
I stopped Watching UFC.. Bye bye UFC... Legend Khabib.. Because of you i was watching UFC😭😭
Mohd Amir khan
Mohd Amir khan преди 24 минути
Lots of love from India legend
Welat DEMİR преди 25 минути
Khabib = It was my last fight Mcgregor=elhamdulillah.
Mohd Amir khan
Mohd Amir khan преди 23 минути
Islamic Peaceful Voices
Islamic Peaceful Voices преди 25 минути
tukaruik 1978
tukaruik 1978 преди 25 минути
Alhamdulillah.. khabib the eagle
Dar Faisal
Dar Faisal преди 26 минути
Islaam zindabaad I am from India illegal Kashmir I love you khabib💪💪💪💪💪💪
Md Asjad
Md Asjad преди 26 минути
Mohd Amir khan
Mohd Amir khan преди 26 минути
Legend u will be missed.
Gaming Mushi
Gaming Mushi преди 26 минути
Mohd Amir khan
Mohd Amir khan преди 26 минути
U will be legend
Juice Boogaloo
Juice Boogaloo преди 27 минути
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf преди 27 минути
Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father ( in heaven) but by me. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. 📖 NKJV We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17 ❤️📖🙂 NKJV 👊
أسود Black
أسود Black преди 27 минути
15 Amazing Dog Facts
Keith Fan
Keith Fan преди 27 минути
Po at paruken ce mban siper koke????!
I'm dumb but,
I'm dumb but, преди 28 минути
The Manny Pacquiao of MMA, both religious, humble, and Arguably the Best Pound for Pound Champ in the World.
hamiltonTV преди 29 минути
may new upload po ako
Malik Adnan
Malik Adnan преди 29 минути
Perfect end to a perfect carear
Best for you
Best for you преди 29 минути
Comeback dear
Mister Boot
Mister Boot преди 30 минути
Referee ready to announce the winner and Khabib acting like he's in the gym tearing off the tape on his gloves LOL, like it was just another training day for him LOL
DonDorcha преди 30 минути
Genuinely sad that such a great fighter is hanging up the gloves so soon.
Kane slayer
Kane slayer преди 30 минути
Only 1 day get this video 15 mln viems. who see this comment put like. 29-0
stranger 7
stranger 7 преди 31 минута
"When ALLAH is with you nobody can beat you, nobody. You have to believe this" - Khabib Nurmagomedov
Salman Farisi
Salman Farisi преди 31 минута
Allah akbar!
יבגני כצנלסון
יבגני כצנלסון преди 31 минута
Великий боец, скромный человек.. Родители это все! Уважуха из Израиля. Все будет классно, Хабиб, ин ша алла.
L Rodger
L Rodger преди 31 минута
This is how a champion behaves...take note MacGregor you are nothing compared to this man.
Casper Javen
Casper Javen преди 31 минута
Why is he wearing a funny wig?
breakup Stutas
breakup Stutas преди 32 минути
Assalamu alaikum I'm from Indian Muslim 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
breakup Stutas
breakup Stutas преди 32 минути
Assalamu alaikum I'm from Indian Muslim 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Den Kid
Den Kid преди 32 минути
Хабиб салам из Питера👋💪
Minh Dinh
Minh Dinh преди 33 минути
4:09 Translation from Russian:❤️ "To all my fans, thank you so much. In 2008 when I started and in 2012 when I first fought in the UFC, there were many who didn't believe, who didn't thought it's possible. I am just a simple fella from ordinary mountain village in Dagestan, who came here very early. My brother said to me that I am the most discussed person on the planet. I just couldn't believe that because... you can imagine it yourself, I hadn't been even thinking about it... me and my father simply wanted to become champions, but I coudn't imagine that it can all fall on my shoulders this way... alhamdulillah. If you have parents spend more time with them. I have only one left, my mom. I want to spend more time with her."
Bima hfz
Bima hfz преди 25 минути
Thank you
Los Antrax Cartel
Los Antrax Cartel преди 31 минута
Minh Dinh just watched all your fight videos. You just gained a subscriber buddy👍
Serhat Güneş
Serhat Güneş преди 33 минути
Hello Everyone, There Are Tens of SONGS, GAMES, SPORTS VIDEOS on My Channel. You're all invited.
Serhat Güneş
Serhat Güneş преди 33 минути
Hello Everyone, There Are Tens of SONGS, GAMES, SPORTS VIDEOS on My Channel. You're all invited.
Bmore преди 34 минути
bet his dad wishes he kept fighting
Imli Jamir
Imli Jamir преди 35 минути
The most geniun fighter in UFC history
Syed Zafar
Syed Zafar преди 36 минути
He has made a difference both in and outside of the ring. His father will be so proud. He has become a model for the next generation. ♥️ Thank you brother
mr' af
mr' af преди 36 минути
Sub indo please
Garuda Official
Garuda Official преди 36 минути
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where hard work, determination, and humbleness can get you. #alwaysstayhumble
messi vs ronaldo
messi vs ronaldo преди 36 минути
The secret on his wib i know only😎
Josh Rider
Josh Rider преди 36 минути
i dont watch UFC but, that huge wig he's wearing? is that fair?
Хуй Моржовый
Хуй Моржовый преди 36 минути
We will not miss you
Anba преди 37 минути
Isn't fighting for money again Islamic law? Looks like muslims proud of it
Фатима Абдусалимова
Фатима Абдусалимова преди 37 минути
Я хотел больше время проводит с мамой 👍 МашаАллах брат да будет доволен тобою АЛЛАХ..
SYKE преди 37 минути
Its unfair how they only take into account Khabibs UFC record and forget his 29-0!!! If he had the oppurtnity to be in UFC earlier that win streak would have been demolished years ago!
poly arisha
poly arisha преди 37 минути
Thank you khabib for everything.
mr' af
mr' af преди 37 минути
Ohh khabib
Galactic преди 38 минути
çok büyük adam çok...
BuKa4a__ TV
BuKa4a__ TV преди 38 минути
123 321
123 321 преди 38 минути
imran kabir
imran kabir преди 38 минути
The most iconic figure in mma history.You will always live in our heart.G.O.A.T❤
Surya 974
Surya 974 преди 38 минути
Connor Martel
Connor Martel преди 38 минути
*McGregor has entered the chat*
Surya 974
Surya 974 преди 38 минути
γου'ΙΙ βε Μιηε
γου'ΙΙ βε Μιηε преди 40 минути
Love u Khabib Alhamdulillah for everything for what you have, wish your happiness and more blessings to come Love from MINDANAO PHILIPPINES ❤️❤️❤️
Даяна Кайратова
Даяна Кайратова преди 40 минути
Mr Rius
Mr Rius преди 40 минути
Alex Stutler
Alex Stutler преди 41 минута
Official beer of the ufc
Pitonu Cma
Pitonu Cma преди 41 минута
Khabib carrier was like a movie and there honor always win! Mad Respect for this guy! LEGEND!
Aurang Zeb
Aurang Zeb преди 41 минута
Goodluck khabib
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