🔵Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool🔴 (Kepa Howler Mane Goals Christensen Red Card Parody Goals Highlights 2020)

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Oliver Page
Oliver Page преди 10 часа
Klopp: “that’s why we’re champions” Lampard:“I said F**K OFF!!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣
Beata Misiak
Beata Misiak преди 16 часа
Saeed Al mansoori
Saeed Al mansoori преди 17 часа
Hahah 😬
Eitan Lupu
Eitan Lupu преди ден
If you know, you know.. HAHA MOURINHO
kyle robinson
kyle robinson преди ден
My friend a Chelsea fan: I want to go asleep Me a liverpool :Thats why were champions
Alfie Jacob
Alfie Jacob преди ден
What about sam
Yousuf Ovi
Yousuf Ovi преди ден
kl zg
Kenzo Gamer360
Kenzo Gamer360 преди 2 дни
kyle robinson
kyle robinson преди 3 дни
Best episode ever
NaduvaniJoker преди 4 дни
1:11 me when we get vaccine for covid-19
Joaquin Gonzalez
Joaquin Gonzalez преди 4 дни
this is the reason i cant sleep at night
Chris FC
Chris FC преди 6 дни
Then a week later they lose 7-2 to Aston Villa
Liverpool FC Llego kante
Liverpool FC Llego kante преди 4 дни
That's why we're champions That's why we're champions That's why you are not Jaj jaja jajs That's why we're champions That's why we're champions That's why we're champions THAT'S WHY WE'RE CHAMPIONS 3 POINTS JAJAJ
Shay Flanagan
Shay Flanagan преди 6 дни
7-2 that's why there champions
German Vivas
German Vivas преди 8 дни
Omar Montes
Omar Montes преди 8 дни
I love ure videos I wish I could be part of ure member ship but I can’t cuse I’m on mobile
Sham Khan
Sham Khan преди 9 дни
How do u sit down and f off
Islamic Ibrahim
Islamic Ibrahim преди 10 дни
This is Liverpool's revenge from their 2-0 defeat at the FA Cup
Kristo Eldev
Kristo Eldev преди 11 дни
Who saw it after A Villa liverpool 7-2
Sonia Mendez
Sonia Mendez преди 11 дни
And adrain is the reason bayarn are champions
Harry Parsons
Harry Parsons преди 11 дни
Frank lampard said f of 11 times in this video
Mateusz Dudziak
Mateusz Dudziak преди 12 дни
HeskyNinja преди 12 дни
Who’s watching this after Aston Villa destroyed Liverpool
Hands off my kool aid
Hands off my kool aid преди 12 дни
As ross barkley said:I GOT AN ASSIST!!!!
Alexander Gomez
Alexander Gomez преди 13 дни
At least timo got 200k
Hands off my kool aid
Hands off my kool aid преди 11 дни
They are paying him too much yet hes garbage
Noah Hughes
Noah Hughes преди 13 дни
Klopp: "That's why we're Champions!" A few weeks later: Aston Villa 7 Liverpool 2
agata fabisiak
agata fabisiak преди 14 дни
Facundo Videla Sport
Facundo Videla Sport преди 15 дни
7-2 😅😅😅😅😅😅
alberto cordova
alberto cordova преди 16 дни
who do you think is worse: kepa: ignorade karius: like adrian: coment
Infected 159
Infected 159 преди 12 дни
E inoltre sono italiano-
Infected 159
Infected 159 преди 12 дни
Btw I m a liverpool fan
Infected 159
Infected 159 преди 12 дни
Also how can you say how much people choosed kepa?
Infected 159
Infected 159 преди 12 дни
I don t know how people can say that karius is worst, he had a concussion in THAT match
Infected 159
Infected 159 преди 12 дни
It s obviously adrian.
aniq miah
aniq miah преди 16 дни
Klopp that’s why we’re champions Everyone else on the league: Aston Villa vs Liverpool 7-2. Fun fact the the last time Liverpool got spanked by Aston Villa (5-1). They won the double. The league and the European cup . 1977
Xotic Logic
Xotic Logic преди 9 дни
That means we are going to win the UCL and League again 😄😄😄
Cecilia Mavindu
Cecilia Mavindu преди 17 дни
Björne Trickshots
Björne Trickshots преди 17 дни
Im sad now...
خديجة الخزي
خديجة الخزي преди 17 дни
Björne Trickshots oof
Dasaen De Leon
Dasaen De Leon преди 17 дни
Idk why everyone is hating kepa at least he got an asist that’s at least better than not scoring or assisting
Nirvaan Laishram
Nirvaan Laishram преди 17 дни
Well this didnt age that well
Kenzo Gamer360
Kenzo Gamer360 преди 17 дни
Գեղամ Առաքելյան
Գեղամ Առաքելյան преди 17 дни
*Loses 7-2 to Villa*
Nikola Nikodijevic
Nikola Nikodijevic преди 17 дни
Liverpool FC Best Lost VS Aston Vila 7:2 Hahahaha haha
Alonso Cerva
Alonso Cerva преди 17 дни
Who's after liverpool got trashed 7-2 against aston villa? I cannot wait to see the vid :D
Matic Kunej
Matic Kunej преди 17 дни
7:2 to aston vila
zoen.mp3 преди 17 дни
🎵That's why you lost 7-2🎵
Ahmad Hayek
Ahmad Hayek преди 17 дни
They lose 7 😂😂😂😂😂
RRG преди 17 дни
Who's here after aston villa liverpool 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣?
holako yt
holako yt преди 17 дни
Who's here after liverpool 2-7 aston villa
Alex Hopkins
Alex Hopkins преди 17 дни
Who’s here after Aston Villa 7-2 against liverpool
The twin dinos
The twin dinos преди 17 дни
7 2
The Champion Of Gamers
The Champion Of Gamers преди 18 дни
Who is here after liverpool lost 7-2 to aston villa
Gmoney 111
Gmoney 111 преди 18 дни
7-2 Aston villa...not looking like champions anymore
Niklas Löw
Niklas Löw преди 18 дни
Who watches this after Villa 7-2 Liverpool
Illinois Mapping and Soccer
Illinois Mapping and Soccer преди 18 дни
Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool Does that mean Villa are the best team in England?
Gaming jay
Gaming jay преди 18 дни
That's y were champions 7 2 haha😂😂
António Lourenco Alves Santos
António Lourenco Alves Santos преди 18 дни
That is why Liverpool is champions after losing 7-2 to villa well premier league is so fucked
The Danish Queen
The Danish Queen преди 18 дни
Who's here after 7-2
Mrysia Jacak
Mrysia Jacak преди 18 дни
Who's after Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool 😂😂😂😂
Viktor Penchev
Viktor Penchev преди 18 дни
Sadly me
Ayako преди 18 дни
They’re going to lose to Aston villa 5-2
Donna Chalmers
Donna Chalmers преди 18 дни
3RD ARE U HAVING A LAUGH!!? (Ik what ur going to say…NO)
Josh Ben05
Josh Ben05 преди 19 дни
They’ll come 3rd
Isaac Hopkins
Isaac Hopkins преди 19 дни
We only got are revenge from fa cup
Jayden Boye
Jayden Boye преди 19 дни
Ghost X69 F1nish4r
Ghost X69 F1nish4r преди 19 дни
That’s why we’re champions lfc
Nikola Nikodijevic
Nikola Nikodijevic преди 19 дни
Lampard iz Lost and Fabinho Defenders TImo Werner Bye Timo is Liverpool FC
Nikola Nikodijevic
Nikola Nikodijevic преди 19 дни
Lose Kepa 19/20/21 Hahahaha
Geni Arbri Boss
Geni Arbri Boss преди 20 дни
Bolette Stratten
Bolette Stratten преди 20 дни
Katelyn Craig
Katelyn Craig преди 20 дни
FFG Gaming
FFG Gaming преди 21 ден
Frank Lampard said fuck off 9 times exactly
Who Actually Am i
Who Actually Am i преди 19 дни
Nah he said fuck off 11 times
Artur C
Artur C преди 21 ден
Крутое видео
Martin Baraza
Martin Baraza преди 21 ден
This is the number of times Lampard said f*ck off 👇👇
beanmaster beans
beanmaster beans преди 22 дни
Frank lost his mind this game
lenamhula преди 22 дни
Kepa Will Stay In The Bench Now
Daniel Kamann
Daniel Kamann преди 22 дни
1:26 Who's the forth one from right on the bus?
انا مدريدي
انا مدريدي преди 22 дни
avakin любовь
avakin любовь преди 22 дни
Я один вижу что по русски
Danny Nyagaya
Danny Nyagaya преди 22 дни
it was worse wen they gave it the biggun
שבתאי שוקר
שבתאי שוקר преди 22 дни
muhamad iskandar rafael
muhamad iskandar rafael преди 22 дни
Why Keita have sponsor salah uncharted
D. BARTL преди 22 дни
Lampard Idiot, klopp won three league titles.
BrawlerKostya 2020
BrawlerKostya 2020 преди 6 дни
lol 7:2 aston villa liverpool
Strukel преди 23 дни
Name of the song
Sangbit Ray Chaudhuri
Sangbit Ray Chaudhuri преди 23 дни
Its a opara song
Heitor Reis
Heitor Reis преди 23 дни
Arsenal X liverpool
Susy Santos
Susy Santos преди 23 дни
Liverpool won cause they literally had two klopps
someone преди 24 дни
Well Dean was right about one thing in the end, when he said Chelsea would finish third Chelsea conceded third most goals in matchweek 3 1. Man City 2. Wolves 3. Numerous teams including Chelsea
Samuel1127 Lee
Samuel1127 Lee преди 24 дни
And the final whistle blows! It's Liverpool, the champions 3, Arsenal 1. (That's why we're champions....)
Tommy Butler
Tommy Butler преди 24 дни
Who Thinks Reece James Is Animated Badly?
Sergio Nicolas Solano Reyes
Sergio Nicolas Solano Reyes преди 25 дни
Lampard is a worst dt because no win so buy players for chelsea
im australian
im australian преди 25 дни
Premier League assists Kepa: 1 Pele: 0 *LEGEND*
Shahir Mohsenyan
Shahir Mohsenyan преди 25 дни
I think Chelsea will finish 6th.
Llama the Llamy Llama
Llama the Llamy Llama преди 25 дни
And then Klopp celebrated 5-2 to Leicester What a goal by Maddison
Caleb Musa
Caleb Musa преди 26 дни
442oons hate chelsea why is it that evrytime chelsea loses dean must post it
Ο Έλληνας Ρικ
Ο Έλληνας Ρικ преди 25 дни
He post every big match
Християн Митев
Християн Митев преди 26 дни
My prediction for Chelsea is 5th
Stanley Mckeowen
Stanley Mckeowen преди 26 дни
Dean v Sam rematch underworld football manager 2
D'Mario Johnson
D'Mario Johnson преди 26 дни
Why is there a Random Danish defender wearing blue hunting Mane.
Shut Up
Shut Up преди 26 дни
5th I say they’ve got to get used to the players they’ve sighned but next season they’ll do well
Temi Adesina
Temi Adesina преди 26 дни
This is how many times Lampard said "f**k off" || 👇
Putin преди 26 дни
furrycheetah2000 преди 26 дни
Now I know why jorghino missed his penalty against Allison Becker.
Waron Playz
Waron Playz преди 26 дни
Don't know if it's true or not but give it a read Kepa signed for Chelsea back in mid-2018 for a record 80million Euros, which made him the most expensive goalkeeper of all time. He kept 23 clean sheets in the 2018-19 season and every game he played, he kept producing lots of amazing saves. He was a key player in the Chelsea team that stood 3rd in the EPL, became UEL champions and also became the League Cup Runners up. But sometime before the 2019-20 season began, he and his girlfriend split up, they were dating for 7 years, that resulted in Kepa's serious mental breakdown. And thus, he became one of the worst goalkeepers in top flight football. This is no excuse, but we all saw what happened to Ilicic when he found out that his wife was cheating on him. Amidst all the trolls, we sometimes forget how these players are human beings too, not everyone can deal with these issues very easily. And that is the only reason Chelsea has been so compassionate towards him for so long. Chelsea bought Mendy just to increase competition for Kepa. I trolled him a lot too but when I knew about this, I felt really bad. Maybe someday in the near future, he will find his form back and show everyone why he is worth 80million, just like he did in the 2018-19 season. 💔😞
Prabha Shukla
Prabha Shukla преди 26 дни
Lampard really said 0:50 in real match to Klopp and Klopp reacted cool saying "Shut up f******" "have you won it?"
LionKing преди 26 дни
I was wishing Chelsea wins bc of temo Werner and Havertz : ( temo is my favirote player
Noah Gallivan
Noah Gallivan преди 26 дни
Liverpool the champions
Jatin Panguru
Jatin Panguru преди 27 дни
Chelsea will win the league
someone who no ones ever heard of
someone who no ones ever heard of преди 19 дни
Hahahahahaha ye right
Tommy Butler
Tommy Butler преди 27 дни
LFC Said Champions 29 Times I Counted
Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers
Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers преди 27 дни
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.
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