MORTAL KOMBAT Trailer (2021)

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First trailer for MORTAL KOMBAT

Firat Ceylan
Firat Ceylan преди 2 часа
Mortal Kombat oynamamış bir tane 90'lı olduğunu sanmıyorum. Ve fragmanı izleyince oyunu oynarken filmi çıksa da izlesek diyen herkesi tatmin edeceğini düşünüyorum. Gözümüz aydın 😂
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason преди 2 часа
Not sure they can beat the first movie's soundtrack...That one JAMMED!
Hi-Jacked Lambo
Hi-Jacked Lambo преди 2 часа
Hopefully they dont kill off Sub Zero and Scorpion like they did in the 1992 movie
Aidthepain21 преди 3 часа
Where the heck is Johnny Cage?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Scoonertuna преди 3 часа
Drequynn Rod
Drequynn Rod преди 4 часа
That get over here was weak
SomeTw0Epic преди 5 часа
I watched the film its fantastic 👏 you'll gonna enjoy it.
Anderson Rocker Avenger
Anderson Rocker Avenger преди 6 часа
are you kidding me?? where's Johnny Cage??? and why no one is talking about this??
TheRaziel07 преди 7 часа
Superhuman abilities?! The others havent?!
Kat Tracey
Kat Tracey преди 8 часа
They messed up scorpion's "Get over here" catch phrase big time.
ramiseventeen преди 8 часа
I feel like the masks are massive
Grace Potts
Grace Potts преди 8 часа
Theres no way this can be a good film
Bluu Bandette
Bluu Bandette преди 9 часа
Mortal Kombat was all about blood and fighting. Hollywood better be packing!
Cosmozipper8 преди 10 часа
Sub zero scorpion and raden have always been my fav and I love the “get over here” by scorpion
TitoEstrada XD
TitoEstrada XD преди 10 часа
The get over here is very decent
Maks M
Maks M преди 11 часа
Trell Woods
Trell Woods преди 12 часа
Bruh. The Dragon, turning into a Reptile, and then the old school Kano heart Fatality... Fam "Instant New Age Classic"
Justin Bean
Justin Bean преди 13 часа
Is that Noob Saibot at 1:41??? If so, give me him and an N64 we’ll I’ll crack everybody’s dome in the movie.
Diana Childress
Diana Childress преди 14 часа
lol the Day this movie is going to be released will be the same day when my dads birthday is going to occur
Right Now Piano
Right Now Piano преди 15 часа
Moooortaaaal KoooomBaaaat!!!!
J преди 17 часа
Tu tío
Tu tío преди 17 часа
If I here that same “get over here” in the movie i’m leaving💀
RideLightning преди 17 часа
Why does the trailer not have some remixed version of mortal kombat theme?
LegoCharlie T
LegoCharlie T преди 17 часа
So, is this a movie or a series?
Manuel Henríquez
Manuel Henríquez преди 19 часа
I just wonder ... why don't just use the actual story?
Mahamoud Jr
Mahamoud Jr преди 21 час
Awesome 👏🏾 😎 this trailer give me goose bump
Pappa Zmurf
Pappa Zmurf преди ден
Reza Ariyanto
Reza Ariyanto преди ден
Film yg akan ditunggu tungngu mortal kombat dan di bintangi actor indonesia joe taslim jadi peran sub ziro
Billy P
Billy P преди ден
Fix that get over here and we are good
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez преди ден
02:23 I really hope that isn't Reptile. . .
Anon преди ден
this movie looks like one of those live action raid shadow legends ads
D3ath Trapman
D3ath Trapman преди ден
Is it weird that swing milleena lick the knife made me happy? Just me? I get it
Bari-G преди ден
They better fix that scorpion sound
TKize777 преди ден
My only gripe is what in the hell is wrong with Mileena
Otter_Boom преди ден
Who the fuck is Cole?
Aaron Wentworth
Aaron Wentworth преди ден
Scorpion looks like a boss
Mega Man
Mega Man преди ден
This is hard but shouldn’t raiden be white 🤔
Fox Garza
Fox Garza преди ден
To everyone saying the "get over here" needs works or needs to be changed, Yall know scorpion is Asian right? Not some white dude from Texas. Pretty sure he's gonna have an accent when he says "Get over here!" 😂
Black Rifles Matter
Black Rifles Matter преди ден
Well at least people will feel safe watching this movie. Three of the characters wear masks
Sirfraz Ali
Sirfraz Ali преди ден
1:15 to 2:11 sub - sero did a move in the game of mortal kombat it was slide and subscribe to ibbysmash
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright преди ден
Ight, I'm sold, saw a gif of one of the fatalities yesterday and now this, I cant wait for next Friday, I just hope my boy SubZero doesnt die haha.
i do nothing
i do nothing преди ден
Just got out of the theater and the phrase"get over here".... Is a total goose bump!!!!
Meta Gaming
Meta Gaming преди ден
Background music is solid af
flc kevin
flc kevin преди ден
Watched the movie, and IT IS FUCKING GUUUD
Steven Ahmarani
Steven Ahmarani преди ден
Chetan Patel
Chetan Patel преди ден
This very promising I wonder what is it like as a whole movie
Rsian Y wgm
Rsian Y wgm преди ден
mejor que la porqueria de Batman seguro que si
daniel chan
daniel chan преди ден
the side shot of kano made me think connor mcgreggor would of been perfect for that role
daniel chan
daniel chan преди ден
people will bitch about it no matter what because thats what todays workd does nothings ever good ebough but after watching the advanced screening ill say this, it nailed every aspect of wgat i thought it would be and looked super slick
Nasim Ahmed
Nasim Ahmed преди ден
Video game character you play with opposite side, here they play self.
Ohm ผู้วิเศษ
Ohm ผู้วิเศษ преди ден
reboot is good
Skender Rashiti
Skender Rashiti преди 2 дни
Where is Reptile ?
Kenn Emmanual
Kenn Emmanual преди 2 дни
Such.. a bad movie
Super Studios
Super Studios преди 2 дни
scorpions revenge was way better than this.
WARNAMU преди 2 дни
Amazing, i can imagine this is very very EPIC to bad we had damn pandemic
Sorry Amari
Sorry Amari преди 2 дни
The "get over here".... needs a little tuning ...
Deashrein 865 Number 2
Deashrein 865 Number 2 преди 2 дни
I think scorpion beat sub zero in the fight in this movie
Ker Loz
Ker Loz преди 2 дни
The defeated plastic consecutively provide because example logistically fry sans a breezy colony. unequal, sour cyclone
dark_plague Animations
dark_plague Animations преди 2 дни
can alr tell kano is gonnabe the best part but he gets like 5 min of screentime
Phantom _xx
Phantom _xx преди 2 дни
Sub zero the best mortal kombat character but I liked his look in injustice 2 the best
Tommy Mac
Tommy Mac преди 2 дни
2:11 get over here
Street IntelleCt
Street IntelleCt преди 2 дни
We are reliving the 90s in modern form 🔮☑👑
Lucianno Sebastian Becerra
Lucianno Sebastian Becerra преди 2 дни
"Kano wins. You fackin beauty" Fuck, yes mate. Fuck yes.
Lil gusto
Lil gusto преди 2 дни
Nobody: Skarlet: HE STOLE MY MOVE
Виктория Прокопенко
Виктория Прокопенко преди 2 дни
Where is Kitana?
Blur_beastboyyt 2468
Blur_beastboyyt 2468 преди 2 дни
Ayo wtf was that get over here. That shi was weak. Should’ve just put the Ed boon one from the games
Tommy Mac
Tommy Mac преди 2 дни
1:54 i am sub zero
51stcenturygirl преди 2 дни
I think I'll prefer '90 film over this one. I think this one takes itself too seriously. Probably it's just me...
Agusta pain28
Agusta pain28 преди 2 дни
Apakah sub zero joe taslim
CanadianTurf Sandwich
CanadianTurf Sandwich преди 2 дни
SetzerJr преди 2 дни
Where the fk is the original sound track?
Foucault Effect
Foucault Effect преди 2 дни
"Get over here!" Me:😬 "Kano wins! Fuckin beauty!" Me:🤤
Marco преди 2 дни
Solo por ver nuevamente otro combate de los dos más grandes de MK🔥❄️
D Sly
D Sly преди 2 дни
A, B, A, C, A, B, B, START!!!
golembebe преди 2 дни
Why couldn't we see it thru subzero s perspective and make him the protagonist, it had to be a blonde American woman in a tight tank top as usual...
Kenny B
Kenny B преди 2 дни
Triple H as Shao Kahn anybody concur???
username not found
username not found преди 2 дни
I want to say I'm excited but the way movies based off of games have been going, I'm not sure
khanh le
khanh le преди 2 дни
Omg It is more violence than any one trailer i have seen before
TimxlostinMc Lag
TimxlostinMc Lag преди 2 дни
Imagine Street fighter will get this idea
White Ranger Tiger Power
White Ranger Tiger Power преди 3 дни
Dang subzero freezes jaxes arms off shit that’s how they make it robotic here lol so different on annihilation he slips em off shit
Deashrein 865 Number 2
Deashrein 865 Number 2 преди 3 дни
Ima go watch this movie in theaters April 23rd
Joan Andreu
Joan Andreu преди 3 дни
El trailer tiene muy buena pinta, mucho mejor que la pelicula de los 90. Pero por lo menos en el trailer no se ve el lado oscuro del juego.Tampoco se ve a un Raiden (personaje favorito despues de Sub zero) en modo brutal. Espero con ansias que se estrene la pelicula
сергей куница
сергей куница преди 3 дни
AllTime GamerPro
AllTime GamerPro преди 3 дни
I can't wait to watch the movie
DNAsGhostzHouze преди 3 дни
Looks like a shitty fan film... skip.
DNAsGhostzHouze преди 3 дни
@Bravo Alpha No, just a troll lol
Bravo Alpha
Bravo Alpha преди 3 дни
Brandon преди 3 дни
Get over here. .. With my halls
george maclean
george maclean преди 3 дни
I like this
LilMidgey69 преди 3 дни
The fuck was that "get over here" LMFAO
Irriducibili преди 3 дни
Just watched it today and it was pretty good. 7.5/10
Letino Daniels
Letino Daniels преди 3 дни
Cordero Diaz
Cordero Diaz преди 3 дни
Friday the 16th can’t come any quicker ‼️
Marco Trejo
Marco Trejo преди 3 дни
"Its a birthmark" "What do you mean?" 😐 it means he was goddamn born with a mark
demarcussullivan преди 3 дни
You had me at "get over here"
Wake преди 3 дни
Why watch violence in movie format when I can just read this thread?
Happy Hipoxia
Happy Hipoxia преди 3 дни
Why mileena had to be black she was asian... but god forbid us if she was hispanic all woke hollywood will kill themselve because we can not have aisngle hispanic character is forbiden. right.
Kaijaw преди 3 дни
anybody else see reptile just get murdered by kano
lol Sir
lol Sir преди 3 дни
1 41 looks beautiful mannnn
Amature Lover
Amature Lover преди 3 дни
I'm so happy they made it massively apparent that scorpions bloody spear does NOT come out of his hand and IS NOT alive
Logan’s le epic channel Epic
Logan’s le epic channel Epic преди 3 дни
Blood knife is awesome I’m in
Ikmal Morata Channel
Ikmal Morata Channel преди 3 дни
the best movie.. i give 10/10.. just now i see this movie.. recommended movie 🤙🏼👍🏻👍🏻
007 преди 3 дни
It was weird when Sonya blade killed off kano I thought..
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