JIA Jensen FF R Restomod review. 180mph, 3.6secs 0-60 & 4WD. This Interceptor is a monster!

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The Jensen FF-R is the ultimate version on the reborn Jensen Intercepter produced by Jensen International Automotive. Powered by GM's LSA Supercharged 6.2litre V8, which produces 556bhp and 551lb ft of torque, this original 1968 Jensen FF now has the power to see off many of today's so call sports cars. But could you live with it every day? Watch this video to find out more!
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C A преди 4 дни
I`ve only ever seen one Interceptor and oddly that was in Johannesburg... This is beautiful though!
Andrew Van Day
Andrew Van Day преди 5 дни
I am producing what amounts to exactly the same kind of resto-mod to my 1968 Aston Martin DBS. But when a company does this (see also Singer to 911, Helm E-Type etc.) they can attach a huge price tag. When an individual creates such a car they are hated by the rest of the owners of that marque because they have 'ruined' and 'destroyed' a precious car by taking it away from original spec. Harry, If you would like to see (and test) a supercharged 4l DBS with all mod cons (when I've finished it in a couple of years) completed to as high a standard as that Jenson, then let me know...
Vintage Things
Vintage Things преди 5 дни
You wouldn't want to slam the boot shut. Those rear screens must be super expensive!
TheNewblackdog преди 6 дни
Lord, I’d kill to have one of these! 🥺
Nigel Clark
Nigel Clark преди 6 дни
Seems to be a road rocket
20 Acre Life
20 Acre Life преди 7 дни
I wonder if I could afford it... The radio I Mean.
peter feltham
peter feltham преди 8 дни
What a car.....but £335000 wow.
Anupam19781 преди 8 дни
151 viewers out of 12k (at this writing) don't like this video. Harry here is an absolute pro, but it seems that no matter what the subject and no matter how smart and skilled the presentation, there is always this small percentage on BGcd that gives a thumbs down to everything. Strange.
Joseph Tdi
Joseph Tdi преди 9 дни
Wonderful video
Rob Gambling
Rob Gambling преди 9 дни
I think I'm in love, always wanted an interceptor......now I'll have to sell my house 👍
robert webb
robert webb преди 9 дни
How long do the tyres last ?
Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty преди 10 дни
My very first and lasting image of the Jenson was on the motorway on a school trip and one went past. On the back parcel shelf was a copy of Playboy. Sorry, but it just looked right!
MrGordonjames преди 10 дни
Beautiful car.! One of the greatest cars eva.!
indlovubill преди 11 дни
I drove one of these back in the 70s and sincerely hope they upgraded the brakes in your 180mph model!
Peter Balac
Peter Balac преди 11 дни
My mate had a red Lamborghini espada in the late seventies it was like a howling banshee when it was on song, his mate had a Jensen interceptor FF bright orange if I remember right guys surname was Davidson he was a right unit. They used to waterski at stewartby lakes a few of them were motor dealers one ran wide barefooting and hit the bank and ended up in hospital when my mate woosti went to visit him his chest was bandaged up he said did you do that when you hit the bank as he was unconscious at the time, he said did I fuck it was that lunatic Davidson thumpin me chest trying to get me going again 😂
alanmeires преди 12 дни
The only chance you have of owning a car like this now days is if you become a rapper.
Rick Pound
Rick Pound преди 12 дни
It was always a gem, glad this one can actually stop! Cheers Harry
Patrica omas
Patrica omas преди 13 дни
Since completely changed engine and drive train not sure why you wouldn't up date the seat belts?
AvionicsGuru преди 13 дни
£7000 new in 1969 wow, all that money restoring it and it still has just one crappy totally inadequate bonnet catch which twists the bonnet as it strains to hold it up, two hydraulic ones would have been more suitable.
Beechgoose 1
Beechgoose 1 преди 13 дни
Don't like the bubble rear windscreen. Evree ting else cool though.
Burb T
Burb T преди 14 дни
Thanks for the great review of the FF-R. My Dad owned a white Interceptor FF in the 70’s, it was such a beautiful car to ride in. The 8 track stereo sounded good but not as good as that 6.3ltr Chrysler V8. Then petrol prices went nuts in the 70’s and at 12 miles per gallon, my Dad had to let it go.
Harp T
Harp T преди 14 дни
OMG I'm drawling
Hugh-John Fleming
Hugh-John Fleming преди 14 дни
Just lovely. One imagines the waiting list is quite pronounced.
Magneto One
Magneto One преди 15 дни
Voice Voice
Voice Voice преди 15 дни
It's an ugly car that's too large to my eyes. Looks like an old ford from the front with those headlamps and grill.. why a huge long rear?
Brad Cox
Brad Cox преди 16 дни
Perfect in every way except that gear shifter. The original was such a beautiful thing. Wish they could of kept it or something similar 😕
yahshu1 преди 17 дни
Very nice but there should be a Hellcat in it.
Hann Chris27
Hann Chris27 преди 17 дни
My god Harry how much do I want that Jenson amazing
David Viner
David Viner преди 17 дни
The electric conversion will be faster, there will be ones made
Max Cady.89
Max Cady.89 преди 17 дни
"This jenson ffuc here." The jenson fuc basically.
thespywholovedme1977 преди 17 дни
A proper rear window too - not like many of today’s efforts where you have to rely on a camera to see behind you when parking.
Jimmy O Reilly
Jimmy O Reilly преди 19 дни
Simply one of the most classic cars out there today
Scott Bowers
Scott Bowers преди 20 дни
That car is beautiful
Horse Nuts
Horse Nuts преди 20 дни
Possibly my favourite car ever since one overtook me on my bicycle doing a paper round in 1979. I still remember the sound of it to this day. I thought it was from Thunderbirds!
ian7520 преди 22 дни
Great Car, one of my favourites
L vN
L vN преди 23 дни
This is not a car........it's a piece of f#*king crazy art ! WOW what a sound and looks.
Shop Account
Shop Account преди 24 дни
Adverts.....adverts...and more....adverts
Manchester StreetPhotos
Manchester StreetPhotos преди 24 дни
Can they make a hybrid version ?
Fred Aarsandoy
Fred Aarsandoy преди 26 дни
All I can say, BLODDY HELL!
PiDsMedia преди 27 дни
JIA should be ashamed for what they've done here. The ONLY replacement acceptable for the MoPaR heart, is a HellCrate. Holley Carburetors? You jest surely with a mistake like that. Jensen used the 'factory' supplied Carter Carburetors. - www.jensenmuseum.org/dear-diary/carburettor/ And then "7 litre",..nup. 383 is 6.3, 440 is 7.2. Interceptors never got the 7 litre "426 Hemi", all the engines were the B/RB Wedge head Big Block.
Flickering Celluloid
Flickering Celluloid преди 27 дни
The £7700 new price of the FF in 1970 is the equivalent of £121,800 according to the Bank of England inflation calculator...never a cheap car
XEP B POCE преди 28 дни
The car is a mess at B and C pillars. Was designed by a blind man.
Seaker24 преди 29 дни
Beautiful roads. As an American it freaks me out to see cars coming at you from the right. Very beautiful car. Always loved its styling.
Пётр 2008
Пётр 2008 преди 29 дни
Лучший обзор на Дженсен Интерсептор на Ютубе вообще. Спасибо
Andrew DeBoer
Andrew DeBoer преди месец
A young wolf in an old wolf’s clothing. Love it. In the mid-80’s, I periodically rode to school in a Jensen Interceptor. By then, the car was quite a dog. This is brilliant. 10:32 - “Right!” What more need be said?
derin111 преди месец
I don’t have that kind of money....but actually for what it looks like and what it can do, I was expecting it to cost far more! I’d far rather have that than some of the much more expensive modern day super cars.
jason Southward
jason Southward преди месец
my childhood revisited 👍
Edward Margetts
Edward Margetts преди месец
a little light on horses..would be better with a supercharged Hemi.
TIM EVANS преди месец
A True Automotive Classic. In Every Sense Of The Word. They Don`t Make Em Like That No More!
James 73
James 73 преди месец
A true Gentleman's Express if ever there was one.
Sideslip преди месец
Gotta say, if I'd just spent 300k pounds on that conversion, I wouldn't be happy. Vacuum leak from the climate control under the dash, poorly upholstered rear seat (those diagonal creases in the pleating are where the tensions were not kept correct when sewing in the pleating), gaudy, out of place shifter. For 300k pounds, I think they could possibly have stretched to having a more suitable shifter made up, among other things. The body work is also far from what I'd call the straightest as well. Yes, it's a lovely job, but it's not really a modern daily driver if it already has issues like climate control failures. You expect that not to exist on a modernised vehicle. If I picked up all of that just watching a 20min BGcd video, I'd hate to see what they look like in person....
brian mays
brian mays преди месец
Absolutely brilliant car and then it is ruined by an automatic gearbox
Jonathan Vince
Jonathan Vince преди месец
It has damaged the car from being original sadly. the front has had modifications the length so much is different even spare wheel is wrong as it was full sized like they all should be NOW in all cars. As for over heating that was not the case it was like the Triumph stage water problems when filled up incorrectly caused the pump to stop working with air bubbles the breaking system is different. The Original one had an older type of what they call ABS . If they wanted to make it modern why not build a modern version as that is a lot of money so spend on a none standard Jenson that is NOT a real FF. Time Jenson re made the cars rather than harm original ones like that. .
1969cmp преди месец
Sensational retrotech
chieveley преди месец
A weekend loan would be appreciated
zobry2xxx преди месец
GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B.W.Fontaine преди месец
Ruined it when they installed a Garbage Motors produced junk chevy engine under the hood...if they wanted a modern powerplant, they should've gone with a Dodge Hemi motor, not a GM boat anchor...ugh....
kt goh
kt goh преди месец
1969....most beautiful saloon was the XJ6, most beautiful convertible was the E-type, and this was the most beautiful GT...nice, and in terms of looks England got it back then
Ana Sevi
Ana Sevi преди месец
I'd have that in an instant if i could, mouse and all!
tim sims
tim sims преди месец
Wow. What a car!!!!!!
H R преди месец
A beautiful thing...♥️
sandeep sehmi
sandeep sehmi преди месец
Black Belt Jones.
roberto pierini gonzalez
roberto pierini gonzalez преди месец
The grandiose tent presumably fax because curve regularly stain without a quarrelsome scarecrow. festive, rural bit
D Lamb
D Lamb преди месец
Best chat up line ever! “ is there room in your handbag for the Keyes for my Interceptor?”
S Cook
S Cook преди месец
If I win the Lottery tonight. That's me first car good Sir but when the car had that squeel. I thought you were in an electric vehicle. WeeeeeeEEEeeeeeeEEEeee! Nah give me a soulful V8 burble anyday. Rather than the mind destroying sound of tinnitus! Great video as always!
Lee Close
Lee Close преди месец
What a noise.
TIM EVANS преди месец
A Pure Classic Harry, My Personnel Favorite Car Of All Time. I Wish They Would Bring Them Back. And PLEASE Tell Them The Jensen Interceptor FF Was The FIRST 4WD Production Car In The World ( 1968/69)
tecdessus преди месец
Not the first 4WD car but perhaps the first non off roader, also had Maxaret anti lock brakes, I´m thinking 1966, certainly many years before the Audi Quattro. There were also some Fords fitted with the Ferguson Formula system, Capri´s and Zodiac´s I think.
Sir Dave Percy Ware-Armitage III
Sir Dave Percy Ware-Armitage III преди месец
Oh my goodness, what a stunning car, I want it!! Looks gorgeous, sounds incredible
Derek Horn
Derek Horn преди месец
Tesla 3 costs
Derek Horn
Derek Horn преди месец
Tesla3 costs
originalGFLEX преди месец
Harry I'm a avid fan of your reviews appreciating your comprehensive informative, captivating style of delivery , compared with your peers it's rather soothing laid backed, yet remarkably manages to pack a heavyweight punch of a scholar in this crowded domain. Now I must get to the point of entry in this comment section. Firstly thank goodness for the Lamborghini Contach you own which I'm sure can be the wield of a dangerous drive if pushed without the required skill. Seeing you put the Jenson into manual pressing the accelerator to unleash power that had you grappling with the steering wheel visibly shocked, mildly disorientated, calling on all your supercar experience to make sense of the humongous beastly delivery pushing to a short-lengthed horizon was priceless and forgive me had me bellowing with laughter as your comments thereafter clearly denoted a sense of relief and suggestions how refinements might be integrated into this otherwise pleasant to look at package added further entertainment. You're a gentleman and probably the best automotive reviewer on BGcd.
Andy Kerruish
Andy Kerruish преди месец
£330000 wow....I love jensens , but that’s insane.......😳😳😳
kkiwi54 преди месец
Don't think much of the misaligned slats on the side :/ (11.54)
Steve Jory
Steve Jory преди месец
A right proper motor.
Yugo Time
Yugo Time преди месец
Overly aggressive nature.......Welcome to the modern U.S. V8.
Terry Goddard
Terry Goddard преди месец
always loved this car but the updates make it a brutal weapon lol
Stephen Boulton
Stephen Boulton преди месец
Keep youre modern supercars....this is the coolest drive ever
Александр Гуров
Александр Гуров преди месец
if they omitted the supercharger and relaxed the gearbox it would be perfect I'm sure?
BigDogsDangler преди месец
Ever since I was a kid in the 70's, the sight of a Jensen Interceptor gave me a fizzy feeling in my privates.
tecdessus преди месец
Probably an infection.
ianmedium преди месец
Rewatching this one again it came to me to ask you Harry, could you get a Bristol in one day for review? Something from the seventies or later as they are more refined and interesting I think that the early ones. I never forget being at the motor show the year the Lagonda was launched ( which by the way is another request!) but the one that got me was a Bristol, for some reason that walnut interior with the braided rope handle to open the glovebox has stuck with me for over forty years!
shaneweightman преди месец
Me mates Dad had a new one of these when I was 12 , in 1976 , when me mate was 21 his dad bought him a brand new Lamborghini countash lucky bastard cheers shane uk 🇬🇧
shaneweightman преди месец
Ha they are both dead now
Marc Judge
Marc Judge преди месец
My dream car and Eagle speedster and mercedes E 500 hammer.
Michael Hardy
Michael Hardy преди 2 месеца
shame not to keep it mopar like the original and use the hellcat engine and driveline haha
Nicholas Maher
Nicholas Maher преди 2 месеца
Chevrolet engines have no history powering Interceptors, there should be a Mopar engine under the hood, as was in the car originally. There are many current Dodge engines, and ZF 8 speed transmissions, available that would be just as suitable and less incongruous.
Hab Som
Hab Som преди 2 месеца
Ooo la la, now this is special. Ok may be it cost £300k + but it looks like a million dollars and that's before it turns a wheel. Keep your Ferraris and transformer Lambo's designed by some kid with acne. The Jenson is class, now this is what you call a 'car'. Sounds terrific too. The view of the rear as it takes the corners looks very sexy indeed. And following behind a classic Jaguar, how apposite! Thanks for providing the pictures of the underside and suspension and the well placed camera angles. Another intelligent and comprehensive review. Noticed you were looking very debonair, almost 007esque in your dark slim fitting outfit. I feel the Jensen warranted the effort sir, so glad you didn't wear jeans for this one!....Just need to find me £300k now!
Recep Tayyip
Recep Tayyip преди 2 месеца
No clutch? Big disappointment.
Jon преди 2 месеца
Love this car, 'restomods' in general are a favourite of mine, probably the Bristol 411 Series 6 in particular (not sure how many Bristol managed to make before the Kamkorp buyout in the early 2010s).
Steve King
Steve King преди 2 месеца
Next: Swap the gearchange for something chrome & wood, add rear head restraints, add a panoramic roof.
manofweed1 преди 2 месеца
Reminds me of my 69 Firebird.
John Cunningham
John Cunningham преди 2 месеца
The Interceptors were ALWAYS beautiful . Large . Completely British , other than the Drivetrain . Heavy as a main Battle Tank . But Nigel ! On THIS one the Traction control goes to ELEVEN ! One of the BEST Resto/Mods I have ever seen . Limousine SLEEPER .
Shirley boy
Shirley boy преди 2 месеца
My first car was a MK 1 Escort.. JVR 400 F.... I have been a petrol head since I was born...... I have driven 100`s of different types of cars... Even a Mclaren F1!!!!!! which was awesome.... BUT if I had the Money, this is the car I would buy.... Better than a Mclaren F1?? No....Just a divine piece of British design and engineering..... :-)))
Jonathan Pardoe
Jonathan Pardoe преди 2 месеца
Friend of mine bought a Sunbeam Tiger retro mod , beautifuly crafted and modern engineering into an Alpine body He paid over £100k for it from a bereavement sale and some build documents with the car were missing but he had the log book . after a year , the gearbox started to play up and the clutch went bang . The original builders had gone to the wall and my friend went to the sunbeam dealers who obviously couldn't sort the spare parts cos no idea where they came from and since many parts were hand made to fit , my friend had no choice but to try and convert the car back to 1966 spec which is where he discovered the original builders had butchered the engine bay and gearbox tunnel to get whatever contraption it was installed and my friend had an astronomical bill to re convert back to the cars proper spec before all the new original bits could be re installed . In the end his wife put her foot down and the car was sold for spares or repair No use to man nor dog The moral of this sad story NEVER EVER BUY A CAR THAT DEVIATES FROM THE MAKERS APPROVED SPEC This Jensen will end up the same way , documents will get mislaid or builders go belly up and suddenly you got an Interceptor that you cant drive, cant sell and cant repair .
jey Lee
jey Lee преди 2 месеца
proper 70's supercar. did not get the respect it demanded.
A BC преди 2 месеца
Great car great video! 👍
Adrian Byron-Parker
Adrian Byron-Parker преди 2 месеца
Hi Harry, I'm always impressed with your reviews and the video quality.. Keep it up for us car enthusiasts! One question... what is the chase car.. it keeps up with you booting the Jenson with very little lag, impressive chase car as well!
hphoto преди 2 месеца
Kind of reminds me of how the Jag X308 is put together. Rear diff area looks similar. Tyres are the same size. Hmmm.
Alkaline Healing Advocate
Alkaline Healing Advocate преди 2 месеца
I had a very wealthy auntie who had the interceptor mk 2 it was blue met white leather, she use to let my brothers drive it up the drive, I could never reach pedals, but the engine would rore, riding in the Jensen is one if my fond childhood memory. Thank you this refit is stunning....
Flaw3dGenius преди 2 месеца
Can i trade my wife for this car please... Im in love
Mikey T
Mikey T преди 2 месеца
Weird that it has an LSA when the original engine was a Chrysler 383. They should have shoved a hellcat crate engine in there, or an SRT8 spec engine to keep the same power level.
Phil Ging
Phil Ging преди 2 месеца
Should have called it the Jensen Interceptor Missile - awesome.
ZONA CALIENTE преди 2 месеца
That kind of money north of 300K and only 556bhp? Shoud'a put a Hell Cat HEMI in it and gotten north of 700 H.P. Mopar or no car to properly power a Jensen.
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