Unboxing special: Someone made James May a knife

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James May probably isn't short of kitchen utensils these days, but this handmade knife could very well make it into his home. Arriving at the FoodTribe office with a proper sheath and even a glass-fronted case, this kitchen knife is truly something to behold.
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Munki King
Munki King преди ден
Only James may would refer to that case as a Sarcophagus! Very nice knife, that kydex sheathe is plenty durable for in the kitchen! Alot of nice features there!
FizzlNet преди 2 дни
5:40 oh lawl. That's like level 10 old person compliment. :D No offense!
Glenn J
Glenn J преди 3 дни
Wow very nice 👍🏻 🔪
Hank Bannister
Hank Bannister преди 3 дни
How often did you cut your fingers since then? B-)
Vladimir Kovacevic
Vladimir Kovacevic преди 5 дни
awesome knife
New2Kendo преди 6 дни
Nice Micarta and Decorative pin
New2Kendo преди 6 дни
Can you own those in the UK
uvs707 преди 7 дни
I'm not reading through the 2000 comments to see if anyone has mentioned it but as far as I aware a scabbard is rigid and a sheath is flexible. Sweet knife.
Hưng Elec
Hưng Elec преди 7 дни
Tôi thích cách ông ấy mở hộp 📦
Eric Messer
Eric Messer преди 8 дни
What a great gift........a piece of art.......hope you treat it well James.
4362mont преди 8 дни
wow! A knife that sort of cuts through a carrot!! Just kidding!! Beautiful work!!
Shane K
Shane K преди 8 дни
I guess it’s the thought that counts
yozzen zen
yozzen zen преди 8 дни
😅 😅 😅
Seiwa清和 преди 8 дни
Groovey Granda
Groovey Granda преди 8 дни
Ur knife not as sharp a it could be
Серж угы
Серж угы преди 8 дни
форма интересная, но по факту колун
James Murphy
James Murphy преди 8 дни
Not sharp..poorly balanced...any design should be fit for purpose...show over usefullness
Jerry 2234
Jerry 2234 преди 8 дни
Here is Captain Slow. The hero and undisputedly the wise one from the whole Top Gear bunch. Long live the Captain Slow !!! To the maker. Excellent knife !!!
Tim Doughty
Tim Doughty преди 8 дни
Maine is the farthest north eastern state In USA!
Phil Brownsey-Hughes
Phil Brownsey-Hughes преди 9 дни
At last! May has the sharpest tool in the box! 😅
Антон Сотников
Антон Сотников преди 9 дни
NORMAN BRADLEY преди 9 дни
Looks like a takeoff of a Japanese Nakiri or vegetable chopping knife. From the brief view of the handle, it looked like it could be some type of Micarta. Definitely a beautiful knife.
Marc Senteney
Marc Senteney преди 9 дни
Sssskabbard..... 😂
Hugo99 преди 9 дни
Cutting knife? No way!
dansherman1980 преди 10 дни
Hey Bim guess what? You got a nice knife.
JardaKelt преди 10 дни
USA Comedy!
MV Beard
MV Beard преди 10 дни
doesn't seem to be for cooking...
Avoid Spam
Avoid Spam преди 10 дни
Да он не режет нихрена.. - колет, как топор..
williard billmore
williard billmore преди 10 дни
I have always found blade fetishitsts to be more than a little bit creepy.
Skibidybop Mmm duh duh
Skibidybop Mmm duh duh преди 10 дни
Oi, do yoo hav yor loisencse for that knoife
The Infidel
The Infidel преди 10 дни
why would you make someone a knife that nice and have it arrive dull like a pebble? If this was a proper edge it would cut through the stem of that veg by its own weight and minimal pressure...and not tear at all.
Polska Dyzmow
Polska Dyzmow преди 10 дни
U could chop your glasses to make another 5 minutes video clip...
papayabanana666 преди 10 дни
Wasting my time
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts преди 10 дни
It's gorgeous but it cuts vegetables very poorly. Meat perhaps?
SuperGoddamnbatman преди 10 дни
Who cares
NaSEVoLLReC преди 10 дни
The cut looks horrible 🤔... Is that just my opinion? 🤔
Muzz преди 10 дни
This film made me surprisingly happy. 🙏
Rob Priestley
Rob Priestley преди 11 дни
The handle looked like what is called Mikata. It is a composite of cloth material and resin.
Lloyd Franks
Lloyd Franks преди 11 дни
Mr. May that is a proper Thank You! Very fine workmanship on that Knife Sir! Great job! Mr. Willey! I love the knife an the sheath an the case! I would love it to death an Mr. May I am sure will treasure it.
Kirk Hepburn
Kirk Hepburn преди 11 дни
Watches 30 seconds of a 8:40 video about a guy opening a box with a knife in it. Hard to make that interesting. Thanks for sharing.
izak001 преди 11 дни
Funny fact ... ij my country uopu can carry this knife in public ... and nex fact ... nobody attact to another by knife ... if this happened, is all newspaper full of this ...because this happened once per ~10 year or more ... we can carry in public guns (hidden) if you have gun licence ... wellcome in Czech republic - FREEDOM
Terry Oneill
Terry Oneill преди 11 дни
micarta handle
Blah D. Blah
Blah D. Blah преди 11 дни
He makes a funny noise when he gets his chopper out.
A M преди 11 дни
Gday James just saw your knife skills for the first time, and I'm really surprised you still have all your fingers. 👍
TSotP преди 11 дни
A sheathing flexible and usually made of leather A scabbard is rigid and usually made of wood or sometimes metal lol
Dstroke преди 11 дни
He just going to use it to cut cheese
Pure Moravian
Pure Moravian преди 11 дни
I am a barer on knife, obviously always legal carry in UK. Not in UK anymore, so I can express my opinion. This knife is for different purposes I am using my knives for, so I can send you an amazing blacksmith who's work will definitely satisfy the look of yours for a nice and functional knife. If you are interested, just ping me and I will show you what a master craftsmanship looks like. Have tested personally several knives and the quality and finish is outstanding. Have a great day and don't use your knife without knowing what is the steel etc. Hardness anything, but other than that I do like you from the program. Just not quite yet there. Kind regards.
Barry Clynes
Barry Clynes преди 11 дни
Lucky man
Dermot Mcgreevy
Dermot Mcgreevy преди 11 дни
Shame the maker didn't say what steel it was
Amirul Hakim
Amirul Hakim преди 12 дни
5:26 i died LOL he put the glasses down as he wanted to try chopping something, like he a 20 years old or something
Sky Diver
Sky Diver преди 12 дни
I seen axes sharper than this knife
David Freese
David Freese преди 12 дни
That's a gorgeous knife.
Zyx преди 12 дни
I can't remember what the material is, but the handle is not wood, sadly.
Hit man 309
Hit man 309 преди 12 дни
I was really hoping he would see how sharp it was on his wrists !
RC DR3 преди 12 дни
those carrots look terrible haha awesome knife :)
Aidan S
Aidan S преди 12 дни
And the words of my forefathers f*** off
Derek Pritchard
Derek Pritchard преди 12 дни
How you going to carve a Spitfire with that thing.
*iTs STill ME* V-i-P
*iTs STill ME* V-i-P преди 12 дни
that is to thick to chop veg
The Red Sombrero
The Red Sombrero преди 12 дни
oi you got a loicense for that mate?
Ralf Danberg
Ralf Danberg преди 12 дни
pls take care for this blade. i guess it is carbon steel depending on the sharpness an this baldes never forgive water and fingerprints depending on sweat...
GUNFU73 преди 12 дни
Looks like a competition chopper slash tanto style
lixxit преди 12 дни
Weapons are tools.
Jess ric
Jess ric преди 12 дни
Needs sharpening
stormking14687 преди 13 дни
it looks like a camp knife , a very beautiful work of art camp knife, I really hope he realises what he has there
Richard France
Richard France преди 13 дни
Called a "Chopper"
W W преди 13 дни
Lovely looking knife, definitely a knife that will last a very long time👍
W W преди 13 дни
I'm Australian and I was named after a guy my dad worked with in the 70s 👍
deejayimm преди 13 дни
See this is what I'm talking about! This guy has a service based on his skill, and not only does he get to send a hand-built gift to someone he admires, but he has just engaged in the best form of advertisement. Coca-Cola is generally regarded as one of, if not the most recognized brand name globally, certainly in the United States. Coca-Cola in 2019 spent 816 million dollars on Advertising just in the United States. In 2019 there were 328.2 million people in the United States I don't know how much it cost Coca-Cola to make a 2L bottle of Coca-Cola, but it's significantly less than 2 for $3 they charge down the road. So not even factoring in the difference between the cost of manufacture and the retail price, with the amount of money that Coca-Cola spent on advertising in 2019, I could go down to my local store and buy a pair of 2 L of Coca-Cola for every man woman and child in the US. Modern advertising is an atrocity that gets ad execs rich while jacking up the price of every product and service, while not actually achieving the goal it's supposedly set out to accomplish. Well done, sir. I 100% approve of your business practice.
John Redman
John Redman преди 13 дни
This is definately not a kitchen knife...
T. Pettersen
T. Pettersen преди 13 дни
Sounds like American blade geometry.. carrot wedge
Phil Jeavons
Phil Jeavons преди 13 дни
How was able to ship a knife from US. Ain’t that like illegal? lol
Anthony Driver
Anthony Driver преди 13 дни
Diddent he make a knife for wayn bobbets wife ,😂😂
Beaar преди 13 дни
basically asmr
Tiki _445
Tiki _445 преди 14 дни
Stay backs , HES BRITISH
Oliver Hooper
Oliver Hooper преди 14 дни
James May meets Nigella Lawson
kevin dos santos
kevin dos santos преди 14 дни
Looks like micarta scales
Hugh Barton
Hugh Barton преди 14 дни
What a wonderful object. A a thoughtful gift.
Philo68 преди 14 дни
“I do like a knife!” James May 2021.
Broeckhoest преди 14 дни
I am afraid this "tool" will end up under the chefs knife
Ash Richards
Ash Richards преди 14 дни
Its one reason to become famous...people just wish to give you the most beautiful things for free. Except politicians...accepting gifts can get you in trouble...but for those there are special "channels" to receive gifts..
Tristan Patterson
Tristan Patterson преди 14 дни
Doesn't actually look that sharp?
Watame Lon
Watame Lon преди 15 дни
7:02 James May curcimsizing his self with an artisan knife
Silent Viking
Silent Viking преди 15 дни
Looks like a seax blade Viking style
M Deep
M Deep преди 15 дни
you can use it on Jeremy
More human Than human
More human Than human преди 15 дни
I believe that knife would be best for processing big pieces of meat...orangutan or Clarkson....its nicer than the machete u ...
Rwj Streng
Rwj Streng преди 16 дни
Do you have a licence for that? 🤣
Deco Dolly
Deco Dolly преди 16 дни
I would imagine Luke Willey would be horrified to see James using that knife to cut through the poster!
Common Sense
Common Sense преди 16 дни
How come this wasn't confiscated at customs, as I had a hunting knife confiscated!
Paul Langdon
Paul Langdon преди 16 дни
Wow! Just wow! How jealous am I?? That is a thing of beauty. I'm off to Google the guy.
Lewis Henderson
Lewis Henderson преди 16 дни
the knife is blunt
WastelandWanderer 76
WastelandWanderer 76 преди 16 дни
It's basically the hand of the U.S. giving England the bird, Captain Slow...
Tasteapiana преди 16 дни
That reaction at 4:22 has got to be the most authentic look of suprize I've ever seen (apart from any doctor who ever asked me to cough).
Mad Dog Survival
Mad Dog Survival преди 16 дни
If you like knives you must have a jacklore! Perfect bushcraft knife from a uk maker
Llowdar преди 16 дни
Didn't look as sharp as espected, but the knife is amazing and it will hold his edge once done... unless it's made of iron instead of stainless steel
TooOld ForTwoWheels
TooOld ForTwoWheels преди 16 дни
I can watch James May do virtually anything. Eminently likable, entertaining and intelligent. Bravo Mr May.
Sebastiaan Rijkens
Sebastiaan Rijkens преди 16 дни
Competition chopper
Eng Mac
Eng Mac преди 17 дни
Things taste better when their fresh as well, how old were the carrots.
7777icke преди 17 дни
This is a precision tool for making julienne or very fine stripes of vegetables...
Joe Montemarano
Joe Montemarano преди 17 дни
That is considered a "competition chopper".
shaun Gilmartin
shaun Gilmartin преди 17 дни
gonna loose your fingers chopping like that
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