Hammond vs May: Who makes the best poached eggs?

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преди година

Poached eggs are a bit like beds - everyone has their own way of making them. When we heard James May and Richard Hammond can’t agree on the best way to do them, we knew it was time for a showdown. No walking on eggshells here - just a cracking head-to-head fight to the death. Or, y’know, eggs. Whatever.
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Jedi van Rooyen
Jedi van Rooyen преди 2 часа
Snotty nonsense is the name of my new album
ankr3w1 преди 4 часа
I use both methods actually.its just an egg lol
ShibuChoAdrian преди 10 часа
You are both utterly annoying morons - how on earth have we put up with you for so long - you got the toast wrong - so over done, you didn't use real salted butter on the toast, you didn't constantly stir the eggs whilst they rolling boiled in the white vinegar salted water ... for 6 minutes ... you didn't put a dab of marmite under the eggs on the toast ... but worst of all ... you ate them standing up ... may the zombies eat your faces ... as a precursor to the zombie apocalypse just so it's worthwhile for the rest of us ...
charles o'shannassy
charles o'shannassy преди 17 часа
Hammond is correct
Oliver Morgans
Oliver Morgans преди ден
Geir Balderson
Geir Balderson преди 2 дни
They bicker like an old married couple. So, cute.
William Neale
William Neale преди 2 дни
James may and Richard Hammond 2/3 of the only people id ever watch poach eggs
Edward Neal
Edward Neal преди 3 дни
How could my day possibly get any better? Hammond and May bickering over poached eggs and toast. Ahhh... these are the moments that make life worth living.
Shelby Zachary Taylor
Shelby Zachary Taylor преди 3 дни
The more runny, the better. Hammond is so picky you might as well feed him Kraft Mac and Cheese for the rest of his life. All Jokes. Can't wait to see you guys back in cars!
rxn преди 3 дни
James' eggs look fantastic, Hammond's look mediocre :)
Jay Stepp
Jay Stepp преди 3 дни
6:48LOL 7:49 Also LOL 12:32 as well
João Barros
João Barros преди 3 дни
hammond s is the best
Daran Philipson
Daran Philipson преди 3 дни
I prefer Hammonds method.
lucahoganYT преди 4 дни
I prefer James' method. I like them just a but under done
C G преди 4 дни
They're both wrong but every time James is painfully, obviously wrong and he just isn't capable of admitting any fault whatsoever, no matter how miniscule and trivial it may be, it makes me cringe. Also, steaming an egg in butter is not poaching anything, it's steaming a buttery egg. Hammond wins, even though he overcooked the egg, it's actually a poached egg, not a steamed butter egg that isn't fully cooked.
Sharbanu Ambontai
Sharbanu Ambontai преди 4 дни
I agree with Hammond on this
Dannie Holm
Dannie Holm преди 5 дни
hammond is such a mood killer
TEAser преди 5 дни
I fully agree with Hammond on this one, I also am really finicky about my eggs
Craton Orogen
Craton Orogen преди 5 дни
Why’d Hammond put vinegar in it? 😳 anybody else does that?
Stuart Morgan
Stuart Morgan преди 5 дни
James, of all the people I expected you to get this right. Poaching means the eggs go in the water not a plastic cup. I thought you stood for traditions and greatness. You've let yourself down. Richard - yes that's the correct way, a smidge overdone but that's due to the toast timing. If you ever want brilliant poached eggs I'll happily make you some.
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien преди 6 дни
Magic 😅
Vidit Jain
Vidit Jain преди 6 дни
If Clarkson was there he'd use a hammer and destroy everything and May would go: "Clarkson you infantile pillock"
Yohann Setna
Yohann Setna преди 6 дни
James’ eggs are undercooked. That snotty bit looks gross.
Tony Baker
Tony Baker преди 6 дни
Do you want a bit Lucy? 🤣
adambrumuk преди 6 дни
About time Hammond gave up the hair dye and let it go grey naturally like May. Would suit him a lot better! 😜
Yinlong преди 6 дни
I want to like this more than once
Peda Knezevic
Peda Knezevic преди 6 дни
To remind you, just one of these won cookoff vs F-ing Gordon Ramsey :D
Brad the lad
Brad the lad преди 7 дни
I'd actually love to have a meal with these legends tbh
Khamsin Shamal
Khamsin Shamal преди 7 дни
Hammond sounds like a little child when it comes to food. Guess he is only happy if he is fed chips and jello. 😊 That said, I agree with him here - in poached or boiled eggs, the white shall all be firm, and not like snot.
MuhammadAzeem преди 8 дни
These are two old men cooking eggs for 17 mins and i cant stop watching
M Rahman
M Rahman преди 8 дни
Ham ‘n Eggs by Jichard Mammond and Rames Hay
MLosUno преди 8 дни
How are these 2 presenters on the biggest automotive programs LOL? 😂
Eugen Spies
Eugen Spies преди 8 дни
why would you even eat marmite its discusting
ShyTed преди 8 дни
James’ we’re undercooked.
bevtij преди 8 дни
Who eats toast without butter on?
Rhonda Crosswhite
Rhonda Crosswhite преди 9 дни
You two sound like an old married couple. Married at least 40-50 years.
HMS Hood
HMS Hood преди 9 дни
I just toss them on the griddle and let them go until they’re done.
Yer Da
Yer Da преди 10 дни
Forgot just how awful Richard Hammond is
Jonny Rocket
Jonny Rocket преди 10 дни
The eggs from both look fine... but I would have put the toast in the bin, and used my Dualit instead
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson преди 10 дни
Hammond doesn’t have a clue! Stir the water! Utter nonsense. All down to the freshness of the eggs.
JeyDoubleYew преди 10 дни
This is officially my comfort video.
James Lowther
James Lowther преди 10 дни
FRESH EGGS & Heston's poached eggs method are the BEST!!
Any Monimus
Any Monimus преди 10 дни
James’s eggs were cooked exactly how I like them 👍🏻
Rat_kinG преди 10 дни
old married couple 😂😂
camaro1j преди 11 дни
Wow, Hamond is such a premadonna.
Gary OK
Gary OK преди 11 дни
Could try leaving the lid askew ...as this allows some steam to escape ..
Funky Mucker
Funky Mucker преди 11 дни
Never put salt!!!
geoffrey maher
geoffrey maher преди 11 дни
Who eats poached eggs. It's 2021 boomers
C G преди 4 дни
Lots of people, not everyone needs to fry everything they eat in butter or oil.
Darshan Pars
Darshan Pars преди 12 дни
6:49 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Neil Ostenfeld ENSHORED pb PedalPower
Neil Ostenfeld ENSHORED pb PedalPower преди 12 дни
James' little head shake is my absolute favourite.
Edward преди 12 дни
Hammond is correct. His were perfect/slightly over done.
SGC 1 преди 12 дни
Like an elderly married couple!
Channul преди 12 дни
Hammond, your shtick became outdated about a decade ago. Think about something new.
Ocky преди 12 дни
The toast worries me😂
Ryan Clough
Ryan Clough преди 12 дни
Would scram both
Oscar Kerkenaar
Oscar Kerkenaar преди 12 дни
Aaaah the feels between James and Hammond. Fantastic! :)
Mostafa Choudhury
Mostafa Choudhury преди 12 дни
Poach egg with sandwich bread in the morning.
joseph cooper
joseph cooper преди 12 дни
Need to get the full crew on this. Hammond, may and Clarkson
matt hancock
matt hancock преди 12 дни
hammond wins for me tbh
beyond the wheel
beyond the wheel преди 13 дни
I don't mind using vinegar but lemon juice is better
Coolbreeze0988 преди 13 дни
Bro. Imagine snoop dogg and James. Smoking and making munchie food! “Danktribe”
Phil B
Phil B преди 13 дни
James' are just slightly under done.
Dan M
Dan M преди 13 дни
Vinegar is unnecessary if you use fresh eggs and drain them (when raw) in a sieve to remove the loose white, leaving only the firm white for poaching.
JN Gunner
JN Gunner преди 14 дни
“Just because you’re a slap-dash, long-haired yobo” 😂
thomas gre
thomas gre преди 14 дни
The pathetic barber culturally rely because beetle internally scribble since a psychedelic tongue. ignorant, noisy hardcover
TheBronzeSpartan преди 15 дни
Is no one gonna talk about how Hammond found the weapon of his choice to stab James with at 6:47?
General_x преди 15 дни
If Clarkson was there, he be laying the eggs 😆 🥚
FPSPwny преди 15 дни
6:43 Cheese.
Wreckticle преди 16 дни
Tell everyone you got a bad cold (probably covid) then try to share your used cutlery - hammonds eggs FTW
Nazir Khalifa
Nazir Khalifa преди 16 дни
What came first a poached egg or a Buggatti Veyron?😄
Enid Jessica RON
Enid Jessica RON преди 16 дни
I like Richard Hammond eggs
Marc-André Sansoucy
Marc-André Sansoucy преди 18 дни
Hammond's method, but May's doneness.
Fireblade преди 20 дни
Underdone eggs on overdone toast, could it be any worse?
FPSPwny преди 15 дни
Sounds pretty 1970s if you ask me...
Lorraine Mcmahon
Lorraine Mcmahon преди 20 дни
I hope hammond was banned from thid channel you pillock
Gimmel Mom
Gimmel Mom преди 20 дни
I just started watching this video on my phone, and my son stopped what he was doing. He looked at me with a surprised face and says, "That's James May and Richard Hammond!" He totally recognized them by their voices.
The Naive Vigilante
The Naive Vigilante преди 20 дни
Ah, they don't behave any differently from their usual stuff even when they're doing a chill cooking show. I love it.
SuperLATINMIX преди 21 ден
guess who get salmonella first
Tissue Box
Tissue Box преди 21 ден
6:49 your welcome xD
Sophie louise
Sophie louise преди 22 дни
Sorry Richard but James was better
C G преди 4 дни
James didn't poach an egg, he steamed them in butter. Extremely surprised that meticulous May botched the most basic cooking technique in the world, boil water, drop in egg, done.
Misha Marchenko
Misha Marchenko преди 22 дни
I can’t stop watching this!!!!
Danner преди 23 дни
11:11 I had already made and consumed an egg and cheese sandwich by the time this part came up.
Creepebrine преди 24 дни
elijahtorrence07 преди 24 дни
they’re both so grumpy
Geoff AMJ
Geoff AMJ преди 24 дни
Why is it funny to me 0:12 , the way hammond said yes and looked into the camera.
NeoAres420 преди 24 дни
such a joy to see ole hammond. id like to see the tree amigos come together for one of these lol
Matt Sprayberry
Matt Sprayberry преди 25 дни
8 in the morning you eat breakfast if you haven't already ate by 430 am 5 tops just wait for lunch 8 in the morning just go ahead and have brunch
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes преди 25 дни
Kristin C
Kristin C преди 26 дни
Hammond is like a cheffy Robert Downey, Jr.
Jonathan Zimmer
Jonathan Zimmer преди 26 дни
The way richard does it is the correct way
Ben S Hammonds
Ben S Hammonds преди 28 дни
too funny :)
Geo. Will
Geo. Will преди 28 дни
15:07 thats so true.
LeDocteurGonzo преди 28 дни
Why Clarckson's not here ?
syed Ammar khalid
syed Ammar khalid преди 28 дни
let me just say I learned cooking poached eggs from you guys :)
Marvel .vavtar
Marvel .vavtar преди 29 дни
Ping Pong
Ping Pong преди месец
Can you taste the vinegar or not using Hammonds way?
Harley Weaver
Harley Weaver преди месец
James that is a wonderfully poached egg I don’t care what Richard says
mattmoose преди месец
Richard's were better. No question.
Vincent Ray
Vincent Ray преди месец
Everyone knows you wipe the knife off on someone else's pants.
Hubert Tubbs
Hubert Tubbs преди месец
It's burnt it's burnt it's burnt!
Nigel Clark
Nigel Clark преди месец
All eatable when you are starving.
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