Cruella - Everything Wrong With Disney

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The Critical Drinker

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The recent trailer for Disney's Cruella pretty much highlights everything wrong with this company. Let's take a closer look.

The Critical Drinker
The Critical Drinker преди месец
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liv podesta
liv podesta преди 34 минути
No i really don’t just shut up and let people enjoy movies without this bull shit
Dr. Andy
Dr. Andy преди 23 дни
No you trash on the movies i love.
New Eden
New Eden преди месец
dude theres something wrong with your vid. the whole time trough, i just keep saying. yup. yup. yup
Kevin Potts
Kevin Potts преди месец
Well, I fucking hate Amazon, but after discovering you on BGcd I've realized I like you more than I hate them, so I will certainly look into them.
Killjoy преди месец
@Vinzinger G boku no pico
M.H Reels
M.H Reels преди 2 часа
Thank you 👍🏻🙌🏻 So glad you said this
Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera преди 7 часа
ur so badass w ur bicep, aviators and jack daniels lmao
ManicallyMetal преди 8 часа
“Im A wOmAn HeAr Me RoAr” deaf people: 👁👄👁
One Of none
One Of none преди 12 часа
I really despise this the wave of "villains" from Disney's its either twist I was bad all along or no its society that's evil I only committed genocide on the because thay hurt my feelings
One Of none
One Of none преди 9 часа
@Ellen Taylor thank you I have so many people that hate my take the do there best to explain why the evil green witch is better good
Ellen Taylor
Ellen Taylor преди 10 часа
I agree with you. both scenarios just come off as super pretentious.
Broheim преди 13 часа
Why? Money. Dumb people keep buying tickets to see movies like Cruella.
Dog with Sunglasses
Dog with Sunglasses преди 13 часа
You forgot to mention the 2 animated tv series. First one with talking puppies in the farm, second in the city.
SirSirtheSird преди 21 час
They seem to be specifically re working the female antagonists.
Fawing преди 21 час
Oh, it seems like someone forgot to tell me that women roar now. I should probably start practicing.
suicidebxmber преди 22 часа
A couple of questions for British folks: Did you already have those crooked lines on the road in the seventies? And what are they for?
FenrirBranford преди ден
"WHY?" It's propaganda, my man.
Lilith Purura'Regina
Lilith Purura'Regina преди ден
Oh my lord I just realizing now your a pc troll.... ughhh
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell преди ден
Disney is a PC 💩 hole.
Lea Dora
Lea Dora преди ден
I mean let’s be honest here. Most of the new movies suck because they represent PC culture.
Humphrey Wolfe
Humphrey Wolfe преди ден
Baroness Von Mayonnaise... Nice one, drinker. Then I shall personally name the other being Cruella De Valley Farms
Paranoia Agent
Paranoia Agent преди ден
What anti-hero will we see next?
Gareth Smith
Gareth Smith преди ден
Can u not use God's name in vain.
at least my 20th account 1
at least my 20th account 1 преди ден
Its hilarious that people know how disgusting disney is but you still waste money on entertainment that's not made for you.
Swilly Billy
Swilly Billy преди 2 дни
The disney elite worship satan thats why their movies are shit. Its all to turn our spoiled little minds to mush.
Zayde Shaddox
Zayde Shaddox преди 2 дни
Disney is doing this horseshit to keep their copyrights fresh, so all their precious classics don't fall into public domain and lose their profits. That's the primary objective. The wokeism mixes more shit into the mess too though.
his dudeness83
his dudeness83 преди 2 дни
Let's make a heist movie backstory about a woman who wanted to murder puppies. Me: "You son of a bitch, I'm not in."
Chocly Nolo
Chocly Nolo преди 2 дни
It’s like they’re trying to make a feminist Joker while simultaneously missing the point of that film.
Nip K
Nip K преди 2 дни
Im surprised you didn't refer to The Decedents.
Arun P
Arun P преди 2 дни
When are we getting the movie that shows Stalin and Hitler being misunderstood.
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite преди 2 дни
Imagine if they had actually done something unique and showed the messed up back story of cruella in the form of a dark sad drama thriller/horror movie.
Qais Zuhairi
Qais Zuhairi преди 2 дни
Also, if you read wikipedia the movie had like 6 writers
fuck Trump
fuck Trump преди 2 дни
Disney's Joker everyone
Efchat преди 2 дни
Malefic was super good and it was a remake
Megan Lukes
Megan Lukes преди 3 дни
I still can’t believe they tried to make Cruella Deville a sympathetic protagonist. She literally wants to kill 100 puppies to make fur clothes, one of the most “evil just because” characters in Disney.
Steven Coates
Steven Coates преди 3 дни
Imagine if Cruella was a man... ...then we wouldn't have EVER heard of this movie!!!
A Based Gentleman
A Based Gentleman преди 2 дни
TZE GOH преди 3 дни
I’m actually looking forward to Cruella - I think it would be a campy good time.
Matthew Sawczyn
Matthew Sawczyn преди 4 дни
If this movie doesn't have a shaggy army dog saying "On the double, man! On the double!" then I want no part in it
Janet Anaedu
Janet Anaedu преди 4 дни
pls, enjoy the movie when it comes out.
joshua kim
joshua kim преди 4 дни
There's something that just occurred to me regarding Cruella. She could and would, unironically, pull off a "i'm evil and i love it" type of character instead of his misunderstood antihero crap and probably would be better off for it too. Think about it for a moment; probably one of the most famously loved villains in fiction is Palpatine, who is "i'm evil and i love it" incarnate and everyone loves that wrinkly bastard because he's such a bastard and is self-aware of it. Cruella would be perfect for a "I'm evil and if you have a problem with that then i don't care" character but Disney is never going to do that.
vain преди 4 дни
Tbh the trailer looks pretty impressive, especially with the design.
OlafttheGreat1998 преди 5 дни
Baroness von Mayonnaise is just the best
Your fellow ARMY
Your fellow ARMY преди 5 дни
Sometimes, Villans should just remain villains without them turning the villains into misunderstood ppl. Come on, people just wanna watch some evil sometimes. It's more fun that way
Crusader Animation
Crusader Animation преди 5 дни
3:10 Witch mean you wasn't able to be operator of your pocket calculator.
E R R O R I S T преди 5 дни
your so fucking right, thank God this video exists seriously
Goblez преди 5 дни
How tf are you meant to empathize with a woman who wants to murder a litter of puppies to make a fur coat.
Ambient Brothers
Ambient Brothers преди 5 дни
Rian Johnson needs to be listed 75 times.
Steven Blair
Steven Blair преди 5 дни
That was a hell of a performance 🎭. I'm with u on remaking films 🎥 that were great and don't need them to b turned into less. What is important 2 making a great film is imagination of something never been seen. Disney has done in the past so 4 God sake do it in the future. Cheers 🍻
Ian Mcpartland
Ian Mcpartland преди 5 дни
You are so negative....just shut up
Jobs mine
Jobs mine преди 6 дни
disney tries so hard to copy DC's harley quin and joker character. they will fail and it just won't do... they better stay with their mcu characters.
Tim Kirtland
Tim Kirtland преди 6 дни
If this movie actually performs well at the box office, gets decent viewer ratings on Disney +, or receives mixed to negative reviews from mainstream critics, I will personally cosplay as a fat male Cruella and post it on Facebook, Instagram and BGcd. All of you may quote me on this.
Partymangle 2018
Partymangle 2018 преди 6 дни
Cruella will be the new Joker. Because this film will be a Joke.
Sean Pertwee
Sean Pertwee преди 6 дни
Cruella, a woman who wouldn't be out of place as an interrogator in a Gestapo headquarters...
Peter Panda
Peter Panda преди 7 дни
Glad Spiderman is not dating her anymore.
Invisible Man
Invisible Man преди 7 дни
I suppose animal welfare and animal rights are just the "patriarchy" now amirite?
Pedro Prada Carciofi
Pedro Prada Carciofi преди 8 дни
This is really stupid, she was clearly spoiled aristocracy in the film In Maleficent they at lest tried to make it so it would be possible for things to happen the way the original movie made them (even thou they fail completly with the finale), this one is just reutilizing the name basicaly
Pedro Prada Carciofi
Pedro Prada Carciofi преди 8 дни
Maleficent isn't such a bad movie conceptualy It was poorly executed and has several unsalvegable elements, yes. But the core idea of having a Villan be a misunderstoon antihero isn't bad, and she actualy has understandable reasons to be a villan, but also to grow And it's because of the rape metaphor. If they handled it right, Beuty would come off as the rape child, as she is literaly the result of what happened to Maleficent. Understandbly, Maleficent correlates the child to the horrible experience she has and, in her hatred, blames her for it. Over time however, she realises the child is inocent, motherly instincts kick in and she tries to undo the injustice she has comited, learning to let go of her grief and to overcome her trauma in the process, regaining her freedom from the rapist's actions (represented by she regaining her wings) The problem is that she never actualy suffers because of what happened aside from the initial scene, wich is poorly executed. Hell, the king suffers more tan her with his sleepless nights
Chillem dafoe
Chillem dafoe преди 8 дни
The Harley similarities are striking but i have to say in terms of the outlandish outfits its kinda expected for Harley since thats pretty typical with suppervillians
Yessica Corona
Yessica Corona преди 9 дни
The only remake that was worth it was maleficent. The others really aren't that great.
Des преди 9 дни
I would say the only recent live action that's been good imo is Aladdin. It looked good and the songs still sounded good!
Angus Ng
Angus Ng преди 9 дни
I actually liked the Aladdin and Mulan remakes despite how terrible they were.
Nate Andersen
Nate Andersen преди 9 дни
So I wonder, if the trend continues, will we get a standalone historical rewrite of TLM history for Ursula? How she turned to revenge as a tragic backlash against her abuse at the hands if King Triton and flesh out her banishment? Maybe sprinkle in a little "wink nudge" "friendship" with Ariel's mother perhaps? My digital crystal ball says it may come to pass if for no other reason then because it hasn't been fully burned to the ground yet.
Nate Andersen
Nate Andersen преди 9 дни
@Ranko-Chan great minds I guess huh? your idea first I see.
Nate Andersen
Nate Andersen преди 9 дни
What about the Wicked Stepmother from the Cinderella story? Easy cash grab to turn a twice widowed Woman with two kids into a sympathetic hero turned villain story.
a1kid преди 10 дни
Why, you ask? Because Marxism, by its very nature, kills innovation and creative thinking, as does its Hellspawn, Cultural Marxism. EVERYTHING is subservient to the agenda of the state. Additionally, I think Disney is now trying to destroy its own past as a way to fit itself into what it perceives to be the new society. All that came before is evil and must be destroyed, forgotten, and replaced. Disney must devour itself in order to be reborn.
Taylor Robinson
Taylor Robinson преди 11 дни
You forgot to mention..ughhhhhhhh Emma stone.......ughhhhhhhh
John G Vicent
John G Vicent преди 11 дни
They just want to capitaize the huge popularity Harley Quinn has right now. I don't know if this movie is going to age well IMO.
Bruce преди 11 дни
Remember when we watched things before talking about them? Why the fuck are we reviewing trailers?
Ron G.
Ron G. преди 11 дни
Nailed it. Always a joy Drinker.
Richard Andrássy
Richard Andrássy преди 12 дни
It reminds me of Trump talking about how much of a genius he is, A very stable genius ! Lmao
pqsnet преди 12 дни
LOL That list and the end of it... ----> 00:03 Rian Johnson.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Miguel Palacio Castillo
Miguel Palacio Castillo преди 12 дни
I can’t wait for Night in Bald Mountain where Chernabog’s origins are explored as once an ally of god but he got corrupted and became the Disney version of Satan. not gonna lie that would be pretty cool
Hecate's Mill
Hecate's Mill преди 13 дни
Next up, the misunderstood and misrepresented Ursula.
Najstefaniji преди 13 дни
dude, youve nailed it hahaha
alitlweird преди 14 дни
Disney has been hijacked by marxist shit heads. They don’t know how to create anything. They just pervert and destroy what others have made.
Adam Kalb
Adam Kalb преди 14 дни
Pro tip: If you hate live-action Disney remakes because they rarely have anything new to offer, go watch *Descendants!* It is a trilogy of live-action Disney films based on characters from many, many classic animated Disney films, but it has a much better storyline with a great message about acceptance which, while not the most original thing ever done in 2015, at least does *something* new with old Disney properties for the same target demographic as the old movies and takes a lot more risks than any of the live-action Disney remakes ever did. If we all bought DVDs of Descendants instead of Maleficent, Cruella, or any live-action remakes with the same titles as their animated predecessors, the world of animation lovers would be a better place, but more importantly, Walt Disney Animation might also be a better place once it finally learns to not waste money on live-action remakes that almost everybody hates, or weird wild villain backstories that retcon villains to be more sympathetic out of nowhere, because stories that genuinely try and succeed to do _new_ things with old characters or even making new characters based on them, like seeing if the children of the classic heroes and villains can get along and if the villain kids take a different path from their parents, are what will have more appeal than changing a villain's backstory in the long term. March 30, 2021, 10:53pm
Jack Sun
Jack Sun преди 14 дни
The truth is people are being born everyday, and about every decade styles change. 50 years from now, few from that time is gonna bother watching movies from 50 years before. So why not Retell a good story, instead of letting it be lost in time. As a plus, this might also make people curious and revisit past installments.
Danny D.
Danny D. преди 15 дни
I remember seeing several tumblr posts complaining about how Creulla thought she was being oppressed and not because she wanted to skin puppies to make a coat. So we’ve reached a point where tumblr is more self aware than Disney.
broke Vulture
broke Vulture преди 15 дни
Either they have contract made up years ago to make these or disney is trying out the blumhouse-method. Not sure if any of those remakes made them lose money (made less then it cost) Or maybe they're just gone mad. Whatever the reason, they can't away my old disney comic classics and I refuse to watch the live-animated ones.
Live Large
Live Large преди 16 дни
At least there’s White people in it.
Land Before Time 75
Land Before Time 75 преди 16 дни
You’re right about Disney and I agree everything you said about Disney. Disney has FOOLED us all with their greediness, cruel nonsense and very selfish. Disney is now my least favorite company because they don’t know what they’re doing at all and it’s very disappointing. Great rant video and I highly agree everything you said.
Paguo преди 16 дни
bro, Cruella literally is a symbol for cruelty, futility and banality. A woman that wants to kill 100 dogs to make a jacket and they turned her into an "empowered female"... man I swear I will boycott Hollywood and turn myself to anime, holy fucking shit
40KWill преди 16 дни
I say once or twice a totally different spin on a character from some old story is fine. Do it well and few will complain. Do it again and again that's a sign of a dying studio.
Cerbus преди 17 дни
This movie what ever the hell this ends on wont change the fact that she got beaten by a bunch of dogs. TWICE
Charles Duff
Charles Duff преди 17 дни
I swear to God : ONE SECOND of the original Beauty and the Beast movie is 10X better than ANY ONE ENTIRE movie of their recent cash-grab remake fad. They should not even be allowed to call themselves Disney anymore.. Walt must be doing summersaults in his grave.
Nathan Green
Nathan Green преди 17 дни
Tough life skin dogs and make a coat that will.make everything better
chayen преди 17 дни
a petition for Disney to stop using feminist theory to make money.
septicbro преди 18 дни
Couldn't agree more. And in fact this is why I didn't care much for Joker either. The protagonist in that movie really doesn't fit well with the Batman world presented by all the previous movies. It would have been much better off as its own thing, in my humble opinion. And obviously that is even truer about Cruella. Kudos to everyone who tries to put cool, relatable villains in their stories (check Victor Hugo's novels for some textbook examples). But 101 Dalmatians didn't need that. An antagonist who's just a cruel, spoiled, evil biatch was more than enough for a kids' story like that. The one and only reason for making a whole new movie about Cruella, as opposed to inventing a new character and a new story, is, as you said, cashing in on nostalgia.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson преди 18 дни
The famously conservative Disney corporation bullies conservative employees? I love ya mate, but I think you really need to lay off the whiskey if you think that is actually true. Your liver can only handle so much.
Jon McDaniel
Jon McDaniel преди 18 дни
Cruella wanted to kill puppies. She was literally worse than Hitler, who was very kind to his dogs. Except when he blamed them for his vegetarian diet enduced flatulence.
DangerMouSe преди 18 дни
Waiting for them to make a live action antihero prequels for Gaston, Jafar, Shere Khan & Scar... Oh wait, they never will because they're males & "empowering males is evil" Lol, was in the middle of writing this & he brought this up🤣
Ťaryn C
Ťaryn C преди 18 дни
You're a really good looking guy. You ever gonna do this in a video form? You're like a drunk Scottish Robert Downey. Im Scottish aswell so i appreciate how beautifully we swear
RAUMER HERR преди 18 дни
"People who brag about their IQ are looses". - Stephen Hawking
xxLornyTunesxx преди 18 дни
I actually enjoyed Maleficent, it was a change in pov at the time but they're just getting boring now. If they were going to remake anything I think Atlantis or Treasure Planet would've been better options, the special effects would be stunning.
C Jones
C Jones преди 18 дни
I can't be the first person to say this, but.... Why the obsession with redeeming villains? Maybe, MAYBE, they know they are despicable authoritarians cancelling and shaming their way through Hollywood. Rand suggested that no man sees himself as truly evil, because if he accepted that the next step would be suicide or insanity. People will jump through AMAZING metaphysical hoops to avoid it. Maybe, MAYBE, the flood of "The villain ain't so bad" films is a manifestation of it...?
C Jones
C Jones преди 18 дни
I wonder if when they bought Marvel they took "With great power comes great responsibility" a little too literally?
Al Payne
Al Payne преди 19 дни
I am Emma Stone here my career slowly die more like
Pablo Penovi
Pablo Penovi преди 19 дни
I get the attraction with this whole trend of villains having backstories and not being so bad in the end, or being victims of society or whatever, but if it's overdone then in the end you can't root for anyone, because no one is right, no one is wrong, and everything is grey. To me that just makes the classic stories duller. For example, when you see a movie like 300, it's exciting because you side with Leonidas and his 300. They're strong, righteous and noble, while both Xerxes and the Spartan council are corrupt, weak or evil. While watching that movie I don't care for Xerxes or his soldiers. If you then make a movie in the same universe about Xerxes actually just being a misrepresented benign philanthropist, I don't care for that. My hero is Leonidas! In my view you just can't change that deep bonding with heroes in stories that goes back to people around a fire in caves telling tales.
Noturbusiness Notatall
Noturbusiness Notatall преди 19 дни
because they have a bunch of SJW brain dead zomibies as stuff, cus those are the ppl that finish arts colleage.
JeanRose 067
JeanRose 067 преди 20 дни
So basically this is disney's live action version of catwoman AND the joker... Edit:considering both of them are being bad movies to begin with..
Here For the Tea
Here For the Tea преди 20 дни
How is this the first time I’m hearing about this movie
Mathieu Fredette
Mathieu Fredette преди 20 дни
Can't wait for "Stromboli" the movie !
NotDiego RoundFace
NotDiego RoundFace преди 20 дни
Disney redeeming all their past villains sounds weird but interesting
Patrick the Henchman
Patrick the Henchman преди 21 ден
The Drinker says “go away now” as a cat is shown walking away all sad. Whether the timing of that clip was intentional or not, it is pretty humorous
Ikaika Arnado
Ikaika Arnado преди 21 ден
What are you talking about Cruella looks dope af...
L'Assassin du 50
L'Assassin du 50 преди 21 ден
2:55 Guncotton cloak ? Flash string is a thing, so I suppose nitrocellulose can be woven into cloth ; wondering if it would burn fast enough to not induce burns like regular guncotton.
Janet Helen
Janet Helen преди 23 дни
When I watch it, I want to be sitting in my chair at the end of the movie still being scared of her, having the same feeling I had well watching the other live action and once upon a time 😡 if not fuck off!
tgbandroid17 преди 23 дни
You can make a tragic, misunderstood character out of Cruella. It worked for the Joker. The problem is that it’s Disney so a.) they’re lazy and b.) wouldn’t be willing to do what’s necessary to make it work.
tgbandroid17 преди 23 дни
@Noh Buddy because Disney makes it a thing. Instead of just making a good movie or just remaking a good movie, they always have to pepper in some additional bullshit to make a point. No one thought jasmine was some weak female stereotype in Aladdin, but some dumbass at Disney did, so they added a pointless additional song. It’s annoying and condescending, and people praise these movies even if it’s actually just a piece of shit.
Noh Buddy
Noh Buddy преди 23 дни
@tgbandroid17 Why bring indentity politics up at all? Has nothing to do with the movie
tgbandroid17 преди 23 дни
@Noh Buddy except I wouldn't. I literally said that Joker was an example of a movie that reexamines a villain from the past and does it well. Whether or not its an attempt to lecture society is irrelevant because it wasn't lazy. I don't even understand your grievance with what I said, especially since I agree with most of what you're saying.
Noh Buddy
Noh Buddy преди 23 дни
@tgbandroid17 Lol identity politics? God you all are fucking insufferable. If it was a movie like you describe you'd still bitch about "indentity politics". They're doing what they did with Maleficint and other live action remakes/whatever movies Disney never makes hard R tragic movies. Their lazy paint by numbers movies make money. That's it.
tgbandroid17 преди 23 дни
@Noh Buddy I'm not saying that I would want to, but I am saying that it could work if it wasn't Disney making it. It's not so much that they are making it as it is that they're making it to revise perception of classic movies and characters to fit in identity politics.
CJCroen1393 преди 23 дни
OverlySarcasticProductions has already succeeded at summing up this film before the trailer even came out: "I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO LOVE ME AS MUCH AS I LOVE SKINNING PUPPIES!"
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