Nuggets vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA Playoff Game 5

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Check out Nuggets vs Lakers HIGHLIGHTS Full Game

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best highlights from tonight's NBA game for you to enjoy.
In today’s game, the Lakers beat the Nuggets and won the NBA Wester Conference Finals 4-1.
The final score of tonight's Game Lakers 1117 Nuggets 107
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Alejandro P.
Alejandro P. преди 11 дни
Glad we won the chipppppp!!!!
WesleyParksGaming преди 25 дни
I dead ass thought I was watching a 2k simulation for a second
The Legend
The Legend преди 26 дни
Jareth Theron
Jareth Theron преди 26 дни
I see more skill in the NBA now than ever before.
joe ten
joe ten преди 26 дни
Caruso did a good job bringing the Lakers to a good lead in the first half. LBJ did great closing the game. Solidl performance from both players
Krishna Baldonasa
Krishna Baldonasa преди 27 дни
I know my team Lakers will again in 3 peat championships if my idol Anthony dV
Ozan Yemez
Ozan Yemez преди 27 дни
After watching herro play, he currently hands down is the best white player on the earth...Although heat team seems a little bit downsized against AD&LJ, they might repeat their perfect transition game and long range shooting over lakers unless lakers make turnovers less than expected ... To me, danny green could be the x factor all through the final series if he can perform his ultimate defencive skills and show his huge experience in crucial time of the games... It is certain that getting trophy would be so tough for both teams this time and historical games are waiting for us☺☺😅
yeowder yung
yeowder yung преди 27 дни
when lebron win the championship At cleveland: cleveland ! this is for you ! At lakers:Kobe Bryant ! this is for you !
Bruno Sousa
Bruno Sousa преди 27 дни
Do it for The Black Mamba!
Ty Tolbert
Ty Tolbert преди 27 дни
Murray using the excuse of playing being hurt
Kuya Lawrence OFW
Kuya Lawrence OFW преди 27 дни
nice idol lebron king
gwen22567 преди 28 дни
Video cuts are horrible man
Scott Pointon
Scott Pointon преди 28 дни
LBJ proved he is still the best in the league.
Shawn Nelson
Shawn Nelson преди 28 дни
Millsap think he slick wit that jersey
greitas opelis
greitas opelis преди 28 дни
Where the LeBron haters now
willy patt
willy patt преди 28 дни
Howard was not ballin, he just practice his new ability, flopping with de refs in his side. Big Ballon floating
Pexman преди 28 дни
Give Caruso and Green a Credit too 🤲🤲👍👍🤟🤟he done a great job! Go Lakers!!!! This is for you The Black Mamba🤟🤟👍👍
John Garcia
John Garcia преди 26 дни
Aaa Potyong
Alieu Jallow
Alieu Jallow преди 28 дни
Lebron is the king bt nt everybody can lyk u
Khumo Maleka
Khumo Maleka преди 28 дни
7:49 Vote turned into a ballerina with that twirl lmao.
半仙 преди 28 дни
vx xxoo000099 专业老师带队 可合作
gOsHtFaCe Ballaz
gOsHtFaCe Ballaz преди 28 дни
Bastian Brings
Bastian Brings преди 28 дни
James преди 28 дни
If Jordan is considered better player than Wilt, Bill, Kareem then LeBron is already better player than Jordan This is a fact
KamYuen Hui
KamYuen Hui преди 28 дни
Only seeing the shot goes in doesn’t mean this is a highlight. We wanna see how the play is done. Not just watching the ball goes through the net.
George Miles
George Miles преди 28 дни
BREAKING: George miles is kicked out of barking 3rd team after failing the drug test for taking too much blue inhaler
George Miles
George Miles преди 28 дни
Nick miles after George gets a trim “You look just like me son!”
George Miles
George Miles преди 28 дни
George will find physics test hard because his asthma is being a little devil!
Riyan Dipawan
Riyan Dipawan преди 28 дни
8:34 travel but ok
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang преди 28 дни
0:38 LeBron: oh, my... I got a bad headache. While the ref: what? I didn't see anything.
Bob Guru
Bob Guru преди 28 дни
Rigged series, lakers had to win no matter what, horrible referees.
OmarG. преди 28 дни
I'm happy for Ant. Davis.....,
Kdrama Artist Stories
Kdrama Artist Stories преди 28 дни
Yahoo Sports: Robert Horry and John Salley are the only two players to win a title on three different teams, but they were role players. If the lakers win, Lebron and also DANNY GREEN got the TITLE with three different TEAM("-")..
Mamadou Sow
Mamadou Sow преди 28 дни
Nuggets 👏👏👏👏
Tvrtko Kotromanic
Tvrtko Kotromanic преди 28 дни
Lebron James was MVP of this series. Anthony Davis as well but Lebron dominated whenever he wanted. Dwight Howard wins the award for most unsportsmanlike behaviour of the series. I can't understand why a man would be happy with himself acting & winning like that. Absolutely no need.
Dreeam Dee
Dreeam Dee преди 28 дни
Un beau match.
Johannes Wu
Johannes Wu преди 28 дни
JR the assistant coach lol
Star Lord
Star Lord преди 28 дни
Fam Davis took Porters corn bread....
Ej Baluran
Ej Baluran преди 28 дни
Cody Forsythe
Cody Forsythe преди 28 дни
Trump 2020
Joji Morta
Joji Morta преди 28 дни
Automatic ring for the lakers
Ian Perfecto
Ian Perfecto преди 28 дни
Bat puro highlight Ng nuggets pansin nyo haters ata ni Lebron Ang gumawa nito.
#LGAFA Gbagbo panafricanisme
#LGAFA Gbagbo panafricanisme преди 28 дни
Bravo Lakers bravo LeBlack bravo superDavis bravo champions
Caner Güzeldere
Caner Güzeldere преди 28 дни
2:27 Lebron, hows tht not a travelling ? Smh
Kevin Jumadiao
Kevin Jumadiao преди 28 дни
4:54 wtf, I really hate that
DeMontrion Jackson
DeMontrion Jackson преди 28 дни
Go run this back to 2k sports and demand they get their ratings right. Michael porter Jr.
JRTom 10
JRTom 10 преди 28 дни
They won't beat Miami nor Boston tough
Rosel Cabañero
Rosel Cabañero преди 28 дни
Allene Magtalas
Allene Magtalas преди 28 дни
Lakers will sweep the finals.
Abdourahmane Coly
Abdourahmane Coly преди 28 дни
King James
Πέγκυ Κανταρτζή
Πέγκυ Κανταρτζή преди 28 дни
Allen iverson never got a ring and jr just gets one by just sitting😂
wholeSAM handSAM aweSAM
wholeSAM handSAM aweSAM преди 28 дни
Cry cry cry😂 reasons reasons reasons😂 lakers in 5!👍😂
w3t80y123 преди 28 дни
The refs vs. Jokic. THe nba is a joke
Frank Meholli
Frank Meholli преди 28 дни
king james
CG ARMADA преди 28 дни
So sad Where are McGee
mohamadou dibbasey
mohamadou dibbasey преди 28 дни
Manuel Cabezas
Manuel Cabezas преди 28 дни
Mi equipo de nuevo en lo alto. Los Ángeles Lakers.
lito llave
lito llave преди 28 дни
Lebron is real MVP
a nobody
a nobody преди 28 дни
In my opinion, if this was really about the money. Clippers should've won. Clippers vs lakers is big money. Plus personally it would be more iconic and will give opportunities for money if Lakers actually lost. Denver would be like an underdog story. Iconic. Fame. Money. I Already imagine "playing card puns" of Joker being better than the King.
Elvis F
Elvis F преди 28 дни
Desde los 80s nunca en la nba las decisiones arbitrales decidieron como en esta. Que tristeza ver como favorecieron a los Lakers de nada les vasto gastar una millonada es un equipo sin alma lo único destacable fue Davis.
random_dude преди 28 дни
Now that the Lakers are in the finals we just have to wait for the Clippers to finish their series for the promissed Battle of Los Angeles....oh....wait
Andrei Nybakken
Andrei Nybakken преди 29 дни
Thanks for a great season, Nuggets!
Sarah-A преди 29 дни
I have a weird feeling that the officials helped lakers a bit. I am a Stephen curry/warrior fan since 2009 btw. Not nuggest. But respect for them
Sarah-A преди 28 дни
@wholeSAM handSAM aweSAM lol Im near double your age. But congrats to the lakers 😉
wholeSAM handSAM aweSAM
wholeSAM handSAM aweSAM преди 28 дни
Oh really? Me im a lakers fan since 1965 btw im 19yrs old😂
lazaro capaccioni
lazaro capaccioni преди 29 дни
Disgusting how refs won this game for Lakers, this league is a fucking joke
CAT преди 29 дни
Byee chicken nuggets
Shawn Lovel
Shawn Lovel преди 29 дни
Good fòcus
Kevin van Dorst
Kevin van Dorst преди 29 дни
LBJ is so overrated, allmost invisible all game...
Jepoy Laurennce
Jepoy Laurennce преди 29 дни
Umar Kamil
Umar Kamil преди 29 дни
3:57 howard being like "get the fuck outta here"
Zomixzツ преди 29 дни
im sorry but that 3 pointer from lebron was just mindblowing
Oliver Radivojevic
Oliver Radivojevic преди 29 дни
rigged shit..good luck to majami ..lets go
willy patt
willy patt преди 29 дни
Congratz Lakers.. Good struggle Nuggets, you boys had your own crown of big respect and heart. Carry on
OhMy MyM
OhMy MyM преди 29 дни
Is any person with at least one functioning brain cell still watching LeChina? I thot they stop playin last month! Still Boycottin these Idiots and any advertising associated with em!!!
hortelano roi
hortelano roi преди 29 дни
antetokounmpo in the finals, great.
mardi jansen
mardi jansen преди 29 дни
Damn these exhibition atmosphere games
Zeus Rye Masongsong
Zeus Rye Masongsong преди 29 дни
“Now Morris on Morris and Morris knocks it down”
Jairome Wahabi
Jairome Wahabi преди 29 дни
god damn lebron the last 3 minutes damnnnnnnn
Chin Keong Tan
Chin Keong Tan преди 29 дни
Nba is getting boring... just pay through the nose and team up all the big guys
Petar Krolo
Petar Krolo преди 29 дни
they got nothin on lakers 3-1 lead smh....
Roy Quint
Roy Quint преди 29 дни
Lakers Campeon x decreto ..les hubiesen dado el trofeo sin jugar y era lo mismo
Milan Djokic
Milan Djokic преди 29 дни
And the Referees are finaly in the finals......with the help of LA Lakers 👏
John Finnerty
John Finnerty преди 29 дни
Thought the Nuggets would make it some kind of series. Disappointing. Nuggets are a talented squad but just not able to break The Lakers. Rings are surely coming now. As someone who doesn't rank LeBron as the goat, (Top five), I will say he is some kind of player. There's never been an athlete like him. Tremendous.
T NoSu
T NoSu преди 29 дни
Howard hillarious pussy-acting...
Joaquim Liengme
Joaquim Liengme преди 29 дни
LeBron is the king 👑 hope they gonn win this one
Penafrancia Dominguez
Penafrancia Dominguez преди 29 дни
Alucard Brahmstone
Alucard Brahmstone преди 29 дни
I cant believe that jumpball situation where LBJ got pulled outside of the line trying to get that ball eluded the ref hahahahaa
paderes crestline
paderes crestline преди 29 дни
Lakers players so disgusting!!!
Astig 34
Astig 34 преди 29 дни
Nabura na ang sumpa.😂
Mochi преди 29 дни
God damn, Caruso is hungry for that ring
Gianni Fantelli
Gianni Fantelli преди 29 дни
Godruso showing Magic
Joseph Patrick Mabanag
Joseph Patrick Mabanag преди 29 дни
parang 2k na pinapanood ko hahaha...
KingSoul PeaceLove&Respect
KingSoul PeaceLove&Respect преди 29 дни
clippers in 6 😊
LIN LIN преди 29 дни
Diepie Pew
Diepie Pew преди 29 дни
Coment number 1k 👌
André Cardoso
André Cardoso преди 29 дни
Let’s go Lakers that 17th is really close
Darwin Jikiri
Darwin Jikiri преди 29 дни
Lebron James...
Chan -X
Chan -X преди 29 дни
Nice !
Αναρχικός Φασίστας
Αναρχικός Φασίστας преди 29 дни
Lakers : 🔥LeBron 🔥Davis ⚰️Caldwell Pope ⚰️Mcgee
kornél Dávid
kornél Dávid преди 29 дни
the refs are 2-0 on the nuggets!! when the lakers srarts palying,?
tomaszapa преди 29 дни
Lakers. Go for the title!!!
Rubén Gómez Teixeira
Rubén Gómez Teixeira преди 29 дни
referees will play the finals (Sorry, Lebron and friends). what a shameless behavior from NBA, this serie has been corrupted by the referees. Everything for a ring in Kobe's memory and another emothional american tv show. This season is a rubbish.
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