Has James May made the best sandwich yet? | Crisps VS Chips

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James May is back to do some hardcore investigative work in the bug-out bunker kitchen.
It’s a question millions of people need to know the answer to. Which is best: a crisp sandwich, or a chip sandwich? Only James May has the answer.
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Paul Leach
Paul Leach преди 11 часа
Cornflake and tomato sauce sandwiches for the win.
Kazoo преди ден
It is 8 minutes past 2 in the morning, and I’m going to go make a crisp sandwich.
nanochase преди ден
How did anyone survive Britain in the 1970s?
Carl Jeppe
Carl Jeppe преди ден
ohh myyy even a 17 year old south african (me) has crisp sandwiches all the time
vasekdrtic преди ден
As someone from Continental europe i see ad chips or crips in sendwich as most weird think i ever see
the demon lord kegalos
the demon lord kegalos преди ден
He said yo bredrin
SwingsN'Roundabouts преди ден
What kind of savage only butters one bread slice
Pól Mac Brádaigh
Pól Mac Brádaigh преди 2 дни
They don't eat half of the sandwiches made
Hydra Kitt
Hydra Kitt преди 2 дни
I'm watching a presenter whom I've been watching for the last 12 years drive supercars and go on crazy adventures make sandwiches with weird ingredients and say like comment subscribe every 5 minutes. Best channel ever.
Gallagher преди 2 дни
Marcus Russell
Marcus Russell преди 2 дни
I have never seen someone so precise about a crisp sandwich I don't think any other human being could do it and make you watch it till the end i put the salt on first then the vinagar which direction do you want it cut lol 😂
Jack Sharratt
Jack Sharratt преди 2 дни
I would love that job food tasting
Jon Rance
Jon Rance преди 2 дни
A chip sandwich with cut up pickled onions and a dollop of ketchup. The pickled onion gives it a real crunch! You also need a nice thickly sliced white bloomer!
Ronald W. Reagan
Ronald W. Reagan преди 2 дни
The correct way to say it=CHIPS
Moe Aln
Moe Aln преди 2 дни
Thanks james but that, is obviously not food.
Anon B
Anon B преди 2 дни
I dont know why im watching this
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien преди 2 дни
Never had one until I was in France, 2 years ago. I am 48.
G-Man преди 3 дни
Take a shot for everytime James says "like, comment and subscribe" I DARE YOU
Kane преди 3 дни
Did any other Australians immediately pause the video and go to the comments when James said we say crisps?
Daniel Upcraft
Daniel Upcraft преди 3 дни
Lousy Brown is a little boring
under the Stairs gaming
under the Stairs gaming преди 3 дни
I love a crisp sandwich
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
Has anyone else noticed worryingly James has abit of a head twitch ? I pray it’s not the first signs of Parkinson’s
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
Worst one at 1:30
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
Who cuts chip or crisp sandwiches?????? Only James may . For me he’s sometimes way to precise in the making as well . But I guess that’s why we love him .
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
4:09 chips here are .... chips and the rest of you are in correct in calling them fries . Keep up !
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 3 дни
I can’t he’ll but think having James as a uncle would be sometimes mind numbing sometimes , he could give an aspirin a headache, that being said he can sometimes be funny without realising it .
Jon Griffin
Jon Griffin преди 3 дни
The chip butty needs brown sauce not tomato sauce!
Alain преди 3 дни
Typical undercooked British chips. Why can't you cooked properly like the Belgians do?
Quin40 преди 3 дни
Hahaha, how has this video got nearly 100,000 views???????
The Colour Rose
The Colour Rose преди 3 дни
Any yanks here?
Porkbunz преди 3 дни
Australians call fries chips and crisps chips
ilichio преди 3 дни
Aside from the exciting british cuisine, you won't see a mattress to avoid reverb in any other BGcd channel XD
JD Banks
JD Banks преди 4 дни
Please do a video on bangers and mash.
Brad the lad
Brad the lad преди 4 дни
I'm younger than Lucy Brown And iv tried a heck of alot more stuff lol Where is she from? The moon 😂
lawra27 преди 4 дни
In Australia "Chips" can refer to crisps, fries or chips
Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins преди 4 дни
That’s a sandwich in the uk 😂😂😂
Jim Halliwell
Jim Halliwell преди 4 дни
James try chips with peanut butter on a butty. Go on try it.
David P.
David P. преди 5 дни
"Flood the cowling. Plenty of it!"
SaltyKidsAreEZ YT
SaltyKidsAreEZ YT преди 5 дни
Doritos make a wonderful Crisp sand which
Arcain 321
Arcain 321 преди 5 дни
Only the British would be so excited about a white on white on white sandwich
Thomas Dator
Thomas Dator преди 5 дни
10:27 pause it yw
Any Monimus
Any Monimus преди 5 дни
Pleeeeease let me have a minor operation (nothing serious) and have James in hospital bed next to me (nothing serious) so I can have a banter for a couple of days. What a relief from my hairdresser missus that would be.
Geoff Webster
Geoff Webster преди 5 дни
Read somewhere recently, that if you think farts aren't funny, you are having less joy in your life, but the same amount of farts.
Siddharth Agrawal
Siddharth Agrawal преди 5 дни
Lurpak was invented in 1903. Spreadable that is, like, comment, subscribe.
The sinner Jim Whitney
The sinner Jim Whitney преди 5 дни
As an American, I’m firmly against the butter on the inside of the sandwich, but yes, with its omission I believe this would be a truly delicious sandwich. As a bonus, it also handily removes the chip/crisp confusion.
Fernando James
Fernando James преди 5 дни
This is AWESOME. Period.
Steven Simons
Steven Simons преди 5 дни
Ask the chip shop to place salt/vinager on the items, when crafting a chip butty, you never EVER, salt or vinager your chips on bread....sheeeze, vinager soaks into the bread, may taste great, but if you want more, they're not consistent...phhhffftttt...
seven преди 6 дни
i think crisp sandwiches are an american thing, and its disgusting. brits and aus do chip buddies
Lego billion
Lego billion преди 6 дни
SLAV PRINCE преди 6 дни
Actually JaMeS French fries were invented by francophone Belgium so HAH
millwalljames1 преди 6 дни
mike allen
mike allen преди 6 дни
On both the crisp and the chip butties one slice of bread should be used but folded over so u don't drop the precious fillings.
Jonny Rocket
Jonny Rocket преди 6 дни
is that an acoustic mattress lent up against the wall ?
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams преди 6 дни
You crush the crisps first then it’s easier to get even coverage
Colin P.
Colin P. преди 6 дни
James May is the most British person I have ever seen..
Lee Barfield
Lee Barfield преди 6 дни
What about the 1970s brown sauce sandwich?? Or tomato whatever you preferred 😀
MC Intricacy
MC Intricacy преди 7 дни
29 and i grew up with crisp sandwiches and crisp buttys
Lichemaster преди 7 дни
Ok... I am extreamly confused. From one side You have Gordon Ramsay and on the other You are puting crisps/chips in to a sandwich.
Michael преди 7 дни
Cheese & Onion walkers on soft wholemeal buttered bread & a squirt of hp sauce 👌
Phxantxom преди 7 дни
I went and made a crisp sandwich. James told me too.
bevtij преди 7 дни
Tomato ketchup on a chip butty is just....no.
Brad McNaughton
Brad McNaughton преди 7 дни
Has Lurpak sponsered you yet
Charles Olding
Charles Olding преди 7 дни
He told me too
Pigeon9 преди 7 дни
I think what the English call chips are alot different to what Americans call fries. Chips tend to be significantly more thicker and usually have a small ark or a bend in then. But fries are a lot more thin and more bite sized, but tend to be less fluffy in the middle, but that's just my definition, and sweet jesus why did I right a paragraph that nobody will read
matt stammers
matt stammers преди 7 дни
I wonna meet both of them
rhysenna преди 8 дни
Pause for a moment for all those on some silly, fancy diet. 😅
Tim S
Tim S преди 8 дни
We Canadian’s 🇨🇦have been one step ahead - Ketchup Chips (sorry, crisps). They’re the business
Carl Np
Carl Np преди 8 дни
English butter please
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn преди 8 дни
Can I just point out to foreigners confused between chips chips fries and fries that we invented both of them and we did it before most of you even had a country...they are English words used correctly by English people but used incorrectly by non English people who bastardise our language but then still call it English. For those countries specifically mentioned in the USA you speak American but certainly not English and in Australia well frankly nobody gives a f**k because you were all deported for sleeping with your parents anyway. 😝
Dougie Johnstone's
Dougie Johnstone's преди 8 дни
Never crush a crisps sandwich do a a double decker salt a vinegar on the bottom and cheese and onion ob rhe top ..
Thomas Fairweather
Thomas Fairweather преди 9 дни
I feel privileged to say that I’ve consumed both of those in my childhood and I’m but a boy of 17
Sam Schwartz
Sam Schwartz преди 9 дни
Hammond James and Jeremy: please make a podcast -everyone
William Nelson
William Nelson преди 9 дни
Lol at the seeming sandwich hellscape of the 70's in England.
Ryan Clough
Ryan Clough преди 9 дни
Get the ketchup out
Kyle Fordyce
Kyle Fordyce преди 9 дни
Is there another type of ketchup besides tomato ketchup?
Lixxonsticks преди 9 дни
Anna Pondelik
Anna Pondelik преди 9 дни
"Lurpak invented in 1903 spreadable butter" is the name of the 'butter', I guess... just like that other one, "I can't believe it's not butter!"
Adam преди 9 дни
Did he not put butter on the crisp snadwich
Gamer Gunn of 87
Gamer Gunn of 87 преди 9 дни
I've no idea why this video exists, but I like it.
shillans преди 9 дни
I'd watch these videos except the continuous, irritating Lurpak references.
Roberturt преди 10 дни
Normally I tolerate the American slander but on this occasion, I'm going to remind everyone that we're listening to a British person tell us about food, lets not pretend his opinion carries much weight
JD Smith
JD Smith преди 10 дни
...crisps sandwiches were perfectly normal... ummm, no words
MCS 32
MCS 32 преди 10 дни
I made a crisp sandwich for the first time in my life. And it was SUEPURRRBBBB (fyi much much better with a bit of ketchup)
Paul Young
Paul Young преди 10 дни
Peanutbutter and jelly and salted crisps! Oh on wonder/cousel white bread
Melanie Harvey
Melanie Harvey преди 10 дни
Inflammatory comment warning. James have you tried President butter? In my humble opinion this brand puts Lurpak to bed! You want a buttery taste? This stuff delivers 110%
Jordan Blackburn
Jordan Blackburn преди 10 дни
James' crisp and chip sandwiches, Lucy's idea to combine and Tom's addition of the ketchup. This is the teamwork we love to see
Phil B
Phil B преди 10 дни
Crush them first and powder onto the buttered bread OR leave crisps whole and let them crunch as you bite.. obviously?
Zes преди 10 дни
What is it with brits and weird food
Stephen D
Stephen D преди 11 дни
For those of that are confused I will explain. James May just made a salt 'n vinegar potato chip sandwich and a french fries sandwich seasoned with malt vinegar and salt. Crisps or potato crisps come out of a can and are all the same shape.
Tiki _445
Tiki _445 преди 11 дни
german pule
german pule преди 12 дни
In “MURICA!” we put crisps in cold cut subs
german pule
german pule преди 12 дни
We also just say “fries”
Rob Moore
Rob Moore преди 12 дни
I'm going to beg to differ on crisps vs. chips. Crisp is an adjective, chip is a noun. Drop the mic!
Mary Greene
Mary Greene преди 12 дни
The irish love a tayto as we call crisp sandwich preferably cheese and onion. It's a very irish thing
Ian Jones
Ian Jones преди 12 дни
I literally just went to my kitchen and made these lol
Daniel Hamilton
Daniel Hamilton преди 12 дни
Haha! Half of these receipts seem like stoner food! Lol!
Daniel Heathcote
Daniel Heathcote преди 12 дни
Tell Lucy she’s wrong I used to add crisps to a cheese sandwich when I was a kid 25 - 30 years ago. Still do - did today!
William Hickey
William Hickey преди 12 дни
coming from Australia we would call what you called "french fries" we would call "hot chips" We call french fries long thing "hot chips" you are correct regarding the crisps but we would just call them a packet of chips
AFC Kyle
AFC Kyle преди 12 дни
She likes salt and vinegar crisp sandwich but not salt and vinegar chip sandwich
Yu Jin
Yu Jin преди 13 дни
5:03 probably the best cut away they could have done.
Vwall007ST преди 13 дни
I know what I'm gonna make next time I'll make or have chips, also in the Netherlands we call it friet or patat.
Leo M.
Leo M. преди 13 дни
I really shouldnt watch foodtribe when hungry.
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