The BRAND NEW MST mk2 - is this the ultimate Ford Escort? Exclusive first drive

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When are classic Escorts not classic? When they are brand new! This is the MST Mk2, a completely new car with no Ford badges on it, built from the ground up in Wales. Jonny Smith gets the world exclusive first drive of this MST mk2 tarmac rally spec development car, equipped with 2.5-litre Duratec engine on throttle bodies, and reviews it around the spiritual home of the rwd rally Escort.
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The Late Brake Show was invited to visit the MST HQ of Motorsport Tools - - which has been selling Escort and rally parts for over 10 years. Jonny saw the bare 'Escort' mk1 and mk2 bodyshells being constructed, poke around the MST mk1 that is nearly completed (complete with 270bhp BDG engine) and enjoy a rare day of perfect sunshine in the North Wales mountain roads.
Head to for the full technical specs, but here is a run down of the MST Mk2:
From £69,000 (ex VAT) Touring spec
From £79,000 Fast Road / Track spec (as tested)
From £89,000 Group-4 rally car
From £98,000 Ultimate rally spec
from £14,950 (ex VAT)
Made using Magnum steel panels (Rochdale, UK)
Type 49 with added strengthening.
Optional 'tarmac rally' alloy arches (as tested)
Optional weld-in roll cage
Optional turreted rear suspension (as tested)
200bhp 2.5-litre Ford Duratec (as tested)
All alloy, Life Racing ECU, ATR billet throttle bodies, h/duty clutch, Simpson stainless exhaust, alloy radiator
Optional 250bhp 2.0-litre BDG
Optional 350bhp 2.5-litre Millington Diamond
5-speed Ford Type 9
6-speed Mazda MX-5 (as tested)
Optional sequential (paddle or floor shift)
Adjustable 2.25" Bilstein dampers (as tested)
Optional WRC Ohlins or Rieger dampers
Leaf spring stock rear with anti-tramp bars
Optional 6-link Atlas motorsport axle (as tested)
Optional Gripper Motorsport LSD
Electric power steering
High ratio 2.4 turn rack
AP Racing 4-pot front disc
AP Racing 2-pot rear disc
Girling master cylinder
Optional Hydraulic handbrake (as tested)
Optional J Hook WRC spec
Fuel system:
12 gallon centrally mounted alloy race tank
twin fuel pumps (optional)
Wheels & tyres:
Genuine Minilite 13, 15 or 17-inch
Kumho Ecsta V70A
Standard Mk2 Escort dimensions (1975-80)
Length - 3975mm / 13ft 0.5"
Width - 1696mm / 5ft 6.8"
Height - 1409mm / 4ft 7.5"
Wheelbase - 2400mm / 7ft 10.5"
MST Cars Ltd. / Motorsport Tools UK Ltd. Is not authorised or otherwise affiliated with Ford Motor Company.
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Filmed by: Nick Poole
Edited by: Mark Hankins - @Inksharkman - InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design
Thanks to the following:
Tamiya UK for lending the new Tamiya MF01X Ford Escort MK.II Rally (MF-01X) radio controlled model. This is available to order from many model outlets now.
The ‘Nant Gwrtheyrn Welsh Language Centre’, for permission to use their private road:
Phlip Vaughan Films for the drone footage
Adrian Flux Insurance for covering Jonny fully comp on the MST mk2 at short notice.
Russell Lord of Lord of London
Jonny Smith aka CarPervert
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98
Instagram: jonnycarpervert
Twitter: carpervert

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Benjamin Lawrence
Benjamin Lawrence преди месец
As a mk2 escort owner, who better to watch a video of the new mst mk2 than Jonny, perfection 👌
Briggs Zavier
Briggs Zavier преди месец
@Trace Tony wow! It took roughly 20 minutes but it actually worked!
thatisnot importante
thatisnot importante преди 15 часа
This is one of the cars that I would love to own one day.... I couldn't afford to buy off my friend when he was selling his back then but I would love to get one now.....that is if I can find a nice one b4 I kick the bucket......
Zombie Disco Sounds Z.D.S
Zombie Disco Sounds Z.D.S преди 17 часа
Beautiful. Wish I'd still got my 2 old mk 2 escorts.loved um and still do. Best cars I ever had for fun.what time we had in our teens and 20s in late 80s early car.
si west
si west преди 18 часа
Would also love to see Golf mk1 & mk2 silhouettes 👍👍👍
si west
si west преди 18 часа
I totally get it... I totally want one... Amen.
D. D
D. D преди ден
Well done brilliant.
ROK STOCK MK1 преди ден
So what you're saying is I can finish my Capri then get a Escort replica kit shipped to me in the us and put whatever engine I want in it and what ever suspension and what ever body style! ITS A SCALE MODEL KIT FOR THR ROAD?!?!?!
Carl преди ден
my first car , I had 2, I still LOVE this car and would kll for a new old Escort now. Sexiest car ever.
John F Taylor
John F Taylor преди 2 дни
My Pants are MOIST 😍😍😍😍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Dave Reynolds
Dave Reynolds преди 3 дни
Jonny, I'm green with envy! And I want one for Christmas! Even though it sounded nice at low speeds, I'd love to hear it being worked harder! Hint😉😉
bornleader1200 преди 3 дни
I'll have a MK2 in Midnight Blue with Silver stripes please, just to take me back to the 1600 Sport I owned for four years from 1980!
Mahulad преди 4 дни
MK1 MK2 Escort got to be without a doubt the ultimate all time rally car.
AJ Wilson
AJ Wilson преди 4 дни
Thank you Jonny - it's great to be able to watch and enjoy your content. What a welcome difference to the magazine shows we have today and have had on TV for years. Just perfect.
Peter Piper
Peter Piper преди 4 дни
4:26 :-D :-D LOL No it's not, "the future" is electric for the super rich elite and the bus (if you're lucky, most likely push bike) for the rest of us !!
Bottlediggerbrian M
Bottlediggerbrian M преди 4 дни
£65k? You could buy an amazing original modified mk 2 for much less. Two of them in fact.
Coben Black
Coben Black преди 4 дни
Not what I had in mind when I googled old escorts, but sure. I’m game 😂
Dave Hoskin
Dave Hoskin преди 4 дни
Epic, the youth of today don't know what they missed.
marc johnson
marc johnson преди 4 дни
Mk1 Mexico sunburst dream car ❤
Chunky Edwards
Chunky Edwards преди 4 дни
The apogee of car development. It was all downhill from there.
Paul Dicken
Paul Dicken преди 5 дни
Amazing content and quality!
The Late Brake Show
The Late Brake Show преди 5 дни
Tom Smith
Tom Smith преди 5 дни
I’m a classic car fan of many variety, ive never owned a new car, and I never could afford one, and I’ve genuinely never wanted to own a new car of any type, mostly because of old school styling, but almost as equally because I dislike modern tec in vehicles, (same applies for my work van). But if I was going to buy a new car for this sort of money, I’d take that MK 1 escort over anything, in any show room, in any part of the world. Essentially what these escorts are, are a new car but without all the modern tec that soon fails in these BM’s and Merc’s etc (designed that way), and I would say that these new cars here could well be the pinnacle of motoring. Having said that, I love my 1966 mk 1 Cortina 2 door and my 1974 Rover P6 v8, the classic leather, oil and petrol smell of both of my cars is a massive part of the attraction for me personally, and arguably the closest we have to a ‘time machine’ cos as any classic fan will testify, when your in your old original classic on a warm day, even just sitting parked in it, you can close your eyes and be back in the 1970’s and a child again. I just wish that car and van manufacturers produced a proper ‘meat and potatoes’ type of their products again, no guff, just basic reliable motoring that we had with say an early 90’s Transit. Long live ‘proper cars’
theprophetkato преди 5 дни
Wonder if they export to America? I only got to experience a 1990 escort and never became much of a fan, but these are nice.
Russell Lord
Russell Lord преди 5 дни
they have orders for calafornia .....brilliant
Kevinantonio Morrison
Kevinantonio Morrison преди 5 дни
How could i place an order , what's the name of the company and the phone number #?.
Russell Lord
Russell Lord преди 5 дни
motorsport tools
drakkar twentyd
drakkar twentyd преди 6 дни
I want 1
Terry Dowd
Terry Dowd преди 6 дни
I had three Escorts, a 1968 (F reg 1.3 with "oblong" headlights) - Mk 1 which got clattered by some idiot in a car park - 2 Mk2's (Both 1.3) a 1977 (R reg) and a V reg 1981 estate clattered again by a blooming removal van and written off!) - I miss them all and dearly wish I could get back behind the wheel of a Mk1 - I agree the Mk 1 being a better looking model of the Escorts. I taught my daughter and son how to drive in these Escorts and my daughter also still hankers after them.! These prices are well out of my range but hope some fantasy car club take some up and offer out rides - would be great to drive again.!
Sliviz преди 7 дни
Damn wish I could afford 1
big ANT
big ANT преди 8 дни
As the second owner of my mk2 rs 2000 is really nice to see someone is bringing these rare cars back.
blueaj преди 8 дни
Love the mk2 in group 4 spec, for me a mean looking car and best rally car of all time. I had three mk2 RS's and some great fun. Love to watch Ari Vatanen in a Mk2 on tarmac.
andrew queensmith
andrew queensmith преди 8 дни
Restomods are the way forward - None of the hassles of welding, perished parts, rusty sills, etc... I want a "classic" to drive, not just to say I have one! - Kudos to those that have classics and do drive them!! Great stuff Jonny!!
yunk9 преди 8 дни
MK1 for me please 😁
Jean Noel Sandrazie
Jean Noel Sandrazie преди 8 дни
Must be seen to be believed. No copyright claims from Ford?
Johnny Stevenson
Johnny Stevenson преди 8 дни
Any chance of an RS2000 model?
PRIMETHOUGHT246 Graver преди 9 дни
Yes you can tell ur self that driving in your little bubble of delusion but driving anything on roads now has no appeal to evolved unconditioned people who banished all tv & radio 2 hell
Lee Pearce
Lee Pearce преди 9 дни
Superb video Johnny well done mate
wyleedingo преди 10 дни
Wish we had Escorts like that!
Flat Line
Flat Line преди 10 дни
Amazing, watching this I am pretty sure I just made a sex wee.
donwilly преди 10 дни
What a amazing company! That is a dream.
Mark Humphries
Mark Humphries преди 10 дни
Utterly brilliant!!
kanedNunable преди 10 дни
they were a great shape
Gary Kenny
Gary Kenny преди 11 дни
Arto Kallunki
Arto Kallunki преди 11 дни
Ford :)
P Garrett
P Garrett преди 11 дни
I miss the old Mk1s Had a couple, my first was an old banger I bought for £105, 1300cc ex-panda car, resprayed black 2nd was resprayed in sky metallic blue, blue upholstery, I blew the 1300cc engine up being silly, picked up a 1600cc with twin choke webbers from the local scrapyard for £50 and dropped it in with some fettling, cherry bomb exhaust on the back, loved it. Till some donkey pulled out across me and wrote it off.
Michael Mccormack
Michael Mccormack преди 11 дни
this is great news ,i never knew the company before,well done a great idea really hope you do well ,i dont think its money there after its a love of the car that makes them do it , surely they will have orders from all over the world
Very nice...
Paul Charlton
Paul Charlton преди 12 дни
This car is from the guys who are building project binky?
Geoffrey Pitts
Geoffrey Pitts преди 13 дни
My first car was a 2.0l '78 Mk2, I absolutely love this!!!
Dave Van
Dave Van преди 13 дни
Yes please
Shrice27 преди 14 дни
First video I've seen on this channel. That thing is clean.....stunning. Nice production too I'm hitting that subscribe button now 🤘👍
The Late Brake Show
The Late Brake Show преди 13 дни
Cheers and welcome aboard TLBS!
Frizler 12
Frizler 12 преди 14 дни
Francis Ngnannos punch is as hard as getting hit by a Ford escort going as fast as it can
RSTJ X3J преди 14 дни
Loved it! Like you say, Ol Skool with perhaps Tesla EV technology. That being said, it would have to be turbo, and if turbo would have to be Cossie 2WD or 4WD. Ans as you say, people will still crave the spool up of a turbo, forced induction noise, chatter from the actuator. What will we do when they do away with those fossil fuels? Thanks for sharing and taking us back down memory lane. Be nice to see them revisit the S1 and S2 ESRT too.
petrokemikal преди 15 дни
I always wanted a road sleeper MK2 with the tarmac arches in azure blue and black minilites... With a zetec on Webber's !!! Old school tape player with the minijack to hook up to a phone ;) !!!
sparkyindahouse преди 15 дни
cool as
Ian Broadhurst
Ian Broadhurst преди 15 дни
this does not look like a escort it looks like a copy. owning mk1 mk2 and basil green capri all in mint condition this is nothing like a mk2
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson преди 16 дни
Love your reverence and your passion. Fantastic video.
dungareesareforfools преди 16 дни
I'm totally for these recreated cars, but I don't get why there's so much hate towards the build quality of the originals. If Ford's build quality was so bad, then why do people fall over themselves to buy original old stock panels instead of remanufactured ones (which never seem to fit right)?
Dr. Leftfield
Dr. Leftfield преди 17 дни
I was born in 64 so the MK 1 as a kid was everywhere. Now those who know do you remember the smell of them? Go on, think back can you smell it now? Thank the lord for world of sport, Dickie Davies, and current Welsh auto engineers.
izzzzzz6 преди 17 дни
Needs a turbo
Bill Hiskett
Bill Hiskett преди 18 дни
I had a MK2 2 door 1.3 Popular Plus from new, FVW 28T, doubt it's still out there. First drive on August 1st 1978 (I think) was to Snetterton, garage delivered it on trade plates the night before. Was going to have a chin spoiler and the rubber wing at the back but couldn't afford the extra £110 or so. Thanks for the memory.
Mel Tottle
Mel Tottle преди 18 дни
Shared to Ford club gb
Patrick Rose
Patrick Rose преди 18 дни
Guy deserves a heritage grant . Can I have a MK2 for my retirement please. This place makes Disney land look shabby lol : )
Frango Fett
Frango Fett преди 18 дни
Love a mk2 but £80k for a kit car?! Nah.
BobCoxUK преди 20 дни
Why Oh Why Cant someone do this to a Cortina mk1 or escort mk1,,,,,,Both CLASSICS for rallying,,,nuff said,,,ta ta,,,,,,,just to mention i passed my driving test in a mk1 escort 1971
Robert Ritchie
Robert Ritchie преди 21 ден
My father had a 1978 MK2 Mexico with a 2.1 Pinto and twin 45s... oh gosh how I wish I had that car now. Yep this a buyer - just need to get the funds together :)
JETJOOBOY преди 21 ден
The Late Brake Show
The Late Brake Show преди 21 ден
Amen to that!
Jimbo Wallace
Jimbo Wallace преди 22 дни
I'm sure I saw this car at GBS Sports cars last year. They do like a 2.5 Duratec there so kind of makes sense
Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming преди 22 дни
If you like this search frank Kelly.
Channel stonie
Channel stonie преди 22 дни
Its good but isnt it just wasting your money making new old cars as 9 years no one will want as everything will be electrical by 2030..
The Late Brake Show
The Late Brake Show преди 22 дни
I disagree. Come 2030 no new piston cars will be allowed. What will that do to the classic car world? I bet it will increase in interest and value. Stuff like this we will crave to enjoy on special days. Dull piston cars will die and be forgotten, but that is OK.
mikiex преди 22 дни
The Late Brake Show. Creative freedom is why TV cannot compete anymore.
scott from oz
scott from oz преди 23 дни
noone could enjoy watching this as much as you driving i want a mach1
The Black Hand
The Black Hand преди 24 дни
At the beginning now the video I thought it was about a glass fiber car. But soon they showed metal parts. Interesting.
Disgus Tone
Disgus Tone преди 24 дни
best car ever made
Jimmy Dousse
Jimmy Dousse преди 24 дни
looks like MST is going a step further than some of the others "restaumoders" it's great to see the reborn of an icon, even if it will never be road legal in my country... :(
toranacar преди 24 дни
This is a dream for me to do the same with a different car. Always loved your style of auto journalism Johnny. Just wondering how Carwyn Ellis went about making this business viable? Its very expensive making tooling for cars. Was the tooling and panels made elsewhere?
Martin Pope
Martin Pope преди 24 дни
Arh rust, you destroyer of dreams. Laid waste to 5 Mk1s and 2 mkIIs but this, this is hope, this is dreams relived. I'd like a mk1 in full Ghia spec with just a modern 1300cc engine just to see how modern and economical it could be. The beauty of a MK1 or 2 escort is it could be barrels of fun without being all big engines, even saw a 3.0ltr V6 engine shoehorned in one once. Ok, maybe a 1600 Mexico replica, or a 300bhp sleeper... Dream on...
ftw преди 25 дни
I would love a brand new datsun p510 1600.
ftw преди 26 дни
Mate that thing is fucking cool. Do they make a rs version.
Anthony Dove
Anthony Dove преди 26 дни
I want one! Badly 👀
noomy 663
noomy 663 преди 26 дни
Any gimmicks or principles put into these can be widely applied to the latest demands.
Andy Clark
Andy Clark преди 26 дни
I owned the mk1 and the mk2 . During the winter months the mk2 was nothing but trouble on cold starting, even my neighbour across the road had one, exactly the same fault. Yet the mk1 felt more solid it was also had higher mileage when bought and never let me down. I think mk1 escort and the mk1 cortina were the best cars they produced.
Mark Crossley
Mark Crossley преди 26 дни
Brings back great memories of my brothers two tone green, bubble arched Mk 1 with a 3.0 V6 conversion. I loved that car, until some scrotes took it for joy ride and then burnt it out :(
random shit
random shit преди 27 дни
gotta love a old escort
King Louis 69
King Louis 69 преди 27 дни
OMG ..... this is good
Lyn Smith
Lyn Smith преди 27 дни
Great to see someone keeping the legend of the MK1 and MK2 Escort alive. Just subscribed.
Sunglasses Ron
Sunglasses Ron преди 27 дни
What we reckon then, £80k ?
Sunglasses Ron
Sunglasses Ron преди 27 дни
That lurking Volvo looks sleeper car fast!
MikMech преди 27 дни
I _had_ a MKI Panel Van.... I'm crying at the moment.
piffiiiiiiit преди 27 дни
I'll take a mk1 grp4 millington please
Nobby Norberto
Nobby Norberto преди 27 дни
£70K is too much money for me unfortunately. Would love to own a MK1.
Car Lad Matt
Car Lad Matt преди 28 дни
nice to see an escort replica thing on 70 plate
Rob преди 28 дни
Jonny, you’re making such good and well made content! Wow! Just wow! Keep dooing it! Big fan over here in the Netherlands! Cheers, Rob
The Late Brake Show
The Late Brake Show преди 28 дни
Thank you Rob, welcome aboard TLBS
Smoovin Decat
Smoovin Decat преди 28 дни
Jay Leno will buy one
fritzthedog007 преди 29 дни
Aaagh can't stop drooling.
Dan White
Dan White преди месец
ford sierra cosworth pleases xx
rbwannasee преди месец
Wow, what a super clean minimalist build - beautiful. I want one. Nicely presented too, great job TLBS.
chris massie
chris massie преди месец
That's living uk style All the best B lucky Chrisy boy
Austin Cleare
Austin Cleare преди месец
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Mike Sparkman
Mike Sparkman преди месец
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JAMES DEMU преди месец
Hmm. The perfect compromise. For us that like to keep our classics as original as possible where we can now we can get a race ready "classic" without sacrificing an original car. Also be a good source for new panels when needed too.
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith преди месец
That Mk1 bubble arch moved some blood.
Simon Harris
Simon Harris преди месец
This just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! New modern cars just are so boring, this is amazing to watch and really need to put in an order for a Mk1 please
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