Emanet 128. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 128 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

seeni gzty
seeni gzty преди месец
still fighting with his own traumas
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui преди месец
Seher plz don't forgive him for what happened this time. Stand for herself. Trust is the key subject of love.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui преди месец
The maker of this series should understand when longtime fans following starts watching episodes by fast forwarding to get just a glimpse..then you are loosing fans.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy преди месец
My God, who wants to know that the Yaman file is a lie?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty преди месец
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu преди месец
Thanks for investigations writer You gave Yaman some intelligence at last!!!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui преди месец
O yaman esta myito feio com essa atitude largar a esposa na nupcia ridículo ela nao pediu viajem
bssni touir
bssni touir преди месец
My God, who wants to know that the Yaman file is a lie?
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui преди месец
Yaman&Seher have lost their love mojo 😪😪😪
Leyda Meza
Leyda Meza преди месец
Nedim esta mas guenote que el protagonista 😁😁😁😁
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy преди месец
Yaman her şeyin gerçeyini öyrensin
Lakeithra Rolle
Lakeithra Rolle преди месец
Kiraz and Ali need a stronger storyline. I love them together but feel like they playing to safe and routine
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu преди месец
Waiting 128 episode, maybe Yaman don't blame to Share.
Rosnah Mahmood
Rosnah Mahmood преди месец
Yaman has been abusing Seher from day one. Just walk out leave him and never turn back.
bssni touir
bssni touir преди месец
Honestly, despite all the mess, the interest returned.🥰
Ileana Albornoz
Ileana Albornoz преди месец
Por favor suban la novela en español el capítulo 128 en adelante
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu преди месец
Yaman her şeyin gerçeyini öyrensin
Miri Lekaj
Miri Lekaj преди месец
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu преди месец
Yaman&Seher have lost their love mojo 😪😪😪
lisetteonline преди месец
That gun shot sound! Yamans character being killed by the script writer 🙄
Elena Zaharia
Elena Zaharia преди месец
I would like to see more romantic scene.... Like harcai movie..
Khushi Raizada
Khushi Raizada преди месец
I have never seen people been so upset becz of a pen. Bruh everyone in the comments be like " you cruel man, you broke the pen". Reading the comments is like seeing seger's family defending her. For a sec, I totally forgot that it's a drama bcz people are so serious about it. Lmao.. gives me a reason to smile even while watching sad timing in the drama
Cyrus Safavi
Cyrus Safavi преди месец
yo wen
yo wen преди месец
seher so poor always hurt
Sedaqet Yusifov
Sedaqet Yusifov преди месец
Yaman yeter artiq sehere inan zugal va ikbara inama
Μirada Lezaj
Μirada Lezaj преди месец
Sara Malvezi
Sara Malvezi преди месец
O yaman esta myito feio com essa atitude largar a esposa na nupcia ridículo ela nao pediu viajem
Cynthia преди месец
Yaman&Seher have lost their love mojo 😪😪😪
Məmmədova Reyhan
Məmmədova Reyhan преди месец
Yaman her şeyin gerçeyini öyrensin
Eugenia Miranda
Eugenia Miranda преди месец
Waiting 128 episode, maybe Yaman don't blame to Share.
Naira A
Naira A преди месец
Honestly, despite all the mess, the interest returned.🥰
sara jaya
sara jaya преди месец
I can't wait for that soupguy to tell his part of truth... better be...cos yaman is a nice man
Zeba Wasay
Zeba Wasay преди месец
I'm sure Semer shot hi
Coraly Stan
Coraly Stan преди месец
Her fear of Yaman had barely passed. Now she's going to start over. Yaman lost her. It will be difficult for Yaman to persuade her to give herself to him. If Seher had decided to trust him and enjoy life together, now Seher will retire, be silent, spend even more time with Yusuf. At least Yusuf shouldn't witness Yaman's violence.🥺☹️
Renu Singhi
Renu Singhi преди месец
I really want a plot where Seher is speaking to Cenger that the mountain he was talking has collapsed badly. And Yaman listening their conversation and regretting it.
Francisca Alonso
Francisca Alonso преди месец
Noooo ! Va estar buenísima , yaman 😘
Rabija mujoli
Rabija mujoli преди месец
Yaman 💕💕💕Seher
Rabija mujoli
Rabija mujoli преди месец
sara jaya
sara jaya преди месец
seriously that soupguy idiot better tell the truth than having some immature feelings for a woman n behaving like kid.
Maryam преди месец
The good thing is that the evil sisters would think that Seher would not come back to the mansion, but Yaman didnt say anything to Seher and Seher doesn't know. They try to send her to him to make a fight but they were not successful. That's good
SM mode
SM mode преди месец
How can he leave her alone... that’s doesn’t make Yaman a Good & protective husband!
Fatini Mawardi
Fatini Mawardi преди месец
Yamen is the one who pull out the gun but there is someone else who shot selim so it will twist to more and more .If he died,the misunderstanding will continue,if he injured,seher will visit him so it will led to more and more misunderstanding, what if he threat her to be with him for yamens freedom,no matter what is going on next,the psyco scriptwriter is unpredictably genius to play with every single nerves in our body .
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg преди месец
@Irma Troncoso totally agree..when she come in front of him his outfit has changed
Irma Troncoso
Irma Troncoso преди месец
Well if you put attention to the sound of the gun , it seems it comes from somewhere else . And Yaman still wearing the same outfit from the night before . And then when Seher gets in front of him he has a different top on. So if he really shot Selim Police will came after him . But I do not think that will happen . That its just my take . And like you said it The writer its totally unpredictable . So lets wait until today and see what really happen . And promos are so deceiving.
Rzayeva Tunzale
Rzayeva Tunzale преди месец
İş Nədimə düşdü çətin öyrənə bilsin.
Angela Zanon
Angela Zanon преди месец
Non capisco perché non sia anche in italiano fate a meno di farlo vedere allora visto che non si capisce niente.......
Səməd Teymurov
Səməd Teymurov преди месец
Of keşki yaman sehere güvenseydi ama yamanda günah yok ki hepsi ikbal zühal ve selimin yüzünden selime oda az acaba selim ölücekmi keşki ikballa zühalında hiyleleri çıksa ortaya
Ndachem Abubakar
Ndachem Abubakar преди месец
Formality, formality,social media social media, ok now it's no longer formalty right??? He is going crazy, isn't it formality anymore???? Abeggggg
Fan Man
Fan Man преди месец
Ne zaman bitecek bu Ķòtú insanlaryn dalda geçmesi.
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg преди месец
abt to reach 1M....
Imelda Alberto
Imelda Alberto преди месец
Nedim is not going to find anything. He's a useless guy. He can't even track the credit card expenses and now this? Please. Yaman, you don't need to investigate after you left your wife and treated her so badly. No point!! You shld have investigate 1st before leaving her alone. Not everyone is like your mother! If you think all women are snakes, you shld not even trusted the 2 real snakes that you've been feeding and treated so well and even welcomes Zuhal into the mansion. After what Zuhal did to Sehar (which you know it too), you still look and believe all the stuff in the files are genuine??!! You idiot! You don't deserve Sehar AT ALL!! Sehar, leave him. Take Yusuf along. Let him stay with his ego, idiotic behavior. Hitting Selim does not proof you are smart. You both are equally idiot.
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg преди месец
wait he will pay for his behaviour ....do u remeber how he suffered when he sent her jail nd got stabbed there...how she behaved with him in rented house at that tym she was mentally nd physically heart...bt this tym she is emotionally heart💔...wait nd watch...
حسين الجمالي
حسين الجمالي преди месец
Go to 1m views🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️
fati ez
fati ez преди месец
أعتقد أن إقبال أرسلت شخص لكي يقتل سليم قبل أن يعترف بالحقيقة 😐😯😢
Ayten Aliyeva
Ayten Aliyeva преди месец
Sonra Seher sebebi oyrencek basliycak tripler
Shoxida Turgunova
Shoxida Turgunova преди месец
Gürmek istamiyorum bu filmi u kader iy gitiyordi
Cruz3485 преди месец
Broke my heart to watch her in so much pain she is hurting as much as the brid oh yamma how are you going to fix this this 💔
Ragi Raghunadhan
Ragi Raghunadhan преди месец
Please put English subtitle
cecilia beatriz garcia
cecilia beatriz garcia преди месец
Por dios volvimos para atrás espero seher tarde en perdonarlo aunque su esencia es la bondad de corazón....y amor . Yaman cometió un gran error y lo pagará con creces nunca te ha dicho que primero pregunta luego investiga y al último explota pero ante contar hasta100o 1000.el mismo destruyó el amor que estaba naciendo y creciendo... Mal mal yaman
Nice Game
Nice Game преди месец
Sonunda adam gibi bölüm ya çok mutluyum
Taghreed Ashour
Taghreed Ashour преди месец
I'm really disappointed on the line the story going to Or they are trying to find any suspend to make it longer
Nasi Bey
Nasi Bey преди месец
ikbalde yamancim yamancim o kocasina ziyacim demiyor olan zuhale olacak
Rusydah Jamaludin
Rusydah Jamaludin преди месец
Seher pls dont easily forgive him when he regret his violent to u
ilay ilay
ilay ilay преди месец
Dizi bitecek hala sevgi etirafi yox bu zamanda boyle salak Seher gibi kizmi kaldi?
Lieges Oliveira
Lieges Oliveira преди месец
Só digo uma coisa q acertei quando eu disse q o Yaman iria atrás do sopinha kkkk
Hazel queen
Hazel queen преди месец
Does he kill soopman😳
Jogamaya Mohanty
Jogamaya Mohanty преди месец
Now it's hard to Seher to trust him again,Yaman ruin his love by himself. He break the promise,he give to Arif baba. Not only Seher he break more people trust. Last time she forgive him for Yusuf, now again he did that. All the experience and secrify are no use, he didn't learn anything.
Kavitha Nelluru
Kavitha Nelluru преди месец
Look at seher expressions at 0.14....shows both anger and pain..how mature actor she is
Lenna Balun
Lenna Balun преди месец
Oooo mr yaman bey...this time i don't know what to say about you...good thing is for me right now is 'your moustache n beard' look like KEANU REAVES!!!
Lily Martínez
Lily Martínez преди месец
Ansiedad mil por hora😢
Maria Gajewska
Maria Gajewska преди месец
Dzięki za filmik, już jestem spokojniejsza ❤️❤️❤️❤️
mAk lonG
mAk lonG преди месец
Run seher run...leave Yaman alone in that house with the monsters. Open a new chapter in your life, seher🌹🌹🌹🌹 We are so emotional for this week,may be😉😉😉 When this series will end...
Safura Bayramova
Safura Bayramova преди месец
Yaman güven Sehere
Kmo Menifa
Kmo Menifa преди месец
Even autistic Ziya knows Seher would never betray Yaman, but his supposedely smart brother believes. I know jealousy is a big issue in Turkish culture, as well as the shame of being lied to and manipulated, but Yaman was supposed to be different (he too is a bit socially retarded, and gives no importance to keeping up appearances and what people say).
Hilda H
Hilda H преди месец
Nushabe Mutellimova
Nushabe Mutellimova преди месец
Ne olur her sey anlasilsin.muhtesem ask itirafi gelsin
Turan 041
Turan 041 преди месец
Məncə İkbal chadısı dosyeleri incələyən kişiyə də yol tapacaq.Amma bpyle olmasın Nazmiye hanım
saqlain Mustaq
saqlain Mustaq преди месец
Yaman will see the honeymoon bed flowers in saher book which she kept and yaman photo then yaman will realise his mistake
Konul Eminova
Konul Eminova преди месец
Selim alcaklik yapdi mence usaxliq arkadasina kotuluk yapti mutlulugunu bozdu ilanla elbir oldu yaman tezlikle bylmali dosyanin sahte oldugunu cabuk barisinlar lutfeen
Agnes Dorothy
Agnes Dorothy преди месец
I think Yaman should ask help from Firat & Ali to investigate because definitely the police will have experts to check the forged writing, recording and the bank transfer. Because until now Nadem still don't know who reported to the social worker about Seher & Yusuf staying at the mansion. They also should investigate how his brother and her sister died or killed. DEAR WRITER BE SMART PLEASE USE YOUR BRAIN A BIT. 😡
saqlain Mustaq
saqlain Mustaq преди месец
I think saher should back the bangle to yaman after breaking the pen
saqlain Mustaq
saqlain Mustaq преди месец
How yaman will face saher after revealing the truth
Mu Neza
Mu Neza преди месец
This series doesn't make sense somehow 😕
Fyhbg Gghbbb
Fyhbg Gghbbb преди месец
Nedimde bir kez bile bi şey açıklamadı,ya adam bir yaralı parmaka işe. Konakta o kadar şeyler yaşanıyor,ama Cenger bir şey duymuyor,bilmiyor, görmüyor, yani hem kör,hem sağır, hemde lel ,sadece Neslihan açık gözlü,onuda kim dinliyor.
pp marine
pp marine преди месец
Arif, Nadire, Yusuf, Nadim and Canger. He needs your help..,🥺
Tamella Ahmadova
Tamella Ahmadova преди месец
Yaman əlini it qanına bulama.inşaAllah onunda,ilanlarında gəzasını Allah verəgək.
Charm Flamingo
Charm Flamingo преди месец
That part when Yaman push Seher against the wall broke my heart. breaking that pen? that's a valuable gift from Seher. It needed to be mended, but fixing it would require a great deal of effort and care
iska keen
iska keen преди месец
The sad thing is she dont know her childhood friend is the main reason and yaman fell in love and hurting...
Cevriye Karaman
Cevriye Karaman преди месец
Eninde sonunda gerçek ortaya çikar ama kirilanlar tamir olurmu işte o muamma yamanın yanı nazmiyenin yaptıgi çok büyük yanliş kızı balayı dıye götürdüğü otelde tek başına bırakıp dön ınsan bir sorar idam mahkumlarına daıl son isteği sorulur yaman sogu sual ettmeden ınfaz ettı üstüne kizin ne hevesle aldığı kalemıde kirdi bunlar yetmezmiş gibin kızı duvara yapışdırdı bumuydu yamanın sehere her zaman sayip çikmasi yılan zühalın verdığı sahte kanıt insan bir düşünür bunca zaman seheri hiçmi tanimadi seher yamana hep güvendi inandi herkes yamani. süçlü bulurken seherın güveni hiç sarsmadi yaman sözünün eri değilmiş yani (nazmiye) bütün bunlardan sonra seher yamana nasil inanir güvenir (bence güvenmesin) ilk firtınada gemiyi terk etti ne olursa olsun kaptan gemiyi terk ettmez yamanın. yapması gereken bir şey vardı zühalin kolundan tutup seherın karşısına çikarip dosyaya bakmadan ben karima sonuna kadar güveniyorum diyip dosyayı şömineye attarak yakmalıydı bu şekil iki yilanın ekmeğıne yağ sürdü yaman birde seher ne zaman anlayacak ikbalın dos olmadığına açin şu kızın gözünü yamana kolay gelsin yaptıklarını seher af ettmez
J Mrls
J Mrls преди месец
When he finds out the truth ............. how will he repair de damage he caused.
Elis Rahayu
Elis Rahayu преди месец
Plz nedim don’t be a new 🐍 I saw you tonight nedim👀👀
Shubhangi Ahirkar
Shubhangi Ahirkar преди месец
Yaman should not misunderstand Seher. He should get the proof immediately
Elif Mutlu
Elif Mutlu преди месец
Yaman Selimi vurdumu???
Sujata Uchil
Sujata Uchil преди месец
It's so nice to see that he started investigation. Inspite of all this he still has feelings for Seher.
Bhavna Gobin
Bhavna Gobin преди месец
I love this serial. I enjoy waching each character. All the actors are brilliant, be it halil, sila Ziya, iqbal n zuhal... The writer has given life to each of these characters... The only part i dont agree with is violence against women... Yaman could have expressed his anger in other ways... Be cold, ignore seher, punched a wall somewhere.... During this pandemc and lockdown, many people may already be going thru domestic violence.... It would be a good thing if such acts are not portrayed in serials, as they do actually increase anziety and stress in people... .. All my best wishes to the actors and writer... You are all doing an amazing job... 😊
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg преди месец
@Bhavna Gobin we all wouldn't go anywhere😃😃...as u know we love naz teyze😉
Bhavna Gobin
Bhavna Gobin преди месец
@Mayank Garg hehehehe... True... 😁😁😁 Just imagine how good these actors are that we fans are affected.... We get angry, we get sad n we fall in love too... 😊 😊 😊
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg преди месец
@Bhavna Gobin last week they were blaming seher not to respond yaman's feeling nd talking abt quit the drama....now they turned up to yaman....nd again saying quitting the show😃😃...m not justifying his behaviour towards seher bt...
Bhavna Gobin
Bhavna Gobin преди месец
@Mayank Garg Exactly... They are actors, acting according to a script... And all serials are meant to have twists and turns so that the show doesn't become boring
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg преди месец
here everyone is blaming yaman nd i think me nd u r the only one who is enjoying the series😃
Dolores Santos
Dolores Santos преди месец
Yamam not love saher ,better ziya they protect saher bec they the use killer
Dolores Santos
Dolores Santos преди месец
They khown who is killer
Jogamaya Mohanty
Jogamaya Mohanty преди месец
What kind of trust it is, Yaman believes on Zengar words but not I Seher eyes. All the persons who has good sense of humor trust on Seher but not Yaman. Seher spending most of time with Yaman .Ziya who is mentally unstable he trust on Seher and do the right thing when he find out the documents,what a presence of mind. But Yaman who is a businessman his sense is gone, what rubbish. Yaman learn' trust ' with help of Seher now he dun trust her. All this things implies what. They show us both have epic trust and honesty and now...nothing.
Mayank Garg
Mayank Garg преди месец
m not defending him....bt when it comes to selim, he goes crazy...nd in the pic he could see the ring in her finger..means ...he knows it's after the engagement, at that tym he always asked her "i m here we r together in this new path" nd they slandered seher same like her sister...so may b he is thinking that she is like her sis...nd we all know his past trauma ziya also confessed our youngest one became the oldest one...ziya was not the one who had been pushed by her mother....nd m totally against his behaviour towards seher...bt m not judging him for not to believe seher
star*** преди месец
Selim you should never have a deal with an evil person. Now you have to face it
Zagorka Mihajlovic
Zagorka Mihajlovic преди месец
Seher oprosti i kada te povredi osmehni se i kada ti duša plče💋💖🙏
Evelina Ramazanova
Evelina Ramazanova преди месец
Geçen tüm bu seriler için:,, sen Yaman bana hakaret etmedi:,, sana güvenmemi istediğimde ve Seher'e koşma."!!!, Sen Zuhal'ı kovduğunda ben de Seher için geri verdim.!, Yaman bu dosya yüzünden çok acı çektiğinde, ruhunuzda çok acı vardı ve ben de Sekher'e ve diğer her şeye daha iyi davranmanızı istedim.!!! Bütün bunlara rağmen:.. Yaman çok teşekkür ederim."!!!!! Ve Seher çok teşekkür ederim.!!!!! Yaman ve Yusuf'a sabır, sevgi, anlayış, güven, saygı, özen, dikkat için. Ben, siz:,, Seher ve yaman ve Yusuf, kardeşi Ziya, kardeşi Jenger ve kardeşi Nedim, Ali ve kiraz, baba Arif, hepinizle çok gurur duyuyorum."!!!! Hepinize kötülük dileyen insanlar hariç.!!!! Yönetmen Nazmiye hanum'a özel teşekkürler.!!!!! Sadece iyi diziler için, Ali ve Kiraz'ın yemek pişirdiği ana karakterlerin düğününden memnun olduğunuzda, arif'in babasından. Kına Seher'in gecesine, Yaman'ın Seher ve Yusuf için silah gömdüğü geceye. Nazmiye hanum teşekkür ederim.!!!!!
Santhi J
Santhi J преди месец
Hey guys did u hear a gun shot? Who shot who
Lenna Balun
Lenna Balun преди месец
Let's wait until tonight
Smile TV
Smile TV преди месец
Salam Uşaq kanalımıza dəstəyinizi gözləyirik. Təşəkkürlər
Mira Zhiti
Mira Zhiti преди месец
Rosnah Mahmood
Rosnah Mahmood преди месец
It doesn’t really matter to Seher if the truth comes out the damage is done. Yaman don’t trust Seher enough to even doubt the file for a moment. Trust is not build overnight it takes years and months to build. Once it’s lost it’s lost forever ! That’s the reality of life which the scriptwriters failed to understand. 😢😢
Lenna Balun
Lenna Balun преди месец
And the most important fact, seher will have her legacy while yaman will be drown in his regret...seher wouldn't survive with yaman no matter how wealthy he is
marti mac
marti mac преди месец
maybe it was firat or ali who shot off the gun or that new guy they showed towards the end of the scenes.
Lenna Balun
Lenna Balun преди месец
I think the shot comes from selim's brother..the new guy
tarheel715 преди месец
So how long is it going to take for the truth to come out, next week? It took at least what a week for the truth about his arrest for human trafficking, and then a week, maybe almost two for her to find out that Ela wasn't his old girlfriend. I can't decide if the writers are going to drag this shit out for weeks and weeks without him even confronting her, or if she'll immediately know what happened and why, but can't prove her innocence. Or will Yaman find out everything on his own and never tell her what happened? And yeah if Ikbal and Zuhal realize he doesn't buy it, they are going to have to find a way to make the evidence more convincing, they aren't going to just give up at the first sign of trouble, or else they wouldn't still be doing this shit. None of their moronic plans have worked so far and even though things aren't going how they assumed, they're still not giving up. Zuhal even texted him to rub it in further just in case there was a chance he wasn't angry enough. I'll definitely be here tomorrow for his beat down up Selim, here's hoping it's not a dream. I don't need Yaman to kill Selim since he's the only one who can definitely prove Seher's innocence, but if he beat the hell out of him for not only betraying her like this and putting her in this terrible position, but for assaulting her in the first place. What Selim did by forcing himself on her was assault. He deserves a few hits to the head for that alone. He like Zuhal doesn't actually love Seher, he's just possessive of her.
amzila1 преди месец
The entire week or more will be heart breaking... i dont think i can watch anymore..😭l’ll just wait till Yaman found out the truths and kick the two snakes out of the house.
Silvana Naurato
Silvana Naurato преди месец
I've noticed in these Turk dramas that they always almost torture the lead actress to the point of death. Its sickening and difficult to watch . It's an insult to women humiliating to women all around the world. I've already dropped watching other dramas at the point where I felt the abuse to the lead actress reached a point of being too much to bare. I'll will be doing the same to Emanet. I feel sad to leave actors behind. I know it's not their fault. The writers and producers are to blame they have the power to make changes. 8 personally don't like abuse in real life and I certainly don't want to be entertained by it. 😥
Lenna Balun
Lenna Balun преди месец
But at least, watch it till the end...
arcadia преди месец
This guy is psycho. Problem is that you are selling this story to women worldwide as a story about healing power of love. No, this is story about sacrifacing a woman for a needs of a sick man. Thank you but not to me!👎
Lan ny
Lan ny преди месец
Maybe selim shot yaman
Emin Məmmədov
Emin Məmmədov преди месец
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