How To See Germs Spread Experiment (Coronavirus)

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Mark Rober

преди година

Click here the most up-to-date info on Coronavirus COVID-19-
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Here is the Glo Germ powder I used (not sponsored). This would make for a great science object lesson-
Tools on my bench from Carlyle-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober преди година
Please share this with anyone who doubts the science behind social distancing. The road ahead will be a bit bumpy, but we totally got this fellow Earthlings :)
Ahmad zahrani
Ahmad zahrani преди 9 дни
Yeah, totally got this.
Kitty l
Kitty l преди 12 дни
Shubham Nagare
Shubham Nagare преди 2 месеца
Hey Mark, can you make a second video about the same topic? But this time vary the temperature of water. Is washing hands with warm water helps any better than normal or cold water?
Asphöjden Karlstad
Asphöjden Karlstad преди 2 месеца
Mika Movies
Mika Movies преди 2 месеца
Mart John B. Aguda
Mart John B. Aguda преди час
did i heard fortnite
Reqlized преди 14 часа
A year later, and...
Chris Morton
Chris Morton преди 17 часа
@6:30 yeah i dont think that we "flatend the curve" sorry
48.95,21.91SVK преди ден
After one year this didn't holdup well, Mark? Eh?
Bertha Thomas
Bertha Thomas преди ден
The substantial approval usually plan because hand undeniably jump plus a greedy sea. better, jazzy tie
Hortencia Dorathy
Hortencia Dorathy преди ден
The violent nail jelly muddle because north serologically start toward a fabulous rat. sore, aware slash
NewRogue преди ден
School announced that school is closing for 3 weeks: that one kid who screams FORTNITE!
StygianLightning преди 3 дни
This did not age well XD
The aphmau club
The aphmau club преди 3 дни
Where’s the kids masl
Dante Morrison
Dante Morrison преди 3 дни
8:09 now, we dont got this
xander senteney
xander senteney преди 3 дни
iiiiii hhhhhhhaaaaaatttttttteeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuuuuu
MoonLight преди 4 дни
Nearly gone now 😊
Dweam преди 4 дни
ItzElina Cookies
ItzElina Cookies преди 4 дни
I dipped my sister iPhone in water (Don’t worry it survived)
Anthony 190
Anthony 190 преди 6 дни
This video didn’t age well with how much of a dumpster fire America is rn
VAUGHN RHEW преди 6 дни
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil преди 6 дни
UV i need!
Mantas Mikulskas
Mantas Mikulskas преди 6 дни
That 1 kid: -FORTNITE!!!
Mika uwu
Mika uwu преди 6 дни
i got glow germ just for that reson ;-;
Blaze преди 7 дни
Mark Rober, March 2020: We totally got this Me, May 2021: We totally don’t got this
Patricia Paulson
Patricia Paulson преди 7 дни
It is sad that you can’t see your germs
Advert Corner
Advert Corner преди 7 дни
Kan Tai
Kan Tai преди 8 дни
5:43 Aand it’s on your hands again
EthanWindows преди 8 дни
8:38 AOL!
Sneaky Sasquatch
Sneaky Sasquatch преди 8 дни
zmarco ツ
zmarco ツ преди 8 дни
3 weeks turned into 16 months
Akshaj PLAYZ Channel
Akshaj PLAYZ Channel преди 9 дни
School announcer: there will be no school for three weeks Everyone: yaaaayyyyyyyyyyy Random kid at the end: FORTNITE!!!
That1KidAddi преди 9 дни
The last time I cleaned my phone.. yesterday I dropped it in the toilet my dad used and did not flush (he knows how to close it but not flush) so I cleaned my phone after that
FnF - Adventures - Roblox - And More!
FnF - Adventures - Roblox - And More! преди 9 дни
always social distance
amsterdam roberto grasso
amsterdam roberto grasso преди 10 дни
Natalie Rao
Natalie Rao преди 10 дни
“The economy will eventually bounce back as it always does” Mm are you sure about that this time around?
Natalie Rao
Natalie Rao преди 10 дни
Mhmm... nothing to worry about... definitely
Benlove2563 преди 10 дни
2:35 what about being bruised and the virus going in that way
Levi Neinas
Levi Neinas преди 11 дни
I remember when i heard that but in whent from 3 weeks to like forever
Pink Panda
Pink Panda преди 11 дни
Alex McKellar
Alex McKellar преди 11 дни
so can i still swim in sea water
Logan Poganiatz
Logan Poganiatz преди 11 дни
You made this video on my birth day OMG
Steve M
Steve M преди 12 дни
No need to panic. We got this! Well that didn’t age well....
Owen Schumm
Owen Schumm преди 12 дни
More than a year ago, look what happened in 2021.
Blini Shkupolli
Blini Shkupolli преди 12 дни
oh no
Noah Rickard
Noah Rickard преди 13 дни
The kid that yelled FORTNITE though
perfectplays10 преди 13 дни
8:35 that one kid
Ruth dodge
Ruth dodge преди 14 дни
Assem Ali
Assem Ali преди 14 дни
thanks for telling me that
Quinn Andersen
Quinn Andersen преди 14 дни
Mark a love you’re videos
Conner Sorensen
Conner Sorensen преди 14 дни
Little did we know...
MattTheDogo Play's
MattTheDogo Play's преди 15 дни
can we get infected through our but
Lydia Dreemurr
Lydia Dreemurr преди 15 дни
Okay but if they were out for 2 weeks, that kid sceaming Fortnite would have been slightly funnier
Maureen Logan
Maureen Logan преди 16 дни
Maureen Logan
Maureen Logan преди 16 дни
Maureen Logan
Maureen Logan преди 16 дни
coronavirus outbreak alert
Lucasplaysstufs преди 16 дни
Mark stop referring to Star Wars
charity ferry
charity ferry преди 16 дни
uhm, Mark? why did you go outside at theend?
Deanne S
Deanne S преди 16 дни
Doesn't indicate which spot is covid and how deadly it is, so I hope you didn't say that seeing them proves those points.
Dragons slayerr
Dragons slayerr преди 16 дни
When covid is in the title but the vid is from a year ago 😭
Jason J
Jason J преди 16 дни
0:38 3 kids and the teacher were infected 1:00 1 kid and the teacher
Blazify преди 16 дни
Anyone who is reading this I’m going to be a mechanical Engineer!
RUCHIT PRAKASH преди 17 дни
Kiley Endler
Kiley Endler преди 17 дни
me looking up witch zodiac he is him being pisces internet:Pisces is the dumbest sign. me?!?!!!?!!!??!!!
fake flowers
fake flowers преди 17 дни
I wonder if they are still cheering now.
Speederman GAMING
Speederman GAMING преди 17 дни
8:35 Little did that kid know, fortnite for THREE WEEKS will be eventually So boring, that he wont even enjoy it any more
Lucia Liu
Lucia Liu преди 17 дни
Last kid: FORTNITE!!
FairRodTheCapacitor преди 17 дни
0:12 A kid with PlayStation shirt, thumbs up BTW, love your vids Rober. They are interesting and funny But what about facial protection like visors?
Anthorpain преди 17 дни
that one kid that just screamed "FOOOOOORTNIIIIIIITE"
Ella Tolliver
Ella Tolliver преди 17 дни
Ah one year ago, when we all thought things would go back to normal after a few weeks.
Ryan Lampton
Ryan Lampton преди 18 дни
From watching your channel for years i was inspired and i am now making my own robots, BattleBots, RC Cars, And Doing Experiments.
I ArtxcFx I
I ArtxcFx I преди 18 дни
Principal:we are closing this school for 3 weeks 8:22 Child: *FORTNITE!* 8:35
matthew schreiner
matthew schreiner преди 18 дни
Who don’t you know?
Elizabeth Utterson
Elizabeth Utterson преди 19 дни
Mark: There is no need to panic Me in late April of 2021: Oh really
Siddharth Sebin
Siddharth Sebin преди 19 дни
I haven’t been outside of my house in literally days XD
kaushalya kanth
kaushalya kanth преди 19 дни
4:40 u sure it’s DNA, think it’s RNA
Conor Topasna
Conor Topasna преди 19 дни
What if, we put safe UV lights a foot above sinks in most bathrooms so puerile can see the gems? I'm sure hundreds of people have had the same idea, but how come it isn't out in the world?
Bizzaro Yt
Bizzaro Yt преди 19 дни
omg how may phone have germ I will wash my phone with soap and water no germ now yay :) but I destroyed my phone didn't work now :(
Penny Hunsberger
Penny Hunsberger преди 19 дни
Those kids are so lucky because I never got to have even 1 week off
Reptile Plays
Reptile Plays преди 19 дни
Prinsible: we will be closing the school for 3 weeks Kid: FORTNIGHT
Gabriel Stocker
Gabriel Stocker преди 19 дни
Did anyone hear that kid scream fortnite at the 3 week break
Erica Guzman
Erica Guzman преди 19 дни
You can do are hi 5
insert_random_rapp2010 преди 19 дни
What’s in viruses is actually RNA it’s similar though
Johan Dhandapani
Johan Dhandapani преди 20 дни
Yash Jh
Yash Jh преди 20 дни
“While this virus is bad, it could be worse.” Well guess what Mark, it’s getting worse🙂
Connor Sexton
Connor Sexton преди 20 дни
Why d9nt people just use FINGER GUNS! 😎😎😎😎😎
Annabelle Rochester
Annabelle Rochester преди 20 дни
Who says BGcd can't teach you things.
Lil south drawer 2
Lil south drawer 2 преди 20 дни
Belacel Mohamed lamine
Belacel Mohamed lamine преди 20 дни
Virus has RNA inside not a DNA
Morgan Zachlfich
Morgan Zachlfich преди 21 ден
April 2021 Covid still exists
cudes преди 21 ден
"that one kid FoRtNiTe!"
Allen Salvador
Allen Salvador преди 21 ден
Floppa Gaming Official
Floppa Gaming Official преди 21 ден
8:29 I had the same reaction but little did I know it would be a lot longer than that.
Nalene Hilker
Nalene Hilker преди 21 ден
Parts of this did NOT age well.
Mariah Anastasi
Mariah Anastasi преди 22 дни
We totally didn’t have this under control!
Sunglass Sisters Try
Sunglass Sisters Try преди 22 дни
Mark- We toldly got this. Early 2020 Me- We, told do not got this. Late- 2020
Acid Gaming
Acid Gaming преди 22 дни
He said 3 weeks me 1 year later
Leslie Deana
Leslie Deana преди 22 дни
I'm SO glad that you put in "Not to panic". I'd also wish you'd cover herd immunity,,, the NATURAL way that humans (and other living beings) build up their own immunity A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME. I absolutely NEVER get the flu shot, and guess what: I NEVER GET THE FLU EITHER! Many people in my family are actually allergic to the "packaging" that use used for most inoculations. We don't necessarily *need* pharma to try to FIX everything with their bandaids. We eat healthy w/natural fruits and as much as possible, NON-GMO foods. Thanks SO much for your informative series!
ElGatoDuke преди 22 дни
"No Need To Panic" :(
Logan Walper
Logan Walper преди 22 дни
/ 1000000 an hoar
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner преди 23 дни
EN RESUMEN DEL VIDEO Portadores : La maestra y un niño despues. Contagiados : Otros tres niños por la maestra. Dura 9 dias en superficies, Podemos usar carcasas resistente al agua para los moviles o toallitas de alcohol lo cual seria menos efficiente que usar jabon y meter el movil directamente bajo el agua. Tener en cuenta el uso de alcohol de gel en lugares como estos. 2:02 2:09 Tener en cuenta las superficies y el piso por las cosas que traeriamos de vuelta a casa como objetos y zapatillas que no son lavadas frequentementes. Tambien hay que tener en cuenta que la tos y el estornudo viaja bastante lejos y se expande en todas las direcciones. 5:15 y 5:45 se acaba el video.
Manthesh M R
Manthesh M R преди 23 дни
I hat you look like El Chapo
IG Effxct XD
IG Effxct XD преди 23 дни
Boi I did not do this in 3rd grade, I had to right multiparagraph essays
Morgan Bostedt
Morgan Bostedt преди 23 дни
BGcd: this video was made a year ago Me: .O.
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