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Are you ready? Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” and start streaming the Original Series March 19 on Disney+:
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Prabhu Salve
Prabhu Salve преди 4 часа
How many episodes did this web series have? Can anyone tell me?
Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh преди 3 часа
Sacagawea преди 4 часа
Not going to watch this...
Sarathi de vi
Sarathi de vi преди 4 часа
This triller is inspired from Mk 11 trilelr
Lucas Gonçalves
Lucas Gonçalves преди 11 часа
The trailer looks like a generic action movie but the series is about a discussion of ideals and ethics about superheroes.
joyce harris
joyce harris преди 13 часа
The combative fountain reportedly permit because orange operationally wreck below a jobless ox. quack, sloppy turret
Jackson Morgner
Jackson Morgner преди 14 часа
The only parts we haven’t seen in the trailer yet is Sam using the shield and that’s it, and there’s still 2 whole episodes left, pretty exciting
KILLLER NooB преди 6 часа
Yeah at 1:17 we can see sam using shield, i think that clip is of final episode and i am very excited for it.😊😊
tamosa ghosh
tamosa ghosh преди 16 часа
Who is here after episode 4 😍😍
cheeseman cheesycheese
cheeseman cheesycheese преди 17 часа
They make this show look like a classic buddy comedy. And it is. For an episode. Everything spirals out of control so quickly, and this show is so much more than we first thought.
tamosa ghosh
tamosa ghosh преди 16 часа
Yeah, definitely not a classic comedy
Hafsa Hussain
Hafsa Hussain преди 17 часа
Whose hear after watching 4 episodes of TFAWS
Jo преди 18 часа
Every episode I come back here
Ngam Edwrd
Ngam Edwrd преди 20 часа
I just wanna see how sam got the shield back I'm sick of this new captain America
Ghost Idiot
Ghost Idiot преди 15 часа
nah new america lit
๖ۣۜSmiling Simian
๖ۣۜSmiling Simian преди 21 час
Episode 4.. that ending..
Dheeraj Raghuwanshi
Dheeraj Raghuwanshi преди 21 час
Dhyan Prakash
Dhyan Prakash преди ден
Who is here after watchin episode 4
CompetitiveC4t преди ден
I love how this trailer makes it seem like zemo is the villain
Shubhangi Tiwary
Shubhangi Tiwary преди ден
Does anyone else think that the action scenes look way more cool in the trailer than in the episodes where it feels exhausting and messy bcz of all the camera cuts?
Guitarist500 преди ден
Man, for a show that’s supposed to star an African-American superhero, they really billed Anthony Mackie second
Denis Escobar
Denis Escobar преди ден
I have a strong feelings the bad guy is going to be Antonio Banderas
inverse_of_zero преди ден
I know nothing about this series, this is my first time watching anything related. But.. am I the only one that thinks this trailer looks tacky AF?
CrocodilleJaws83 преди ден
Stuff we haven't seen; 0:31-0:32, 0:37-0:44, 0:47-0:48, 1:17-1:18
Thinks Of legends
Thinks Of legends преди ден
@Marvel‘s MT pretty good theory i think it’s gonna be sam’s shield now and john walker is officially the Us agent
Marvel‘s MT
Marvel‘s MT преди ден
1:17 I'm sure that Sam throws the shield at John Walker. So they gonna fight John Walker after what he did at the end of episode 4. My theory.
Francisco Lobato
Francisco Lobato преди ден
for you guys that don't have disney plus you van actually watch it for free, dowload an app called stremio, that's how I watched wandavision for free. you're welcome
Mr Tekken 7
Mr Tekken 7 преди ден
Bucky is a super solider, that means he is still strong without his vibranium arm 🤷‍♂️ Right guys?
Michael Daly
Michael Daly преди ден
Get woke go broke. See ya!
Goulactic X
Goulactic X преди 21 час
@Michael Daly It was a name I made years ago ...but nice try changing the topic since you have nothing worthwile to say
Michael Daly
Michael Daly преди 22 часа
@Goulactic X Ok galactic man 😂😂😂.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X преди 22 часа
@Michael Daly Well since you took the time to watch this show and call it woke I guess you are a kid yourself . Nice job . A mature 'grown man' wouldnt write such idiotic comments
Michael Daly
Michael Daly преди 22 часа
@Goulactic X I don't think a grown man watches such childish pieces of trash movies.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X преди 23 часа
@Michael Daly How about you give examples to your statement like a grown man instead of calling names
Rohit K
Rohit K преди ден
Barton says we won. But they were not aware what chaos has been creates after snap... We came to know in wanda and falcon
merve aydogan
merve aydogan преди ден
Tom Holland: Wait... There is a Falcon movie
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer преди ден
I’m sorry but im that person who’s pissed at the “incantation” for the winter soldier. Don’t know who your translator is for the words but you all are mispronouncing “seventeen and freight car” in Russian. Semnadtsatī with a soft i at the end. And freight car is ghryzoviy not rosaviy. Rosaviy translates to pink. So you’re saying pink car not freight car. So your translation is way off
Who's here after Episode 4?
Stormzy FNC
Stormzy FNC преди ден
Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta преди ден
Plsss back Steve Rogers😥😭😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
ROANAK OP преди 2 дни
Here after watching ep4
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh преди 2 дни
Marvel is setting a bar that Marvel themselves cannot break❤️. I just love this about Marvel. The uniqueness they show to represent the characters that are underdeveloped. 👏🏻👏🏻
kamari Easter
kamari Easter преди 2 дни
Who's here after the 4th episode?
Thinks Of legends
Thinks Of legends преди 5 часа
@Erdal Gjelstad also i found it btw
Thinks Of legends
Thinks Of legends преди 11 часа
@Erdal Gjelstad yup i have discord
Erdal Gjelstad
Erdal Gjelstad преди 12 часа
@Thinks Of legends do you have discord? I can send it to you
Thinks Of legends
Thinks Of legends преди 12 часа
@Erdal Gjelstad i still i can’t find it
Erdal Gjelstad
Erdal Gjelstad преди 13 часа
@Thinks Of legends I think it's in their social media. But some youtubers have posted it
Lock Down
Lock Down преди 2 дни
Is it movie or series?
Shailesh Bamborde
Shailesh Bamborde преди 2 дни
Disaster movie
Just Potato
Just Potato преди 2 дни
I enjoy this duo way more than I expected
rampdedlizer преди ден
Sooo sameeeee
R4W4 16D
R4W4 16D преди 2 дни
My man clarence parents have a real good marriage
NatanisLikens преди 2 дни
I Am Arno Stark, Ironman.
Chaz George Batman Hotline
Chaz George Batman Hotline преди 2 дни
If Anthony Mackie wasn't one of the worst celebrities I ever met I'd go see the movie
Chaz George Batman Hotline
Chaz George Batman Hotline преди 18 часа
@Erdal Gjelstad I have met hundreds of celebrities and can count on 2 hands the worst experiences and he's one of them. Such a turn-off, it disgusts me to see him on any screen. Not all stars are like this. Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa for example were extremely nice. It's also totally disgusting that Chris Evens charges fans $500 for his autograph as if he's a Beatle.
Erdal Gjelstad
Erdal Gjelstad преди 21 час
@Chaz George Batman Hotline that's what all the actors do...... And this isn't a movie, it's a show and so far we've got 4 episodes out of 6
Chaz George Batman Hotline
Chaz George Batman Hotline преди ден
@zach 2.0 was on his phone in front of fans, ignoring people, even Wizard staff complained. He was rude, not even personable, wouldn't shake hands, a jerk who shouldn't have come to a fan gathering.
zach 2.0
zach 2.0 преди ден
Deco Kirwan
Deco Kirwan преди 2 дни
Marvel snap out of it. We don't want disneys systemic racism put in entertainment. I stopped watching falcon and winter solider already. Episode 2 I said nah. Not for me. So did all my friends.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X преди ден
@Deco Kirwan Sam is one of the least known Avengers to the world + he's black . and Bucky is under the goverment's watch wherever he goes.... The 'aggresion' again Sam from the police is very accurate as it happends everydays for afro Americans in poor neighbourhoods . Notice how when the cops recognise him they stand down
Deco Kirwan
Deco Kirwan преди ден
@Goulactic X why did the cops go to protect bucky and judge Sam??
Goulactic X
Goulactic X преди ден
what systemic racism ?
The Real Just E
The Real Just E преди 3 дни
As much as I like falcon, I am happy that he is going to become Captain America. Marvel has stepped up its game to present stronger and iconic black lead superheroes. At the same time, I feel that War Machine is overlooked and he is the first black superhero in the MCU (on the big screen). I would like to see a War Machine movie or they should now make War Machine the new Iron Man along with falcon as Captain America. He really is overlooked...
Syed Bilawal Imran
Syed Bilawal Imran преди 3 дни
Marvel wants money like T series. they are uploading same trailer more than thrice.
Jon Eu
Jon Eu преди 3 дни
These two arguing?? Before you know it Falcon is gonna channel his inner Papa Doc and demolish Bucky in a freestyle rap battle
R C преди 3 дни
I’ve got one complaint about Disney’s falcon and the winter soldier. The show so far is starting out really good. However two minutes of title and intro screen plus 7 minutes of credits is way too much that’s almost ten minutes of useless content out of a total of fifty-three minutes. That equals 16.98 percent of crap. I really think you can do better then that.
JustNobody преди ден
Better than Wandavision's "Please Stand by."
Arav Jasuja
Arav Jasuja преди 3 дни
The trailer is actually good
amar gaire
amar gaire преди 3 дни
Bucky deserve that shield. He know how to use it same as Captain Rogers. Many times Bucky as winter Soldier make that shield is useless for Captain Rogers. And remember Bucky was always there for steve Rogers when he was a weak guy.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X преди ден
The world can't accept a former brainwashed super assassin as the new Captain america . also Steve knew that Bucky wants to rest and stop having a war to fight everytime
Othmane Haldaoui
Othmane Haldaoui преди 3 дни
Not a perfect soldier, but a good man
Hage Taker
Hage Taker преди 3 дни
Girl with the smile looks crazy
Rahul Rajput
Rahul Rajput преди 3 дни
im addicted to trailer coming here again and again😎🔥🔥🔥
pi of pi
pi of pi преди 3 дни
Is the orange hair girl the person who plays fox face in the hunger games???
JBOY _ преди 3 дни
I wanna see Winter soldier vs Guile fight scene... Anyone with me?
Alex Rowe
Alex Rowe преди 4 дни
Elizabeth Olsen straight out lies about Serbia just burried entire Marvel franchise in eastern Europe and Russia singlehandedly, they lost their viewers. That there is a feat on it's own. Congrats.
Goulactic X
Goulactic X преди ден
Phillip Bron
Phillip Bron преди 4 дни
Is this a movie or tv serial
Phillip Bron
Phillip Bron преди 3 дни
I just watched the series it's brilliant
YJM_15 _1
YJM_15 _1 преди 3 дни
I'd recommand to watch it in any website its so funny
YJM_15 _1
YJM_15 _1 преди 3 дни
Tv series
cezzane преди 4 дни
Lakas ng Ama'tz ko sabina sabina
Hasnain Afzal
Hasnain Afzal преди 4 дни
We need old captain america not him .........plz.......
Leto2ndAtreides преди 4 дни
Makes me sad that Cap is gone.
N3VUS HEDRON преди 4 дни
Marvel I only have one request. Please get this background ost song for the trailer released 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Herohammer Studios
Herohammer Studios преди 4 дни
Was this as terrible as it looked?
- Nicolle
- Nicolle преди 4 дни
It is actually a great show and this trailer is just like the first 3 episodes
Leam 69,420
Leam 69,420 преди 4 дни
Copied call of duty
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar преди 4 дни
Fan ❤️
Bot Boy
Bot Boy преди 4 дни
The cheerful queen implicitly whip because violet methodically desert unlike a various begonia. impartial, grubby gruesome driver
Sasmita Mishra
Sasmita Mishra преди 4 дни
Shreyaan Banerjee
Shreyaan Banerjee преди 4 дни
I actually liked Bucky better when he was brainwashed
Rajesh Singh
Rajesh Singh преди 5 дни
is this on vip
whoe cares
whoe cares преди 5 дни
That was a amazing background score
Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta преди 5 дни
Boycott this. No replace to cap.
sri shakthi
sri shakthi преди 5 дни
Annasaheb Sonawane
Annasaheb Sonawane преди 5 дни
I like this new Captain America can he didn't take steroids
jayaprakash narayana
jayaprakash narayana преди 5 дни
Wait to see when falcon and winter soldier will have the captain America sheild
lvl. x
lvl. x преди 5 дни
I hate that people without disney+ cant experience this😢
Abdul Raheem Gaming
Abdul Raheem Gaming преди ден
@Francisco Lobato and an app called popcorn time
Francisco Lobato
Francisco Lobato преди ден
hear me out: there's an app called stremio, you can watch anything for free there, you're welcome
Abdul Raheem Gaming
Abdul Raheem Gaming преди 2 дни
Lol I watch it for free
Emily Bachmann
Emily Bachmann преди 3 дни
I got it just for this show😂
BigB ChiliP
BigB ChiliP преди 5 дни
Weak! The hype is not real. Bring back Daredevil.
Rahul Kushwaha
Rahul Kushwaha преди 5 дни
Watching this trailer 200th time coz i love its background music. It is like badass and cool. 😎
KingLost x Godo
KingLost x Godo преди 5 дни
"Superheroes cannot be allowed to exist" Iam not Trusting Zemo even if I love the dance
oranye Oranye
oranye Oranye преди 5 дни
Where is Evanssss?????? We want Evans come back!!!
Vida de Fútbol
Vida de Fútbol преди 5 дни
Migos stay
Pritam Choudhury
Pritam Choudhury преди 5 дни
Lots of Love From India❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳 To Whole Marvel Family our there...I m soo excited to see the series' after seeing the trailer..🤍⚡⚡⚡
BlackBro преди 6 дни
Good mcu sequel
Deafault Food
Deafault Food преди 6 дни
Best Trailer in the 21st Century
Fury’s fists Number one
Fury’s fists Number one преди 6 дни
Disney garbage leftist propaganda
Alex преди 6 дни
Imar Chand
Imar Chand преди 6 дни
They should of just left the series as falcon and Bucky with maybe introducing new characters.. but let the legacy of Cap rest. Sheeshhhh ! 🤦🏽‍♂️🧐😟🙍‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Rachel Akinfe
Rachel Akinfe преди 6 дни
*should have.
Nature Is Everywhere
Nature Is Everywhere преди 6 дни
yawnnnnnnn stop making crappy movies for the nerdy 16-25 year old guys.
- Nicolle
- Nicolle преди 4 дни
you are very bored if you came to this "crappy movie for the nerdy 16-25 year old guys" just to leave this unsolicited comment. Truly fan behaviour
Nature Is Everywhere
Nature Is Everywhere преди 5 дни
@Rachel Akinfe as if that changes anything.
jonas57able преди 5 дни
It's funny I'm older. It's mini series.
Rachel Akinfe
Rachel Akinfe преди 6 дни
It isn’t a movie.
Ted Fischer
Ted Fischer преди 6 дни
After the smearing of police in episode 2, I am not watching the rest of the series. Get woke, go broke.
- Nicolle
- Nicolle преди 4 дни
no one literally cares that you don't want to watch it. And the mcu will never go broke, especially not because of a 30 second cop scene. Pls grow up. It's a good show nonetheless
Rachel Akinfe
Rachel Akinfe преди 6 дни
Good, it proves you can’t handle a serious topic.
Aryan Vishwakarma
Aryan Vishwakarma преди 6 дни
Dark Knight
Dark Knight преди 6 дни
DDM 1285
DDM 1285 преди 4 дни
@Dark Knight no problem
Dark Knight
Dark Knight преди 4 дни
@DDM 1285 thanks mate
DDM 1285
DDM 1285 преди 4 дни
It’s called ‘is you ready’ mile 22
Chandler Bing {king of sarcasm}
Chandler Bing {king of sarcasm} преди 6 дни
seriously I miss cap😔😥
Lightning McQueen / Marvel And Mandalorian Fan #95
Lightning McQueen / Marvel And Mandalorian Fan #95 преди 6 дни
Who came here after Zemo was dancing?
Ava Cooper-Garrett
Ava Cooper-Garrett преди 6 дни
Rocket better get a cameo.
androidFRONT преди 6 дни
All cool but why release an episode every Friday..☹️ Release all at once or an episode daily.
Don Juan
Don Juan преди 6 дни
I came here for shanti dope
ramya divine
ramya divine преди 6 дни
Just blink sweet Jesus😂🤣
Teajshwi Sah
Teajshwi Sah преди 7 дни
Bucky will be of Hundred and no one knows about Falcons age.
Dharmit Dholakia
Dharmit Dholakia преди 7 дни
plz release this exact trailer background music marvel!!!
Ki-seon Peck
Ki-seon Peck преди 7 дни
Erdal Gjelstad
Erdal Gjelstad преди 20 часа
Episode 3
Swathi Tejavath
Swathi Tejavath преди 7 дни
Without captain America, thor and iron man Marvel's are nothing... I can't imagine...
yolol преди 2 дни
Thats good because without ironman..MCU fan is not gonna watch MCU anymore and the only people that True Marvel fans only will watching MCU film..
jonas57able преди 5 дни
I'm not their fan. In MCU I like only Bucky and Loki.
Greg Maxwell
Greg Maxwell преди 7 дни
Way too many blacks in this. No thanks.
Francisco Lobato
Francisco Lobato преди ден
yolol преди 2 дни
- Nicolle
- Nicolle преди 4 дни
Way too much racist ignorance in your head. No thanks.
T S преди 7 дни
Why did you bow to the fake woke mob who is less than 0.0001 % of true DC fans and overall public population? Leftist communist garbage you gave your soul to.
Roelle Dimalanta
Roelle Dimalanta преди 7 дни
Dr. Hal Emmerich (ハル・エメリッヒ, Haru Emerihhi), nicknamed Otacon (オタコン, Otakon), is a fictional character from Kojima's Metal Gear series. Created by Hideo Kojima and designed by Yoji Shinkawa, Otacon was introduced in the series in Metal Gear Solid. In Metal Gear Solid, Otacon, an ArmsTech employee who designed Metal Gear REX, becomes a close ally of Solid Snake upon learning of REX's nuclear strike capabilities. After the events of Metal Gear Solid, he helped Solid Snake form Philanthropy, a group whose main objective is to prevent proliferation of Metal Gear-type weapons. Snake and Otacon infiltrate the military installations and facilities of the world, delving into their compounds through stealth and cyber hacking. In a sense, Snake is the brawn and Otacon is the brains behind "Philanthropy." A devoted fan of anime, Hal's chosen nickname is the short form of the Otaku Convention, with reference to Otakon held in Washington, D.C. each year. The name "Hal" is a direct reference to the computer HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of several references to the film which is present in Metal Gear Solid; in the Otacon ending of the game, Hal and Snake make direct comparisons to the film. Critical reception of Otacon has been positive, with praise being particularly directed towards his and Snake's friendship. "Hal" is a tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey.[1] Kojima states that he created Otacon as his way of glorifying the otaku stereotype by having a character who fights the terrorists with his intellect rather than his brawn.[2] He added that the original idea for Otacon was to make him "heavier, wearing a cap, and programming while eating a chocolate bar". However, the design Shinkawa did for the character was a slender one instead.[3] Lead character designer Yoji Shinkawa stated in an interview that Otacon was designed to look somewhat "tougher" than he did in Metal Gear Solid for the second game.[4] "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is the sixth annual Arrowverse crossover event and features episodes of the television series Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow on The CW. The Supergirl, Batwoman, and The Flash episodes aired in December 2019 while the Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow episodes aired in January 2020. The events of the Black Lightning episode "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four: Earth Crisis" (which aired between Batwoman and The Flash) and a two-issue comic book with characters and concepts unused in the live-action episodes also tied into the event. Crisis on Infinite Earths", inspired by the comic of the same name, continues plotlines established in the previous crossover, "Elseworlds". The preceding episodes of Arrow season eight and much of The Flash season six serve as a prelude to the crossover. In "Crisis", the Monitor gathers Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, and several others from throughout the multiverse to stop the Anti-Monitor from destroying reality. The crossover's events result in the Arrowverse being rebooted, affecting all of the series. Initial references to the crossover began in 2014 with The Flash's pilot episode. The adaptation began in earnest during the development of "Elseworlds", and the crossover's title was revealed at the end of "Elseworlds" in December 2018. Casting was announced in mid-2019 and included actors who previously portrayed DC characters in other media, such as Burt Ward and Kevin Conroy. Cress Williams from The CW series Black Lightning crossed over with the Arrowverse for the first time, and other actors reprised their roles from various DC film and television series. The event was filmed from the end of September to the beginning of November 2019. "Crisis on Infinite Earths" was critically praised for its scope, ambition, and the many cameos, though the fate of Oliver Queen had a mixed reception. The crossover proved popular, as each episode gave season-high ratings to its corresponding series. A two-episode aftershow, Crisis Aftermath hosted by Kevin Smith, aired after parts one and three to explore the crossover's events. The next crossover, between Batwoman and Superman & Lois, will air in 2021.[1] To prepare for the coming crisis, the Monitor recruits Oliver Queen and sends him on missions to collect a variety of items,[2] while he retrieves the body of Lex Luthor and revives him.[3][4] Meanwhile, Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen learn that the crisis date has moved up to December 2019 and that the Flash must die to save billions of lives.[5] Barry travels to Earth-3 to see Jay Garrick and Joan Williams, who have been tracking antimatter signatures across the multiverse, to learn more about what happens to him. They send Barry's mind forward in time, making him see billions of timelines where the multiverse is destroyed and the one where he dies saving it.[6] On a mission, Oliver witnesses the destruction of Earth-2 from an antimatter wave. [7] In Star City, William Clayton, Connor Hawke, and Mia Smoak time-travel from 2040 to the present,[8] while Oliver and John Diggle learn that Lyla Michaels has been working with the Monitor.[9] Moments before the crisis begins, Nash Wells is pulled into a chamber under Central City after he is promised a new life.[4] As the crisis starts, the sky over Central City and Lian Yu turns red. Lyla, now a "harbinger of things to come", collects Oliver and Mia on Lian Yu.[10][11] On an unspecified Earth, the sky also turns red over Freeland and adversely reacts to Jennifer Pierce's powers, tearing her between her Earth and those of two of her doppelgängers. As the Pierce family and Peter Gambi try to bring her back, the antimatter wave overtakes them while Jefferson Pierce is transported away.[12] The antimatter wave destroys countless parallel universes.[a] On Earth-38, Brainiac 5 detects the wave approaching Argo City, prompting Kara Danvers to warn her mother Alura Zor-El, her cousin Clark Kent, and his wife Lois Lane. Clark and Lois send their son, Jonathan, off in an escape pod just before the wave hits. Harbinger brings Barry, Kate Kane, Sara Lance, and Ray Palmer to Earth-38 and rescues the Kents from Argo. As Harbinger briefs the heroes on the situation, the Monitor raises a tower to impede the wave while the DEO and Lena Luthor evacuate Earth-38's inhabitants. Brainy finds Jonathan's pod on Earth-16, so he, Lois, and Sara leave to retrieve him while the others fight the Anti-Monitor's forces. Preparing to die, Oliver passes the Green Arrow mantle to Mia. When he learns that Barry is fated to die, however, he argues with the Monitor about their deal.[b] The heroes fight a demonic army until the Monitor breaches them off-world. Refusing to leave, Oliver nullifies the Monitor and stays behind to protect the exodus. Lois' team returns to Earth-1 with Jonathan just as the Monitor brings a dying Oliver to say goodbye. Kara and Kate travel to Earth-99, but fail to recruit its Batman after discovering he murdered his world's Superman while Sara, Barry, Mia, and John Constantine take Oliver to a Lazarus Pit on Earth-18 in an attempt to resurrect him, only to learn his soul is missing. On the Waverider, the Monitor has Ray build a "Paragon Detector", which identifies Kate as the Paragon of Courage. Harbinger is secretly contacted by the Anti-Monitor.[15] In January 2019, The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing said that the remainder of the fifth season would contain elements of the upcoming crossover.[80] The CW president Mark Pedowitz called the crossover "the biggest, the most complicated one" to date, and was hopeful that Legends of Tomorrow (which did not participate in "Elseworlds" because of production complications) would be part of "Crisis". [81] In May 2019, Pedowitz announced at The CW's upfront presentation that the crossover would include The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman in a five-episode event spanning late 2019 and early 2020.[82] The crossover occurred in the ninth episodes of Supergirl's fifth season,[83] Batwoman's first season,[84] and The Flash's sixth season,[85] in the eighth episode of Arrow's eighth season,[86] and as a special episode of Legends of Tomorrow's fifth season which had not yet begun airing; this episode is not considered the series' season premiere.[87] Guggenheim said that when they first presented the crossover to the studio and network, the creators stressed that they did not want the event to be "Crisis on CW Earths" but "to touch as many strands of the DC tapestry as possible."[60] About the crossover's comparison to the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Avengers: Endgame (2019), Guggenheim said "for Barry and Oliver, there is an emotional denouement that is reminiscent of Endgame ... Endgame is an exclamation point. 'Crisis' is a semicolon".[88] Most of Arrow's eighth season is a prelude to the crossover.[90] The Arrow writers consulted with their counterparts on The Flash about the destruction of Earth-2 in "Starling City" to ensure that they could destroy this Earth. A new multiverse was also created, with six of its Earths revealed.[118] Although Guggenheim had wanted a single Earth-Prime, the crossover would not have been able to visit the worlds of other DC properties had that been done. A compromise was reached in which these properties were returned to different Earths in the multiverse, and the Arrowverse series were combined in a single Earth. The Arrowverse characters are oblivious to the newly formed multiverse.[154] Boost Mobile was a promotional partner for the event.[156] The first teaser for the crossover was released on November 10, 2019.[44] On November 15, The CW released a series of show-specific teasers.[157][158][159][160][161] A week later, the event's poster was released.
Jus Easy
Jus Easy преди 7 дни
Daniel Bruhl is a ridiculously good actor.
Anshu Saini
Anshu Saini преди 7 дни
That captain America actually look like the old man in up movie.
Yhasser Matus Enríquez
Yhasser Matus Enríquez преди 7 дни
Name of the song?
Fabrício Nobre
Fabrício Nobre преди 7 дни
Migos - Is You Ready
MY STATUS преди 7 дни
Marvel Studios' The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Final Trailer | Disney+
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WRATH OF MAN Official Trailer (2021)
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Кървава Луна: СЕЗОН 2 ЕПИЗОД 2
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Съквартиранти Е05
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Група „Фантазия“ | Кастинги | България търси талант 2021
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Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | New Trailer
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FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Super Bowl Trailer (2021)
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Exclusive First Look | What If…? | Disney+
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Virtual Launch Event | Marvel Studios' The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney+
Кървава Луна: СЕЗОН 2 ЕПИЗОД 2
The Boxing Antelope
Показвания 372 хил.
Съквартиранти Е05
Показвания 222 хил.
Група „Фантазия“ | Кастинги | България търси талант 2021
България търси талант
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If FOOD were PEOPLE | Funny Food Situations by La La Life Musical
Camdaki Kız | 1. Bölüm
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