Edd China's Garage Revival Program Pilot: The Golf GT(I)

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Edd China's Garage Revival

преди 2 години

Your favorite mechanic, Edd China from Wheeler Dealers, is back with what we hope will be a new program series. In Edd China’s Garage Revival, Edd will work with car owners, whose restoration projects have got the better of them, to get their plans back on track. In this pilot episode, Edd travels to Norway to get a Golf MK1 GTI back where it belongs - on the road.
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john harvey
john harvey преди 19 часа
Look forward to seeing more of the landrover.
Nate S
Nate S преди ден
Awesome!! another great garage rebuild
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy преди ден
It’ll certainly be head and shoulders above the rest. 😷😉🖖🏼
Park Orman
Park Orman преди ден
mütiş biri
pelado Special
pelado Special преди ден
Felicitaciones desde chile
Fabian Schenk Bosch
Fabian Schenk Bosch преди 2 дни
congratulations for the show.
Stefan Allan
Stefan Allan преди 2 дни
Glad your fingers weren't in the way that could have been painful
John Scriven
John Scriven преди 2 дни
Get edd back on tv and he takeover top gear come on come on (EDD)👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌
Jonny Brabus
Jonny Brabus преди 2 дни
The norwegian are verry sellfish he didnt invitte Edd to his hone but right to the garage 😒👎 did he paid for the work and the travel all the way up to Norway ??
The MTB Chiro
The MTB Chiro преди 2 дни
Enjoyed that, I hope after Covid you're able to do more 👍
James Mckay
James Mckay преди 2 дни
Do you have more than 1 channel
Tukann12 преди 3 дни
Holy crap what happened? Why this program was never picked up? Yh...
Walter Roszko
Walter Roszko преди 3 дни
Great work as always Edd, glad I discovered you here on BGcd.
Kamil Kamil
Kamil Kamil преди 3 дни
Thank you Edd :)
Victoria Lovewell
Victoria Lovewell преди 3 дни
1000 👎!!! WTF is to dislike about this!great to see you back eff.good job👍
Hillfort Garage Customs
Hillfort Garage Customs преди 3 дни
2 years later I know but only just got suggested to me, let's be honest, the guy who owns the golf, did he really need you to go and finish it!!! I honestly don't think so
Roger Bengtsson
Roger Bengtsson преди 3 дни
I hade a GTI once, it had ventilated brakes
EatMyGoal преди 3 дни
Thanks for that story...
Fikret Halimic
Fikret Halimic преди 3 дни
They need better name i think.
Andy преди 3 дни
Such a shame would love to have seen more
Desi Mora
Desi Mora преди 4 дни
Great Job as usual. Well Done!
Kennur Larsson
Kennur Larsson преди 4 дни
hamaneenee преди 4 дни
Great show, spoiled by too many adverts.
J K преди 4 дни
The music is a bit much. Great episode though.
Gabriel Plotogea
Gabriel Plotogea преди 4 дни
Nice video👌
Bernard Blanken
Bernard Blanken преди 5 дни
Edd your style of presenting is great thoroughly enjoy watching your work . Well done for leaving the show for that reason , I agree the best part of the show is your work and explaining what and why. I am a Mechanic but still enjoy your presentations. Keep up the good work .
ian s johnson
ian s johnson преди 5 дни
Great video, Edd. I hope to watch many more. You have a new subscriber !
vertigo titan cruiser
vertigo titan cruiser преди 5 дни
Really enjoyed that and the baby seat at the end was a great touch well done edd 🙌
Michael Quwek
Michael Quwek преди 5 дни
Love seeing edd back and helping people again. Thanks for the great video
Stuart Osborne
Stuart Osborne преди 5 дни
First time I have seen what you have been up to since leaving the other show. Must say it was a refreshing idea to be actually helping the client as it were. Looking forward to watching more :)
Trevor Dodd
Trevor Dodd преди 5 дни
This is a show that must be made
ray conboy
ray conboy преди 5 дни
Great to have you back Ed.....Love it !
İsmail ÖZDEMİR преди 5 дни
You are a wonderful person Edd China. It's a great feeling to see you again. Thank you. Love from turkey
Alan Hinett
Alan Hinett преди 6 дни
Well done Ed, really good to see you back providing worthwhile and valuable workshop advice.
dante marasca
dante marasca преди 6 дни
Muy bueno Edd, te felicito y te sigo, un abrazo y mucha suerte
Jeff Jordan
Jeff Jordan преди 6 дни
Really like Ed! Would love to see him and Mike back together!!!
Philip Walton
Philip Walton преди 6 дни
Who’s this about... the guy and his car or Ed 🤷‍♂️
Bigger Biff
Bigger Biff преди 6 дни
This is the car show we need, thanks Ed 🙏🏾
randomdoodification преди 7 дни
2 yo project kid... i should REALLY finish my 17yo one lol
Robb Wolf
Robb Wolf преди 7 дни
Love this show
VC YT преди 7 дни
'' It's an absolute nightmare ''
Michael Daburn
Michael Daburn преди 8 дни
Why did I not know Edd was making his own series! You have been missed and I wish you all the success with this project and hope someone takes it on.
Jael huji
Jael huji преди 8 дни
Yo: Entusiasmado de escuchar todo traducido al español, pero sólamente sale subtitulado. Me conformo con leer los subtítulos y el el minuto 11:25 los retiran. Y yo: 😢
nicolas saldias
nicolas saldias преди 9 дни
Saludos de Chile latinoamerica
Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews преди 9 дни
Great to have the Legend that is Edd China Back where he belongs. I have just purchased a Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia Automatic V6 1978 with only 48000 miles on the clock its a classic car, with classic car issues. And trying to find an old school mechanic who is familiar with these engines is like pulling hen's teeth. I will be following Edd on his new quest with great interest, and when I hit a brick wall with my car, which no doubt I will. Ill be coming to you for advise Edd. Great to have you back mate
Mr Joe Smith
Mr Joe Smith преди 9 дни
Welcome back Eddddddddddd! Thanks for returning.
F Ozbey
F Ozbey преди 10 дни
Yes Ed our Hero we learned a lot of your mechanical skills.....
Fernando Rocha
Fernando Rocha преди 10 дни
Welcome Back!!! Congratulations!!
alswords преди 10 дни
Simply EPIC.
佐々木徳良 преди 11 дни
I would like to improve it so that it supports Japanese subtitles. 日本語の字幕にに対応するよう改善を希望します。
david banks
david banks преди 11 дни
Craig's Channel
Craig's Channel преди 10 дни
Yeah Good Friday 👍
paul mutyaba
paul mutyaba преди 11 дни
Well Come back, my best mechanic ever.
James Ugalde
James Ugalde преди 11 дни
Very glad to see you're back
john moffatt
john moffatt преди 13 дни
A clever project! A little different but still similar! A clever lad methinks !👍🤣
john moffatt
john moffatt преди 13 дни
I think that your new idea is super!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
john moffatt
john moffatt преди 13 дни
I like the idea you have and will watch with great interest!
Claude Nuvoli
Claude Nuvoli преди 13 дни
wish you the very best for the future and will follow you wherever you go .was a pleasure to watch you in the workshop explaining your repairs .im off to watch your pilot show.tadaa
Adrian Pollard
Adrian Pollard преди 14 дни
How was this not picked up by a major broadcaster. This is what car programmes should be like. Far superior to the boring rubbish that Wheeler Dealers has become.
Dean Page
Dean Page преди 14 дни
More, more more! Brilliant to see you back Edd.
Bud Wizer
Bud Wizer преди 14 дни
Edd China as a personal Mechanic, where do I sign up?
Gerardo Moreno O.
Gerardo Moreno O. преди 14 дни
Awesome, Best Regards, Gerardo Moreno
German Ramirez
German Ramirez преди 19 дни
Edd amazing proyect... We are so excited with you new begining... We look forward to yout next video...
あおい преди 22 дни
あおい преди 22 дни
Sethuz sz
Sethuz sz преди 23 дни
Love you sir❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bernard Kavanagh
Bernard Kavanagh преди 23 дни
I'd watch Edd stream on Twitch
Srboljub Krunic
Srboljub Krunic преди 23 дни
Edd mate, I love your show 👌🏻
Stephen Harrop
Stephen Harrop преди 26 дни
I hope Edd merges with the old Top gear boys at least James may . ✌🏻
Jesse преди 27 дни
the commercial at 2:55 is actually the commercial for the golf mk2 GTI
Billy Leach
Billy Leach преди месец
Edd I would like to know how to fix my heater in my slk
1 A
1 A преди месец
Made in Germany
Ian R Tait
Ian R Tait преди месец
Excellent Edd. It is great to see you doing what you enjoy and helping owners solve their problems. I hope this is picked up with one of the main TV channels! I have not watched WD since you left.
Eros Berardi
Eros Berardi преди месец
Grande ed..!!you are the best.!!very nice idea ..we waite for new episode ..all the best master..👍🙋
Kaitlyn L
Kaitlyn L преди месец
I was just thinking how much I missed the Edd bits on WD (would fast forward thru the Deals on Wheels guy), and I get recommended this! Nothing more has come of this yet, but I really dig this formula. No flipping cars or messing about with searching. Helping people finish projects they couldn’t finish - far more community minded, and people do the searching for you! The tip about getting the windscreen rubber in smoothly was especially nice. And the regulatory process in Norway really made me appreciate the MOT here! So long as it passes emissions and lights and brakes you can do what you like... mostly. Other commenters are bemoaning the death of this pilot, but I daresay a lot of these folks don’t know how long it takes to get new shows on the road after a pilot. You could well have had something finally in the cards when 2020 got in the way. So, I sure do hope you can get more out of this, I appreciated that there was no filler or fake drama rubbish, and BGcd allows you to have videos as short or as long as they naturally end up. But - even if this project is well and truly dead, this was still a joyous pilot episode to watch :) if only BGcd had shown it to more people back when it was new, instead of years late!
jose figueroa
jose figueroa преди месец
Were can i get that kit
MR.KUZTOM GARAGE преди месец
Its good
Joseph Kirosho
Joseph Kirosho преди месец
True teachers Eddie China 100%
Joseph Kirosho
Joseph Kirosho преди месец
Welcome back true thanks for giving back worlds god bless you chanel
George Smith
George Smith преди месец
This was amazing... love watching Edd.. he was the reasons I got off my can and started working on my Jeep again.. give anything for him to come see me hahah...
Charlotte Moo
Charlotte Moo преди месец
This is such a great program. The owners face when he’s driving his car for the first tome is priceless
Marcel Covaci
Marcel Covaci преди месец
Aww! I was excited when I saw this but apparently it’s old video. Maybe it will pick up . Great master mechanic ...actually I believe Mr. China is an Engineer
MrStroller4u преди месец
Edd china has his own channel... now im aboard.
Stephen Romano
Stephen Romano преди месец
badass build love the car
21jimmyo преди месец
I would watch this, I think Motor Trend should pick this up. I like Ed's down-to-earth style. I hate the fake "oh no!! If we don't get this done we're going to lose the SHOP!!!" B.S. a lot of shows do.
Wiremu 123
Wiremu 123 преди месец
Ed sell your show to New Zealand.
Wiremu 123
Wiremu 123 преди месец
Thankyou Ed, love your uncomplicated explanations. And you are the best.
Béla Banok
Béla Banok преди месец
Alulról könnyebb betenni a motort váltóval!
Roger Corley
Roger Corley преди месец
Looking forward to the next episode.
Daniel GT
Daniel GT преди месец
A little bit hot, if this was shown to me in 2018 i would call you to help me out in my GTi in Brazil. But it is a Gol GTi. Almost finished it, it would be my pleasure to show you guys our version of this myth!
marksapollo преди месец
Where’s Ed? I miss him on TV, I love his style of presenting.
David Greengrass
David Greengrass преди месец
I agree with kara the people want this program. I do too. Thanks Edd. Dave Greengrass
Dan Hyde
Dan Hyde преди месец
I just watch this on repeat since you never made another :'(
Franck Mr.F
Franck Mr.F преди месец
Bonjour quel est les régulateurs de frein pour les roues arrières sinon elles vont bloquer au premier freinage
Charlie Morgan
Charlie Morgan преди месец
Better than wheeler dealers, no bull shit and gabbing on, just working on the cars is what I want to see. Great stuff.
Z Szilagyi
Z Szilagyi преди месец
Brilliant apart from the roof lining but it’s a hard job indeed
MrTruth111 преди месец
Better here late than never:)
Jan Willem v.d. Gronden
Jan Willem v.d. Gronden преди месец
This was such a great pilot, what the hell happened?! This is where you excel, mate. Of course I like your van reviews, and I am happy you have created some sort of earnings on the side, but I miss your indepth knowledge and accessible way of taking us along on that trip. Man, even Soup has build his niche on YT, and you still have a great crowd cheering you on. Or am I missing something big that somehow went over my head?! Hope you do well!
DJ Yems
DJ Yems преди месец
@Jan Willem v.d. Gronden Bruh, calm down. I replied with all caps because I replied to your comment literally 48 seconds after it was posted...
Jan Willem v.d. Gronden
Jan Willem v.d. Gronden преди месец
@DJ Yems Obviously... Captain... What's with the Caps? Shouting for deaf eyes doesn't really make it more audible... Or readable, just more confusing. I hope he is working on other stuff, but he has been trying to get his television/YT career back on track and for both him and me (I mean us, the viewers) I expected he would succeed given the overwhelming support his fan base has showed him both during and well after his decision to step away from wheeler dealers. Maybe it was a big no-no in the TV realm to vote your conscience, I don't know. And maybe he signed some sort of contract that excluded him from endeavors similar to WD. Whatever it is, given all the car channels now on youtube, and him being really the first who got famous by handling spanners, being the godfather of the long form car tinkering show, it feels uneven or unfinished business to me. Maybe I'm too much of a romantic.
DJ Yems
DJ Yems преди месец
Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal преди месец
Daniel Eatwell
Daniel Eatwell преди 9 дни
Conveniently, he has announced a new series which is scheduled to start this month I believe (Although it is not identical in format to garage revival)
Bill преди месец
Got to love the choice of a brace of Webers.
pete beard
pete beard преди месец
Got to be a gig for Ed in a Car SOS type format, best TV mechanic on the planet!
David Pierre
David Pierre преди месец
De la crotte
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