🎃 HALLOWEEN UPDATE 👻🐰 Ghost Bunny invasion in Adopt me! on Roblox

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It's time to vacuum up some ghost bunnies! Collect Candy by playing brand new spooky minigames, and exchange it for seasonal pets and items! Make sure to speak to the Headless Horseman, they give out free Candy EVERY DAY! 🍬
Halloween will leave Adopt me! on Wednesday 11th November 2pm PT, 5pm ET and 11pm GMT
Play now: go.playadopt.me/
For more news, memes, and info about the updates, follow us on:
Twitter: PlayAdoptMe
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Discord: discord.gg/adoptme

Oyun Gücü
Oyun Gücü преди 10 часа
alanfreddy 19 SFM
alanfreddy 19 SFM преди 19 часа
i thought it was gonna start off with "hey there,jesse here"
carlos filippini
carlos filippini преди ден
Se que no me entiende. Pero wow
Harpreet sahni
Harpreet sahni преди ден
I’ll bet there will be a cerberus wich will be in the game forever there will be a skele rex and an albino bat and a regular bat and a ghost bunny edit: OH I WAS RIGHT
Waka flaka Chaka Ortiz
Waka flaka Chaka Ortiz преди 2 дни
Super Chico SL
Super Chico SL преди 2 дни
where is the event music is not uploaded
MaRaSkUn Roblox
MaRaSkUn Roblox преди 2 дни
This Halloween update with mini games and Halloween shop are gone 😢😢😭😭
Koala Roblox
Koala Roblox преди 2 дни
I spent all my money on pets and I made dumb trades and my only event pet is ghost bunny
hazel mochii
hazel mochii преди 2 дни
And no I can't injoy the robo dog bcs the point of buying that I can't even trade We night live in Korea and i've been getting scammed and then now? You guys unable my trade I can't trade anymore at least disabled scammers trades not innocent people's (no hate just telling you) Lots of people can't trade lots of them keeps asking me to give them pets but I can't bcs why? Bcs I can't trade you should get trade again and if people get reported 20x you should disabled it
candy mai_gaming
candy mai_gaming преди 2 дни
I luv adopt me even my mom hates i like my bro luv is too much
Lanky dog
Lanky dog преди 2 дни
How get The China frost dragon!
StarBucks 42367
StarBucks 42367 преди 2 дни
Ok I’m the only one who never noticed the the red moon
Eua fhge47n9opy
Eua fhge47n9opy преди 2 дни
Plz my cerberus the recued plz
•ɪɪᴄʟxᴅs_ ᴊᴏʜɴ•
•ɪɪᴄʟxᴅs_ ᴊᴏʜɴ• преди 2 дни
I really miss this update ;(
baran temel
baran temel преди 3 дни
ღkiki-estudios ღ
ღkiki-estudios ღ преди 3 дни
I at least got things and bats are so. Cute
123alyssa преди 3 дни
I got a normal bat on my bat box. Like if you got an Albino Bat 👇
Journey's World
Journey's World преди 5 дни
Halima Tahir
Halima Tahir преди 5 дни
бет хелуйн
бет хелуйн преди 6 дни
Gabby Moore
Gabby Moore преди 6 дни
I missed the Halloween update can you bring it back next year please
Gabby Moore
Gabby Moore преди 6 дни
The reason that I missed the Halloween update is I had no Wi-Fi for to week's
Squirrel преди 6 дни
Isabel Fuentealba
Isabel Fuentealba преди 6 дни
adipt me me estafaron
ted meriwether
ted meriwether преди 6 дни
and adopt me cen i have fr frost ive benn waitin 6 years
ted meriwether
ted meriwether преди 6 дни
me cal
Danica Prelevic
Danica Prelevic преди 7 дни
Giannina Monterrosa
Giannina Monterrosa преди 8 дни
Cerberus is me dream pet =3
Dunya H
Dunya H преди 9 дни
Hi I really won’t a Arctic reindeer is my dreem
Roksana Książek
Roksana Książek преди 9 дни
Im have ghost bunny ^^. Im must collect candy in 6 days xD
Ink Bendy And Tails The Pirate Fox Plays
Ink Bendy And Tails The Pirate Fox Plays преди 9 дни
Hopefully the pets return for Halloween next year
GhostyBunny1Plays преди 9 дни
my user name is GhostyBunny1 in roblox and i love Adopt me i hope the robo dog will stay
Татьяна Дорошенко
Татьяна Дорошенко преди 9 дни
lt's a pity tah t the helovinis over
Lapree Habbit
Lapree Habbit преди 10 дни
How do I use the codes?
Sunset Bow
Sunset Bow преди 10 дни
Hi everyone I have a idea of something u can add to adopt me u could add a miniature sized gum ball machine for ur house with all the old eggs and the fossil egg because I wanna open all the other eggs still! Have a good day everyone bye!
scott darraugh
scott darraugh преди 10 дни
hay adopt me i would really like a legandery pet because iv got scammed for my dragon a few months ago so i would apreciatte if u could pls pls pls give me one pls
Aneesh NexE
Aneesh NexE преди 10 дни
I really want my dream pet
MrEastside619 преди 10 дни
How many ppl miss the Christmas update 2019 and i am going to like LOL
Muhammad Umer Khan
Muhammad Umer Khan преди 10 дни
I play adopt me single day
dexdahomie преди 10 дни
Ok sooo...the Ghost Bunny Boss Is glitched :/ when a few people tht joined the boss fight hide behind a tree...the boss just stops moving and its weird
BEASTMODE0311 GASTV преди 10 дни
Can you give me the pet rock I also like the new update
Briana Garza
Briana Garza преди 10 дни
bring back the tombstone
KittenRaiin Plays Roblox
KittenRaiin Plays Roblox преди 10 дни
Mea Williams
Mea Williams преди 10 дни
Could you do a update lpwer the prices
Vale Gamer
Vale Gamer преди 10 дни
adopt me if you are reading this comment I want to tell you that a boy named weirdurk cheated me my polar bear my flame my arctic fox my bee my rabbit my ghost saber tooth my reindeer my broken egg and my fossil egg please help me 😭 I can't stop crying my account is Vale161604
Hassan Hajji
Hassan Hajji преди 11 дни
Can we get I bigger map
Hassan Hajji
Hassan Hajji преди 11 дни
Сергей Усачев
Сергей Усачев преди 11 дни
Платаниас ты Бугуруслане один разок не могла делать Как делать на компьютерную мышку купить и конечно вот этого понедельника мне пожалуйста это не сейчас это него не Закройте просто так Катаетесь Ой ну его не будем покупать бабки-ёжки
Leonie Liu
Leonie Liu преди 11 дни
Christmas update is comeing and I sand this on the Halloween update bc the new Christmas pets are comeing up on my brithday :00
매일 심심한사람tv
매일 심심한사람tv преди 11 дни
Wow good👍🏻😊😊
ninja dos games
ninja dos games преди 11 дни
adopt me please give me an administrator day is my dream please love your game so much my dream is a giraffe please adopt me please my dreamoooo my nick : lala2009zj1
Saanvi Kota
Saanvi Kota преди 11 дни
adopt me can u plzzzzzzzz add the tumstones next year plwessssssssssssssss i beg u yaaaaa i am a mega fan
Anoosha Bissoony
Anoosha Bissoony преди 11 дни
Hi Adopt Me team your update are so cool😎☺
Indri Yani
Indri Yani преди 11 дни
Wow spooky
рыбёха пуск
рыбёха пуск преди 11 дни
Что то на татарскам я одна русская?
Atomic 77
Atomic 77 преди 11 дни
adopt me is my favorite gamee
Ahmet Hamza'yla harika oyunlar
Ahmet Hamza'yla harika oyunlar преди 12 дни
Ee old hallowen like
Араб преди 12 дни
selmawijnen преди 12 дни
WOW but are they still in the game? im a huge fan so it would be cool if you answer
azooz alharbi
azooz alharbi преди 12 дни
I miss
Jesus david
Jesus david преди 12 дни
Sophia Angelucci
Sophia Angelucci преди 12 дни
I play adopt me every day I just got a new iPad so my log in streak started over but now I have in the 60s for my streak! OMG the Halloween update is so cool!
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha преди 12 дни
Can I got a free fros dragon farm adopt me please
DLBK Davin
DLBK Davin преди 12 дни
Guys there is a scam about the kangaroo pet If someone has a kangaroo pet they’ll say oh look in your inventory let’s say a example a sled they’ll let you look forever then they will switch the kangaroo with a pogo stick of a kangaroo Please be careful
shafa Gamer
shafa Gamer преди 12 дни
Oh Hello Everyone
The cool Monkey
The cool Monkey преди 12 дни
Adopt me guess what I love this update is so cool to have it was the following dream pet same for lankybox
Harper Aurigemma
Harper Aurigemma преди 12 дни
Can we have a Yorkie in the game
April Lucero
April Lucero преди 13 дни
{•.•} >🍪
Дина Закирова
Дина Закирова преди 13 дни
Among Us Fan
Among Us Fan преди 13 дни
Firhan Ali
Firhan Ali преди 13 дни
I buy the fly ride cerberus
Maria Campuzano
Maria Campuzano преди 13 дни
Halloween Ceberus Santo Conejito Skele T-rex You ' l Adopt mi halloween Adopt mi Navidad
STEPHANIE преди 14 дни
NOO ****
leucuta david
leucuta david преди 14 дни
Enes Bozkurt
Enes Bozkurt преди 14 дни
Daniel López y sonic boom
Daniel López y sonic boom преди 14 дни
Plis robot dog
RhiandJoy Atiyra Roxas
RhiandJoy Atiyra Roxas преди 14 дни
Sir why they keep hacking for the pet
cristina guanzon
cristina guanzon преди 14 дни
My favorite game is adopt me is so fun i like it and i like the pets i like the cerbus i like it
akudariLunaChannel YT
akudariLunaChannel YT преди 14 дни
I miss halloween :
M J преди 14 дни
Sameth Lezcanogomez
Sameth Lezcanogomez преди 14 дни
Hola puede poner un unicornio de hielo y o tortuga de ártica plz o
Zixuan Nie
Zixuan Nie преди 14 дни
Banboonoode is a scammer she scamed me at 1: 50 2020/11/19
t txrrquoiise
t txrrquoiise преди 15 дни
hey adopt me! it would be cool maybe after xmas to do adopt me nostalgia and bring back old pets and eggs and switch the school and hospital back!! I'd love it!!
Mir Ino
Mir Ino преди 15 дни
i like the albino bat
Nina Games
Nina Games преди 15 дни
Boo 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻
Miley Andrea Alegarme
Miley Andrea Alegarme преди 15 дни
i was lucky before the event ended becuse i have the skele-rex and two bats and i got them just in time
Elsie Angeles
Elsie Angeles преди 15 дни
New fizzy i sub you your vid evry time end i cant leave in adopt me end soo fun to play it😊
Ezo and the family
Ezo and the family преди 15 дни
I remember the old adopt me when I was trying to get adopted! Also I really love adopt me there’s Ben rumours saying hackers will hack roblox in November 21
• F l u f f y f o x •
• F l u f f y f o x • преди 6 дни
Its November 27 *And nothing happened .-.*
Adriana Trejo
Adriana Trejo преди 15 дни
Alguien que hable español ?? Esta buena esa actualización aunque ya la quitaron unu
Cecilia Muñoz
Cecilia Muñoz преди 16 дни
in chrismis can you do a new up date
xxxGamerboyxxx among us -roblox-brawl stars
xxxGamerboyxxx among us -roblox-brawl stars преди 16 дни
😭😭😭bye good update bye cute bats and pumkin bye cerberus bye halloween😭😭😭
Brady Cassel
Brady Cassel преди 16 дни
Coolest Update Ever!
Sharizuan Akid
Sharizuan Akid преди 16 дни
uhhhhh adopt me when a pet is in a car and then you walk away the cat TP to you with the car please fix that
Zehra Keleşoğlu
Zehra Keleşoğlu преди 16 дни
Familia Núñez Retana 2020
Familia Núñez Retana 2020 преди 16 дни
Adán y yo te descargado no necesito que que vea tus Videos ni qué hora es Like pero si podrías decirme cómo saber cada día que va en evento
Abril Elizari
Abril Elizari преди 16 дни
jaymz king
jaymz king преди 17 дни
Please put the new update back on with the pumpkin King I want the pumpkin King to stay with me or make sure you give me the tea Rex and the ghost bunny
Kanouj Chakma Ziko
Kanouj Chakma Ziko преди 17 дни
Bye fall you are now bey
James Minecraft and MORE!
James Minecraft and MORE! преди 17 дни
Ratty Redstone
Ratty Redstone преди 17 дни
Adopt me for the Christmas update can you make a sled and make it so it looks like your pets dragging it and make the pet running
SOPHIA NATI преди 17 дни
I have a cerberus and its mega neon
Elise Blundell
Elise Blundell преди 18 дни
Hi there! Adopt Me is a place where you can raise pets and have fun with your outstanding friends, Even though sometimes your bored playing adopt me constantly everyday well, When your bored you can raise pets and trade and build your wonderful houses you got! Have a chance to burn off the excitement and really have fun! Now that horrible scams are gone you can enjoy your time trading. Have some fun in adopt me! It's a magnificent game everyone should love it! It's one of the popular games on roblox! Don't think about those horrible scams anymore! Report the scam if you get scammed! Remember all the trades you did with the trading history! And make sure you stay extra safe! Then you'll have a great experience at adopt me! To new people at adopt me you can have so much fun! Beware of scams! Here are some of the scams people do...trust trade, cross trade, and more other horrible scams! See you soon! I hope you read this to make you happy!
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