How big was Big Smoke's order really?

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Follow up video:
Today I try to figure out what exactly Big Smoke ordered when he went to Cluckin Bell.
Keep in mind this is my own personal assumption, so you're free to add on or figure something else out!

WarBear преди 4 години
Follow up video where I fix the mistakes I made:
Waseem Journalist Sialkot
Waseem Journalist Sialkot преди 15 дни
its 2 number 45 not 1 number 45
Christopher Portorreal
Christopher Portorreal преди 2 месеца
how much money wuold the order cost
Jdeck Gaming
Jdeck Gaming преди 3 месеца
Me at 8 *I wonder how much food that is* Warbear I got you bro
YungBandit11 преди 3 месеца
Ur kinda rude for mentioning his weight like that
ZETSU преди 3 месеца
It was 2x 45
STIX Gaming
STIX Gaming преди ден
For some reason i remember the big smoke order scene as a real life scene, or maybe it just seemed that way when I thought this looked very real. (I didn't know where this came from or what GTA was at the time.)
Jared Religion
Jared Religion преди ден
“I don’t think smoke would have ordered the big bucket for himself” Really
Shafsh2_xyz преди 2 дни
All we had to do was go to cluckin bell cj
Shah GoD
Shah GoD преди 2 дни
He even ate sweet's order
I want to die
I want to die преди 2 дни
They should rename Big Smoke to ‘Big Stroke’ because he should’ve suffered a stroke whilst eating that order he made.
A B преди 3 дни
why would you assume number 9 large is a double fillet burger? I take that to mean a normal number 9 but large fries and drink
The Conspiracy Theorists
The Conspiracy Theorists преди 3 дни
The real question is how much time would he spend in the toilet
Liske преди 4 дни
0:39 You made a mistake. Big Smoke ordered 2X NUMBER 45, not 1x.
avalon NewWay
avalon NewWay преди 4 дни
Early death diet
3:47 Bruh you ran over a person
jet voltage
jet voltage преди 5 дни
I saw this on another video and thought to share it, When big smoke ordered he said two 45s meaning that big smoke wanted ballas to shoot up sweet and cj and when big smoke says i want cheese and make it sweet meaning that he wanted sweet full of holes cause cheese has holes
john dyr
john dyr преди 5 дни
I really appreciate the effort
Magnus Von Braun
Magnus Von Braun преди 7 дни
I do have two theories about this theory: 1. I do not think he gotten the meal and instead got the entree food itself. For example, if he orders the Double Fillet Burger, he would’ve gotten the burger itself and not the fries and soda. 2. I believe he only ordered two number nines and a number six with extra dip just because he wants to eat the Groove Street member’s food, so it’s likely Big Smokes made the actual order, and his other three gang members just told him what they want.
Sweet28 преди 7 дни
I dont Need Sleep I NEED ANSWERS! 🤔
ItzTyler 56
ItzTyler 56 преди 8 дни
I am so happy I found this video
Leo Yang
Leo Yang преди 8 дни
was it a painfull snack?
Projais 11
Projais 11 преди 9 дни
So lemme get this straight... You got the meme of the century... And made it like the Mount Chilliad Myth... Legend 🤣👏
ItsSquid преди 10 дни
I’ll have a double triple bossy deluxe on a raft, 4x4 animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry burn it, and let it swim. Wait wrong order
THE ZAN преди 10 дни
Big fire needs big calories to make a big smoke
Ryu Takeru
Ryu Takeru преди 10 дни
Christ dude, u really went super in depth with this shit.
morons in action
morons in action преди 10 дни
Big smoke was that dude in all the math problems all along
Health Coach JAV
Health Coach JAV преди 10 дни
He’s trying to eat like a strongman 😂
Pradeep Sharma
Pradeep Sharma преди 11 дни
1980: We Will Have Time Machne In Next 40 Years 2021: *_How big was Big Smoke's order really?_*
Mark Playz
Mark Playz преди 11 дни
3:48 R.I.P homies
Hector Soriano Ramirez
Hector Soriano Ramirez преди 11 дни
He said two number 45 fives not 1
sir one zero
sir one zero преди 11 дни
Yeah he litterally did two.smoke said one with cheese
Donovan Fox
Donovan Fox преди 12 дни
When you realize he wasn't ordering all that food because he was fat he was ordering all that food so he can stall the families well ballers go and do a drive-by
Marcel Cardona
Marcel Cardona преди 12 дни
im hungry now
Farzanvader Vader
Farzanvader Vader преди 12 дни
3:48 you killed your homie bitch smoke😡
Mehmet the MEMESTER
Mehmet the MEMESTER преди 12 дни
Also that number nines and number six with extra dip is not big smokes order.When they arrived,Cj says "Ay i'll take a number nine fat boy (means big smoke)"and then ryder says number nine too.then sweet says that he wants number six with extra dip,And then when they all said what they want,Smoke turns to mic and gave that holy speech. "I'll have two number nines (for CJ and ryder)a number nine large (for himself) Number six with extra dip (for sweet)two number fortfives one with cheese,and a large soda(for himself)
Kiro_ Luv
Kiro_ Luv преди 13 дни
"the really fat one" U mean the WIDE one.
jones95jb преди 13 дни
I always thought the #9 and #9 large are the fillet burgers and the double fillet burger
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 преди 13 дни
It was BIG I’ll tell ya that
watalota whiskers
watalota whiskers преди 13 дни
You sure he wouldn't get a bucket to himself
Dominator2000 преди 13 дни
I remember when this video was just two months old. God damn
Simple-Commentator-not-really преди 14 дни
To burn off THAT many calories straight away, you'd have to be literally on fire
Fire Delete
Fire Delete преди 14 дни
Plot twist:smoke ate that much so his healt meter goes 100
Campbell Miller
Campbell Miller преди 14 дни
This man has saved me many nights of sleep where i couldn't figure out what Smoke was eating
The Flip Wizard
The Flip Wizard преди 14 дни
It's 5am
Join games
Join games преди 14 дни
Well most people say 9050 Calories but when you say 7540 Calories it's not even close I'd rather believe 9050 Calories because it seems more realistic then 7540
Hxppy преди 15 дни
and now I am hungry
Mykel Mellen
Mykel Mellen преди 15 дни
3.77 days of FAST FOOD calories. Which we all know, equals like 1.5 days of actual hunger satiation.
Gaming Robioto
Gaming Robioto преди 15 дни
I'm losing it listening to Americans say "fillet"
Jerimiah Henley
Jerimiah Henley преди 15 дни
Jesus is coming back soon. Please accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. He loves you, died for you, and doesn’t want you to perish. Stay blessed Stay Safe
SaltySquidz преди 16 дни
This sounds like a Khan Academy video or something
A. GAMING преди 14 дни
But actually watchable
Sahir education series
Sahir education series преди 16 дни
Chicken man no discussion big smoke says
styer prajith
styer prajith преди 16 дни
Big smoke teaching IIT maths
Cyclon преди 16 дни
Bro you have to much time on yo hands
A Fish
A Fish преди 16 дни
This guy > my algebra teacher
A. GAMING преди 14 дни
This video>the whole school system
Angryperson преди 16 дни
Did you just fat shame him
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn преди 17 дни
Is warbear a cousin of warowl?
Big Bois
Big Bois преди 17 дни
I doubt anyone will read this but the reason the order is so long is one cause Smoke's T H I C C. But also because he wanted it to take a long time to make giving the Ballas enough time to go shoot up Grove Street.
Barokai Rein
Barokai Rein преди 17 дни
I wasn't hungry when I started watching but the longer it went on the hungrier I got
Barokai Rein
Barokai Rein преди 17 дни
According to moviebob Big Smoke ordered a small meal for an average adult.
hells onion
hells onion преди 17 дни
Big Smoke: *makes order* Gamers: The numbers Mason, what do they mean?!
Faststar 3k
Faststar 3k преди 18 дни
big smoke: 2 Number 45’s WarBear’s List: 1 Number 45
•ThatLazyKid• преди 18 дни
If you see this comment. I'll have 2 number 9s a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip a number 7, 2 number 45s one with cheese and a large soda.
CaptainSus YT
CaptainSus YT преди 18 дни
So you may be asking how this ties into the plot of fnaf...Assuming that big smoke was eating 7540 calories... We can infer that the 7 stands for how many days the guard has to work. Which means big smoke is in the fnaf world, making FIVE animatronics. The four can represent how many animatronics there are not including big smoke. The 0 represents how much research I did.
萨哥哥 преди 18 дни
You are so calm
Rinnegan A.k.a purple sharigan
Rinnegan A.k.a purple sharigan преди 18 дни
Big smoke more like large smoke
Heather Perleberg
Heather Perleberg преди 18 дни
As long as it needed to be for the Ballas to get there on time
Steven преди 19 дни
Big Smokes order was for everyone in the car.....
Nawang Sherpa
Nawang Sherpa преди 19 дни
3:47 RIP grove member
Liam Minor
Liam Minor преди 19 дни
I don’t need sleep I need answers
Aquay преди 20 дни
bro what phd you got
Stickmation преди 20 дни
If only they added a menu. It would easier to figure this out
Richie преди 21 ден
What great video. Some great detective work there
Brady Bossert
Brady Bossert преди 21 ден
I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.
Auntie denies
Auntie denies преди 21 ден
Who watched badlands well know what was the order 🗿🗿
Bar To
Bar To преди 21 ден
Enough To Follow The Damn Train
Ek9 Civic Type R
Ek9 Civic Type R преди 21 ден
Big smokes order: "I'll have 2 number nines (a number 9 large), a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7.... x2 number 45s (one with cheese) and a large S O D A So it means that the 2 number nines are just 2 Not 4 What Big smoke means is that 2 LARGE number nines!! One For Ryder and one For CJ Number 6 with extra dip is For Sweet Only the number 7 and also the two number 45s Are big smokes order the X2 number forty fives however, one of them have cheese the other one is Not
Saint Xavier
Saint Xavier преди 21 ден
Why am I watching this? lol
Chase Childress
Chase Childress преди 22 дни
0:01 when santa gets in your chimeny and your dads still up
S E преди 22 дни
Wait, how did he figure out it was all with included drinks and chips?
S E преди 22 дни
Maybe the restaurant were out of boxes and borrowed boxes from their competitor
Teenzz Game
Teenzz Game преди 22 дни
Here we calculate how Beeg smoek Suffer from intense callory cancer if thats a thing
Zaheer Albani
Zaheer Albani преди 22 дни
I'll Have A numba 9
mmx преди 22 дни
we getting teached how to *FUCK*ing use a bathroom in pre school apples and bannana's in first grade adding and subtracting and second grade multipling in 3rd grade divison in forth grade pemdas in 5th everying in elementry but with extra steps but not thsi
Kitsune Chan
Kitsune Chan преди 23 дни
Everything is fine, but I don't think they ordered the whole menu. Not with fries and drink. There were only one fries mentioned and it was Smoke's. So it was prolly number 7. And he ordered large soda, because they didn't have anything to drink at all. And why didn't it spread across the seats. If they had so many drinks, it would be inevitable. The ketchup did spread on the seat. And 8 drinks didn't? When they were driving fast and shooting (so they didn't have their drinks in the hands and tere is no car that has 8 cup holders, except something like bus... but ti was just regular car). So basically they ordered eveything You mentioned - fries and drinks. Only one fry (numer 7) and large soda. Also 45 could be a wrap. You CAN add cheese to wrap too, You know that, right? His order is actually this: I'll have two fillet burgers, one double fillet burger, 6 wings with extra dip, fries, two fowlwraps/fowlburgers, one with cheese and a large soda. Only 45 is a mystery here. Because we can't be sure if they were tortillas or burgers. It could be either. So basically, Big Smoke eaten just a few sandwiches and wings. Even considering he ate all the food of others, it wasn't THAT much as whole menus. Not 7 fries, not 8 drinks. Just one fries and one drink.
Kim Kim
Kim Kim преди 23 дни
Smoke should go to the Heart Attack Grill
Alex Harpin
Alex Harpin преди 23 дни
5:05 I didn't know black people couldn't have salads
GUESS MY name преди 23 дни
Teacher : So children, what would you be when you grow up? Student : I wanna become a detective. Student :
HoofedCart преди 23 дни
The Internet
Constantin преди 23 дни
I ended up in this video without realising that the creator is a slavic comrade, nice. Stay cheeki breeki
Filmtheory преди 23 дни
This equally the same as the question of life
AlexRoleplays преди 24 дни
He wants bubble basses order if u know what I mean
Eliezer Aguilar
Eliezer Aguilar преди 24 дни
my imagination:two hamburgers large hamburger fries with extra sauce a donut 2 fried chicken with cheese and a large soda
hell in the sky
hell in the sky преди 24 дни
7.5 millón views 😎🤘
Highborg Alpha
Highborg Alpha преди 24 дни
im gonna diabetes when im watching
Prithviraj Suryawanshi
Prithviraj Suryawanshi преди 24 дни
Finally I can die peacefully
Lol Gamer
Lol Gamer преди 24 дни
He ordered a big and food version of earth lol
Mikhael преди 24 дни
big enough to buy time for the ballas to come
Sebastian преди 24 дни
My dudes, you're wasting time on such useless stuff, WTF? Go fight condom dressed giraffes with cowboy hats, they're absolutely UNTOUCHABLE !!!!
Daniel P
Daniel P преди 24 дни
I seen matt stonie 7000 is nothing
littlepunk xdlol
littlepunk xdlol преди 24 дни
Enough to devour the whole planet.
The Sad Michael
The Sad Michael преди 25 дни
Very big I saved u some time
Mobile Plays
Mobile Plays преди 25 дни
Must of been a big crap
Steven Nigro
Steven Nigro преди 25 дни
chase bailey
chase bailey преди 25 дни
I did not know we were in math class
Sam Paterson
Sam Paterson преди 25 дни
Joking man well done haha 😂
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