My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

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My Gif is the best Beach
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Spider-bro LEGO animation
Spider-bro LEGO animation преди 20 минути
This was amazing incredible vid
Lukeiplier преди 20 минути
congratulations james
Arieanna Gomez
Arieanna Gomez преди 35 минути
I ship you with your girl friend
Themasked Doom
Themasked Doom преди 43 минути
James if it makes you feel any better I went to Disney world for a week then went to dolly wood GUYS PLS HAVE JAMES READ THIS I LIVE IN AZ TO WE ARE GOING THROUGH THE SAME HEAT
gachagaming1000 00
gachagaming1000 00 преди 44 минути
Das what I thought
gachagaming1000 00
gachagaming1000 00 преди 45 минути
Pausing du vid at 2:42 da noise is not good they about to throw up you going to have to clean up a mess
Bella Ledonne
Bella Ledonne преди 48 минути
your animating and value skills keep on getting better and better ! must be inspiration from all the furry art you look at
Icantdrawlemon преди 58 минути
so we all just going to ignore the two pride flags on the box
HappyGamer101932 преди 59 минути
Gabriel march II
Gabriel march II преди час
my mind at first: PLEASE BE JAYDEN PLEASE BE JAYDEN IFR ITS NOT JAYDEN I HANGING MYSELF oh so when i watched more than 5 sec now i know now im sad
Orestes125 преди час
auorxy преди час
do a video with jaiden animations of you guys making your own pokemon/design
ron80 amaze
ron80 amaze преди час
Orestes125 преди час
kʟ̝̊ɤ преди час
wot ppl thought Jaiden was his GF? WTF? I thought she was his sister....
Nathan преди час
I know there's 69 thousand comments (no pun intended) and nobody will see mine, but... Honestly, it was very intelligent to not give his girlfriend an animated face, i can SMELL the rule 34 fanart.
Dominic Tomkins
Dominic Tomkins преди час
Hey anybody know what’s up with Adam?
Vince Heliotrope
Vince Heliotrope преди час
I'm so glad james found a quarantine mate. People do need to butt out of others personal lives tho. Its no ones business who he's dating. Just be happy for the dude. Also not sure what beach you went too but I recently went to California we went over that bridge the beaches there where not very busy and we had to drive a little extra to go find sand dollars but that beach was my favorite because they allowed dogs. I hope your next trip is more fulfilling :0
Carter Holt
Carter Holt преди час
IS IT- oh:(
_Shadow YT
_Shadow YT преди час
The king is back
シFroggy hopz
シFroggy hopz преди час
Tayonna Gosha
Tayonna Gosha преди час
Omg he got a girlfriend now wait a jrck
Jayden Steen
Jayden Steen преди час
Legend says u will pin this and my name Jayden
Jonathan that guy
Jonathan that guy преди час
I was in south padre island and there was a lot of people not many were wearing masks but it was still social distancing and I hate how BGcdrs over exaggerate but I do agree it is important
pika pika me eevee
pika pika me eevee преди час
Dr. Riryiri
Dr. Riryiri преди час
Timothy Issac Jackson
Timothy Issac Jackson преди 2 часа
I don't think domestic animals need fake names...meh
Kledesoss kay Guy
Kledesoss kay Guy преди 2 часа
Jamie Patton
Jamie Patton преди 2 часа
@TheOdd1sOut I love your videos keep up the good work
Papyrus The skeleton
Papyrus The skeleton преди 2 часа
I don’t care if I get a lot of hate but I ship James and jaiden 😅
Papyrus The skeleton
Papyrus The skeleton преди час
@Eeva it’s called a fan fiction
Eeva преди час
'its not jaiden, and it never was jaiden'
Daniel Stanley
Daniel Stanley преди 2 часа
Make a comic about floof and floof 2
Dailyhabit2020 преди 2 часа
You're hilarious man! Love your show ♡
Lori Steiner
Lori Steiner преди 2 часа
James there's a dark crystal game
K-Jeesey's Bloc
K-Jeesey's Bloc преди 2 часа
the voice for floof tho that was coOoOoOoOl
Nikolas Handlon
Nikolas Handlon преди 2 часа
Are you a furry?
Jeszy Hilario
Jeszy Hilario преди 2 часа
I used to watch him and he comes up in my reccomonded I’m like he still posts I luv ur vids btw
]: преди 2 часа
Hey james. Hey pin this. :)
A Crocodile
A Crocodile преди 2 часа
2:20 6:24 7:10
Luna the wolf UWU
Luna the wolf UWU преди 2 часа
5 years later James is a family vloger now
Oliver Graves
Oliver Graves преди 2 часа
Is any one going to notice at 2:11 the trunk there’s a pride flag P.S I’m supportive this is not meant to be offensive 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Tabitha Lee
Tabitha Lee преди 2 часа
Is thers a reason why dogs AREN'T allowed in public beaches?
Ethyn Samson
Ethyn Samson преди 2 часа
I thought he was gay guy
Arq. Alen Mariela Garcia
Arq. Alen Mariela Garcia преди 3 часа
se dise mascarilla en mi país entiende
Its light
Its light преди 3 часа
How dare you not date Jaden
Its light
Its light преди 3 часа
Just kidding
Pancake Bro
Pancake Bro преди 3 часа
Was there a lot of vomit
Alessandro Tarascio
Alessandro Tarascio преди 3 часа
Darn Floof 2. Why u gotta puke.
Pi the Protogen
Pi the Protogen преди 3 часа
I love you Emory
Pi the Protogen
Pi the Protogen преди 3 часа
(Yes, I like guys) (Yes, I am a guy) (No, I’m not gay. I’m bisexual)
ITZTroyzyJ преди 3 часа
Gif is a pretty good name😁👍
DAMIAN CASTELAN преди 3 часа
Good vids :)
Kevyn Watkins
Kevyn Watkins преди 3 часа
I'm here because of Nux's vid
Az The Animator AniMaTeS
Az The Animator AniMaTeS преди 3 часа
I know your not gonna see this but YOU WERE MY FUCKING CHILDHOOD I WOULD WATCH YOUR VIDEOS AS SOON AS THEY CAME OUT your videos also helped me thru my dad being a complete asshole he fat shames me now
Glich pup
Glich pup преди 3 часа
p.s james i never shipped you and jaden so i think i was th only on who did that
AnimeCompilation преди 3 часа
I mean at least whenever I go to the beach, there's always a bathroom right next door, but maybe LA is different!?
blue bluey max
blue bluey max преди 3 часа
I watched this and when I look it again its gone!
Martincraft 1.0
Martincraft 1.0 преди 3 часа
Hello James soy español emm no me se tantas palabras en inglés espero que me respondas porque no sé inglés un saludo me gustan tus videos
HoppingSnake290 преди 3 часа delete scene edit:also good thing i went to Disney land before all this poop happen.
Keagan Craighead
Keagan Craighead преди 3 часа
I just buyed your book
Mellow Real
Mellow Real преди 3 часа
Well "Gif" is lucky b/c He low-key fine plus he funny too💯❤️💯 I mean what a catch... I still got a chance if he finds a "Bif" I'm done now.😖
Rei Shiki
Rei Shiki преди 3 часа
I’ll be honest I was kinda hoping ur gf was Jaiden lol you broke my heart real quick when you said it wasn’t her 😢
Martin Kristoffer De Jesus
Martin Kristoffer De Jesus преди 3 часа
James GF be like after asserting dominance to the joestar blood line she said WRYYYYYY
Oilicec Otos
Oilicec Otos преди 3 часа
HangMaiku Lor
HangMaiku Lor преди 3 часа
oh sorry they ARE so good
HangMaiku Lor
HangMaiku Lor преди 3 часа
HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI PLZ MAKE MORE VIDS THEY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jainna Kirkby
Jainna Kirkby преди 3 часа
my favorite parts 6:08 and 2:18
Bruh Moments HD
Bruh Moments HD преди 3 часа
my friend legit had a crush on you, James
Brian Denaud
Brian Denaud преди 4 часа
If it's not jaiden Then it's Rebecca / let me explain studio's
FaZe LoVe uwu
FaZe LoVe uwu преди 3 часа
Ray Kids
Ray Kids преди 4 часа
Has nobody noticed that there is a gay pride flag sticker and a pan pride flag sticker on the cooler in 2:09 of the video or is it just me
Topha :3
Topha :3 преди 4 часа
8:47 Ok never thought if that
Christian Dela Calzada
Christian Dela Calzada преди 4 часа
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin преди 4 часа
worse vid to watch while eatin mac n cheese
Oluwadarasimi Idowu
Oluwadarasimi Idowu преди 4 часа
Never knew this would happen
Oluwadarasimi Idowu
Oluwadarasimi Idowu преди 4 часа
Never knew this would happen
Savian Collazo
Savian Collazo преди 4 часа
Austins Fun Time
Austins Fun Time преди 4 часа
Lil Cyan
Lil Cyan преди 4 часа
Some Fans: PLS let it be Jaiden 🤞 James: *No* Also Some fans: * unsubscribed *
Jennie Odello
Jennie Odello преди 4 часа
Waitaminute floof 2 should NOT have puked twice. once is bad enough. Twice...? why floof 2? why??
Jennie Odello
Jennie Odello преди 3 часа
JaxonArts преди 4 часа
obiguan kenovi
obiguan kenovi преди 4 часа
Life noggin
Savannah Deeds
Savannah Deeds преди 4 часа
2:09 if my eyes dont work or something, I see a pride flag and a pansexual flag.
Waffle Dog
Waffle Dog преди 4 часа
I didnt relize that you had more subs then DREAM i mean hes DREAM
DAkat 316
DAkat 316 преди 4 часа
Do you still have that chip Poster From Soobway part one
EXAZ преди 4 часа
Gacha AndStuff
Gacha AndStuff преди 4 часа
20:8 why does james have a lgbtq pride flag sticker AND a pan pride sticker if he's "not into guys"? hang on, he never SPECIFIED that he wasn't into guys... okay, tell us honestly, we're doing it again aren't we?
clutchSTM преди 4 часа
posted 1 week ago... AND I HAVENT SEEN IT
florencia 1000
florencia 1000 преди 4 часа
...i still think its jaiden...CUZ I SHIP ITTTTTTTTTTT ALSO i wamna know herr namee
Lia Rose
Lia Rose преди 2 часа
Don't ship people unless they explicitly say they're fine with it, and even then, try and keep it to a minimum. It's not jaiden, end of story
:D преди 3 часа
did you not listen to the first minute of the video? also shipping real people is just plain wrong.
Julianna DePierro
Julianna DePierro преди 4 часа
I actually thought it was jaiden I don’t ship or anything but I thought it was jaiden
Solstice_thewolfdog преди 4 часа
You can go back to Disneyland James
theoddone преди 4 часа
Also in the conventions video that James made in the scene where he mentions how at mff a lot of people recognized him in the shot he included a specific furry who made a video of all occasions that would prove that James is a furry I think James included that as a message that he was right
Puppy! Blaster
Puppy! Blaster преди 4 часа
I used to ship you and jaiden mainly cause of the Battle Royal vid but I understand I ave now stopped unlike other shippers I 'ave respect so I respect.
theoddone преди 4 часа
The only way we can ship James and jaiden is if someone makes an anime where they are rivals
Scarfy преди 5 часа
“It’s not jaiden, it never was. We’re just friends” UNLESS
Digital Absurdist
Digital Absurdist преди 5 часа
Her face is an Adobe "Media Offline" error page (for when files are renamed, moved or deleted), and her body is 404: not found. Which is it? Is she lost? did she change her name and move?
Anna Nowak
Anna Nowak преди 5 часа
Please tell us who ur with....
William Suero
William Suero преди 5 часа
I think James’ GIF is Priscilla (I think)
NhuVy Funtime
NhuVy Funtime преди 5 часа
imissed youu
DarkLord Productions
DarkLord Productions преди 5 часа
Da Masta
Da Masta преди 5 часа
thanks for promoting team trees odd1sout. ur the reason the world hasnt ended. u help provide great vibes, make people laugh, and somehow keep it pg. we ALL love you man
RandomPerson преди 5 часа
when you do another subscriber's special put one srilankan subscriber because when I watched your 10 million subscriber special and I noticed there weren't any srilankan subscriber and I got VERY sad/mad.
AmazonDrawz преди 5 часа
When you said the parking lot was blocked I immediately thought of a beach I went to (cuz I live in Cali to)
T'Aundra Chaney
T'Aundra Chaney преди 5 часа
some people thought he was dating adam
Crs7002 преди 5 часа
111 video
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