DREAM BUILD MTB - Transition Sentinel

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Gee Milner

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Presenting the first ever Transition Dream Build and what a bike it is! The Transition Sentinel featuring components from DVO, FSA, TRP and Cush Core.
The DREAM BUILD webstore is now LIVE and you can now purchase clothing featuring bespoke Dream Build designs!
This year the Dream Build workshop is stocked with Juice Lubes, offering workshop quality products to everyone!
We're working with Park Tool, they're some of the best tools in the business and it would be a shame to be building these incredible bikes without some equally awesome tools!

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Gee Milner
Gee Milner преди месец
The DREAM BUILD webstore is now LIVE and you can now purchase clothing featuring bespoke Dream Build designs! dreambuildstore.com
john paul third
john paul third преди месец
Woaw this mtb is so good and i wish i could have one but cant afford so all i can do is just watch and like. I wish could ride one of your bikes sir gee god bless as always
FRNK Vlogs
FRNK Vlogs преди месец
Dado Asombroso
Dado Asombroso преди месец
Roadbike just for my birthday sir gee milner 😔
Dado Asombroso
Dado Asombroso преди месец
Roadbike just for my birthday sir gee milner 😔
Jay-R Fermocil
Jay-R Fermocil преди ден
dude whats that spray ?
Ian Joseph Quintana
Ian Joseph Quintana преди 5 дни
May i know what fender your using in this build tnx a lot 😊
Arjhay Sayao
Arjhay Sayao преди 6 дни
I like this bike 🥰🥺 I hope I have that too ❣️
Adi Saputra
Adi Saputra преди 7 дни
500 oleh ta bos
Thưởng Hoàng
Thưởng Hoàng преди 8 дни
Wow đẹp quá anh ơi
Me Yo
Me Yo преди 9 дни
how much this bike cost 🤔
christian alcoran
christian alcoran преди 13 дни
bd gifts♥
CROMZZ преди 20 дни
will u give me a dream build cycle plzzz plz
Sasha Moldavsky
Sasha Moldavsky преди 25 дни
If anybody knows what's that blue tool he puts on top of the frame and handlebar?
FX преди 26 дни
What is the type of grease (the white one) he is applying on every threaded part?
Adam stunt
Adam stunt преди 28 дни
Diego Fernández
Diego Fernández преди 29 дни
Lo puedes sortear??
Kenneth & Bia
Kenneth & Bia преди месец
Sick build! Like the DVO & Trans mix. Where did you get shock coil from?
Mayuresh Pacharne
Mayuresh Pacharne преди месец
How to buy this kit in india plz tell me i want it😢😢😢😢& tell me the cost in indian rupees
Samuel Hajdu
Samuel Hajdu преди месец
Hello I have a question can I buy this bike
Emmett Scott
Emmett Scott преди месец
love this videos
dscacu 1
dscacu 1 преди месец
Give me a bike because I don't money
Geferson Dianito-2203
Geferson Dianito-2203 преди месец
i need bike huuhuh :(
Ömer Erkanlı
Ömer Erkanlı преди месец
I will never have a bike like this :/ lol
Hans uriel Sanchez
Hans uriel Sanchez преди месец
How many dreams you have 🤔🤔🤔
Luigia Pompinari
Luigia Pompinari преди месец
Why you don't use gloves when put the "creme" on the bike?
Al Harris
Al Harris преди месец
Seems like he likes using excessive amounts of grease
kimnicholy villanueva
kimnicholy villanueva преди месец
I am from Philippines
kimnicholy villanueva
kimnicholy villanueva преди месец
Pls that my dream bike pls
jimmy bowden
jimmy bowden преди месец
i wish i had a lot of dream bikes😑😑😁😁
Kick Bastardly
Kick Bastardly преди месец
when they gonna get this guy an air compressor for the shop dang
NS преди месец
robociock преди месец
How much it is build like that?
MY_STATUS_ EDM преди месец
you take a giveaway mtb cycle, others don't know but i will come to participate this giveaway
KrivetkO Сhannel
KrivetkO Сhannel преди месец
Так не аккуратно собирает, я бы ему не доверил велосипед. Он рукожоп какой то
Andres Escobar
Andres Escobar преди месец
Just dream a little dream, thanks
Ivan Datingaling
Ivan Datingaling преди месец
Ge milner i wish any old mtb bike u have ther im from Philippines for my son. Only he want a bike😍🥰😘
Andrea Squizzato
Andrea Squizzato преди месец
Ma chi mette che non gli piace a questi video che problemi hanno?! Sono stupendiiiii 👍
yugesh yuke
yugesh yuke преди месец
does anyone know the name for break type?
kevin jay laurel
kevin jay laurel преди месец
after all. this is just a "dream" bike for me. there is no way i can afford this beautiful bike. i spend countless hours just watching you guys. building superb bikes. all i could do is watch during free time. you guys are incredible 😊
Batuhan BORA
Batuhan BORA преди месец
ı want to broke my bike and giv to milner to assembly
NelNel FYT
NelNel FYT преди месец
I wish i can buy carbon frame
Matej Č
Matej Č преди месец
Tattssuu преди месец
at this point you gotta give away some of them
NAPALM преди месец
Can we get like high res walpapers for the builds in the future plsss❤️❤️❤️
Justin Mckey
Justin Mckey преди месец
What kind of grease is that in the orange can? That stuff looks incredible.
Rob Cook
Rob Cook преди месец
Juice Lubes
Nday Escaran
Nday Escaran преди месец
Hoping to get one for my son but when it comes to philippines my gosh its like triple price
Naufal Mazri
Naufal Mazri преди месец
Halo im form malaysia
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar преди месец
Bro plz give me
TurboBulletz 401
TurboBulletz 401 преди месец
Who watches Gee everyday
FRNK Vlogs
FRNK Vlogs преди месец
Can anyone by me a bike pls. 😬 I want a bike because my birthday is tomorrow
Pedal aos Montes mtb em Montes Claros
Pedal aos Montes mtb em Montes Claros преди месец
Maravilha! Sonho mesmo uma bike dessa! Perfeita!
Боря преди месец
Ребят начал снимать велоблоги, покатушки оцените пожалуйста канал, возможно вам будет интересно!
Horácio Sobrinho
Horácio Sobrinho преди месец
Total price? 🤔
GR GAMING YT преди месец
Prize 🙄pls
EL CUATLO преди месец
Mi sueño es tener una buena bici 😁
David Geiger
David Geiger преди месец
Pfffff,Capriciouse carbon bikes. i prefer titanium hardcore hardtails
Noah Rathbone
Noah Rathbone преди месец
Love these videos, so relaxing
Richard Bathan
Richard Bathan преди месец
HoKaGe Gaming
HoKaGe Gaming преди месец
Can i request sir build some gravel bikes or cyclocross bikes 400dollars budget?
BeKaBi YTB преди месец
Thanks, although I don't have such a bike, I imagine that I have such a bike while watching the video.
John anthony Flores
John anthony Flores преди месец
Watching from Philippines wish to have one of those bikes huhu
Lingz Silent
Lingz Silent преди месец
If there was a giveaway for one of these bikes I would be the first to enter😁😁
Bill Kabitz
Bill Kabitz преди месец
What kind of derailleur is that?
Damien Lehours
Damien Lehours преди месец
7.11 !!!!!! the fork !!!
Miqueias Oliveira
Miqueias Oliveira преди месец
Quem é do Brasil e assisti esse canal.
Black Artz
Black Artz преди месец
music name ?
Marc anjo Mayordo
Marc anjo Mayordo преди месец
Man that mtb is epic in my intayer life I've never achieve to ride or own a bike like that for now I really wish to get a bike like that it's kind a bit sad for me maybe one day I have a bike like that or maybe some one will give that as a gift I really realy want a bike like that 😭😭😭😔
Marc anjo Mayordo
Marc anjo Mayordo преди месец
Rod Tan
Rod Tan преди месец
aral ka muna boy! intayer ampota
Escape the City
Escape the City преди месец
Geeez just use plastic bucket to install CC. That was painfull to watch
ToddFather MTB
ToddFather MTB преди месец
Does that grease he is using bother anyone else? 🤔😎
Simon Schlender
Simon Schlender преди месец
Dvo is such a underrated brand 🥺
DorsetDanMTB преди месец
I would love a Transition but sadly there are none available at the mo so I'll just have to stick with my BMX
DopeLyrics преди месец
Gee Milner please give me a bike because i love biking but i can't not buy a bike because I don't have any money to buy a bike. Please 🙏🙏
tinn преди месец
How do you get soo many bikes
jerico tabulina
jerico tabulina преди месец
Amazing mtb build💓💓
joão carlos caetano
joão carlos caetano преди месец
Quero fazer parte dessa equipe top? Tem lugar ae para mim? Aprender com vocês claro!
z.browning преди месец
Interesting combination of parts on this build - less common brands make for an interesting finished product.
Kumag Ka
Kumag Ka преди месец
The quality of the videos are going down hill compared to the old once...
Boiing преди месец
I love how they use so many specialized tools yet the floor pump is still the only tool used to seat the tyre...
Randy Manaois
Randy Manaois преди месец
What is the crank arm boot did you use, i need it for my GX crank. Thanks
ed richardson
ed richardson преди месец
Raceface crank boots
ahmad man
ahmad man преди месец
Amarildo REis
Amarildo REis преди месец
I love this channel,Hutchinson tires are insane, I use Squale on my bike, very light and good traction.
Nik odemus
Nik odemus преди месец
I was hoping to see him filling the brake oil once
Frank Müller
Frank Müller преди месец
It’s part of some videos. But it’s not that often in the Dream builds.
Denjel Berisha
Denjel Berisha преди месец
Frank Ricard
Frank Ricard преди месец
17:58 I am significantly more upset about this than I should be.
Daniel McGlaughlin
Daniel McGlaughlin преди месец
LOL...yeeeah... I feel you.
User Name
User Name преди месец
Can i have a bike???
Andro Conslet
Andro Conslet преди месец
please build bike canyon torque... 😊😊😊😊🤤🤤🤤🤤
Nemanja Mršić
Nemanja Mršić преди месец
just... no words can explain the state i fall into while watching dream builds
Rhaymar Gamier
Rhaymar Gamier преди месец
Road bike next please..😍😍😍
Johnthird Diego
Johnthird Diego преди месец
I wish we can afford bike even the cheapest😔
Dorfkind преди месец
Jack Thrower
Jack Thrower преди месец
What forks are they
mitchell james
mitchell james преди месец
DVO onyx SC
Banja Ahyata
Banja Ahyata преди месец
Suatu saat nanti aku mau sepeda seperti ini
Tom Riley
Tom Riley преди месец
The music has a few notes from "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder in it. So cool! Love the build.
Henning Friedrich
Henning Friedrich преди месец
In the 3:06 minute is a mistake
Gustav Palsson
Gustav Palsson преди месец
Incredible build, very nice. The ONLY think that keeps me from TRP is the double clamp on each side.
Gustav Palsson
Gustav Palsson преди месец
@TRPCycling I hope you will make an i-spec EV adapter too! If you do, I'm on board the TRP train for sure :)
TRPCycling преди месец
Our levers are I-Spec II compatible and there are numerous adapter options to mount shifters and droppers to our brakes levers, including our own!
Der Mathemann
Der Mathemann преди месец
What about building a BMX ?
Aidan Cleary
Aidan Cleary преди месец
As if he used a hand pump peasant
Stuart Wyllie
Stuart Wyllie преди месец
That dude needs gloves!
Frank Müller
Frank Müller преди месец
Yeah, I think he hasn’t worn gloves since they parted ways with Mucoff.
julie marc
julie marc преди месец
Justin Horting
Justin Horting преди месец
The the brake is zip tied on the frame but the rear derailleur isn’t ? Makes no scenes at all.
Daniel May
Daniel May преди месец
Rear der cable is internal . Rear brake cable is external for quick swap without bleeding the system.
Gavriil Rostkov
Gavriil Rostkov преди месец
Поддержите канал подпишитесь
Gavriil Rostkov
Gavriil Rostkov преди месец
Катаю на бмх. Учу трюки. Снимаю хороший контент. Кому интересно переходите на мой канал и подписывайтесь.
John Albert Moreno
John Albert Moreno преди месец
May I ask? Ehat is the brand of that derailleur?
John Albert Moreno
John Albert Moreno преди месец
@Ty Kelly thank you very much
Ty Kelly
Ty Kelly преди месец
No it’s a trp
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