Driving a '69 Rolls Royce Shadow to the Arctic in the middle of winter

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Harry's garage

преди 2 години

After fettling my Ebay £4100 Rolls Royce, I thought it deserved a mega trip so back in February '18, we drove it 2000miles from the UK to the Arctic Circle in Norway. Here's what happened..
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Kali Inferno
Kali Inferno преди 12 часа
Amazing, what a journey. What a car. I have been to Sweden, Norway and Denmark are both on my bucket list and always wanted a Rolls. The Silver shadow is the best Rolls. The Shadow two having slightly better abilities but doesn't look as nice as your Silver Shadow. Much nicer than the Spirit/Spur and same platform. The Silver Shadow being the first Rolls with a monocoque body. All in all probably the best Rolls ever made!
rtkp преди 2 дни
I have lost count on how many times I have watched this video I just never get tired of it. I Love Harry and his commentary and I hope to follow in his footsteps one day in my 1958 Jaguar Mk VIII to the artic circle
hector herbert
hector herbert преди 2 дни
This fabulous car has for sure , a soul and it finally did what it was built for..high roads ,long trips in great comfort and pleasure ,absolutely driving a myth.
hector herbert
hector herbert преди 2 дни
also when a car is equipped with 4 proper snow tires ,it's magical and feels great to drive ,I felt I was driving myself because I love these harsh winter conditions ,very pleasurable to watch ,thank you Harry.
hector herbert
hector herbert преди 2 дни
Very lovable car for sure ,a keeper..has to be a dream to drive and seems so sturdy, and comfortable ,Thanks for sharing this adventure.
Boony Tooty
Boony Tooty преди 6 дни
Is there a Hell's kitchen there?
Twila Hensley
Twila Hensley преди 16 дни
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Ivan Jovcic
Ivan Jovcic преди 19 дни
So glad I found this channel. Great story telling, simple edit. Keep up the good work, Harry. Greeting from Belgrade, Serbia.
Lee Saunders
Lee Saunders преди 20 дни
This is my favourite motoring video on BGcd. If I won the lottery I' definitely recreate this. 😊
aronyak1 преди 28 дни
Does one take someone to their wedding on a day other than their wedding day?
SundayRacers преди 29 дни
Would love to see Harry do an adventure driving guide. I would imagine his knowledge and experience is pretty much second to none
Chris преди месец
Does anyone know how much it cost to fully restore the car?
megaman 123
megaman 123 преди месец
Fantastic video!
JPT преди месец
Watching those two videos, we all are like: Yeah..Let's find one and do the same. But I believe this is a really bad idea. haha; You really have to be sure of yourself and of your car to drive a road full of snow and strong wind. I would not trust my XK8. Know that the back would flip to the front very quickly.
Neville Walker
Neville Walker преди месец
I love all of Harry's videos both farm and cars. He comes over as the sort of guy you could have a beer with. This is one of his best videos.
scabbycat cat
scabbycat cat преди месец
The car does not seem quiet according to this video.
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui преди месец
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rolf johansen
rolf johansen преди месец
An individual from Tromsø is saying hello , thanks for the visitation
RAF71chingachgook преди месец
take a tip from someone that's lived in snowy climates all his life - Don't fill the tires back up. Less pressure on snow and ice allows for more traction.
Roland Rohrle
Roland Rohrle преди месец
Sitting here in Sydney Australia on the first evening of Autumn, watching this video for the third time with the air conditioning on. It was 35°C here today and it’s still 26°C outside at 10pm...
Byron Pink
Byron Pink преди месец
This is one of the best adventures I have seen in a classic Rolls-Royce. And yes, older cars love a bit more oil in their diet lol. Thanks for sharing. BP
M CD преди месец
Let's face it, if you are going to drive to the Arctic Circle (or Moscow!), the Rolls is the way to go on a long, long drive.
JPT преди месец
The things here is: You watch this video and you are like: Yes let's go and buy an old Rolls Royce or an old Bentley. But the reality is that the only reliable Rolls Royce is in Harry's garage. Too bad folks :-)
The Blx
The Blx преди месец
Just Saying
Just Saying преди месец
Wasn’t great in hell..to be expected I guess
Candyslim501 преди месец
Money pit. I like Rolls and Bentleys but I'll be looking for a conversion one when I'm ready to buy
Recep Tayyip
Recep Tayyip преди месец
Seems to be a quite unreliable car.
Robert Amoyaw
Robert Amoyaw преди месец
Its wasn't so great in Hell😂
Bodhi преди месец
$6.63/gallon??? We'd have civil war over here.
roberto pierini gonzalez
roberto pierini gonzalez преди месец
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Alex Collins
Alex Collins преди месец
Absolutely loved this! Who would have thought you'd make it there and back with such trouble free motoring! I just spotted your 1000 mile euro trip in an Esprit S2 Turbo so thats next on my watch list, love an old Lotus!
Simon Milton
Simon Milton преди месец
Same here,hoping mine will be ready for Covid free trip.
Paul Hewitt
Paul Hewitt преди месец
15.2 MPG, Nice work!
Wide awake
Wide awake преди месец
I am just going outside to fill the car and may be some time.
flexi plus
flexi plus преди месец
7.30 your miss in the front passenger seat
Thehunter85 преди 2 месеца
Can someone tell me please what tires he had on this trip?
owen farmer
owen farmer преди 2 месеца
What a treat, I could feel my stomach pinching. Amazing. Bucket list for Feb 2023... in a camper
Nico7g преди 2 месеца
Harry represents how i would like to get old; rich, testing cars across Europe and owning a lot of supercars
Hensen1954 преди 2 месеца
Harry, if you read this, did you go for neat antifreeze or some other mixture ??
Cosi Cave
Cosi Cave преди 2 месеца
Most enjoyable. Thanks, Harry.
Paer Oestling
Paer Oestling преди 2 месеца
I hope there was lead replacement put into that lead free fuel..
Terence Jones
Terence Jones преди 2 месеца
My favourite Harry's garage video and i'm a long time subscriber. Harry is turning out to be a hero of mine, yes a gentleman farmer who used his hard work and desire to create a magazine about his passion for cars. His hard work on his farm allows him to indulge in cars and unlike a lot of people after working hard for 1 week or X amount of months he doesn't go to the pub or a wee holiday, he goes on adventures of a lifetime. He LIVES!!!, an example to us all. His Monaco trip in the Jag XJS V12 has inspired me to buy a 2nd hand GT car as my next car for my 50th Birthday and i, my wife and some friends are going to convoy from Glasgow all the way to Monaco and nice stopping on the way here and there. I'm not brave enough to do it in Jag XJS from the 80's i'll Likely buy an XK, a Merc CL or a BMW 6 series as it'll need to be used as almost everyday transport as well. As Harry said "hang the cost!!"" In 15 years you won't be allowed to drive a car like this anyway!!
Khalil Damir
Khalil Damir преди 2 месеца
This is amazing !
bonkey dollocks
bonkey dollocks преди 2 месеца
Good long runs always settles a cars oil consumption
vivian simons
vivian simons преди 2 месеца
the run has done her good shes just about starting to get run in lol
vivian simons
vivian simons преди 2 месеца
ive done the artic circle on a cruise kudos to you
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson преди 2 месеца
That was amazing. Keeo it up
roger cligg
roger cligg преди 2 месеца
Джон Смит
Джон Смит преди 2 месеца
Best regards from Russia ! Great adventure ! Very interesting ! Thank you, Harry !
Life of Riley
Life of Riley преди 2 месеца
what a great tribute, to the engineers that made this beautiful car. small problems for a 40+ year old car. it looked fantastic in that stunning scenery
Bruno Desrosiers
Bruno Desrosiers преди 2 месеца
Psychiatrists should have their place of business at gas stations, where people speak their mind more freely.
Steve Ross
Steve Ross преди 2 месеца
A superbly interesting vid......well done all concerned.
jonathanNYC преди 2 месеца
How do I express how much I love watching Harry? Man is such a legend, only wisdom and experience would allow him to fix his RR on a fly and know what is causing the issues. Love this channel!
Riggs преди 2 месеца
Theres something special about sitting behind the wheel of a classic car, looking at real instruments and over a long bonnet.
life by drone
life by drone преди 2 месеца
Quality engineering built to last and that the average person can tinker with. A thing of the past. Can't see a Tesla Model S doing this journey so reliably in 45 years time!
giancarlo berra
giancarlo berra преди 2 месеца
No. Spropositamente grandi
Tabish Ghani
Tabish Ghani преди 2 месеца
I was not in a mood to order pizza but then I found this video
Rufus Connolly
Rufus Connolly преди 2 месеца
So Circle K is also in Norway. Interesting.
Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee
Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee преди 2 месеца
Brilliant video this was I've been wanting to do this myself sometime on my bucket list.
B Blair
B Blair преди 2 месеца
everything good about youtube can be found in this video
Don McGillivray
Don McGillivray преди 2 месеца
Always enjoy your comments and suggestions. Dreaming of purchasing a F-Type itself absolutely love this vehicle.
Vince29200 преди 2 месеца
top gear ils aurait du aller au pole nord en rolls.
Morten Sandmoen
Morten Sandmoen преди 2 месеца
Smart to put on som propper tiers. But to be more safe bring with som snowchain and a shovel. Pracktice with snowcain before you start the jurny!
guktube преди 2 месеца
This car has the steering wheel on the wrong side, why dont you use a car with correct equipment?
Anthony R.
Anthony R. преди 2 месеца
I bet that nany, many, many viewers wonderuing how much that drink in euro calculations...(Litres by kilometres). you always talk on pounds and gallon witch only brits viewrs get the info....ans thats sucks
Raj Nirvan
Raj Nirvan преди 2 месеца
Silver Cloud, Shadow, Spirit and Spur were the best versions of the Rolls Royce. I'm torn between Shadow and Spirit
Aziz HACHIMI преди 2 месеца
Holy smokes: that flying spur smokes!
Mal Shenton
Mal Shenton преди 2 месеца
really Good....appreciated
demonsbutterfly преди 2 месеца
If one is loaded, live life like Harry. What a Champion. He drives his babies...
spud2go преди 2 месеца
Rolls Royce must be loving the publicity.
Ingleman Dovetail
Ingleman Dovetail преди 2 месеца
Thoroughly enjoyed this and as a former owner of one of these beauties, I have to commend your bravery! It's only luxurious when everything works as it should. Superb video.
nafnaf0 преди 2 месеца
Beautiful car! Great journey
Ian Doyle
Ian Doyle преди 2 месеца
This might be asked before ... how many hours per day did you drive? And what was the max number of hours you did in a day?
Con McGrath
Con McGrath преди 2 месеца
Loving it! Never even thought about the tyre pressure, I learned something new today. Damn, that car just loves petrol? I have driven many different cars (and vans) but my 'all-time' favourite was a 4.2 Jaguar XJ6, it too loved petrol but I reckoned about 25 mpg in town and 35 on a long run, hardly a car to run on a tight budget but 'oh my god' just so beautiful to drive. The double wishbone suspension in the back? That car would 'shake it's tail' if you pushed it a bit, I generally drive with a light foot but that car would smoothly transition... I loved it. I have the 'family' Mazda 323 LX that has to go, 126k miles on the clock, beautiful engine, well maintained, some cosmetic damage like a scrape on front offside bumper and the rear too, nothing that would impede the car from functioning brilliantly. (side-note, needs a new battery but you can't blame the car for that)...my point? You seem to enjoy cars and even have the money to 'have fun', I have a car that has to go because of it's failing bodywork but I have an emotional attachment and would hate to see this fantastic motor crushed, there's even two almost new tyres on the front, a great car and an engine that never let us down. I want it to go to a good home, I'll sell it for scrap value just to ensure it isn't scrapped (think about it, no profit there) but I appeal to the car-lover in you, don't let this lovely car die! 24 years old with only 126k, as a matter of fact, accepting your word as a gentleman, free if you tell me it will go to a 'good home', well, I'll have to charge you one euro to make it official. I reside (as does the car) in southern Ireland, NCT is gone, so it must be collected. There has got to be people 'crying out' for parts, my single objective is to move this car on to somebody who will appreciate the great engine and not crush the car. Pax dude.
george lambert
george lambert преди 2 месеца
i'm glad I wasn't fuelling that car! £4100 for the car and another £4100 on petrol! lol
2msvalkyrie преди 2 месеца
Be more impressive in a G reg Fiesta.! Still....well done Lad !!
Bsharporbflat преди 2 месеца
The car did over 500 miles on a tank...on the ferry
John Blythe
John Blythe преди 2 месеца
a marveloius tribute to royce
jake88ci преди 2 месеца
why is the car engine runni ng so hot??
Gerry Reggea
Gerry Reggea преди 2 месеца
These are the kind of videos I love. Subscribed.
Joe Pusic
Joe Pusic преди 3 месеца
What caind of English is this
Drumbelievables Ireland
Drumbelievables Ireland преди 3 месеца
Very enjoyable. I am driving from Ireland to South of Italy in a lwb Renault master former fridge van. It will be full of musical instruments destined for an orphanage Rosslare to Pembroke to Folkestone Antwerp Berlin and down Was one option or Rosslare direct to Cherbourg and down. Which way would you go?
Drumbelievables Ireland
Drumbelievables Ireland преди 3 месеца
Your mechanical know how is impressive been able to establish choke temperatures, I literally wouldn’t know what to do Iam a drummer not a mechanic.
Treve Jenkyn
Treve Jenkyn преди 3 месеца
Thank you, just found this one perfect for Lockdown21
Nicky Britain
Nicky Britain преди 3 месеца
Harry, go to hell! Oh, you just did!!!!😂😂😂😂
Pat Kerdsiri
Pat Kerdsiri преди 3 месеца
Good VDO
RadiAsian преди 3 месеца
jon bien
jon bien преди 3 месеца
I'm 60 now and the car your in is one of 3 cars I love the best a 69 70 RR and 73 TA and 67 Stingray Thanks I am on your Trip. If you ever get to Cincinnati Ohio USA stop and pick me up will go together, II mate.
Nozyspy преди 3 месеца
"Good morning, we're in Hell" Oh come on, it isn't that bad!
TheTruth76 преди 3 месеца
Tip : Do not take the route via the Ruhrgebiet in Germany, there is always much traffic and roadwork there. Take the northern route in The Netherlands A1 A37 into Germany and then Hamburg. To avoid Hamburg with it’s horrible traffic take the ferry at Gluckstadt over the Elbe 👍
Mathis Berlin
Mathis Berlin преди 3 месеца
What is the black Circle in the driver mirror?
Zaptor преди 3 месеца
It’s supposed to be hot in Hell wtf?
Paul Maryon
Paul Maryon преди 3 месеца
Brilliant thank you
robert west
robert west преди 3 месеца
Thoroughly enjoyed the trip sitting in my chair with the central heating on. My chair seemed to slip a couple of times. But other than that it was great.
adamcrookedsmile преди 3 месеца
going into Norway without a speedometer is strongly unadvisable: there are many many speed cameras and fines are high.
Harry's garage
Harry's garage преди 3 месеца
The speedo was fine for most of the trip but then backed up for a day or so. Still had the speed readout on the sat-nav though. I was more bothered I wasn't recording the actual miles covered and milage between fill-ups than what speed I was doing.
Elijah Carr
Elijah Carr преди 3 месеца
4k's not bad for this car
zypp33 преди 3 месеца
Just come across this ..fantastic ! Anyone ,like me ,who isn't hands-on would have been(and has been) absolutely shafted by the RR 'specialists' to get the car no where near as good as you obviously have. I'm sure the 'specialists' costs and very patchy quality ,and often knowledge, massively depresses the value of Rolls Royces as classics by frightening sensible people off !
beammeupyet преди 3 месеца
Thank you for taking with you on this exceptional trip 🙂👍
175yam1 преди 3 месеца
Great adventure,, what back up vehicle did you use?
Tony Sircos
Tony Sircos преди 3 месеца
Do you think my 2004 156 GTA SW would make it up there 🤔!?
John Ryan
John Ryan преди 3 месеца
Brilliant problem solving on the old rolls , most ordinary men would have bailed out ! Thank you .
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