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When it comes to learning, we all have different ways of handling things. Which type of student are you? Did you see yourself in any of these student types? Whether you’re a teacher’s pet or a pencil-chewer, there’s no denying that school can sometimes be the pits! Share this with your favorite classmates to give them a laugh. Be sure to subscribe to our BGcd channel so you never miss out on the fun!
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Caitlin New
Caitlin New преди 12 минути
Why do people on this sleep with make up on P.S im the coolest person in my class
Elin Othman
Elin Othman преди 35 минути
I like your video I like and comment and subscribe I am
Caitlynn Chloe Mercado Cruz
Caitlynn Chloe Mercado Cruz преди 36 минути
You copied JEBBEY!! EVERYONE THIS IS A COPYCAT!!!!!! I HAVE PROOF! SEARCH JEBBEY!!!!! ON BGcd OR SEARCH THIS!!!!!! “this youtuber copied my videos!” I hate you 123 go!!!! stop copying jebbeys video!!!😠
Windston Huynh
Windston Huynh преди час
Jeni Huntington
Jeni Huntington преди 2 часа
I see a 123 go
Ying Xiong
Ying Xiong преди 2 часа
Alicia Saucedo
Alicia Saucedo преди 3 часа
l like it
Fatima Terrazas Arellanes
Fatima Terrazas Arellanes преди 4 часа
jt tj
jt tj преди 4 часа
francisco Moreno
francisco Moreno преди 4 часа
francisco Moreno
francisco Moreno преди 4 часа
Frozen video rue21 in mini Casa Fernando BGcd they call me Wilkes-Barre
Hannah Freer
Hannah Freer преди 5 часа
janna kae
janna kae преди 5 часа
Sana all madaming subsorayber😂😉😉😉
Okyy преди 5 часа
whats lanas real name
Lourdes Motolinia
Lourdes Motolinia преди 5 часа
hunter mcclure
hunter mcclure преди 5 часа
hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!123 go
A.D. Henkens
A.D. Henkens преди 5 часа
I’m none of these 👁👄👁 you guys are just....
Raina Chen
Raina Chen преди 6 часа
So dummy
Ashis SEN
Ashis SEN преди 6 часа
Ashis SEN
Ashis SEN преди 6 часа
A- c
Ashis SEN
Ashis SEN преди 7 часа
Michael McGinley
Michael McGinley преди 7 часа
Well then why did Sophia try to get an a?
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen преди 8 часа
Kerensa Fromherz
Kerensa Fromherz преди 8 часа
Z I just got yuuuuuuuuuu
April Stewart
April Stewart преди 8 часа
April Stewart
April Stewart преди 8 часа
Www is the best
Elysia Wold
Elysia Wold преди 9 часа
Can you please do a tik tok dance
Ryan Seukeran
Ryan Seukeran преди 10 часа
Nina is so pretty welcome nina to 123 go
Nina Tofiq
Nina Tofiq преди 10 часа
My name is nina
May Phan
May Phan преди 11 часа
Nip Chi
Nip Chi преди 11 часа
Yeah why there's only 3 people in there class
• t o d o b a k u d e k u •
• t o d o b a k u d e k u • преди 11 часа
Why do you have so many pencels and hwo chews pencels look at the big pile she made
Ansleigh Campbell
Ansleigh Campbell преди 11 часа
Maradaval Chayma
Maradaval Chayma преди 12 часа
That is not a real class
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith преди 14 часа
sam rollins
sam rollins преди 14 часа
What was on her teeth
M Latheef
M Latheef преди 14 часа
so so so so so so so so so so so good
Trisha Boxb
Trisha Boxb преди 15 часа
I'm the tired one🤣
Dr. Shimelis Setegn
Dr. Shimelis Setegn преди 15 часа
Amina Ali
Amina Ali преди 15 часа
simi mangalath
simi mangalath преди 15 часа
Can I get a heart from 123 go?
shaniya blake
shaniya blake преди 15 часа
I am a bright wan
Chelsea Hagger
Chelsea Hagger преди 15 часа
You Should add how classes should be vs real livethen make a crazy Class in Real life like if they should
John преди 16 часа
I'm the type where I don't believe in myself
Lexi Albertson
Lexi Albertson преди 16 часа
Don’t like Brian I only like Sophia and Mina
aishath nihaa
aishath nihaa преди 16 часа
Varada Saxena 1B RN
Varada Saxena 1B RN преди 16 часа
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Anesha C
Anesha C преди 16 часа
This is fun but not that one
Sarah Gonzalez
Sarah Gonzalez преди 17 часа
Krislyn Rich
Krislyn Rich преди 17 часа
There’s only 3 kids in class
charl Tribue
charl Tribue преди 18 часа
Sofia: oh booho
Alex the girl always thinking
Alex the girl always thinking преди 18 часа
I'm kinda of the second student because I'm not in high school or college so I'm like a 4th grader so we don't let C, A, F, A-, F-, C- so yeah
rashell Iverson
rashell Iverson преди 18 часа
I. Hate. Your. Voice
Cyndi Laudato
Cyndi Laudato преди 18 часа
Your dog is cute what type is it
Cyndi Laudato
Cyndi Laudato преди 18 часа
I love you nina
JM3 Deviasritha K
JM3 Deviasritha K преди 18 часа
Ewo rich girl
baby love
baby love преди 19 часа
l am type is smart
Swaren Patenaderin
Swaren Patenaderin преди 19 часа
hidayet cakir
hidayet cakir преди 19 часа
Im a pencil chewer
Maimoonath Pulath
Maimoonath Pulath преди 20 часа
Chris Owen
Chris Owen преди 20 часа
Jddh uhi. Jhjj. Vvvvv. Rugvugr
Chris Owen
Chris Owen преди 21 час
GuanHeng Wong
GuanHeng Wong преди 21 час
Im a cheerleader and my crush jason is a basketball player
Pees Out
Pees Out преди 23 часа
Ian Galeno
Ian Galeno преди 23 часа
Niharika Talaha
Niharika Talaha преди ден
I think sophia was a old lady because in his face some wrinkals I see
deniz Polat
deniz Polat преди ден
Wilbert wahlang
Wilbert wahlang преди ден
Wow MINA is excellent 🤩
Sop Dcc
Sop Dcc преди ден
I like 123 Go!
Renae Vlogs plays
Renae Vlogs plays преди ден
Mina sure is pretty and looks like a model
dimple dargan
dimple dargan преди ден
Triggered insaan should roast it
sunflower lilly
sunflower lilly преди ден
I am the.c
Windy Mist
Windy Mist преди ден
Hi I’m Savannah im new
Queen of The Ocean
Queen of The Ocean преди ден
I Hate 123 go
Madelaine Berumen
Madelaine Berumen преди ден
I like to sleep to in class
ForeverGilly преди ден
Nina is taller than her bodyguard lol 😂💀
Madelaine Berumen
Madelaine Berumen преди ден
I chow pen to
Madelaine Berumen
Madelaine Berumen преди ден
Hi 123 go I love your vids my name is jade and I am 8 years old
Kaitlyn Phung
Kaitlyn Phung преди ден
Brian Weaver
Brian Weaver преди ден
I thought this was supposed to be funny...
ColeSlaw519 преди ден
Bro wtf is this shit lmao
Paul Ward
Paul Ward преди ден
I thought this was supposed to be funny...
Mahbub Ali
Mahbub Ali преди ден
what the hell did I just watch, not funny lol? BRUH
Alexis Beres
Alexis Beres преди ден
Yes please
Asghar Khalaj
Asghar Khalaj преди ден
Asghar Khalaj
Asghar Khalaj преди ден
Hi guys I really love your videos can you make one ice cream video because I’m a big fan of you so yeah I wish I could live with you guys well I have a best family and I’m A kid and I’m six years old so yeah See you guys
Ashis SEN
Ashis SEN преди ден
Ashis SEN
Ashis SEN преди ден
Year some some John name such she had his had JSA ssj SFR ssj iwg sz hz joined zero until should you me been such good Zealand his as and year located
Josian Sprauve
Josian Sprauve преди ден
drake davis
drake davis преди ден
I think the teacher in the thumbnail is way more scarier than you
Deana Humphrey
Deana Humphrey преди ден
Xxlove cutiexX
Xxlove cutiexX преди ден
Ashley Rabatin
Ashley Rabatin преди ден
@@955 itao
Kynitria Wells
Kynitria Wells преди ден
I hate 123go🤮🤮🤮🤮
Valentine Jie
Valentine Jie преди ден
Disgusting, their sharing food.
kate pink Queen
kate pink Queen преди ден
Yeah van wr hear the real voices pld
Delilah Lint
Delilah Lint преди ден
as hol
Ti and jess Got oof
Ti and jess Got oof преди ден
Yeah it’s really ridiculous I hate sharing because I needed to share my candy is called push pop
Kathy Garland
Kathy Garland преди ден
I’m the a one the nerd lol
Weeb Asaki
Weeb Asaki преди ден
6:09 I like her clothes
I am the cool kid 😎
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