Supra DRAG RACE: 3.0 v 2.0 v Mk4!

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It’s time for a Supra showdown!
We’ve got two modern Supras, the 3-litre and the 2-litre, going up against the Mk4!
It’s no surprise that the most powerful car lining up is the 3-litre Mk5. With a 3-litre straight-six under the bonnet, it can produce 340hp and 500Nm of torque. In comparison, the 2-litre can only put down 258hp and 400Nm!
So we’re not holding out much hope for the 2-litre! But how about the Mk4? Well it’s also packing a 3-litre straight-six 2JZ, but it's still slightly down on power compared to the Mk5, producing 320hp & 441Nm.
But wait! That doesn't necessarily mean it'll just be a clean sweep for the Mk5. We all know by now that the Mk5 Supra is hiding a BMW engine under the bonnet. The question is, does that mean they’ve also brought over BMW’s temperamental launch system?!
There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars преди месец
Hi Mat Watson here. Which of these three cars would you pick if I was to give you one of them for free? (disclaimer... I'm not REALLY giving you one for free 😂)
Druv Mohes
Druv Mohes преди 9 дни
le S götze
le S götze преди 16 дни
liam connell
liam connell преди 27 дни
The Toyota pls not any of that bmw garbage
Angel Marmol
Angel Marmol преди месец
I would pick the real Supra :)
B Blair
B Blair преди месец
an alfa
Pinky преди 2 часа
Can you do a Lotus Evora 400 vs Supra ? V6 vs I6 ?
Alex Noel
Alex Noel преди 2 часа
The only reason why the old Toyota lost is cause it is stock if you had it tuned it would destroy the new toyotas
Shawtyymane преди 3 часа
Stock car from 1993 vs New Car with better technology. :o Nobody expected that, they were totally shocked
tuva 324 free fire
tuva 324 free fire преди 8 часа
The toyota 2jz must be manual because in automatic it is bad
JAY преди 10 часа
Heart broken to see a auto Supra mk4
Reynaldi Dicka
Reynaldi Dicka преди 12 часа
finally bmw supra vs toyota supra
2 euse luis gural
2 euse luis gural преди 13 часа
Stock 90s vs stock 2020 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Johnathan преди 14 часа
Only 340hp? That’s good but cmon.. the new z is $35k and has 400 hp
Moiz Ahmed
Moiz Ahmed преди 15 часа
ediz Lee
ediz Lee преди 15 часа
2jz driver tresh
Lucas Arantes Luciano
Lucas Arantes Luciano преди 16 часа
Damn the 4cyl is faster then i expected from a full stop
Muhammad Arya Pratama
Muhammad Arya Pratama преди 16 часа
need 3 pedals of supra
Matheus Duzi
Matheus Duzi преди 17 часа
Omg, this battle is better with a mk4 manual.
Eddiediesel 128
Eddiediesel 128 преди 17 часа
Is it possible to do a race in the UK without Rain so we can really see the cars performance smh
mohammed khamis
mohammed khamis преди 18 часа
Bro what are u talking about sure the mk4 if we tune that bad boy
Felipe Peixoto
Felipe Peixoto преди 19 часа
Oh come oon! A automatic trans for the mk4? That's a federal crime
Seychi преди 19 часа
Doesn’t the mk2 have 2000hp stock ?
Adolfo Rodriguez
Adolfo Rodriguez преди 19 часа
Comentario 10k!
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt преди 19 часа
Now do the same race with each car over 200k miles. Hint: there will be one car still running
MIGUEL RR. преди 19 часа
Soy el comentario 1000000
Michael O
Michael O преди 22 часа
Love the video and how it shows that Mk4 supra doesn't have 1000hp. But, let's be real here.. +20 years between them, the MK4 was WAY up front of it's time..
Megan Murugas
Megan Murugas преди 22 часа
Nissan skyline vs Toyota supra ... skyline r32 vs mk3 supra race ...also battle of the Nissan skylines
Jaun Oosthuizen
Jaun Oosthuizen преди ден
I know this is a month ago but only one car is a supra and its the mk 4 and its racing BMW'S
Baran Demir
Baran Demir преди ден
You should tune the Supras and look which one survives 1000hp
Outdoor Vlogs
Outdoor Vlogs преди ден
If that mk4 Supra was stick you it would beat that 2.0 because it won’t short shift
Felipe The foam thing
Felipe The foam thing преди ден
2JZ. Take it or leave it
has преди ден
*talks about stock supra* Me as a dumb pc guy : ah so these are out of stock too
has преди ден
2l better because better fuel consumption 😄
Billy Jr.
Billy Jr. преди ден
all stock 🥱
Fernando Vargas Carrillo
Fernando Vargas Carrillo преди ден
Tuning supra MK 4 2jz
Treeh0rn преди ден
P Kanelinio
P Kanelinio преди ден
brawl stars video channel
brawl stars video channel преди ден
na without any upgrades just tune 2jz rocks
Jelle FN
Jelle FN преди ден
So look a mk4 supra is NOT 1200hp stock
Jairo Gonzáles
Jairo Gonzáles преди ден
No te entendí ni vergas no hablo inglés, pero estuvo chido JAJAJA
Jasper Bryce
Jasper Bryce преди ден
BMW motors
Adhiraj Jadhav
Adhiraj Jadhav преди ден
2j zed
GetoverYourself преди ден
New Supra is vastly superior to the old dated version
Danizimo преди ден
Pretend that I wrote the same stupid comment as most of those that are now the most liked and like this comment.
StormoTheBrave преди ден
supra drag race? i only see 1 supra and 2 bmws
EMİR Onatça
EMİR Onatça преди ден
Mk 5❌ BMW z4
Dean Stirling
Dean Stirling преди ден
The new supra is fairly under powered for what it is i can’t believe they actually made one with a 2.0🤦🏼‍♂️ seems like ze germans have dictated what they can cant do with the “supra” AKA bmw. He says himself “if toyota made their own supra” they taking orders off bmw 😭
Ivan 96
Ivan 96 преди 21 час
Yea, its not exactly a secret its based on the Z4
Xavier преди ден
This was incredibly painful to sit through with the combination of the bmw jokes and saying 2jzed after saying 2jz every time.
Александр Гирич
Александр Гирич преди ден
Difference in more than 20 years...not impressive result for new bmw"supra"
ChrisCKM806 преди ден
2JZ all day
Teo Cars
Teo Cars преди ден
You can put The 340 hp Supra with the GT-R R35.
Island Empire
Island Empire преди ден
They butchered the mk5 supra... 😔
Aiden Liang
Aiden Liang преди ден
Imaginé the f&f mk4 Supra vs these, it would smoke these newer supras
DROIN • преди ден
the old one just rolling in first gear and chilling :DD
Owaizx преди ден
Mr 2jz
Magnus OJ
Magnus OJ преди ден
Can you do r32 vs r33 vs r34 vs r35? :))
Noe Toledo
Noe Toledo преди 2 дни
Wait a minute! The 2jz was it gte or not? Plus those new supras aren't worth buying since they have a BMW they are prone breakdown easily.
Unholy Cesar
Unholy Cesar преди 2 дни
The mk4 isn’t a 100% Toyota it has a Yamaha engine
Andy Long
Andy Long преди 2 дни
Buy the 2L BMW supra and spend the difference on tuned crate engine from Japan?
Roberto Casalegno
Roberto Casalegno преди 2 дни
I hate the mk5 community. Saying the 2jz is built by yamaha when it isnt. Saying the mk5 is faster stock vs stock when its obvius cuz the mk4 is 20 years older and the mk5 is double the price.
Dr.Penguin преди 2 дни
Add a tad more to the 2jz seem like all older models are always having a tad more power
Pathster преди 2 дни
Against 90s car... that's a disappointment results..
OnyxOxyde преди 2 дни
2JZ Supra stayed in second gear the entire time. No way 1000 HP stock lost to a BMW.
Ewelina Nowak
Ewelina Nowak преди 2 дни
Hukowe toiot
Thomas Wenig
Thomas Wenig преди 2 дни
bmw sounds better
andyman55 преди 2 дни
Are they all automatic???
GeoYT Gaming
GeoYT Gaming преди 2 дни
Wait.. how did the 2 liter beat the old one and the 3 liter?!
Joonked преди 2 дни
For how old the mk 4 is that’s pretty good
Joonked преди 2 дни
@OFA Perun bruh the mk 4 beat it
OFA Perun
OFA Perun преди 2 дни
@Joonked It got beat by 2.0, thats enough
Joonked преди 2 дни
@OFA Perun why not?
OFA Perun
OFA Perun преди 2 дни
No its not
Wyatt Briley
Wyatt Briley преди 2 дни
Imagine a brz vs frs vs 86
SlowCarsMedia преди 2 дни
Why auto 2jz :( of course it didn't do good
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson преди 2 дни
There's many supras that can beat him
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores преди 2 дни
2jz powah
OFA Perun
OFA Perun преди 2 дни
2jz lost lmao
Andrew Schaeffer
Andrew Schaeffer преди 2 дни
cant launch in normal drive mode ;)
Abdulaziz Majed
Abdulaziz Majed преди 2 дни
My guy called an mk4 "not so desirable"
Mustachioo преди 2 дни
Truth hurts 12 yr olds, it has it here 🤷‍♂️
Kirbs преди 2 дни
its stock.... sad
Some random white wallpaper
Some random white wallpaper преди 3 дни
The mk4 supra is suprisingly better than the mk5 2 and 3 liter. Those mk5s' were 20 years newer and yet the mk4 could keep up, the newer generation supras are definitely not gonna be able to kill gtrs anymore, unless tuned.
Ivan 96
Ivan 96 преди 13 часа
@Some random white wallpaper but why? Its a RWD coupe with tons of tuning potential, much like the beloved MK4
Some random white wallpaper
Some random white wallpaper преди 16 часа
@Ivan 96 that's what im sayin, supra became really shit
Ivan 96
Ivan 96 преди 21 час
How do you expect a rwd 340hp car to beat a 600hp awd supercar? Ofc it would have to be tuned
Some random white wallpaper
Some random white wallpaper преди 2 дни
@OFA Perun i see the bmw in the inside bro. Did you not go to a dealership and looked at it? Because I sure did.
OFA Perun
OFA Perun преди 2 дни
@Some random white wallpaper And where do you even see a bmw? You really know nothing about cars
Some random white wallpaper
Some random white wallpaper преди 3 дни
Why didnt I see the older supras?
Fish R Relaxing
Fish R Relaxing преди 3 дни
The second the 2jz was auto this was a failure of a video
Justin Higgins
Justin Higgins преди 3 дни
Pure genius, drag racing on wet pavement. And also an automatic mk4 just brilliant.
Red Sky_
Red Sky_ преди 3 дни
supra MK4 always king,only one supra in this video
OFA Perun
OFA Perun преди 2 дни
Omg stfu kid
Lucifer преди 3 дни
Well if you gonna introduce the Old Supra properly and be fair you should mention the restrictions that all Japanese factory have to follow which is Limited horsepower back in the 90s
Mok Ting
Mok Ting преди 3 дни
GR supra? It's just a name. Every one knew that is a BMW
Spark365 преди 3 дни
Mk4 is indeed a lovely old girl 🥰
badou gaoua
badou gaoua преди 3 дни
2khp mk4 will be more interesting to see
Swede on his way
Swede on his way преди 3 дни
"not so desireable" ? you high? why do you think its almost impossible to get one? mk4 supra prices are rising EVERYWHERE!. what are you on about.
Ricardo Hilliger
Ricardo Hilliger преди 3 дни
And now do this with the kind of cars who really count ...tuned! I can say this one with the BMW Engine will not survive this! Cause i know BMW engines i was studying car mechanic at BMW 😜 MK4 1200ps worst the other mk5 i dont know but i think it will not survive too!
OFA Perun
OFA Perun преди 2 дни
Lmao you know nothing about engines, If you knew you would know how tunable this new bmw engine is
Jayawardana #Jay editor
Jayawardana #Jay editor преди 3 дни
Turbo takes time 😏
Jayawardana #Jay editor
Jayawardana #Jay editor преди 3 дни
Mark 4 is the best
MidNighT JZ
MidNighT JZ преди 3 дни
30year difference, not too much of a difference performance wise. Impressive for the mk4.
Harry Poter
Harry Poter преди 3 дни
I'm surprised how fast the 2.0T Supra was. It was faster than the 3.0T off the line, and accelerates harder until a little later. The 2.0T Supra was even faster than the 2JZ at all times. I think if I were to get one, the 2.0T Supra would be my choice.
Harry Poter
Harry Poter преди 3 дни
it kind of makes me happy that my cheap little 2.0T Camaro can keep up in stock form. With a tune and intake/exhaust it can match the 3.0T Supra.
Bruno Leão
Bruno Leão преди 3 дни
this supra 2jz is not the GTE which is the reference model
Josh Reis
Josh Reis преди 3 дни
Should of used the manual
Jarrod Hales
Jarrod Hales преди 3 дни
Funny how they’re using an automatic supra
Black Bat
Black Bat преди 3 дни
Do it again when it’s dry
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs преди 3 дни
Stock Supras are the most beautiful Supras, change my mind
M Arfa ZK
M Arfa ZK преди 3 дни
Hi mat IAM toyota boys 🎉
ElGato Negro
ElGato Negro преди 3 дни
Pongan un conductor de verdad con el 2jz y les vuela el orto
Social_ Praxis_001
Social_ Praxis_001 преди 3 дни
If I'm not mistaken someone had already taken the 3.0 Supra up to 900whp. That's on a stock block.
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires преди 3 дни
Wow you found the only MK4 Supra in the world below 1000hp.
malachi crafton
malachi crafton преди 3 дни
2jz all the way
Lazim Riza
Lazim Riza преди 3 дни
Its like having a sprint with your grandfather
BRONSOND ABIT преди 4 дни
we love the old school one bro.. nobody can replace the legend. legend is the legend... never dies! trust me ;)
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