Food Theory: They LIED To You About Food Comas!

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Have you ever eaten so much food that you felt sleepy? Whether it is an indulgent mukbang or a holiday meal, I think we've all been there at least once. Many refer to this as the "food coma". Theorists, I'm here to let you know that what you THINK you know about these so-called "food comas" is WRONG! Today we are waking up to the real science of what is making you SLEEPY!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Koen Verhagen, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Highlights преди 6 часа
5:20 at the moment of watching this i am literally eating spaghetti 😅💤💤💤💤
Sami Productions
Sami Productions преди 10 часа
Me: But how do I get a job? How do I pay taxes? School: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
יותם דותן
יותם דותן преди 12 часа
0:50 4th theory channel leak?? (Matpat holds icons for 4 channels, Green - Game Theorists, Red - Film Theorists, Yellow - Food Theorists and a BLUE one, which is unknown what it is for yet)
Morning Blues
Morning Blues преди 16 часа
Ying Kong Shi
Ying Kong Shi преди ден
Werid I never got a food coma and i eat a lot of food during Thanksgiving let just say it not always balanced like I only felt tired for like a minute than felt normal
Sean Vincent, M. Reyes
Sean Vincent, M. Reyes преди ден
I'm actually learning more science on food theory than actual school
OneNoobieBoi преди ден
I'm a kirby my self.
Xcyon Carnage
Xcyon Carnage преди ден
I do have diabetes
CossacKING преди ден
Haven't finished watching yet, but I was always told that it was the high carb foods that make you sleepy. Something about them making your body divert more energy to digesting them. I can say for sure that alot of bread makes me sleepy cause I'm in danger of passing out at work after cracking open a can of sardines and a bag of bread for lunch. Fish sure hasn't been making me sleepy
Dragonflame преди ден
Iv never had a good coma which is good
Gray преди ден
nobody else is kinda angry how MatPat called the 'Emu War' as the 'Em-oo War'? Just me? Okay.........
Nathan Hartelt
Nathan Hartelt преди ден
Bolt преди 2 дни
Is this why I am so sleepy during school? I always eat bread for breakfast! Unless I drink coffee...
Raylon Rodrigues
Raylon Rodrigues преди 2 дни
Im literally eating my night lunch, bread and coffee
FrostPlaysGames преди 2 дни
I’m a diabetic and before I was diagnosed I actually almost went into a food coma
Rein chanel
Rein chanel преди 2 дни
wait how about sugar crash🤔🤔
T Y преди 2 дни
Pluto IS a planet.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez преди 2 дни
I’m pretty sure it will be the Diet Coke that will out Mat into a coma 😆
georgette macias
georgette macias преди 2 дни
One time I ate so much pizza I was so lazy and I fell asleep
strawberry Evelyn
strawberry Evelyn преди 2 дни
This is y I never had a food coma I always have pepsi
daisey days
daisey days преди 2 дни
why are we trying to stop food comas thay are the best there is nothing like a nice long nap after the bigest meal and you wake up and do it agen now i am going to go take a nap!
Icwatto преди 2 дни
its eim-you and not emo btw
Dennis Collier
Dennis Collier преди 2 дни
You skipped over gut flora. We don't absorb food we eat. The bacteria in our intestine does and we absorb what they excrete.
Mario OP
Mario OP преди 2 дни
0:49 what was that blue logo?
chedo преди 3 дни
OMG I didn't know that elementary school is lying to me this whole time also I'm here in Peppa pig music in the background mat pat if you really just put that in take it out
Omega Rugal
Omega Rugal преди 3 дни
to avoid food coma... dont eat like there was no tomorrow
Omega Rugal
Omega Rugal преди 3 дни
food coma would be when you are diabetic
Sean radley
Sean radley преди 3 дни
0:50, this is video eveadens that he is working on the 4th theory channel.
Javier GUTIERREZ RIVAS преди 3 дни
As a type 1 diabetic, thanks genetic enegineering
Xreyabsolution преди 3 дни
He was carrying around a fourth symbol.
Linaya Sehlstrom
Linaya Sehlstrom преди 3 дни
Australia: *Declares war against emus* Emus: *Wins*
Whimsii преди 3 дни
Type 1 Diabetic here. After living with it for 17 years (I'm 20), I can confirm these points are true. After eating fruit as a low BG snack, it tends to be difficult for me to fall asleep. However, on Thanksgiving when I indulge in a Dorito Buffet, not only does my sugar spike to 300+ (even WITH a pump), I fall asleep VERY easily.
PikachuMCx42 преди 3 дни
The audacity for you to question whether the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. You've had a lot of crazy theories, but that's just ridiculous. Blasphomy.
Jairus Simmons
Jairus Simmons преди 3 дни
So the itis isnt real??
Suki Koisumi
Suki Koisumi преди 3 дни
Matpat is the reason I'm good at science no joke
Kai преди 3 дни
One time I ate 10 hamburgers when I was a kid because I was super hungry and I ate all of them and didn't have a power nap and to this day I'm still wondering how that's possible XD
Hi Hi
Hi Hi преди 3 дни
I had a tumor then made me to much insuline i didnt go in to a coma cus of it but i did go unconscious
Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy преди 3 дни
i dont like the way you say emu i say it like "eem you" not "ee mu"
Quavx преди 4 дни
don't embarrass any more we weren't meant to lose to them emus I swear
tsartomato преди 4 дни
who even gets sleepy after the food? is it anglo saxon broken genetics?
New WRLD преди 4 дни
"Is mitochondria really the powerhouse of the cell" to far Mathew far
Mythicalcatjay преди 4 дни
Thanks for the advise, luckily my small intestine is a war zone that can barely function correctly so I don't think I'll ever have to worry about a food coma.
Mayra Vega
Mayra Vega преди 4 дни
At 0:50 did anyone see the blue theory logo?
beanman 42
beanman 42 преди 4 дни
When you watch a mat pat video and learn more than your science lesson:Stonks
mack louv
mack louv преди 4 дни
I had a bad sugar coma once so many doughnuts
Andrea Youngken
Andrea Youngken преди 4 дни
The day this video was recommended to me.... I passed out for a good 4 hours after eating 2 entrees at Applebee’s, one of them being a pasta dish, and the other being a steak with a side of potatoes and more pasta 😂😂😂
Whamboy преди 4 дни
me, a diabetic: "i know some of these words!"
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer преди 4 дни
Random person:takes a lot of carbs with coffee; The brain,getting confused from the mixed signals: *stress*
KolourfulNeco преди 4 дни
Called his kid a project 😂😂😂
Andrew Jethro Wijaya
Andrew Jethro Wijaya преди 5 дни
4:17 Me: *Stares Blankly* My Brain: *"Ah Yes, A Man Of Culture"*
PyroFrost Gaming
PyroFrost Gaming преди 5 дни
How to beat mr.beast now how to beat food coma's Matpat 100 years from now How to beat the sun explosion
Noeliz Ramos
Noeliz Ramos преди 5 дни
This would be such a cool concept for an episode of like- ‘cells at work’ y’know 🤣🤣
Malachi O'Neil
Malachi O'Neil преди 5 дни
I just had A burger from the 99 and I do feel tired. GN
Bjelly Jelly
Bjelly Jelly преди 5 дни
Some times I think you are to smart for BGcd
Cristobal Garcia-Moyoral
Cristobal Garcia-Moyoral преди 5 дни
2:16 Better not let Dr. Mike hear you say that...
Amidamaru44 преди 5 дни
Support comment
Brian Pan
Brian Pan преди 5 дни
Your videos are way too busy .. not enjoyable to watch. When did you switch over from GT Live? That was a great set.
OracalChromE преди 5 дни
coffee is caffeinated choccy milk
PumpkinJennilynn преди 5 дни
Matpat’s feud with Elementary continues 😂😂😂
InkyRuby666 преди 5 дни
When one episode of food theory gives more knowledge then science for a whole school year.
Brandon Gomez
Brandon Gomez преди 5 дни
What kind of kindergarten talks about 6th or 5th grade science
Spadez Blur
Spadez Blur преди 5 дни
Matpat: If you remember your ap biology Me: bold of you to assume I was awake for that class
Sean the Bawse
Sean the Bawse преди 5 дни
Well, personally, I think more people should know how to write cursive...just saying.
PhoenixFires преди 5 дни
I learned about the way Tryptophan works and then forgot it while in AP Bio. Can't believe college-level molecular science lied.
Cindira преди 5 дни
you sound like a doctor lol
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son преди 5 дни
Explain how it's pronounced eemoos and not E-muse MatPat EXPLAIN PLEASE IM GENUINELY CURIOUS HOW YOU MESSED THAT UP
Coop Doggydog
Coop Doggydog преди 6 дни
Did he just threaten the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell I’m unsubscribing
UN1V3RS4LC4PT0N преди 6 дни
No wonder Matt is so smart, he was learning about mitochondria in FRAKIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!! I’m in 8th grade and still don’t understand half the stuff
Daniel McKellar
Daniel McKellar преди 6 дни
i am honestly learning more about math, chemicals and history from matpat than school
Crammin83 преди 6 дни
Any body else’s body just stop producing insulin one day?😅
Crammin83 преди 5 дни
@Geoffrey Mad Mans Son nah it’s type 1 diabetes
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son преди 5 дни
It's called stage 3 diabetes dude
Kiev Chavez
Kiev Chavez преди 6 дни
Note: stop being a fatass and you will stay awake
Jack Hanlon
Jack Hanlon преди 6 дни
4:18 Fact Fiend, if you wanna know more about that go there on BGcd. Cursing warning though, they are hilarious, they are British, they are cursing.
Dahneen coates
Dahneen coates преди 6 дни
0:50 ...soo what about this new project talk
Orange Metal6043
Orange Metal6043 преди 6 дни
Mat :"Is mitochondria the power house of the cell anymore?" Everyone: He said it he said the thing!
Hexed_spirit Towwerz yo
Hexed_spirit Towwerz yo преди 6 дни
Lol the beggining though
Taubitz Gamer
Taubitz Gamer преди 6 дни
Type a 1 in the comments if you have type 1 diabetes
Ada Doran
Ada Doran преди 6 дни
I'm so hungry now and I'm watching almost all your videos why do I do this to myself
Gonçalo Simoes
Gonçalo Simoes преди 6 дни
Saw you holding 4 furies Game Theory food Ferry in the movie Fear then there's a blue
Gonçalo Simoes
Gonçalo Simoes преди 6 дни
There's a blue Fury
King Austicious
King Austicious преди 6 дни
We call it the “ itus “
Tina Quilitano
Tina Quilitano преди 6 дни
The 3 worst things in life: 1. Overworking yourself 2. Breaking up with someone 3. That Double Stuffed Burrito
Ruuben Burmann
Ruuben Burmann преди 6 дни
i have diabetes
A_RandomAnimation YT
A_RandomAnimation YT преди 6 дни
"Food for thought food fo...." * goes to sleep*
Dr Doomsday
Dr Doomsday преди 7 дни
Game theory, Film theory, Food theory, and ??? Blue thing... Dive theory??? Blue theory??? RL theory???
livelaughlemon преди 7 дни
Wait what I’ve never had a nap like that
Mia Brotnov
Mia Brotnov преди 7 дни
I love potatos
Joshua Malpass
Joshua Malpass преди 7 дни
Wave преди 7 дни
I got a pizza ad before watching this
UwU -chan
UwU -chan преди 7 дни
for me when i cry i feel sleepy how that?
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son преди 5 дни
It's generally just your mind playing tricks when that happens although you could just have temporary hypersomnia If you've cried for an hour straight, just go on a walk and you'll be fine 👍
Bug Maniac Lynke
Bug Maniac Lynke преди 7 дни
My dad can look at food and pass out. Does he have a problem? He says it's natural, but I think he has a problem.
Isadora Pak
Isadora Pak преди 7 дни
Matpat can you please make a video on the 'Mucusless diet healing system'?
Nice Flowey
Nice Flowey преди 7 дни
Mitochondrion, not Mitochondria.
Nice Flowey
Nice Flowey преди 5 дни
@Geoffrey Mad Mans Son ik. They say "Mitochondria" where it should be "Mitochondrion".
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son преди 5 дни
mitochondria is the word for multiple mitochondrion tho
samuel ordorica
samuel ordorica преди 7 дни
i cant stop watching food theory
collossuss10 преди 7 дни
It not emoo its EEMYOU!
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son
Geoffrey Mad Mans Son преди 5 дни
It's eemyou this matpat was saying emoo unless this is a joke in which case I shall send myself to r/woooosh
Busy Brain Animations
Busy Brain Animations преди 7 дни
I’d like to see America win a emu war
Inanimate_ Object
Inanimate_ Object преди 8 дни
Mat pat as an Australian dear god please say it eem- you
Scully преди 8 дни
So how does this work for type one diabetics? We don’t produce our own insulin which is why we take insulin. What if we don’t take enough? How does diabetes effect the “food coma”? Edit: lmao never mind!
KJPR0GAM3R преди 8 дни
Great now tell me why I get hot when I ate a lot of pasta which also made me sleepy XD. I also love Diet Coke and mashed potatoes
KJPR0GAM3R преди 8 дни
Book theory or politic theory would be cool matpat
Matthew Mejia
Matthew Mejia преди 8 дни
That rant about elementary school was so accurate, good little joke :)
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