FIRST LOOK: SINGER'S ACS - the ultimate safari 911!

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What do you get when you cross a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer with an off-road racing buggy? Well… this - the All-terrain Competition Study (ACS) - a co-developed project between Singer and British company Tuthill Porsche. Built at the request of a client who wanted an air-cooled 911 that could cope with the world’s most extreme off-road races, it pays homage to a golden era of Porsche rallying in the 1980s and to cars like the 959 Safari. It has four-wheel drive, a turbocharged flat-six, carbon panels, trick suspension and a stripped out interior, but still retains the outrageous attention to detail of all Singer’s creations. See it in action, allow Jack Rix to give you the full tour and hear from the man responsible for engineering this restomod monster - Richard Tuthill.
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Service & Feedback

somethin somethin
somethin somethin преди 6 часа
@1:09 what would happen if top gear didn't have a host wearing sneakers with 2" lifts in them making him walk like he landed after jumping off the top of a 15 ft ladder.
Nunzio Molonia
Nunzio Molonia преди 10 часа
We never see those cars running in the new top gears?
Nunzio Molonia
Nunzio Molonia преди 10 часа
What's with the ginger presenters?
hieroglyph321 преди 14 часа
Nice render
Roger That! 10-4
Roger That! 10-4 преди ден
Are those flaps on the front legal, an "Associate" of mine keeps getting stopped by the police for having something similar on his car, apparently they are "Dangerous & could probably kill someone" say the police officers that are police officers to the motor vehicle designer that is in charge of compliance for Europe.
Joey Herrera
Joey Herrera преди 5 дни
1:03 He walks like his shoes are too small
v.rudeboy преди 7 дни
his choice of footwear is poor, just saying..
Christopher Porteus
Christopher Porteus преди 9 дни
This thing is Perfection!
direxxion преди 9 дни
Fake Gear
Getinit 56
Getinit 56 преди 10 дни
I learned a few things working with race cars....... Golf ball the undercarriage. .... There is a very good reason golf balls have dimples.
Radomyr Tsurkan
Radomyr Tsurkan преди 10 дни
talking all the video... no test drive.. a shame
Cliff Sullivan
Cliff Sullivan преди 11 дни
Modern, updated Keubelwagen!
Nate River
Nate River преди 11 дни
If they made it commercial, it would destroy the SUV market
Filip Borin
Filip Borin преди 11 дни
Jacky Ickx has been involved in that project back in the day and now i'm not sure that Porsche would want to be involved in something like that despite from that i think that Porsche have to produce something like that in fact it looks awesome that old school designt and these forms combined with the new technologies and parts would kick seriously assess.
DiveJumpShooter преди 12 дни
I want that car so bad- send me one and an invoice.
V.C. преди 13 дни
why bother modding them? poor engineering for the pricepoint from the factory.
Wolf Maxem
Wolf Maxem преди 14 дни
The The worst to expect.....bad..preaster bad presnter and mote...
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon преди 14 дни
Dig the Warhol-esque under hood paint!!! Kinda reminds me of the Warhol BMW M1 in a way! Waaaaay cooool!!! Next try doing this to a 959 to see the possibilities. Though not many 959 owners would dare take the ‘leap’! Unless they’re a billionaire!
F L преди 14 дни
isn't there anyone who agrees with me that the safari 911 is simply disgusting
WomBatVIC преди 15 дни
"Who would be mad enough to drive...?" I would! I'd do it justice! I've already started training on KO2's on my practice van outside. I'm just short of about 450HP and wearing an extra 1500kg of lo-tech LOL :) If he needs someone to drive his spare car around after him I'd happily do it... at pace! ;) A seriously awesome car.
petoneves преди 17 дни
Hahah I was going to say the same thing. Lol classic BBC there so original!
parlin преди 20 дни
A Porsche and a Stormtrooper lovechild. Awesome!
KTMARV 1 преди 21 ден
Haopeng Sun
Haopeng Sun преди 21 ден
It’s technically a Porsche, you need Chris Harris for Porsche videos.
RV CRUZA преди 22 дни
That’s a bad ass RC Car 😆🤣😂
Untill ThEnd
Untill ThEnd преди 24 дни
Yes I Would!
Minter Kwan
Minter Kwan преди 24 дни
The host cuts off the guest at the most inappropriate of moments, multiple times
Soulhenge преди 25 дни
"So in the end the two dampers per corner are about reliability, aren't they?" Jack Rix: "Yeah, but you also just wanna hit big stuff and laugh."
Snehden Cardoso
Snehden Cardoso преди 26 дни
She looks like Lamborghini miura without eyebrows
Emmanuel Lumumba
Emmanuel Lumumba преди 26 дни
Is it a coincidence that he sounds like Hammond or is he intentionally trying to sound like Hammond
Gavin Claassen
Gavin Claassen преди 27 дни
And suddenly someone else knows more about Porsche than Porsche themselves. Personally I see the 911 shape Porsche design as a track racer more so than a rally car . Somehow doesn't seem right as a rally car .
Jim Beam
Jim Beam преди 28 дни
This is a rc
Rafael K
Rafael K преди 29 дни
That's a nice car! And a creepy guy
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear преди 29 дни
Is this one of those Class 11 baja race cars?
Život je jedan
Život je jedan преди 29 дни
So cool car. I am in love i this porsh
PWE Recordings & Entertainment
PWE Recordings & Entertainment преди месец
Routine for these videos : click play, wait to see if clarkson Hammond or may start speaking, if not, watch something else
trevorakm преди месец
sounds like an RC car.
QuizTest преди месец
Elle est trop cool, mais Porsche na pas l'air d'apprécier : "Porsche n’apprécie pas la 911 tout-terrain de Singer" 🚗
Goat преди месец
Reincarnation of the AMC Eagle...
fearofchicken преди месец
Are the “mudflaps” in the front for reverse?
fearofchicken преди месец
911’s are just long beetles.
biker преди месец
love that car , want Jeremy back !
Chad Kunka
Chad Kunka преди месец
I sure hope someone at Tamiya watches this video!!!!! 🤤👍
Gooberwalla преди месец
The host is really annoying. He is a twit.
Spookydog преди месец
nasa is jealous
Amir Higher
Amir Higher преди месец
You F**ing nailed it!
Wolfgang Mclain
Wolfgang Mclain преди месец
Did you want to do get some better audio equipment, or was "talking through a toilet paper tube" all the budget you had?
Wolfgang Mclain
Wolfgang Mclain преди месец
... this man is doing a startling Richard Hammond impression.
Gabriel Ståhl
Gabriel Ståhl преди месец
Don't understand the hype about Singer at all but that car is amazing
Zohaib Automotive
Zohaib Automotive преди месец
Wait it’s the actual Richard or not him
Zohaib Automotive
Zohaib Automotive преди месец
Wait it’s Hammond
Porter Estesen
Porter Estesen преди месец
baja 1000 may be a bit much for this but it could definitely do the dakar rally
Dimitry Yakoushkin
Dimitry Yakoushkin преди месец
hello there good guy!
hello there good guy! преди месец
wait, what happened to hammond?
Damian Abramson
Damian Abramson преди месец
The boomers are missing
felipe serra
felipe serra преди месец
is that the same sound on the turbo that the audi sport quattro S2?
Eric Livesay
Eric Livesay преди месец
Let Ken Block get a hold of that thing! He might like it more than his Hoonicorn.
martin d
martin d преди месец
not even a ride around the block.
Mar del plata Limos
Mar del plata Limos преди месец
Piece of art... !!!
William Tran
William Tran преди месец
Look cuberpunk
Mathieu Rochette
Mathieu Rochette преди месец
The boys should have used it on the grand tour madagascar special
Wind River
Wind River преди месец
It's ugly.
xpez преди месец
what size are the wheels?
Nazmul Hasan Alif
Nazmul Hasan Alif преди месец
Top gear is just hopeless without those three Stooges
Mylo Kurtz
Mylo Kurtz преди месец
driving a car like that around on winter would be the ultimate flex
Jean Roch
Jean Roch преди месец
I love that it looks like a toy.
Dole преди месец
Could he go on like Hammond any more lol
jack black
jack black преди месец
rose joints are nice and all. but if this is a rally car leaving them open is prone to early failure. cover them!
the wild runners
the wild runners преди месец
Ew american topgear
Aleksander Pawlik
Aleksander Pawlik преди месец
GTA kids: Pfister Comet Safari
Cheese sauce
Cheese sauce преди месец
If I watched this blind I would think it's hammond with a different voice
Martin Biribauer
Martin Biribauer преди месец
**gorp*fnark*schmeggle** Hopefully, at least Tamiya might produce this gem!
silveravnt преди месец
@24:36 slenderman emerges
jootai преди месец
Why would you want an air cooled car? I'm a porsche filistein..
H D преди месец
Bill Bopperton
Bill Bopperton преди месец
Wow. The wheels and exhaust tips are so satisfying. I shouldn't love it, but it really is something very special.
munching Drummer
munching Drummer преди месец
Imagine this in forza
Sherpa Pemba
Sherpa Pemba преди месец
This show is just entertainment and isn’t meant to be real “Tesla” .
munching Drummer
munching Drummer преди месец
I live in Dubai and this would be amazing
K Sas
K Sas преди месец
1:56 I love your sneakers
Marouane Baatote
Marouane Baatote преди 2 месеца
This is a real art. Gorgeous
World of Showcars
World of Showcars преди 2 месеца
Top Video WORLD OF SHOWCARS Channel Facebook BGcd TIKTOR Instagram Twitter
Brin Kee
Brin Kee преди 2 месеца
Great car but this was painful trying to watch. What a bunch of idiots
X0W преди 2 месеца
this guy is trying so hard to be like hammond. smh.
Dr Chorizo
Dr Chorizo преди 2 месеца
Jamie G
Jamie G преди 2 месеца
I wager it will never turn a wheel in anger on anymore more challenging than a muddy country back road in November.
ct0760 преди 2 месеца
Me-Hi преди 2 месеца
Sorry but no one can beat or replace the old trio they have charisma and gets you hyped but also interested in the car it self by every persons persona.
CoolJRT преди 2 месеца
Here's a fun fact for you: nobody cares about the BBC anymore
Landon Ruddy
Landon Ruddy преди 2 месеца
Who is this
Benjamin Sather
Benjamin Sather преди 2 месеца
where is hamond and may and james
No преди месец
Do you live under a rock?
RubentlyGarcialago преди 2 месеца
old guys with skinny jeans
aym911 преди 2 месеца
Blurz Music . Lyrics . More
Blurz Music . Lyrics . More преди 2 месеца
who else clicked off realising its the new top gear lmao
Highlan Subi
Highlan Subi преди 2 месеца
One of bet looking Porsches I’ve ever seen.
3finnian преди 2 месеца
How much are we thinking? 10 million?
No преди месец
Tommy Guo Guangxu
Tommy Guo Guangxu преди 2 месеца
Such an amazing car 🚗
Nathan Lister
Nathan Lister преди 2 месеца
I'm watching this with my friend, and he keeps saying the presenter is 'definitely a nonce'
THE NICE ONES преди 2 месеца
ALL I wish is that the tail lights were bright red.
Aeld Allkushi
Aeld Allkushi преди 2 месеца
If only Porsche made their regular 911’s as reliable as that thing
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