Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

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Mark Rober

преди 5 месеца

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!
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Biodegradable glitter courtesy of
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See you in class!

Mark Rober
Mark Rober преди 4 месеца
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!
Tech Explained
Tech Explained преди 8 дни
Nega Ness
Nega Ness преди 9 дни
Genius 😂.)
Manal Khalil
Manal Khalil преди месец
😂🤣 filthy animals
Ahura Shoaie
Ahura Shoaie преди месец
Is it possible to buy the glitter box?
Cliff Murphy
Cliff Murphy преди месец
Please something more environmentally friendly than glitter! Horribly polluting stuff
Matthew Kyler Dollete
Matthew Kyler Dollete преди 46 минути
18:28 they shot the box
Zechariah Wermuth
Zechariah Wermuth преди час
Don’t be shy use pepper spray
Rick Carroll
Rick Carroll преди 2 часа
Brilliant and Amazing. Can't wait till you change the world.
Avril Viviene
Avril Viviene преди 3 часа
The acoustic heaven apically mug because green timely serve on a adventurous spoon. last, tenuous ceramic
Parker McCarthy
Parker McCarthy преди 7 часа
2:46 I was about to comment one how they could actually make money off of this lol
pensnut08 преди 7 часа
No, no, no... Go with 100% straight pure skunk quill... Don't dilute it!
Sejal Sai Bobba
Sejal Sai Bobba преди 13 часа
wow mark.satisfying vid...that to on my birthday.
Cardaminn преди 14 часа
This Amuses Me
Gamer Pineapple 7
Gamer Pineapple 7 преди 14 часа
So we are not gonna talk about how he is ACTUALLY CATCHING CRIMINALS with this glitter bombs
William Gullett
William Gullett преди 15 часа
4 cellphones? Isnt the cost of making that thing really high?
zionen01 преди 19 часа
We appreciate your service, please keep doing what you’re doing.
charles lee
charles lee преди 21 час
I think the V4 glitterbomb should be nastier. You should try the following : 1. Use a nastier smell or a combination of them for the spray bottles. Try Ethanethiol or Cadaverine or Putrescine or all of them in different bottles. 2. Increase the spray rate of the smell repellent. Maybe increase the spray rate to be one every 15 seconds. 3. Increase the spray volume of the smell repellent which means we will need a slightly bigger bottle. 4. Maybe just maybe, we should also have a mechanism that quickly soaks the glitter with Ethanethiol when the velocity of the box stays zero with the rods on box extended.
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith преди 21 час
The slim colombia cytologically haunt because double ganguly refuse than a witty college. chubby, aquatic ethernet
Mnemonic Hotpocket
Mnemonic Hotpocket преди 21 час
I really wish these ended in ppl being arrested
Johan Janssens
Johan Janssens преди 23 часа
You could try Methyl bromide instead of the stink ....
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider преди ден
Interesting, not a single white. Must be cultural
my gold fish drown
my gold fish drown преди ден
Surprised many of these people are latino considering how hard they work
Shawn Dye
Shawn Dye преди ден
I would buy one if I could. It's genius
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey преди ден
The measly singer metabolically spill because india neatly bake near a quarrelsome tanker. tedious, wasteful jellyfish
Dashmund Hunt
Dashmund Hunt преди ден
That metal cylinder thing is genius improvement Wait until some psycho, modified this box with shotgun pellet
Joe Wittmann
Joe Wittmann преди ден
Hate thieves are absolute POS!
Guzgod преди ден
You should sell these!!!
Félix Faulkner _
Félix Faulkner _ преди ден
10:09 ohhh i fell bad for him
Jacob Friedrich
Jacob Friedrich преди ден
9:45 u know they do that often when... 🤡
Lucas Acoustic Covers
Lucas Acoustic Covers преди ден
You should put human feces instead of glitter
Lil Tino 25
Lil Tino 25 преди ден
I would not want to be by Marks house on April fools
Althea Bogle
Althea Bogle преди ден
crazy how it happens!!!!!! 😱💖💖💖
Lord Quackers
Lord Quackers преди 2 дни
When the self destruc ?
lee byungju
lee byungju преди 2 дни
You should try pepper spray and chilli powder next lol
Tom Burden
Tom Burden преди 2 дни
Dude you are my new Hero. Brilliant ideas. Just started to watch your videos. Keep up your awesome work !
imajhawk11 преди 2 дни
Why can’t they be prosecuted!!!! They are on camera!!!!
RoyalCaoCao преди 2 дни
He earned my respect the moment he teamed with Jim Browning
Kooper_42_ ok
Kooper_42_ ok преди 2 дни
I wish we could buy one of these to help get rid of porch thefts
Tim Stoffers
Tim Stoffers преди 2 дни
This was so funny
Albert Huang
Albert Huang преди 2 дни
How come you blur some of them and don't blur others?
Frosty преди 2 дни
mergingbutterfly преди 2 дни
LOL email from a Nigerian prince.... That is so freaking funny
mergingbutterfly преди 2 дни
Use slim next time
Anish Biswas
Anish Biswas преди 2 дни
Make version 4.0 and 5.0
The president elect
The president elect преди 2 дни
Person in the last video should get parent of the year award 🤦‍♂️
thatdumbgoblin преди 2 дни
"It's all yours baby" Lmao Mark just ended someone's relationship in 8 seconds
Neil Law
Neil Law преди 3 дни
It's unbelievable how much theft goes on, these people are just animals, worse than
El Greñas
El Greñas преди 3 дни
I want to see the 0.4 version :D
Bjack преди 3 дни
Make sure to do a 4.0 Christmas 2021! These videos are amazing!!
Gabriel Bellorinni
Gabriel Bellorinni преди 3 дни
19:19 if you look at the tv its perfect timing when they open the package (its big brain time)
Chryssa Rodgers
Chryssa Rodgers преди 3 дни
kealohsix преди 3 дни
Mark do be kidding the kids tho.
Marjo Pls
Marjo Pls преди 4 дни
Glitter Hater
DarkSeraphim преди 4 дни
Dude! That is so funny to watch. xDDDD
Amaroq Starwind
Amaroq Starwind преди 4 дни
My $700 mountain bike was stolen recently. Make an unstealable bicycle, please!
SuperFreak Morris
SuperFreak Morris преди 4 дни
Breaks my heart about that young boy 😢 he has no future with a mom like that..
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous преди 4 дни
That woman at the end: OOOOOHHHH ITS A MARK ROBER BOX!
Sue преди 4 дни
Wasn’t the second guy also in the 2.0 version video? Seems like he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.
Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay преди 4 дни
Nothing petty about giving thieves what they deserve. Should have called the cops on the guys who broke into the car.
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson преди 4 дни
Best “brain break” ever! I love your creativity and am grateful to know you’re working with authorities. Go get em! You’re awesome!!
Swirly Candy
Swirly Candy преди 4 дни
but u will lose 4 phones!!! xD I think that's enough for the robber lol
Swirly Candy
Swirly Candy преди 4 дни
JZ Inevitable
JZ Inevitable преди 4 дни
But you still gave him the phone so, jokes on this uploader
bobicabayo преди 5 дни
Contemplates life choices
Jean P
Jean P преди 5 дни
Why not put ink instead of glitter ?
Ruthann Gardner
Ruthann Gardner преди 5 дни
Nice job, honey. You’re super intelligent and i was delighted watching this video!
Jocelyn Aguinaga
Jocelyn Aguinaga преди 5 дни
Great work 👍😂 love it!!! 😂😂
mr559 преди 5 дни
A team up with Jim Browning. That's awesome.
JuniperMB преди 5 дни
I hope you earned a lot of money through your You Tube channel. This is amazing!
Zed's Dead
Zed's Dead преди 5 дни
great idea,but the glitter bombs are a bit of an anticlimax
Khadar Dahir
Khadar Dahir преди 5 дни
Bruh this guys talks to much
Tom Servo
Tom Servo преди 5 дни
Just stopped by to say that plunger mechanism design is elegant af.
kArl преди 5 дни
I seen this happen all the time in SF
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer преди 5 дни
This never happens in 3rd world countries lol.
FistOfTheWind преди 5 дни
Juds awesome! 😅
A Fluffy Pinecone
A Fluffy Pinecone преди 6 дни
You should've used shotgun pellets and anthrax.
King can
King can преди 6 дни
Make another one but more stronger Make a 4.0😁😁
uLtRa clan
uLtRa clan преди 6 дни
use cams instead of phones it is less power
Larry And Mona
Larry And Mona преди 6 дни
Are you going to make a new and improved one of these every year?
ANIME Gaming Beck
ANIME Gaming Beck преди 6 дни
My guy should be on shark tank
tennis ball
tennis ball преди 6 дни
Crazy that someone always steals the package
Daniel Furness
Daniel Furness преди 6 дни
You could also spry ink
501stProductions преди 6 дни
Isn’t it just giving a thief 4 phones?
Darrin Steven
Darrin Steven преди 6 дни
Replace the glitter with liquefied dog crap.
christopher dunn
christopher dunn преди 6 дни
9:38 you have to wonder if all that back ground stuff is stolen ?
Nightwolf преди 6 дни
Could you make a Pastebin ore something with the music used?
Tommaso Astaldi
Tommaso Astaldi преди 6 дни
In the most 🏳️‍🌈✨FABULOUS✨🏳️‍🌈 way possible
Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett преди 6 дни
Landwhale with a bong. I'm sure they contribute a lot to society.
Bleach преди 6 дни
It’s to weak. I ant the ENTIRE room to be covered with glitter.
Mash Ups
Mash Ups преди 7 дни
mix in some fiberglass with that glitter.
ben10peanut преди 7 дни
The third person that opened it it was so funny 😂
Victorious Gaming
Victorious Gaming преди 7 дни
Mark we need 4.0
RenoFred RenoFred
RenoFred RenoFred преди 7 дни
Mark, You should be using Carolina ReaperChili Powder! Not glitter.
Randy Ordonez
Randy Ordonez преди 7 дни
I love what you do.
sammie hilton
sammie hilton преди 7 дни
"what kind of mother*** would ship that" I blame the school system
Ethan Aquino
Ethan Aquino преди 7 дни
Its so sad that almost every clip had a clip ha a kid in it
Scythxez Z
Scythxez Z преди 7 дни
the people who shot it missed out on the buzz headphones :(
Michael W
Michael W преди 7 дни
You need to use full on skunk spray. Why go easy on a thief? You being to nice.
Todd King
Todd King преди 7 дни
These are thieves.... you should have went with 100% skunk spray.
Jan-Andreas Meier
Jan-Andreas Meier преди 7 дни
i remember when the first ep came
Avplayer 01
Avplayer 01 преди 7 дни
The 4th glitter box should have smoke after the count down so they can get scared
Bonnie_fazband преди 7 дни
I'm honestly surprised nobody thought the scanner meant it was like a police sting operation on package thievery
Gasa Lion
Gasa Lion преди 7 дни
I NEED one of these, my moms boyfriend takes my packages and keeps them, most likely sells them. If i got one of these and he opened it, hehehe, he just might learn his lesson
Henry M
Henry M преди 7 дни
Thank you for giving justice to these smelly porch pirates mark! he he smelly gret it :)
House of Hopwood
House of Hopwood преди 7 дни
Any chance you could please design and sell something for car break-ins? My car gets broken into on average once a year. Last Saturday was the most recent. The cops do nothing... its soo frustrating 😫 please please 🙏 fyi my last break-in was 9n camera... please help 🙏
Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)
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