Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

Michael Lukovic
Michael Lukovic преди 3 минути
I love this podcast but I’m a bit disappointed that Joe didn’t smoke weed for this
Brody Eldridge
Brody Eldridge преди 10 минути
Totally unrelated but have you ever tried Mugwort tea Joe?
Keir Reid
Keir Reid преди 13 минути
2:49:45 I feel like Joe knew that was going to work as a perfect animated moment
Native преди 19 минути
TYT > Infowars
Nathan Hill
Nathan Hill преди 22 минути
I love seeing this side of Alex Jones and it seems only JR can bring it out. If these two paired up to be a full time show, they’d be a lethal investigating team.
Alisha O'Malley
Alisha O'Malley преди 52 минути
I cannot believe I just heard Joe Rogan refer to emotions as “issues” and that “maybe technology is our only hope”. God damn. I’d rather die a fully functioning real and flawed human than an effing cyborg. This whole podcast. He kept blaming Alex for speaking over him and Joe cut him off so many times the first hour. Hands down - I’d rather listen to Joe when he’s high.
Lance Rebo
Lance Rebo преди час
Ok I respect Alex Jones, but he should be taken with a grain of salt. Half of what he says is true, but another half is false. Regarding climate change, the most important topic discussed in this podcast, Alex and Joe unfortunately miss out on a few key points. First, climate change is real and its human induced. Alex Jones is correct that solar activity causes changes to earths climate, it’s the reason we entered the most recent ice age. However, the advent of industrial civilization and thus the production of greenhouse gases reversed this trend and has lead to hothouse earth, where we are currently. Second, oil companies back climate science because they are aware it’s true. But when you do some digging, you find that these same companies are also the ones pushing the green revolution (solar, wind, natural gas, biomass, etc.). Al gore was their original puppet. Now fossil fuel oligarchs like the Koch brothers are aiming to profit off of this new green tech (which by the way isn’t at all “green” nor efficient as they require the burning of fossil fuels to assemble and aren’t as efficient in energy production). Third, the reason they want things like carbon tax and a globalized totalitarian world is so that these same elites can influence us (as in the 99%) to lower our carbon footprint so that they (1%) can continue living their luxurious lifestyles. Finally, mainstream scientists and climate organizations like the IPCC are extremely over-conservative in their climate predictions. Climate change has become abrupt and irreversible. It’s accelerating, not linearly progressing as suggested by the IPCC. Climate change is having the greatest impact on the arctic. Arctic amplification means that the North Pole is exponentially increasing in temperatures thus further melting the arctic ice. As you lose the ice, you get less albedo, so the blue ocean absorbs more radiation and thus you get more melting in a positive feedback loop. There are thousands of positive feedback loops naturally in nature that are accelerating climate change irregardless of human activity. It’s completely out of our hands and will certainly trigger the collapse of industrial civilization and eventual near term human extinction. It’s an unfortunate and depressing situation to be in. I’m trying to contact Joe Rogan via email to get scientists on the podcast like Guy Mcpherson, Paul Beckwith, Peter Wadhams, Natalia Shakhova, Igor Semiletov, Tim Garret, etc. but to no avail. Unfortunately no one wants to hear this message so I don’t think Joe would want to bring on any of these scientists, and I really can’t blame him.
The zod
The zod преди час
and the 79 days of exactly what Trump is doing now, not the democrats. So there goes that theory idiot. lol
Sir Vega
Sir Vega преди час
What cigar is he smoking?
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar преди 2 часа
Alex jones is so interesting to listen and even watch I have been following him as far as it gets... greeting from India.. he sounds like most advanced futurist and tech radio broadcasters in the sci fi games like crysis.
Backstage & Behind The Scenes
Backstage & Behind The Scenes преди час
Would love for you to check out my show! I interview athletes, musicians, actors, etc!
Heidi Keller
Heidi Keller преди 2 часа
I keep watching this episode over and over. Such talent all in the same room. The interaction 1:59:00 - 2:00:30 is just as hilarious every time!
Johnny Nonya
Johnny Nonya преди 2 часа
See how the clowns and sinners deviate and not even mention God!? But aliens and demons are real? Aliens are demons ment to deceive mankind and its working. Outside the traditional Catholic faith there is absolutely no salvation. Seek your path.
Xenia Orona
Xenia Orona преди 2 часа
Yeah he lost me when he started talking about deep water horizon... that is no where near what was going on . It went wrong during the cement testing ... no pumping water . And cement is cement and mud is mud
Dan преди 2 часа
Alex Jones and Grahm H , Are the best shows
theContainer &theContents
theContainer &theContents преди 3 часа
All tares and demons are sentenced to perdition by the authority of the holy spirit and Creator. All tares, every last one of you, whenever the Creator wants, instantly, and soon, you will be cast into the abyss. There, you will be in utter darkness, and in a state of total delirium. You'll be confused, nauseous, dizzy, feel painfully sick, and your logic and ability to perceive left from right, up from down, won't work anymore. That's because the grace of the Creator which gave you those abilities will be forever gone at that point, much like your free will already is gone now as you serve the satanic hive mind and are a slave to it. There's no time in perdition, so your time there will never end. There is no where you can go in the abyss, because everywhere you walk melts away or circles back on itself. You'll hear the wailings of other tares in there with you, but you won't be able to find them. Sleep is impossible, so is eating or drinking. And yet you'll feel those urges to do those things just as you did in this world. But they will be impossible.
Scott Moody
Scott Moody преди 3 часа
Alex is 100% right about the UN coming in. Better be ready
Krogg Krashy
Krogg Krashy преди 3 часа
You'd think Danny Glover's getting too old for that Bohemian Grove shit.
David Galway
David Galway преди 4 часа
x0.5 speed
Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan
Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan преди 4 часа
What happened with Alex's prediction about the elections???
Anonymous преди 4 часа
Don’t take time off Alex Jones. A predator stays on the hunt. A warrior always fights. Do u truly want to take time off?
frank schrooms
frank schrooms преди 5 часа
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Rafael Rodrigues Santos
Rafael Rodrigues Santos преди 5 часа
2:52:18 "relax we're here" I just don't know what the hell was that...
Gabe Sweetland
Gabe Sweetland преди 6 часа
Episode 1555..155k comments
Jonathan преди 6 часа
I love the way that Alex Jones is officially Joe's Bitch
Krogg Krashy
Krogg Krashy преди 7 часа
2:35 This is funny to me because my friend a few weeks ago on the topic of Epstein told me that I told him about that stuff years ago and he hasn't heard anybody ever talk about it until he died in prison.
Justin 01231
Justin 01231 преди 7 часа
Alex "Right here in my notes" Jones
BileTooth преди 8 часа
Why does Alex ALWAYS have to be a contrarian? Even when there is some obvious low-hanging fruit that he could grab and make people take him more seriously, he always has to choose the nut job option. Like with nuclear, he says "I absolutely hate it" and quotes a made up number to argue why it isn't clean. Then, after being pressed, he says he WOULD be for nuclear power, IF it was run properly and was modern tech, which is a much more reasonable stance. Why not just start with that? Instead of starting with something that makes every person educated on the subject think you're a full nutter?
bubba kush
bubba kush преди 8 часа
Joe is not the same they now control him
Tan Run
Tan Run преди 9 часа
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
leorwolf преди 9 часа
where is the part where he talks about, not wanting people to own their own cars
TxSpaceToast преди 9 часа
I wonder how Alex Jones handles standing in line at the DMV or being in the waiting room of his dentist...
Robdo преди 9 часа
Fuck spotify
foodank_atr преди 10 часа
Joe "plug me in" Rogan
Dennis Vang
Dennis Vang преди 10 часа
Joe Rogan is on Alex Jones show. Now. Go to to watch it
Alan Wong
Alan Wong преди 10 часа
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penguin bird
penguin bird преди 10 часа
not too sure why i searched alex jones on youtube and it upset me to see that my search result ended up with memes. i checked out info wars.. thank you
Spartacous Cacao
Spartacous Cacao преди 11 часа
saw this billboard saying zombies dont prepare in Sanfrancisco thought it was a new movie promo but it had FEMA logo on the bottom corner and other Gov agencies. the poster had people with bug out packs and a city burning in the back ground. that's another level of propaganda.
SatanS Favorite
SatanS Favorite преди 11 часа
1555-1255=300/911-300= Info
Jeffted Craigory
Jeffted Craigory преди 11 часа
Adrian Mat
Adrian Mat преди 11 часа
25:33 When the camera pans to Tim, he looks so excited to be there LMAO.
Teo Phil
Teo Phil преди 11 часа
Alex broke into Bohemian grove, they dont know about him.
William Dennison
William Dennison преди 12 часа
The Chi-coms did not ban this yet? Huh.
Meek преди 12 часа
There can never be too much carbon dioxide. CO2 is the most normal gas in the world. It is literally the reason why all plants exist. 🌱 In fact all living things need CO2 and it is crazy how y’all think Carbon dioxide is bad. 😂
Jacob преди 13 часа
Alex is so. Fucking. Entertaining. God, id love to smoke or trip with this guy😂
jeff hill
jeff hill преди 13 часа
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The Church Age Gospel
The Church Age Gospel преди 13 часа
The gospel by which we're saved. We're under Paul's ministry today. Therefore we're not under the law of the old testament. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (KJV)1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures. And that takes us back to John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Ephesians 2:8-9 (KJV) 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. So it's only by GRACE that we are saved not by works. Jesus did all the work and gave us GRACE (unmerited favor) as long as we have FAITH (believe) in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for SALVATION (trust in his blood). That's the gospel. Jesus said, Ye must be born again to enter into the kingdom.(accept Jesus as your SAVIOR)
Funky Giblets
Funky Giblets преди 13 часа
Ok Alex, you went to Bohemian Grove once. We get it.
iplayloud2 преди 13 часа
Even if Alex is correct on alot of subjects, he really sounds like a lunatic compared to Joe who is alot more objective and open minded.
iplayloud2 преди 13 часа
Roswell and 1950's early "aliens" stories are simply early secret space/rocket re-entry capsule tests from before NASA was made official in '58. Rhesus monkeys were used, look at their eyes, remove hairs, they are the image of aliens we imagine.
Jeffted Craigory
Jeffted Craigory преди 13 часа
any conspiracy talk that ignores Les Wexner/mega group is ZzZzZz edit: so they did mention wexner but no mega.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez преди 13 часа
If anyone’s still here boys it’s over saint rogies is gone and deleted everything 🥺🥺 take care and goodnight
sadsadsa asadasd
sadsadsa asadasd преди 14 часа
1:57:15 ... Sweden.. small villages? Sweden lowest death rate in Europe? The hell? Wrong Wrong.. Wrong.
Dead Hair
Dead Hair преди 14 часа
leatherface1973 преди 14 часа
1:46:10 “the four horsemen and the rest of them” I’m weakkkkkk 😂😂😂😂
Cristina Delmundo
Cristina Delmundo преди 15 часа
You should be arrested
omar little
omar little преди 14 часа
Cristina Delmundo
Cristina Delmundo преди 15 часа
Can’t you guys find one thing that is actually true to talk about? What goes around comes around and you guys better pray no one in your families die from Corona. You guys are ridiculous!
7IETE ***
7IETE *** преди 15 часа
Kinda hungover at work on a graveyard shift this gonna help
Alan Wong
Alan Wong преди 15 часа
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Eric Acasia-salas
Eric Acasia-salas преди 15 часа
On that note anybody know what that website's name is where I can watch alex jones? ......... joe you a sell out. Kinda wonder what alex would say about you now
The BlueBomber
The BlueBomber преди 16 часа
I vote for a weekly 2-3 hour Friday night podcast with Alex Jones
GGGlider преди 16 часа
02:45:31 What do you think Aliens are?
Nick Gamez
Nick Gamez преди 17 часа
Joe is feminine voice
Galactic President-elect
Galactic President-elect преди 17 часа
Msm has created an echo chamber.
cum преди 17 часа
this is like a acid flashback
Howbo Sanap
Howbo Sanap преди 17 часа
Alex jones i hope you see this: YOU'VE DONE YOUR JOB WELL! TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED! You crazy fucker, take all the time you need. im ten years younger than you and i smoke cigarettes like im on my death bed. 20 years. YOURE A MACHINE ALEX BUT MACHINES NEED MAINTANENCE . I KNOW YOU HAVE FRIENDS THAT WILL HELP YOU IF THATS WHAT YOURE SAYING. I love you brother man.
Dee Wolf
Dee Wolf преди 17 часа
It's as tho Joe doesn't think the worlds richest most educated with more opportunity and state of the art tech couldn't run simulations decades ahead of time...pretty sure he's smarter than that, maybe he just doesn't wanna know...deffo needs his bud ain't seen Joe this highly strung ever...
Adam Galić
Adam Galić преди 17 часа
joe went on alex jones show and did 4 hours, they were both drinking
Hockey Rules
Hockey Rules преди 17 часа
I love Joe's tee shirt!!!
John Z
John Z преди 17 часа
When does he talk about bill gates
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸 преди 17 часа
Alex needs a valium, Adoral and 6 hours to cover everything in a focused progressive manor. Otherwise he’s just to all over the place or too drunk.
The Outlaw
The Outlaw преди 18 часа
Bet that skull n bones article was from a solid source
Jorge Vazquez
Jorge Vazquez преди 18 часа
Great show you guys👍🏼I absolutely loved it
Hamish -
Hamish - преди 19 часа
JOE ROGAN & Alex Jones podcast today WAS GREAT!!!!
M Nelson
M Nelson преди 19 часа
Alex “lemme tell ya” Jones
Scott Y
Scott Y преди 19 часа
I have come back to this Episode so Many Times...MY FAVORITE! 🇺🇲😅👍❤
Bringeroffeasts S
Bringeroffeasts S преди 19 часа
I have a question for Alex. Can he play any instruments? He should learn how to play shred metal... Like immediately. I'll buy every gd record lol rip jre
Ruben Moctezuma
Ruben Moctezuma преди 19 часа
Joe rogan need young pharaoh on his show! wont stop commenting until it happens!!
Ms Co
Ms Co преди 19 часа Episode 3, Joe Rogan on Alex Jones show. Like so this goes to the top.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman преди 20 часа
1:40:55 He had the idea, but It’s the opposite. Republicans are claiming voter fraud
Michael Smith
Michael Smith преди 20 часа
Joe killed this one
MrBrosiden преди 20 часа
LMAO Looking at this in December here we are.
badhabit преди 20 часа
Joe ' We gonna get LIT' Rogan
Aaron Krouse
Aaron Krouse преди 20 часа
I’m here to say Alex Jones you ARE WRONG. Trump didn’t win and Biden didn’t contest for 79 days. You R Wrong!! I was sure that nobody would remember the sh$t you get wrong. Only a fraction of your words land true. Keep ignoring the reality you can’t agree with
Beet преди 20 часа
Alex Jones sounds like he’s talking into a fan
Skyler Diaz
Skyler Diaz преди 20 часа
Joe rogan needs to interview boots riley
maple1234567890321 преди 20 часа
there is another podcast on with JRE and alex jone on alex jone's website
MarkanVaran7 преди 21 час
1:40:00 alex jones with his steven seagal impersonation lmaooo
NewZealand Hua
NewZealand Hua преди 21 час
Joe I would just like to say Alex brings out the best in you please have him on more ! Love it
Oliver Jados
Oliver Jados преди 21 час
If there is anyway to convince you to watch this video. You wil find the ugly thruth about childtrafficing and the elite that controle the world. There is english substitle. This is scary and this will change the way you see the truth. Alex is right a ex elite explane the horrible thuth
Oliver Jados
Oliver Jados преди 21 час
If there is anyway to convince you to watch this video. You wil find the ugly thruth about childtrafficing and the elite that controle the world. There is english substitle. This is scary and this will change the way you see the truth. Alex is right a ex elite explane the horrible thuth
Oliver Jados
Oliver Jados преди 21 час
If there is anyway to convince you to watch this video. You wil find the ugly thruth about childtrafficing and the elite that controle the world. There is english substitle. This is scary and this will change the way you see the truth. Alex is right a ex elite explane the horrible thuth
Aldo 18
Aldo 18 преди 21 час
2:52:05 LMAO
Bringeroffeasts S
Bringeroffeasts S преди 21 час
Raise your hand if your first intro to Alex jones was from the movie waking life???
Husaria Towarzysz
Husaria Towarzysz преди 21 час
Imagine of Joe Rogan had Jacque Valles, Bob Lazar, and Alex Jones on all at the same time to talk about UFOs
M5c Hulk
M5c Hulk преди 22 часа
Alex jones is my nigga i like this homie
Son Of Aries
Son Of Aries преди 22 часа
Alex "let's go deeper" Jones
bigdaddyevil666 преди 23 часа
You actually took down all your old shows. What a dick move.
N M преди 23 часа
Hey Joe how much money do you need, damn.
Jesse Moore
Jesse Moore преди 23 часа
joe why is everything going away on your channel ? did you really let yourself get screwed by spotify
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