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My New Channel:
Much needed update on the Future of My Channel and the Rav Brand Itself...

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Credit to IDemandASandwich from my discord for creating the dope new intro!
Credit for Various Channel Art Assets and Animations goes to Jakob from Sweden: @jaakopp

Rav преди месец
TL:DR I made a new youtube channel, same ridiculous tts commentary, go sub now or lose all your ranked games this week:
Pervy Mage
Pervy Mage преди месец
im on a losing streak, after i subbed.
Camper Ahead
Camper Ahead преди месец
I lose 'em anyway xD
simpbot 69
simpbot 69 преди месец
@INline what NA thing bro, tf are u talking about?
INline преди месец
I dont get this thing about not seing the video. I find all your videos and watch them. Idk maybe a na thing since i live in europe
Borjon 1
Borjon 1 преди месец
Where the fucks MY FREE PIZZA
StarCrusader 2112
StarCrusader 2112 преди 16 дни
I came here from river shen. I wasn't disappointed by the rest of your content.
Jexious преди месец
I didn't get a notification for this video either. So here we go to the other channel!
Lalo Landa
Lalo Landa преди месец
Thanks for the second channel. I don't care for non-league content.
Nico преди месец
I' ve Just discovered your channel, and I loved it.
KingSpoderMan преди месец
Bro i didnt know fists were doing that.
Shegun Begun
Shegun Begun преди месец
Wait does it say free Pizza
kindred: the eternal cancer
kindred: the eternal cancer преди месец
minecraft and among us thingies????????????????????? 0:58
Master def
Master def преди месец
When i reached level 30 i got into lvl 100 lobbies. Why?
Vlada - Cut
Vlada - Cut преди месец
Uploading consistently on two channels is a difficult task, so I wish you best of luck Rav.
Mr Dino Otaku
Mr Dino Otaku преди месец
How did this got into my recommendations??
Caleb King
Caleb King преди месец
Rav Drop a podcast you’d blow tf up
Gvastrion преди месец
love the content. good luck and have fun on the second channel. I will see you there!
Sniffy McTasty
Sniffy McTasty преди месец
Not at all what I expected as your Wednesday upload, but I still laughed at it. This shows how good of a content creator you are. You got my sub to your new channel.
-IReapz преди месец
Free Pizza
Unwavering Discipline
Unwavering Discipline преди месец
Boy i can't wait! I don't even play lol i m here for the lolz
Riccardo Jommi
Riccardo Jommi преди месец
Rav real quick, you shoe check videogamesdonkies. He is you 5 years ago ahahha
no one will survive
no one will survive преди месец
Yo rav don't let this knock you down we will support you . BTW people just write random stuff in the comments you're helping with the BGcd algorithm.
[blank] преди месец
wait rav daddy has given us a second rav channel?? the gods have truely smiled upon us this day!!
F1rst World NomaD
F1rst World NomaD преди месец
Hah! My comment was featured, I feel special now 😊
Tiara Azmalan
Tiara Azmalan преди месец
I would sub to the new channel but this video didn't pop up in my feed so I never saw it =(
Realhollow преди месец
Fuck Rav don't scare me like that was thinking you had quit.
Hovering Van
Hovering Van преди месец
Was worried you were going to quit making good vids, glad that wasn't the announcement.
Robert Hilden
Robert Hilden преди месец
Good idea. Keep it up, Rav. Always an inspiration and joy to watch at the same time.
Turtle Rhythm
Turtle Rhythm преди месец
You can't quit League, League always pulls you back in
lord serkan
lord serkan преди месец
Thank god i thought you were gonna leave BGcd as a BGcdr
ιθκ¡ 。
ιθκ¡ 。 преди месец
worse rav
bitbrain преди месец
Damn for half a sec I thought you were quitting. *goes over and hits the subscribe button* If you haven't hit the point yet, I hope soon you never have to do a day of real work again. :D
stelios sss
stelios sss преди месец
I bet you can’t win a single game with aftershock sivir top
Bobert Bert
Bobert Bert преди месец
I'm dead ass thought he's a fortune teller and tell us the future through youtube vids.
Tamás Lattenstein
Tamás Lattenstein преди месец
my tooth just got kicked out yesterday, at football training, thankyou Rav. I cant brush it:(
Hussein Ahmed
Hussein Ahmed преди месец
Free pizza? Count me in
FooeyMcgooey преди месец
One of the most refreshing content and I'm here to stay. Congrats man!
who you? 10 years ago
who you? 10 years ago преди месец
Aastik Narang
Aastik Narang преди месец
Black Akita
Black Akita преди месец
Pause, dont give me a heart attack like that. Second, you're right, I didn't even know you had non-league content because it was never shown. Third, Im about to give that second channel a try and sub if I like it (which im sure I will) Update: subbed
TheNukerism преди месец
I really hope you see this Rav. This was my fastest subscribe to ur second channel, you really go above and beyond and try to make actually unique and intertaning content. I hope you get the recognition you deserve man
Logan Melton
Logan Melton преди месец
ya like every video you post almost on the day its released i watch so im actually suprised that ive never even seen one of the none league vid's you've posted
Legolas Chavez
Legolas Chavez преди месец
Rav in a few years: I announce my 50th channel
sundanese packstar
sundanese packstar преди месец
LMAO He say he done, but actually he just STARTed something new. Rav is a legend, he eternal.
you loh
you loh преди месец
Nah no thanks i only watch league vids so i ain't gonna sub to that
Seaweed Banana
Seaweed Banana преди месец
How much do you pay google translator to do the commentating for you?
Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein преди месец
Ive stopped watching rav because i got bored with the league content, but this changes the whole game
Guinevere преди месец
Wait you have a wife?
Alphapony преди месец
2019: 0 Ravs on BGcd 2020: 1 Rav om BGcd 2021: 2 Ravs on BGcd Linear regression, kids.
Sweet Silence
Sweet Silence преди месец
dude you are so funny. i will watch you on a new channel, you have huge potential mate, good luck
Joseph Young
Joseph Young преди месец
This happens a lot. It’s really sad that BGcd is this way, BGcdrs with more variety and subscribers have been utterly distraught when they upload and the BGcd algorithm just shuts them down. Your channel is mostly centered on league, so flexing into other content would change and effect your viewer counts, but that BGcd doesn’t allow/promote this is ridiculous. Even channels that have been fluid for awhile have these issues periodically. If we sub and hit the bell, then we obviously want to see the content. Good luck rav
Anand Raman
Anand Raman преди месец
Got clickbaited into thinking rav was gonna quit but boy am I glad how it turned out
Frank Roma
Frank Roma преди месец
Pedro Augusto
Pedro Augusto преди месец
Oh my boy is in r/wallstreetbets
De la cupcake
De la cupcake преди месец
Bro, if I subscribe too many times, won't I unsubscribe?
Vherson Jules
Vherson Jules преди месец
Screw you man, you almost made me criiiiii
Rice Ghost
Rice Ghost преди месец
Is it bad that at this point that the TTS voice just registers as Rav. As far as I'm concerned it's his real voice and I will not accept other theories
DoctorPsych преди месец
mocabe gamer
mocabe gamer преди месец
I am glad to see more people realizing there are far better things out there than LOL.
Ogi преди месец
i watched u since like 10k subs i subbed later cause i was watching u while playing lol with my braindead team and 0 gank 0/20 jg warwick
HALFBL00D преди месец
This man can clickbait But i like it
Reaper Lazzy
Reaper Lazzy преди месец
69 dislikes poggggg
MrNintoku преди месец
Thought he was going to Bitchute or Dailymotion
Cole Noble
Cole Noble преди месец
I only started watching you a few months ago and I really thought you were making videos for years
kyotheman69 преди месец
had a feeling you would make another channel, i really liked those none league videos
aKinky LampShade
aKinky LampShade преди месец
If this guy isn't the funniest being alive, I don't have a poster of Putin over my bed.
luklov преди месец
found you 6 months ago and everytime i see ur name pop up in feed i click lol keep it up!! btw make a stealing lanes syndrome
bahramchoobin преди месец
i dont like second channels but a man gonna do what he gotta do
Valentin Lam Thanh
Valentin Lam Thanh преди месец
u got me sold at "I have a second channel"
MTF Zulu -05
MTF Zulu -05 преди месец
Where is the free pizza?
Aaron Ofstun
Aaron Ofstun преди месец
Gimme that gah dang foot puzzle
Raggy Towel
Raggy Towel преди месец
Nice 👍 Going to subscribe now.
Shaun Mills
Shaun Mills преди месец
So now you are doing 3 channel's? Rav, Rav & Heiz and now this. K.
Jonas Steur
Jonas Steur преди месец
Do you actually have a wife? 😆
Lost Kin
Lost Kin преди месец
Title scared me, but another channel certainly sounds good to me.
sirfailalotful преди месец
Just realized I wasn’t subscribed... even though I definitely subscribed some time ago. BGcd up to it’s shenanigans, I guess. 🙄😤
ChrisP Bacon
ChrisP Bacon преди месец
zport1 преди месец
honestly make sense that you'd do that. when you were talking about it that was the first solution that came to mind. i'll sub
Agustin Gurvich
Agustin Gurvich преди месец
The igloo is getting bigger!
PerversePoster преди месец
More Rav Content? As if I needed to hear more. Sub'd!
TenderJc Gaming
TenderJc Gaming преди месец
Done 👌
Emmett Francione
Emmett Francione преди месец
Really thought he was pulling a dunkey here
Notadoctor преди месец
You could sell grade A pharmaceuticals with the level of anxiety-induced adrenaline and then the spike of serotonin my body just produced while watching this video.
Ethaniel Drake
Ethaniel Drake преди месец
Hell the fuck YES XD I WATCH these vids for your shit talk.
firdaus gaara
firdaus gaara преди месец
Here we go guys. The obligatory second channel that every youtuber needs. I only watch league contents, so imma pass this one.
Martin Šťastný
Martin Šťastný преди месец
Waiting for that free pizza! Hope it isn't false advertisement :P
Catalyst Home Development Group, LLC.
Catalyst Home Development Group, LLC. преди месец
Hey Rav! I am starting a new you channel and would pay you $$$ for your commentary and humor. Business opportunity to branch out into another market making fun of stupid people. I think you would be perfect fit.
Iron Storm
Iron Storm преди месец
ngl, I had a mini panic attack when I saw the thumbnail.
Rikkert Honing
Rikkert Honing преди месец
damn you started your channel on my birthday and i never knew
Giocommentary преди месец
hey man i love hearing you ramble, i'd prefer it to be league but i'll definitly subb to your second channel and maybe watch some even if just to support you :D
Mantautas Rimkus
Mantautas Rimkus преди месец
Where is my free pizza?
Kyle Rogers
Kyle Rogers преди месец
Almost got baited thinking he was quitting
dvder10 преди месец
*everyone liked that*
Rude Elvis
Rude Elvis преди месец
My heart is now at rest
Ashman TV
Ashman TV преди месец
Dont worry Rav... we cocaine induced little screen lovers will never refuse the chance to listen to more of your vile illogical ramblings, stuffed out of your pot pit of a wild brain that lighten our very dull days. All in all, you do your thing, your community is not dumb, we know and appreciate the amount of work you put in this videos. Thank you.
IronWolfSpear преди месец
Fake news
Mr Wholesome
Mr Wholesome преди месец
Ngl i was hoping for you to pull a dunkey and be like “im also done playing league of legends”
Alejandro Plana
Alejandro Plana преди месец
u're a beast dude, I love ur commentary and I appreciate the amount of effort that goes into your videos, already subscribed to your second channel, keep it up dude!
Lenard Ekko
Lenard Ekko преди месец
Ramble gang rise up
Vio Mosh
Vio Mosh преди месец
This has got to be your best decision yet. Kind of amazing since I've been watching you make horrible decisions in league ever since I stumbled upon your channel.
Amen Chaouachi
Amen Chaouachi преди месец
i subscribed to your new channel but i didn't find any pizza so you better explain why there was no pizza there
Aerqophs преди месец
Bro you scared the shit out of me man don’t do that
Diego Jacobo
Diego Jacobo преди месец
You had me going there son, here i thought you were quitting
Wayne Foster
Wayne Foster преди месец
A year ago your league videos got me back into the game and my main Ezreal, props to you for growing your channel and I'm looking forward to your future content 🙏
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