Maria Bakalova's Mom Was Sad After 'Borat'

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

преди 13 дни

James Corden welcomes "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" breakout star Maria Bakalova who tells James about her experience auditioning for the movie, which started as a video on a cellphone while hungover at 5am in Bulgaria.
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Emily C.
Emily C. преди час
She's a young woman from an Eastern European country auditioning for a secret foreign movie - of course human trafficking comes to mind
Saq Wop
Saq Wop преди час
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
Myth преди 2 часа
Now, who let her out of the cage?
dead beat
dead beat преди 4 часа
2:50 "maybe" she's hilarious
ant charn
ant charn преди 6 часа
She is amazin her
Steven Seagull
Steven Seagull преди 10 часа
imaging going from university prom in Bulgaria to prank interviewing one of the closest allies of one of the most globally controversial and despised Presidents of the United States for a movie which made headlines worldwide. That must be quite something.
Alyssa1997 преди 12 часа
What I find extraordinary is that she took this silly comedy and turned it into something meaningful and profound, by being silent and letting the people she interact with direct where the scene is going and taking it to a more serious place so effortlessly.
Paul Elroy
Paul Elroy преди 14 часа
Jesus James is the fucking worst
djmixmac преди 20 часа
Congrats Maria, excellent job on the Borat 2 Movie!
Gucci Banana
Gucci Banana преди 23 часа
She is perfect for movie her accent, look, everything was just awesome.
Kevin Patel
Kevin Patel преди ден
still confused on how the fact that her mother was in tears is funny like wtf
Kit преди ден
She is so beautiful
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels преди ден
In my country, we say to let a woman drive a car is like to let a monkey fly a plane, very dangerous yes.
Lamor преди ден
She was better and smarter in the movie lol
defstone999 преди ден
Is it kinda fucked up that everyone laughed at parts like her being scared and possibly being human trafficked but not when she made actual jokes or funny parts like when she mentioned that Sasha was hiding in the closet?
topopops преди ден
I can’t stand that James corden.. such a fake wanker.. seems a bit noncey aswel
Dick Macgurn
Dick Macgurn преди ден
She went deep undercover in the Juliani scene and played it like a resl CIA master spy. I hope she lands more undercover roles to show off her talent 😍
John Crichton
John Crichton преди ден
Man, her English isn't great and she's STILL hilarious and charming. I'd love to buy her a wife cage
007wizzard преди ден
did she flash him lol
Suhere G
Suhere G преди ден
First time seeing mr James Corden- DAMN exceptional interviewer, will definitely be back for more
Joel Petersson
Joel Petersson преди ден
she was the star of that movie
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira преди ден
Does anyone have a 'cute'meter to spare? Mine just exploded!
tamoore77 преди ден
she is so amazing in that film!
Kauhma преди ден
Funny how they never mock democrats
Kauhma преди ден
@Movie Nerd Well...There is alot to say about politics in USA. In my opinion 2 party system is doomed to fail and " batshit crazy" is not an argument.
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd преди ден
@Kauhma That's because the Republicans are batshit crazy. Just watch Who is America.
Kauhma преди ден
@Movie Nerd Over the years I have happened to notice how the people that are made fun of are always republicans. Tells a lot of on whos side the media is.
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd преди ден
@Kauhma How do you make everything political?
Kauhma преди ден
@Movie Nerd ?
nonoza0408 nonoza0408
nonoza0408 nonoza0408 преди ден
J. I.
J. I. преди 2 дни
damn she really sounds like Tutar...I thought it was an act...huge turnoff
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd преди ден
She's Bulgarian so English is most likely the third language that she can speak. The other two would be Bulgarian and Russian.
Lee Pink
Lee Pink преди 2 дни
I wasn’t thrilled to meet Borat’s co-star because I thought that she wouldn’t be able to live up to the co-star from the first movies performance. But she did amazing! 🤩 Her career is about to really take off more than ever before.
martin преди 2 дни
ChimkenNuggers преди 2 дни
After they did the elbow handshake thing it looked like James pointed a gun at her for a split second hahaha
Elizabeth Wood
Elizabeth Wood преди 2 дни
She is SO FUNNY!
Codie Fitz
Codie Fitz преди 2 дни
Bulgarian women rule.
DJ L преди 2 дни
she is super cute and talented . what a wonderful woman!!!
del10artem преди 2 дни
Everyone here talking how she deserves an Oscar, lol. For what? For doing a mild version of what Sasha Baron Cohen was doing for the past 20 years? I don't see him nominated for that reward. Y'all just hyped because she's a woman who showed her bloody crotch.
Teo Pop
Teo Pop преди 2 дни
I like her she is cute also love That she is wearing Dior earrings 😍
Indoorsman преди 2 дни
It's just a human trafficking culture. If you're a young Bulgarian at the edge of manhood you have to drive 180km south to Kulata and try to smuggle your father through the Greek border. If you make it - you are a man. I'm 100% serious!! google it!!
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd преди ден
What the fuck?!
Jojo Betzler
Jojo Betzler преди 2 дни
It's crazy how westerners laugh at a racist and xenophobic movie which is not even including a single qazaq person hence making people feel bad and bullied on the internet or/and in real life for being qazaq. While justifying it by saying that it also makes fun of certain group of americans. Guess what it's still xenophobic and racist. P.S. All the props to the actress. She seems like a very nice person
Jojo Betzler
Jojo Betzler преди ден
@E B there is a knowledge gap on qazaq culture in the US and they fill it with this movie, making people think that this is how people live there. It doesn't really matter towards how many people this movie is offensive I'm just stating fact that it's still xenophobic no matter how many cultures you mock it's fingerpointing people of a certain origin. People are being bullied in schools, in real life and on the internet for being kazakh and it is no fun.
E B преди ден
It makes fun of Balkan/eastern european stereotypes more than Kazakh ones. They just mix the cultures up because no one in America knowns about them. When watching it I didn't see anything that was actually making fun of Kazakh people or culture.
Liyan Malik
Liyan Malik преди 2 дни
Borat 2 was not comparable to the first no 🧢
Dave преди 2 дни
I didn't know Tim Dillon was British.
David Yama
David Yama преди 2 дни
Really dude???? These live shows together are BS. Your need for an audience puts the population at risk. We KNOW that your crew, guests, and audience are still ending up bumping into eachother in a CLOSED environment. You can't claim to care while doing this. It's total bullshit. Let go of your need for laughter, take care of your staff and patrons, and guests, and do what the rest of the NY crew are doing. YOU are part of the problem with this shit!
Stone Harper
Stone Harper преди 3 дни
She was as good if not better than Sacha!
Apartment8J преди 3 дни
wait she actually talks like that..
Gadiel Cruz
Gadiel Cruz преди 3 дни
Who came here to listen how she talks?
hoxious преди 3 дни
is it me, or did it feel like it all led up to being asked about Rudy Giuliani, so many other things were amazingly funny in that movie, but that was the big question of the movie? cmon
Mladen Oršolić
Mladen Oršolić преди 3 дни
1st time i saw this guy as a host...terrible
Hyon Lee
Hyon Lee преди 3 дни
Rudy Giuliani called the police. 🤣🤣🤣
pmufc7 преди 3 дни
It was a terrible film, but she is brilliant, Sacha less so
musoangelo преди 3 дни
An awfully large amount of people talk about a performance being fierce but she defines fierce in her performance.
Damon441 преди 3 дни
The heck was that abysmal elbow. I mean, everyone gets a covid test before going on TV. Corbyn could’ve just shook her hand?
Zs N
Zs N преди 3 дни
James acts so different these days. Sounds insincere as hell
Master Bation
Master Bation преди 3 дни
Now the Kazakhstani tourist board has fully embraced Borat as its favourite son, after the government was ready to off him, so they have a sense of humour after all!
Core i9-9900K
Core i9-9900K преди 3 дни
*What is so big deal about being in the "late night talk show" especially with that lame host?*
TabooV преди 3 дни
She’s so funny 😂
New Thought
New Thought преди 3 дни
ffs James, CALM the hell down....
brucemjt преди 3 дни
I can’t imagine anyone else playing that role. She nailed it!
Mario D. Gaitan
Mario D. Gaitan преди 3 дни
She's so pretty!!
Joe Felice
Joe Felice преди 3 дни
University prom?? Love it!
Lord Josh Mayoral
Lord Josh Mayoral преди 4 дни
I’d wreck
『 nice teal 』
『 nice teal 』 преди 4 дни
God she is such a skilled comedian.. I'm nowhere near her or Sacha's level but I've been acting my whole life and the basis of my training was 4 years of improv. Her commitment and energy in this role is maybe one of the best female comedic performances I've ever seen.
Megalon73 преди 4 дни
I could't take my eye's off of her, After they made her pretty in Borat 2. and looking at her in this Interview. She is super cute and pretty.
Master Adjuster
Master Adjuster преди 4 дни
Such a legend.
Jeff Saunders
Jeff Saunders преди 4 дни
People laughing at the human trafficking like she was joking.
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd преди ден
Americans laugh at shit that frightens us.
byron milla
byron milla преди 4 дни
She is so pretty🔥🔥🔥also her accent super 🔥🔥🔥
Andreas Löf
Andreas Löf преди 4 дни
First Hollywood movie and she do a crazy movie like this, she could easy go to jail or get banned from USA. She was good in the movie and brave. Must be weird for her mother to see a movie like this. Is only acting and joke but still for a mother to see all this crazy stuff they did.
Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk
Alexander Caceres Gerasymlyuk преди 4 дни
What I want is for somebody to ask her how she felt while doing the period dance scene
Bradley Thomas
Bradley Thomas преди 4 дни
Good looking girl indeed
Alex Ruhmann
Alex Ruhmann преди 4 дни
Glad this gem 💎 was recently brought into my world
Kartboarder22G преди 4 дни
She's off to a good start for sure.
Scott Mattern
Scott Mattern преди 4 дни
She is by far my favorite actor in a long time. Its in part because she didn't move to LA to desperately find work and sought world fame, it found her.
Zombl337 преди 4 дни
she made Borat 2 what it is. An amazing sequel!
Francisco Escobar D
Francisco Escobar D преди 4 дни
María CowSheWolf
Mr Swamp Gass
Mr Swamp Gass преди 4 дни
Beautiful and funny.
Mihai Tilea
Mihai Tilea преди 4 дни
She's still in character I see.
Mihai Tilea
Mihai Tilea преди 4 дни
"tuta" in Romania translates to 'very dumb, extremely stupid girl'.
Patrik Järvelöv
Patrik Järvelöv преди 2 часа
@Copy and Tutar in Swedish means "honking (a horn)"..
Copy преди 2 часа
Her names tutar though lmao
Jovan Miljkovic
Jovan Miljkovic преди ден
In the south Serbia we use a Romanian word Tuta for Bulgarians, we called them like Tuta Bugarin 😂😂
Indoorsman преди 2 дни
Hahahah love that
Patrik Järvelöv
Patrik Järvelöv преди 2 дни
Tuttar in Swedish means Boobs... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Стадное Мышление
Стадное Мышление преди 4 дни
Udrea Sergiu
Udrea Sergiu преди 4 дни
This guy is as annoying as Spitting Image depicts him to be! Fo real! #hisfacelookslikeaabutnapkin
Martin Petrov
Martin Petrov преди 4 дни
One of the cases I am really proud being a Bulgarian!
Nikko1Brown преди 4 дни
I wanna see a spinoff with her in it
Claudio Moraes
Claudio Moraes преди 4 дни
Even I can be interviewed in this show, the hoster talk it all
aya kreuk
aya kreuk преди 4 дни
after I watched Borat, I searched for her and was linked to another actress anyway, i really like her!
Fonzerellie 351
Fonzerellie 351 преди 4 дни
Wow . She is soooo beautiful !!! Love her accent ....
Darren Singleton
Darren Singleton преди 4 дни
She pull good plow
Yuliya Brad
Yuliya Brad преди 4 дни
She is beautiful amazing actress 😍🤩
Raquel Moreno
Raquel Moreno преди 4 дни
Hello SNL hire her
Tim MacPherson
Tim MacPherson преди 4 дни
She was absolutely brilliant. That movie can't happen without her efforts.
Arminder batth
Arminder batth преди 4 дни
shes quite funny... that masochist joke about her mother and also when her mother was like 'ill never see you again' (yeah maybe)
W Mobberley
W Mobberley преди 4 дни
Not only should she get an Oscar but they should play the fertility dance sequence at the ceremony. I have never ever laughed so much during a film as during that sequence. Anyway, Oscars are just a marketing ploy for the Hollywood studios. Stop taking them so seriously especially after they just committed woke suicide.
W Mobberley
W Mobberley преди 4 дни
Never has an actress deserved an Oscar more than this lady.
vxn преди 4 дни
This show has a stench of fakeness that is worse than when it started. People are gonna watch this in 2030 and be like how tf did people enjoy watching this anachronistic, robotic, previously set-up interview where people just regurgitate what they were told to say. Such a shame they picked this clown to replace Ferguson.
Adam Brown
Adam Brown преди 4 дни
I have to say I loved it when she laughed at sasha in the closet
gyiid4 преди 4 дни
Corden is so disingenuous.
Ismael Palomas
Ismael Palomas преди 4 дни
Due to the Star System, going to a late show is a job for actors. They need to be liked in order to keep working on movies. It is refreshing to see this girl just being herself.
EliteTeamKiller преди 4 дни
Soon a new simp war will begin.
Carlo Carlito
Carlo Carlito преди 4 дни
I really hope she becomes a superstar
Julian Roit
Julian Roit преди 4 дни
I would be sad aswell if my daughter starred in a shitty movie
Ghebrehiwet преди 4 дни
Why is she still playing the role?
Theyn Smith
Theyn Smith преди 4 дни
Move along Rebel Wilson. There's a new blonde in town.
Lambullshitini преди 4 дни
Movie was absolute trash
Shafir Ali
Shafir Ali преди 5 дни
Baklava , is Turkish dessert !!😂😂
country boy
country boy преди 5 дни
what color was the casting couch ?
EricJohn преди 5 дни
she did an amazing job! Good choice Borat!
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