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It's a great Christmas Present that you don't have to pay for!! :)
Download the game here 🡆🡆🡆 theodd1sout.com/play 🡄🡄🡄
Backgrounds done by
Amelia (Galloway) 🡆 galloame
Edummerart 🡆 edummerart
Ronbairdart 🡆 ronbairdart
Kintheartist 🡆 kintheartist

ciaran durcan101
ciaran durcan101 преди час
You haven't uploaded in a month
Brenten Cox
Brenten Cox преди 3 часа
I think mobil hames are like this bgcd.info/one/l4HabK9uiZ29yYE/video
FireFilms преди час
I know what this is...
Brenten Cox
Brenten Cox преди 3 часа
I meant to miss pell
Gael lisandro Varela
Gael lisandro Varela преди 3 часа
No entiendo nada porque está en otro idioma 😕
Growlithe преди 4 часа
1. It's a game, if its bad or good just leave a review. 2. This video is an advertisement for it; I don't get the animosity. 3. Sure, kids have no sense of responsibility, but its the parent's job to teach them. ******Micro-transactions are optional, always.
stranger pups
stranger pups преди 5 часа
Hey odd ones out?I'm a beginner channel who wants to make comics and was wondering if you'd approve of my art style, its kinda similar to yours so idk if I should use it.anyway I can show it to you?like email or something?(sorry if I am bugging you...)
Caithlin Mulligan
Caithlin Mulligan преди 5 часа
This game's shit
FireFilms преди час
haha noob
haha noob преди 5 часа
RIP Georgie :((((((
Sam Rodd
Sam Rodd преди 6 часа
Okay. Right. This is addressed to everyone calling James a sellout. When he signed a contract with the developers things kinda fell out of his hands and he didn’t have much control over it. He wanted to push the release date to 2021 but the developers said no. Furthermore, James has gone on the record multiple times saying he only Personally profits of his BGcd revenue and the money he makes from his merch and apps goes to his staff who he is their main source of income. HE IS NOT PROFITING OFF THIS APP. During these times James has become the main source of income to the people who work for him and he’s got to give them a sustainable income. (Also if you just play the game with WiFi off the adds go away.) please stop saying you know someone before you’ve done your research. Rights that’s me done. Looking forward to all of the hate I get for saying all of this,
Caithlin Mulligan
Caithlin Mulligan преди 5 часа
But he is profiting off it.. just cause he says the money goes to the staff doesn't change the fact. If he had no game he would have to pay them out of his other pockets.
Danilo Stojanović
Danilo Stojanović преди 6 часа
Well well,how the turn tables...
Ala Abo khalifa
Ala Abo khalifa преди 6 часа
I love subway surf
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia преди 6 часа
I got the games
{•Izzy Rose•}
{•Izzy Rose•} преди 7 часа
Did anyone try to click the fake ad away even though you new it was fake
Herobrine AlShezawi
Herobrine AlShezawi преди 7 часа
Jack преди 8 часа
I like your content james but this was a bad idea, if your game didn't have in all purchases then I don't Think many people would be complaining
lulu metwale
lulu metwale преди 9 часа
we're just happy that cailou is ded
Hugo Hilton-Walker
Hugo Hilton-Walker преди 9 часа
I have it
Lanelle Knoesen
Lanelle Knoesen преди 10 часа
hey james thx for the awesome song I have listened to it so much are you going to be attending comic con South Africa in Capetown in april 2021 I would love to see you there:)
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson преди 10 часа
I love this game lol I got the real cool character
Aayush Arun
Aayush Arun преди 11 часа
0:27 who else actually went to click it? Don't lie, say the truth.
unicorn ninjas
unicorn ninjas преди 11 часа
is TimTom your brother?
Rose Cambell
Rose Cambell преди 12 часа
when that fake ad came on the screen i thought it was a real one 🤦‍♀️😂
ADITYA BHANDARI преди 12 часа
I love gaming a lot
Playing with the Pages
Playing with the Pages преди 14 часа
i know ur name Robbert >:)))
Rayven Dave Hebrona
Rayven Dave Hebrona преди 15 часа
IvansDraws преди 15 часа
bruh this is stupid, first you say mobile game micro transactions should be illegal, and now you mad=ke a game with a billion transactions? make up your mind
Måns Boedeker
Måns Boedeker преди 15 часа
That game is fun!
Måns Boedeker
Måns Boedeker преди 8 часа
@Jenna Simpson i have google play
Jenna Simpson
Jenna Simpson преди 8 часа
You can play it? No one on the App Store can
Rosemarie Binwag
Rosemarie Binwag преди 19 часа
I like the odd 1s out let`s Bounce make more games
Korax90090 Yes
Korax90090 Yes преди 20 часа
You are actually the biggest hypocrite ever
Sofia преди 20 часа
me: watching after playing on my phone and it died. james: "no bad they have adds" ad pops up. ME: *trying to click it away but pausing the video instead. me: oh that was fake ;-;
wolf game's
wolf game's преди 21 час
You copied the gumball guy
Some Random models channel
Some Random models channel преди 21 час
Orion Werner
Orion Werner преди 21 час
I love this game
Doggo With Sunglasses
Doggo With Sunglasses преди 22 часа
I downloaded it
Hugh Jass YT
Hugh Jass YT преди 23 часа
There’s a mobile game called brawl stars, it legitimately has no ads and it’s pretty fun
Lanamation's преди 23 часа
Im downloading this app
reapertale sans
reapertale sans преди 23 часа
What about corona? And the plague both are still here. *AND THEY WILL STAY HERE*
reapertale sans
reapertale sans преди час
Random Internet Friendo
Random Internet Friendo преди 20 часа
This reply is not related to the video.
Jared Tamayo
Jared Tamayo преди ден
0:08 the chip bag has a reference “I’ll take a potato chip and eat it!” A reference to Death Note scene
Luna_Cloud преди ден
James : I joined the dark side ! Me : ok, which star wars joke do I use here…
Maxbotnick преди ден
He sounds like he's being held at gunpoint once he starts talking about his mobile game.
oog boog
oog boog преди ден
Noah Palumbo
Noah Palumbo преди ден
There are lots of good mobile games out there, like war robots (which I play). The only bad mobile games are the clickbait ones with loads of ads and you have to pay for everything
disney_fan123 преди ден
Ooh Yeah, The Senate shall decide your fate.
the demonic tg
the demonic tg преди ден
Purge Trooper
Purge Trooper преди ден
you were suppose to to destroy the sith not join them
Лобзик преди ден
Лол я её скачал))
Swedude 2006
Swedude 2006 преди ден
tedscheese преди ден
he should shorten this and make it into an ad
Alejandro González Hernández
Alejandro González Hernández преди ден
Men tour Game its so cool i like the characters and your vídeos it's so funny ❤️
BoomKatz преди ден
Oscarous64 преди ден
Dude? You fucking serous!?
Bobthebe3t Adventures
Bobthebe3t Adventures преди ден
But you said that mobile games should be banned and everybody plays tetris 99
ADR GAMEZ преди ден
This is kind of disappointing, because he just passed this off as a "dumb little joke" and how he "joined the dark side" but that doesn't change that fact that he is still being a hypocrite. He made fun of mobile games, and talked about how they are blatant scams, because the bombard you with ads, and are targeting at kids that have no concept of money, but he is doing the same thing in his game. The game has a lot of ads, and in game purchases (I know this because I actually got the game before I wrote this comment) and now, just because he is passing it off as a silly little joke, means he is allowed to create the one thing he hated?? It just seems really scummy, but idk, you can have your own opinion on it, I just think its kind of messed up.
Rose Evans
Rose Evans преди ден
You wet the bed until you was 8
Brody Tidwell
Brody Tidwell преди ден
It’s actually really fun
Sreevidya Thatikonda
Sreevidya Thatikonda преди ден
Dude when the add came I actually pressed the x
DeepShadow Wolf
DeepShadow Wolf преди ден
Ive been watching theodd1sout for a complete year hehe
Miljko Virijevic
Miljko Virijevic преди ден
Ok mr.bumer
Snap god 2.0
Snap god 2.0 преди ден
When did you get so many subs last year you had 1 m
hi преди ден
ripopal mosca
ripopal mosca преди ден
Oh you found it
Honor9586 преди ден
Pubg Mobile is free and it does not have ads
Lizzy Francis
Lizzy Francis преди ден
This aged like warm milk
John Collins
John Collins преди ден
He’s turning into a sellout
eke arale
eke arale преди ден
a person
a person преди ден
Its been so long since I watched u
Aaron Hartley
Aaron Hartley преди ден
Henry Soenneker
Henry Soenneker преди ден
My high score is 10001 day not joking
Binoy MB
Binoy MB преди ден
People are poor everybody can't afford a PC OOD1SOUT
Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz преди ден
An honest perspective of a long time viewer: James, this video was a shock when I first saw it, and thought it was a joke. When I realized it wasn't, I decided to check it out, after all, who doesn't like a game with a story? After 20 minutes of ad hell, I gave up trying to enjoy it. The visuals was the appeal, but from the ad purgatory, to the lack luster game mechanics, to the microtransactions, even to the fact that in the not too distant past, you yourself said that mobile games were scams and *should* be illegal, the game quickly became boring, and with the ads popping up constantly, became infuriating. I like your content, but the "music" and "games" you've made, have been cringe at best. You can keep trying with the music, everyone has to start from somewhere, but the game? I wouldn't go on that path if I were you. Just an opinion, of course.
Toot Toot
Toot Toot преди ден
wait wut
Sush1 Ninj6
Sush1 Ninj6 преди ден
I like the soobway skin.
Zoe преди ден
“You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain” (it’s a joke I don’t think this channel is a villain)
Roguewalker72 преди ден
I think he's just let the money and fame get to his head and he needs to be called out on it
Evalyn Baun
Evalyn Baun преди ден
Who else tried to close the fake pop-up ad?
Gysole преди ден
I like how james makes fun of his game while also trying to advertise it
Dink Bros
Dink Bros преди ден
Haha yeah, but it works for him!
6D20.REFA Rephael Geovan Nayaka
6D20.REFA Rephael Geovan Nayaka преди ден
dude, the fake add that James put in really got me, i cliked it but its not gone, turns out it was the clip
6D20.REFA Rephael Geovan Nayaka
6D20.REFA Rephael Geovan Nayaka преди ден
@Dink Bros is that sarcasm?
Dink Bros
Dink Bros преди ден
Haha that's funny!
0wive The Random Girl
0wive The Random Girl преди ден
I have got your game and I have spent about 3 hours straight just playing the game and having snacks
0wive The Random Girl
0wive The Random Girl преди ден
@Dink Bros ya i dunno how to spend my life so i just play random games
Dink Bros
Dink Bros преди ден
Haha not a bad way to spend 3 hours lol
Chunkey Boi
Chunkey Boi преди ден
I play ur mobile game lol idk why
Isaack Andrade
Isaack Andrade преди ден
I got your app
luis alberto lucabeche barrientos
luis alberto lucabeche barrientos преди ден
Algún día me pregunto si habrán subtitulos otra vez
SweetRobin преди ден
was i the only one who actually thought the pop up was real
Dink Bros
Dink Bros преди ден
Haha I did!
전승우 преди ден
subway surfer is better
전승우 преди ден
Worst game ever ive ever seen
luna преди ден
Bad game
Kindcod преди ден
You people know that the people who made Morgz ultimate challenge made this game right? James just did all the art. Just saying because this forsaken comment section is all “James is a hypocrite” or something along the lines of that.
joaquin rosano
joaquin rosano преди ден
This Is the best game in the Galaxy postscript: Is good my english, bicause I live in Uruguay
Yamen Mazen
Yamen Mazen преди ден
If you didn't edit it it would've been better
Dink Bros
Dink Bros преди ден
Yeah, ur English is good lol
Chris M
Chris M преди ден
Who else tried to get rid of the fake ad
Dink Bros
Dink Bros преди ден
Haha yeah I did
Gabriel Cerna
Gabriel Cerna преди ден
00:43 for the games
Silver преди ден
You get one 30 second unskippable ad per death. Nuff said
Sergio. Castillo87
Sergio. Castillo87 преди 2 дни
Your a scam
Ashlee Wakefield
Ashlee Wakefield преди 2 дни
How do I do what you said just a minute before you’re at the
Yashica Williams
Yashica Williams преди 2 дни
Please make more videos
Airplane 64
Airplane 64 преди 2 дни
You shouldn't leave some belief or anything due to one or a few problems, just make sure the problems don't outweigh the good things. Yes, im disappointed in James, but at the same time, he almost never monetizes any products, so its ok I guess. EX: People still follow Christianity, yet in the Ten Commandments it says "thou shall not kill", and then you look at the Crusaders and Spanish Inquisition which killed HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people. What I'm getting at here is, dont jump off the cliff once something seems to look bad for a second. Wait until they truly get low or unlikable (over monetizing or getting very greedy), or they are consistently doing something wrong. James, if you're listening (I mean reading lol), please don't go down that rabbit hole. As for you guys, we have seen much worse, and we cannot just abandon ship because a tiny leak in the hull. Such issues can be fixed or corrected, and we all know James is a pretty good guy.
CantSeeAidan преди 2 дни
who else tapped the x when the ad came on
Dink Bros
Dink Bros преди ден
Haha yeah I did for sure!
Sluggish преди 2 дни
“Scams that should be Illegal”
YIXIANG XU LI преди 2 дни
See this video :bgcd.info/one/ZYiap36ooIOVrIU/video
Ben Adams
Ben Adams преди 2 дни
James I’ve been supporting you for four years but Jesus christ
Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Fredbear преди 2 дни
I just realized the number in TheOdd1sOut is the odd one out.
RapidFire Brothers
RapidFire Brothers преди 2 дни
He is getting a lot of heat about this and needs to respond about this. I am a loyal fan BUT all the people making videos about him are being a bit over dramatic. He made a game for the children. The company made the currency, money grabs, and ads, not james
Dęmøń møøñ įçøń
Dęmøń møøñ įçøń преди 2 дни
:l I have to tell everybody something this is my second iPad off the year :l
Backfire First
Backfire First преди 2 дни
Have a merry thanksgiving everyone
Larry the hover fish
Larry the hover fish преди 2 дни
Thank you dad
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