Rocket Powered Golf Club at 100,000 FPS

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Mark Rober

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My golf game has improved. Go to to get started on your Wix website!
ALSO, see how I make all my builds:
0:03 Arrow - Andrew Applepie
0:51 Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday (this was made just for me so you won't find it :)
1:36 Faidherbe Square - Proleter
2:35 New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
4:37 Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
7:08 Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
14:19 Q - Blue Wednesday
15:22- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: We made a rocket powered golf club that can swing at 150mph. Instead of just showing the final build I wanted to walk through the engineering design process. We failed in 6 different ways before eventually getting it just right. My friend Destin came and helped out and shot some amazing high speed shots on his nice Phantom camera.

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Demon101 преди 3 часа
Imagine being in a spacecraft in orbit trying to go to the ISS and you see a golf ball flying by
CayBean Gamer
CayBean Gamer преди 8 часа
imagine someone kilometres away walks outside to be in the sun and gets thwacked with a golf ball going hundreds of kilometres a second
Kendra Mckinney
Kendra Mckinney преди 11 часа
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Devin Gorham
Devin Gorham преди 17 часа
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James Lawson
James Lawson преди ден
Want to give me a shoutout? What about adding those same "engines" to a drone?
Katelyn hussenp
Katelyn hussenp преди ден
The boring doubt diagnostically film because diving contrastingly jam midst a placid chicory. jazzy, adorable community
Samson gallagher
Samson gallagher преди ден
The calm russian originally treat because sentence systematically happen sans a damaged bottle. bright, fanatical dill
Kaleb Tomkinson
Kaleb Tomkinson преди 2 дни
Nice Studio C decal lol
surf bros
surf bros преди 3 дни
Bro 😎
Hector Santos
Hector Santos преди 3 дни
11:47 He totally sounds like Mr. Meeseeks
Zack Clark
Zack Clark преди 3 дни
My friend has your merch
The normal youtuber
The normal youtuber преди 4 дни
Mark Rober:WOOOO GOOO BABY WOOOOOme:what if the club hit the cow I would be LOLing!?! LOL
Jasper Holmes
Jasper Holmes преди 5 дни
Here's what you could've done Mark: put a golf club on a motor and call it day.
Gero Asor
Gero Asor преди 5 дни
NASA: There are new issue Mark: What is it? NASA: Your golf ball hit the alien captain
Blake McCoy
Blake McCoy преди 5 дни
Some one I jut going to be takining a walk and looks up and then thud
Baby yoda
Baby yoda преди 6 дни
Pepole dreamed of this on there fidget spinner
Roadster Pro
Roadster Pro преди 6 дни
Mark rover
Roadster Pro
Roadster Pro преди 6 дни
Roadster Pro
Roadster Pro преди 6 дни
Naveen Aadhithya
Naveen Aadhithya преди 7 дни
6:29 Spoiler For the sponsor wix
Vibing Chris :D
Vibing Chris :D преди 7 дни
8:46 I CAN’T- 🤣
Henrik Weimer
Henrik Weimer преди 8 дни
Is this the world's longest golf shot?
Optimus10 Gaming
Optimus10 Gaming преди 9 дни
10:49 Oh Yeah!
Joseph Pottanat
Joseph Pottanat преди 9 дни
3:34-3:36 what did u use with that camera plz respond or comment to tell me
Joseph Pottanat
Joseph Pottanat преди 9 дни
1:46 and then my friends ken and Kayla made it I didn’t yeah no I didn’t I told them what to do
Vu Nguyen Duc Anh
Vu Nguyen Duc Anh преди 9 дни
Kyle Berkshire has 155 mph club head speed.
Logan Rossney
Logan Rossney преди 9 дни
Bro, I got an idea for you. Rocket skates. Consider it!
The Sea Leviathan
The Sea Leviathan преди 9 дни
Mark: Launches golf ball Somebody in Tokyo: What’s that! Doink!
Karamvir преди 10 дни
This should be combined with the shotgun powered golf club by "Stuff Made Here"
Amazin 01
Amazin 01 преди 10 дни
i really like the small details he puts into his videos to make them the best they can be and one i really like is at 4:43 you can hear the sound of minecraft grass breaking when he said "we added some turf"
MrFixa преди 10 дни
When Reinhardt mains play golf
WaterBell преди 11 дни
How did I just now find this 2 yrs later
bad cake
bad cake преди 11 дни
Rocket powered golf ball at 100,000 frames per second (I now realize what they meant by that)
Patrick Chang
Patrick Chang преди 12 дни
Question, did you ask NASA friends if they saw a golf ball at one point?
Dad Bod vs The World
Dad Bod vs The World преди 12 дни
Insurance adjuster: "So, how again did you say your windshield shattered?" Mark: "So this rocket powered golf club fell out of the sky..."
Command C
Command C преди 12 дни
Imagine seeing a golf ball randomly landing near you
james friel
james friel преди 12 дни
typical boy mentality lol.. lets make a rocket gun to hit golfballs! oohh it worked bammm ! Ok, what can we hit next !
Andrew Larson
Andrew Larson преди 12 дни
MyGames Cyou
MyGames Cyou преди 12 дни
This is cool
Ananda Rizky P
Ananda Rizky P преди 13 дни
That's watermelon sound seem like going to oblivion
JeffDonnah преди 13 дни
Next thing you know it’s a guided missile
Kayden Pillay
Kayden Pillay преди 13 дни
8:20 Nasa:hey Mark there seems to be a golf club flying to them moon. Mark: sorry we made a rocket golf club
pizza crust
pizza crust преди 14 дни
Well you’re not getting that back again
Kavitha Ramakrishnan
Kavitha Ramakrishnan преди 14 дни
Mark: Invents project Random watermelon: Pls don’t destroy me.
Bob Trevena
Bob Trevena преди 14 дни
Subbed after seeing you on Smarter every day.
AIDAN KING преди 14 дни
2:01 DOGGO
Ahnik Majumder
Ahnik Majumder преди 14 дни
Im pretty sure this is how the boring company works
Rachit Chandra
Rachit Chandra преди 14 дни
Mark Rober => Mars Rover
dbmccann9 преди 15 дни
So Fs are cool and all.... I’ve got an M2550 in the basement..... wanna hit one doing Mach 2?
sam jones
sam jones преди 15 дни
rocket golf competition?
soggymoustache преди 16 дни
nerd LOL
gloria MUNOZ
gloria MUNOZ преди 16 дни
He should do 10 rockets
EmeraldTigress преди 16 дни
Man, I'd hate to be that watermelon.
Leonardo Gregori del Rosario
Leonardo Gregori del Rosario преди 16 дни
Everyone: Failures Mark: *L e a r n i n g o p p u r t u n i t i e s*
VertitexX преди 17 дни
Can me mark and mrbeast make a real life hovering and working lamborghini and surprise my dad with it?
Bull Bros
Bull Bros преди 17 дни
Mark be like let’s make a watermelon storing bunker me be like can we eat it
MTF Commander
MTF Commander преди 17 дни
14:05 wait your not subbed to pewdiepie
Tiny преди 18 дни
Omg this video was 2 years ago. Feels like this came out 2 months ago
Renikade преди 18 дни
When I saw/heard the speed of the second set of rockets, my only reaction was "Holy Sh^t." Great stuff as always Mark! Thanks for the vid.
kasplode 3116
kasplode 3116 преди 18 дни
Yes this is natural and to see at a driving range
Naruto Uchiha
Naruto Uchiha преди 18 дни
I learned more from this channel then school
the TBOY
the TBOY преди 18 дни
Where can I get one of those rockets?
Aziz maher
Aziz maher преди 18 дни
f2p btw
craig the brute
craig the brute преди 18 дни
The great *native americans of the buffalo
Chamee Vihanga
Chamee Vihanga преди 18 дни
you can fix a gps into the golf ball
Veer Is Valt
Veer Is Valt преди 18 дни
100k fps would be a dream on a pc
Luis Colon
Luis Colon преди 18 дни
wow this one was insane keep it up love the videos
unbeatable преди 19 дни
Realize that my laptop fps is way way way slower 😂😂 marks golf ball club is way way for efficient
Kohakka Nuva
Kohakka Nuva преди 19 дни
This is a great video, and not anything against Mark, but seeing as he worked in JPL, I assumed that he would've been concerned about the wobbliness of the golf club working with the rockets to snap the head off.
Alex Pedini
Alex Pedini преди 20 дни
...I wish you had put a trackman behind it to get all the readings :P
Just a normal roblox mouse
Just a normal roblox mouse преди 20 дни
Now do it but say “I like ya cut g”
Yeung David
Yeung David преди 20 дни
Thats why my window broke, btw im in hong kong
MegaTwixPro преди 20 дни
How come i just found this video
ed marino
ed marino преди 20 дни
6:10 Liftoff, we have a liftoff of the Idiocracy 1!
Diane Darcy
Diane Darcy преди 20 дни
I think golf ball number seven was spotted by the international space station
Brian Wood
Brian Wood преди 20 дни
Kid golfer I have won 9 torments
Brian Wood
Brian Wood преди 20 дни
I’m a golfer
The BookWorm
The BookWorm преди 21 ден
Airplane flying by 🙀
Chris Briscoe
Chris Briscoe преди 21 ден
geese is he inpirerong
Joe Ventenbergs
Joe Ventenbergs преди 21 ден
Mark: and dumped a butt ton... Me: define a butt ton
New Guy
New Guy преди 21 ден
3:16 what a cool shot Rocket powered club head. Neat.
Armaan Kothare
Armaan Kothare преди 22 дни
Me: sorry teacher, I didn't do my homework That evil math teacher: 8:59
Arvi Monge
Arvi Monge преди 22 дни
The cows predicted Superman's line
dopemanio E
dopemanio E преди 22 дни
13:20 smarter_every_day: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM watermelon guts
dopemanio E
dopemanio E преди 22 дни
At 12:35 the club is like ‘’phewwww let’s gooooooooooooo.’’ Watermelon: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Miller преди 22 дни
I like this kind of golf
Ric South
Ric South преди 22 дни
Very cool, I’d have liked to see you hit the golf ball through the watermelon
Eazy E
Eazy E преди 22 дни
I think it’s funny that mark talked about making it concealable as possible because a giant golf club going 150 MPH is concealable
Minecraft gaming
Minecraft gaming преди 22 дни
why didn't you put a camera on the golfball
Aaron Canese
Aaron Canese преди 23 дни
Seeing those trails from the rockets remind me alot of the ones from the SR-71
JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS
JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS преди 23 дни
Alien 1 : Look, a shooting star! Alien 2 : Make a wish! Alien 1 : The shooting star made a hole in one...
Mark Platt
Mark Platt преди 23 дни
actually Kyle Birkshire, longdrive champion, has swing speeds of above 150mph
Cool Dream
Cool Dream преди 24 дни
When people say nothing can seperate something from super glue:
TURNIPBOII преди 24 дни
no ones talking abut how this is released on April fools also Mark, seems like your golf ball went through mars and is now passing voyager 1 faster than the speed of light.
Charles Helton
Charles Helton преди 24 дни
Found the last one hit me in the head
Cody Baker
Cody Baker преди 24 дни
Hey Mark, to be able to measure the distance of your long hits, have you ever considered making a few golf balls with gps inside them? If that's even possible. Idk if the inside composition of the golf ball is important for how it works, or just the surface texture.
Thermal преди 24 дни
I'm sure the golf ball is orbiting earth now
kerm hit
kerm hit преди 24 дни
i love the music
Noah преди 25 дни
The cool thing is that there are people that can swing that fast. Look up world long drive
RichTheGecko преди 25 дни
Why would anybody dislike a video like this? Some people must just hate life.
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