RANDOM Brawlers in Solo Showdown, INSANE Endings!

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Lex - Brawl Stars

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Today we break out the random wheel and see if fortune will smile upon us. We make some incredible plays, and get stuck with piper in showdown as well. All in all it's a ton of fun with the random brawler wheel, map maker cheese, and solo showdown madness!

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Rares преди 2 дни
Eu nu sunt weeb ma pui în grota abonatilor
Eduard Simak
Eduard Simak преди 3 дни
Someone seems like a cry baby
jiarui li
jiarui li преди 3 дни
Shadow Flame
Shadow Flame преди 4 дни
I got Colette yesterday
Hang Seok Choi
Hang Seok Choi преди 4 дни
You died by the poison gasses
Jan Hui
Jan Hui преди 4 дни
When there is a jump pat I pretend to jump because there is a noise than it will fool them
emil schølin
emil schølin преди 8 дни
am i the only one who want egg shell back it whas so so so so.......... CHEESSSSYYYY
Marc Mollema
Marc Mollema преди 9 дни
Does anyone think why do you need the best set up on your phone
adrian brawl stars
adrian brawl stars преди 9 дни
How do you do the wheel
Mario Tudose
Mario Tudose преди 10 дни
you stupid
Adrian RB BS Time
Adrian RB BS Time преди 10 дни
Lex do you know byron super can heal him self?
candice yu
candice yu преди 13 дни
U noob lex
VASH_ GAMING преди 13 дни
9:50 was the the best part
Vertex Flikzz u
Vertex Flikzz u преди 13 дни
Lukas Katacic
Lukas Katacic преди 14 дни
So good
Lucas Losch
Lucas Losch преди 14 дни
Amanda de Lima
Amanda de Lima преди 14 дни
Sandy is a girl
Mana Amer
Mana Amer преди 14 дни
No u dint try on 7:14
Star Andoriid
Star Andoriid преди 14 дни
And but love you
Star Andoriid
Star Andoriid преди 14 дни
You are very old to play this game😤😤😤😤😧
Ana Arteaga
Ana Arteaga преди 14 дни
MonkeyD Luffy
MonkeyD Luffy преди 16 дни
Buy the choco pipi
Zoe Choo
Zoe Choo преди 17 дни
I feel so bad lol more then 10 gadgets but I mean to be grateful at least
Eileen Fong
Eileen Fong преди 17 дни
Hello lex do you want to play brawl stars
erturgul ghazi
erturgul ghazi преди 18 дни
Noob lex
erturgul ghazi
erturgul ghazi преди 18 дни
In you dream you are winme4
Itz_ PeachyRoses
Itz_ PeachyRoses преди 18 дни
Did no one care that Lex said "please ban everyone"? That just hurts man :(
Lex_Plays преди 18 дни
I also have that pam and pulse modulator
Gustav Gans
Gustav Gans преди 19 дни
At the beginning sou can hear that you lose
Pid Reeg
Pid Reeg преди 19 дни
Pid Reeg
Pid Reeg преди 19 дни
Pid Reeg
Pid Reeg преди 19 дни
TexX 264
TexX 264 преди 20 дни
11:53 I use 0.75% is really bea dead first
OsmanAga-FG преди 20 дни
1:02 Lex:If you really dislike yourself and dont value time play in solo showdown Also lex:
Frazix c
Frazix c преди 20 дни
Congrats on 700k
Pannawat (Austin) Thongchung
Pannawat (Austin) Thongchung преди 20 дни
Crow noob lex
Junsod Pisit
Junsod Pisit преди 20 дни
Lot of people trick me from spining
Kesebli Bilisim
Kesebli Bilisim преди 20 дни
Me Turkey TÜRKİYE 💪💙❤💚💛💜💓💪💪
aras erkek
aras erkek преди 21 ден
8:07 hahahaah
Jason Li
Jason Li преди 21 ден
Lex you are the best
niv nassie
niv nassie преди 21 ден
אתה היוטיובר הכי טוב בעולם
Hayra преди 23 дни
Code: lex
Josh Mullan
Josh Mullan преди 23 дни
8:52 “ogugod it a crow!”🤣🤣
•BıBı_Uchıha• преди 24 дни
So,good luck!
Zxc Zero
Zxc Zero преди 24 дни
Hey can ask supercell to give me 200 gems jk still it would be nice
Zxc Zero
Zxc Zero преди 24 дни
Still it would be nice
Zxc Zero
Zxc Zero преди 24 дни
Pickle Fresh
Pickle Fresh преди 25 дни
Good video but I’m very sad cus my brother is so bad
Re0Ali преди 25 дни
ههههههههههههعهههه شنو هاذ 👀WTF
Etienne McGee
Etienne McGee преди 25 дни
10:55 he dodge the bô
Sakın profilime basma
Sakın profilime basma преди 26 дни
Smoke killed you
lau ravan
lau ravan преди 27 дни
Rassul Talapov
Rassul Talapov преди 27 дни
That music lose make you in second place noob🤫🤫🤫
Rassul Talapov
Rassul Talapov преди 27 дни
Lex you noob music lose in fight bea vs derill 😎😎😎😎😎
אריאל מזרחי
אריאל מזרחי преди 28 дни
the zone killed you a second before Daryl was defeated
maizza akma
maizza akma преди 28 дни
Lex, I want gems😖😖😖😖
TMG Brawl Stars
TMG Brawl Stars преди 28 дни
Great Solo ShowDown!
Kevin Wolter
Kevin Wolter преди 29 дни
You are a good Player
Opium Ma
Opium Ma преди 29 дни
12:03 hacks
Dodey Huncho
Dodey Huncho преди 29 дни
Wonjoon Hong
Wonjoon Hong преди месец
lex accualy matrixed the bo arrows when playing shelly
Foxy Gamer
Foxy Gamer преди месец
Lex:Yes i won! Me:Me getting a new Brawler when Lex won!
Dancing doge
Dancing doge преди месец
Jacky is jackky maku pala
Viktor Vlogs Gaming Channel
Viktor Vlogs Gaming Channel преди месец
10:52 Did u just saw how bo shoot next to u
Zaiden Kozouz
Zaiden Kozouz преди месец
Some reasons: YOU HAVE AMAZING LUCK, you have 7 KIDS AND YOU ARE A GREAT DAD, and you are sooooo GOOODD WITH CROW
Zaiden Kozouz
Zaiden Kozouz преди месец
Hey, lex I think you are the BEST IN TRIBE
Aysem Elgul Atkisson
Aysem Elgul Atkisson преди месец
Is Sandy a he or a she?????
pika squad
pika squad преди месец
Darrly did not kill you the smoke did 😤 lol
SID Playz
SID Playz преди месец
who else talks to themselves in brawl stars
Luksi Buksi
Luksi Buksi преди месец
You can't report like that wtf is wrong with you its just game
hello I'm a person
hello I'm a person преди месец
5:21 hey Shelly😏
Todd Gilbert
Todd Gilbert преди месец
the poision got you at the last millisec
Berat- Brawl Stars
Berat- Brawl Stars преди месец
Daan Ebbers
Daan Ebbers преди месец
12:16 Wtf, colonel Ruffs. That’s the new brawler for next season...
Kader Kose
Kader Kose преди месец
Abi halkı oynuyor sun
Danny Fuentes
Danny Fuentes преди месец
11:27 lex seed cojones XD. Lex dijo cojones XD
Gabriel Melanson
Gabriel Melanson преди месец
Pam aint thicc she fat
Bryan_939 Bryan_938
Bryan_939 Bryan_938 преди месец
I like end he sed los cojones
AU DELA преди месец
9:23 poco karma
Jovan Bs
Jovan Bs преди месец
the second map is eggshell
Mergen Telmen
Mergen Telmen преди месец
I love how Lex is like I'm camping deal with it
noelle failing
noelle failing преди месец
I subscribed too
noelle failing
noelle failing преди месец
Keep being awesome lex
Lars Zwaga
Lars Zwaga преди месец
12:15 col. Ruffs 👀
Soumaya El Ammarti
Soumaya El Ammarti преди месец
Lol colt was backstabbing to u
papi gr
papi gr преди месец
Can i do that challenge too ? I don't want to your idea
Sanjay Pandita
Sanjay Pandita преди месец
1:25 this was my favourite map named EggShell
Oussama Bedsi
Oussama Bedsi преди месец
12:12 that's the bew brawler lmao lex
Eugene преди месец
I gat LOU
Pro Dude
Pro Dude преди месец
Where did you get the brawlers spinning wheel from
Lex - Brawl Stars
Lex - Brawl Stars преди месец
Sami преди месец
1:25 Eggshell?
MWD Khan
MWD Khan преди месец
Woxzy BS
Woxzy BS преди месец
nora XXB
nora XXB преди месец
Keep the mic out of your mouth
Agnes Ingadottir
Agnes Ingadottir преди месец
Who heard him say Screw You
ZSC SUN3 преди месец
Ezequiel Pena
Ezequiel Pena преди месец
Lex your my favorite BGcdr use code lex I used it when I wasted my 25 $
Kristina Atanasova Arsova
Kristina Atanasova Arsova преди месец
Epik YEET преди месец
i saw a comment about sandy i do feel he need a buff? or delet his 1 gadget and do another 2 cus fr who uses it :-:
Joel Poon
Joel Poon преди месец
omg the chicken darryl in 12:48 is my friend
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass преди месец
There is an issue with sandy Idk why but he’s not fun to play I maxed him but he’s at rank 16
karlost459 pgixmav
karlost459 pgixmav преди месец
I was in the first map
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