Can James May reintroduce the 'sugar sandwich' to 2020?

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What is the ultimate sugar sandwich? James May takes Lucy on an intrepid journey into the 1970s to see whether the sugar sandwich can find a place in today's society.
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shiyoushi преди ден
So basically it's Fairy Bread, but with granulated sugar instead of sprinkles? Fairy Bread's a staple of every kids birthday party in Australia 🇦🇺
nameskaz преди ден
When was Lurpak spreadable butter made?
Scott преди ден
Sliced banana and a sprinkle of sugar on a sandwich 👌
Simon Coles
Simon Coles преди ден
The Sugar Sandwich! Yesssss!
Tom Moore
Tom Moore преди 3 дни
Tom Debsky
Tom Debsky преди 3 дни
Use me as a like comment subscribe counter.
hunter gatherer woman
hunter gatherer woman преди 4 дни
We do this in America except we toast the bread and mix cinnamon with the sugar, it's called cinnamon toast. Eaten everywhere you find breakfast.
hunter gatherer woman
hunter gatherer woman преди 4 дни
How does a kid with mumps reassure you?
Jason’s Farm
Jason’s Farm преди 4 дни
I’m 14 as of 4 weeks ago I drink my coffee black and I don’t drink anything apart from Folgers and black rifle coffee company every now and then
Chris Downing
Chris Downing преди 5 дни
James may the most common cheap bread to use is not Hovis but indeed Sunblest. Now I worn you you can only get it from corner shops.
Richard C
Richard C преди 6 дни
This is next-level-desperation-tube ... and I watched it all
Katharine Beaulieu
Katharine Beaulieu преди 6 дни
James, you have to toast the bread, butter it, spread brown sugar (the kind with molasses not the unrefined kind), and sprinkle cinnamon.
Tony Baker
Tony Baker преди 6 дни
Has to be brown sugar. After all that is what the Rolling Stones were singing about, wasn't it?
Darshan Pars
Darshan Pars преди 7 дни
Can we even love this man more?
Darshan Pars
Darshan Pars преди 7 дни
0:57 .after which he was probably buried in the garden” 😂😂
Tim S
Tim S преди 7 дни
Toasted bread, butter, sugar and cinnamon powder. Next best thing to Cinnamon Toast Crunch when you don’t have any
Dark Quaesar
Dark Quaesar преди 8 дни
sugar sandwiches are pretty universal; there is a version of it even in ancient rome except they didn't have refined sugar so they used honey
Christian Fritz
Christian Fritz преди 8 дни
So.. When I was a kid, there is a technique you took a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of sugar into a teacup, mixed it together until it was smooth then spread it on lightly toasted bread that was allowed to cool, makes 2 sandwiches, one for you and one for a friend. Someone mentioned in the comments cinnamon, yes, if you had it add it. Yum!
CJ Meyers
CJ Meyers преди 8 дни
You guys should have had your glucose checked after this
Matmoo me
Matmoo me преди 8 дни
You gotta take a single piece of bread, spread butter, and sprinkle brown sugar then throw it in the broiler. It's like the sandwich version of creme brule
A Whiting
A Whiting преди 8 дни
cheese and onion crisp sandwich.
ennitSC преди 8 дни
DEAD wrong mate. Brown sugar is the only way to go.
Aidan Fitzgerald
Aidan Fitzgerald преди 8 дни
"Lucy, doesn't like cheese. She would've starved in the 70's"
Juice преди 8 дни
i just tried this and for something so simple is genuinely one of the best sandwiches i’ve ever had
Tocos W
Tocos W преди 9 дни
Lurpak was made in 1903
J F преди 9 дни
Lucy should try to find a new job, and sue old faff. Old faff should try his experiments on his own children if he has any. Next week he's picking on another woman Rachel someone.
J F преди 9 дни
What is wrong with this old faff bullying his staff, why is Lucy Brown being picked on, while small portion and zero pressure on the male employee Tom. These types end up in court for a reason. What is more depressing are the comments here by an educated audience who find this kind of behaviour funny and adorable.
J F преди 9 дни
Hope the girl binned it. She clearly didn't want it, no need to succumb to the faffs pressure.
Rhonda Crosswhite
Rhonda Crosswhite преди 9 дни
Icing sugar has a bit of cornstarch added to help keep it from clumping.
Pixelslet преди 9 дни
It's just sugar on bread, that is not that exceptional. I do that if I run out of things to put on me bread
Robert Salender
Robert Salender преди 9 дни
*slam* *half-twist* "Sugar."
keenobeast преди 9 дни
tell it like it is
tell it like it is преди 9 дни
He said whilst in the comments I can subscribe???
Pasi Susipuro
Pasi Susipuro преди 9 дни
James May is my favourite choice as a travel companion anywhere. Seriously.
Dhameer Govind
Dhameer Govind преди 9 дни
Lucy Brown and her black cap
M&Z Read-Aloud
M&Z Read-Aloud преди 10 дни
No, but close, Lurpak was invented and packaged first in 1901, sugar weevils are a thing, no brown sugar was invented as far back as the dawn of the industrial age probably around the dawning of the 19th century. And finally, Sugar sandwiches are always better toasted and with the posh addition of cinnamon. Nothing like fried bread from a pan stuffed with cinnamon sugar. Ahhhhh.
Shobhu преди 10 дни
The whole videos is around 3 words always "like comment subscribe" , things Lucy brown has to undergo :D
DA BOOMY FINGY преди 10 дни
My mom would used to eat this growing up
Salty Crisps
Salty Crisps преди 10 дни
Josh H
Josh H преди 11 дни
Now this one I have never and won’t try haha
David Page
David Page преди 11 дни
Hundreds and Thousands sandwiches are awesome. Also the first sugar you used was Caster sugar
Mark Stover
Mark Stover преди 11 дни
Always great to see Capt Slow!
Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan преди 12 дни
makeminefreedom преди 12 дни
When I was a child my mother toasted the bread and put butter, cinnamon, and sugar on it. It was the best.
chris walls
chris walls преди 12 дни
I never had sugar sandwiches, but the sandwiches I remember having where: Sugarpuff, Sliced granny smith apple and sugar And thinly sliced Mars Bar from the fridge.
Charlie Doom
Charlie Doom преди 12 дни
My mom made something called cinnamon toast when I was a kid. Buttered bread, sugar, cinnamon, then toasted in the oven until it was all melty and crisp. Delicious!
Kevin Karbonik
Kevin Karbonik преди 12 дни
I used to make toasted cinnamon/sugar/banana sandwiches.
Paul L
Paul L преди 12 дни
I remember regularly eating white sugar sandwiches as a child mid-sixties due to lack of money spent on normal diet. A case of that or nothing. Don't know if that contributed towards developing excessive taste for sweeter foods for remainder of life. But at least balanced with far healthier foods in later decades.
Anna Pondelik
Anna Pondelik преди 12 дни
why o why is Lucy dear sooo humourless..?
Gior преди 12 дни
british cousine
green1350 преди 12 дни
I used to eat sugar sandwiches back in the day, regular butter/margarine (on both bread), regular white sugar, but then I grilled it on a much better grilled.
Russell Masters
Russell Masters преди 12 дни
If you ever find something, anything that Lucy Brown likes ... please make a video.
Kes FitzGerald
Kes FitzGerald преди 12 дни
Ham dripping sandwiches... yum
Stephen D
Stephen D преди 13 дни
How come I have the feeling that Lucy Brown has never had the munchies?
Rishi Makhanlal
Rishi Makhanlal преди 13 дни
Sadly I don't use sugar. Would love to try it though.
abao преди 13 дни
more butter to hold all the sugar and all will be nice
dave jones
dave jones преди 13 дни
I thought it was Sherbert not sugar 🤣
Carl Kemp
Carl Kemp преди 13 дни
I grew up on sugar buttys didn't do me no harm
SuperRand13 преди 13 дни
here to leave my comment as James asked
uss2defiant преди 13 дни
oh man. it's been awhile since i had one. I'm a gen Y and I grew up with this.
Jesse Rash
Jesse Rash преди 14 дни
Sugar and peanut butter sandwiches is amazing
Anmol Dalal
Anmol Dalal преди 15 дни
Hahahaha! My Papa put me through similar experiments Ms. Lucy Brown. Try Ghee spread on warm toast with sugar or fresh cream.
Daniel Laventine
Daniel Laventine преди 15 дни
Just made a sugar sandwich My new favourite meal
The Drunken Gamers
The Drunken Gamers преди 15 дни
You'll be lucky to find sugar in any shops in a few months.
Karl Davies
Karl Davies преди 15 дни
I am a victim to your mind control
james duff
james duff преди 15 дни
I love a sugar sandwich but granulated not caster
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans преди 15 дни
Matthew yes
James Koong
James Koong преди 15 дни
The Aussie sugar sandwich (Fairy bread) is infinitely superior to this trash, change my mind.
Andreas .Bringsli
Andreas .Bringsli преди 16 дни
Does lurpack make unspreadable butter too? O.o
msmiller57 преди 16 дни
As kids we'd mix the granulated sugar with cinnamon powder, put it on the buttered bread slice and toast it open face til the butter melted...yum.
Kevin преди 16 дни
You gotta melt the lurpack for the best sugar sandwich experience
dogmagamer преди 18 дни
Is this Keto friendly?
Joshua Fay
Joshua Fay преди 19 дни
Yes sugar weevils are actually a thing
William Ellis
William Ellis преди 19 дни
More please sir
Ralf Wolf
Ralf Wolf преди 20 дни
My mother used to make me Peanut-butter and brown sugar sandwiches
oompahloompah2 преди 20 дни
Lucy Brown is useless. It's like she hates food in general. Such limited tastes.
Matthew Daub
Matthew Daub преди 20 дни
Was everyone homeless in the 70s?
stealthop преди 21 ден
golden syrup sandwitch?
The KING-Arthur
The KING-Arthur преди 21 ден
I remember eating these as a child and I was born in 88. Goes to show how poor I was growing up.
Megan Loop
Megan Loop преди 22 дни
This makes the pixie stick sandwich from 'The Breakfast Club' slightly less weird.
Róisín Grant
Róisín Grant преди 22 дни
OG sugar is definitely the best, but you have to use at least 2 heaped teaspoons for maximum crunch and heart disease.
Róisín Grant
Róisín Grant преди 22 дни
No point in being healthy when we're all going to die anyway.
StaceyBabe Peter S t a c e y E n t e r p r i s e s
StaceyBabe Peter S t a c e y E n t e r p r i s e s преди 22 дни
"""Progress rather than perfection I vote for Super Fine granulated sugar if I was so inclined, no."""
Chris Fairhall
Chris Fairhall преди 22 дни
Here in New Zealand, we have 'fairy bread'. White bread, margarine, and sprinkles.
Theo Roosevelt
Theo Roosevelt преди 23 дни
dope episode, just to have "sockermackor" as a kid, in the 2000's. (kinda to heavy on the base in this vid tho)
Jah Breed
Jah Breed преди 23 дни
Its the sxxt with Peanut Butter. Too much sugar and it pours out though.
WTF Kitchen
WTF Kitchen преди 23 дни
He'd do much better if he broke open Pixie Stix and sprinkled the 'entrails' of those all over the butter in lieu of plain old sugars
Dirango Soly
Dirango Soly преди 23 дни
I think the poor-millennial version is mustard and chips/crisps sandwich. My favorite was Doritos.
alikatts323 преди 23 дни
It's still around. Just toast the bread and add cinnamon. Yummy!
Undisclosed Redacted
Undisclosed Redacted преди 24 дни
I bet Lucy Brown was raised on free range cucumbers or something. Invented in 1903.
Oisin Buckley
Oisin Buckley преди 24 дни
"They go together in a cake." My response exactly.
T¡nfo¡l Hat
T¡nfo¡l Hat преди 24 дни
Wonder where the just say no kids are now. Strung out im sure
sadowolf преди 24 дни
Wow, I used to make sugar sandwiches as a kid in the 80s when my great grandmother watched my sister and I because she didn't supervise us in the kitchen; I had no idea this was in any way a common thing. Sometimes we would make peanut butter sandwiches with sugar as well. Unsupervised kitchen time also birthed the ungodly Tang sandwich as well. Not sure how common that one is haha.
Terrence Weston
Terrence Weston преди 24 дни
The diagonal cut is far superior. There will be NO rectangular cutting in my house!
charles honey
charles honey преди 25 дни
it was cinnamon sugar when i was i kid in the 70s
Twoblacks преди 25 дни
The most subliminal "like, comment, subscribe" I've ever heard
Venomous Oni
Venomous Oni преди 25 дни
They ate sugar sandwiches back then, and they were fine. I drink a couple bottles of diet soda, and bam. Diabetes. Life is funny.
Boog Riordan
Boog Riordan преди 25 дни
I did the normal sugar sandwich as a child but added cinnamon
Lisa Hinton
Lisa Hinton преди 27 дни
Is Lucy Brown your relative?
tuxedo 155
tuxedo 155 преди 27 дни
is james may like the doug demuro of the food community
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