The Grand Tour: Who's Most Likely ROUND 2! ft. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May

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As you loved our last Who's Most Likely with James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson so much, we decided to bring them back for round 2! We finally get the answers as to why Jeremy went to a foreign prison, why people are moving out of London because of James, and who is currently having a mid-life crisis!
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V TEC преди 6 часа
James:We never had problems with laws Also James: CRIKEY ITS THE ALBANIAN ROZZERS
Gemma Hosking
Gemma Hosking преди ден
Clarcson “James he never really brakes the speed limit “ Everyone else “he never reaches the speed limit “
HONEY KUN преди ден
Accident is Richard hammond's second name
Gavin du Randt
Gavin du Randt преди 2 дни
A good exercise in judging ego!
Syd Syd
Syd Syd преди 2 дни
“The food the beer” “the gift shop
Michael Kowal
Michael Kowal преди 2 дни
In that first question, I would say James because of one reason, he beat Gordon Ramsay in the f word when they competed to make the better fish pie
Be Safe
Be Safe преди 3 дни
Phill M156
Phill M156 преди 5 дни
George Charimba
George Charimba преди 5 дни
Jeremy's eyebrows are hilarious
Roderrick Gaming
Roderrick Gaming преди 5 дни
didnt may once beat ramsay ina cooking constest
N1LS преди 5 дни
James May is based 19:57
Davey Walsh
Davey Walsh преди 6 дни
Who are the hosts asking the questions?
The Queen's Half Corgi
The Queen's Half Corgi преди 7 дни
20:22 I do that all the time in every day situations 😂
The Queen's Half Corgi
The Queen's Half Corgi преди 7 дни
19:58 haha what a burn
The Debug
The Debug преди 8 дни
I like how they bothered to censor the swearing for about 7 minutes and then they just give up lol
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith преди 9 дни
Most likely to have a midlife crisis? The guy who dyes his hair and grew a goatee. Next question
Jerome Shalom
Jerome Shalom преди 11 дни
Do you live in london? Yes. You've heard them. Lol
Harry Marshall
Harry Marshall преди 14 дни
James : the Doctor Richard : the Master Jermy : Davros
Coolbreezed преди 22 дни
I like how the presenter looks. Her cheeks are so chubby and shes got a little mouth perfectly in between. Very good cheek symmetry
Coolbreezed преди 22 дни
She must be about 80 kg
Max Arvid
Max Arvid преди 23 дни
"Jeremy is a walking midlife crisis"🤣🤣🤣
Redeemed Farmer
Redeemed Farmer преди 25 дни
Do James and Jeremy ever take care of their hair......
Ivor Gotten
Ivor Gotten преди 25 дни
Jeremy, i think your a legend, but, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, trim your eyebrows,Pleeeeeease
Ocky преди 25 дни
James is so handsome omg im gon cry😭
lb fourtwenty
lb fourtwenty преди 25 дни
The eyebrows are too distracting
Callan Wilson
Callan Wilson преди 26 дни
I understand how Hammond went in to radio now
Jimmy Fuchstein
Jimmy Fuchstein преди 27 дни
james is so pretentious lmao hilarious
Jimmy Fuchstein
Jimmy Fuchstein преди 27 дни
but somehow hammond is worse lmao
Vinezy преди 27 дни
A million views and only nearly 12 thousand subscribers? 😯
honestmcgyver преди 28 дни
How come they’ve all got white wooden blinds?
ĢĺĮŤćh преди 28 дни
One of the questions should be whos more likely to crash (Answer hammond unsurprisingly)
Muck006 преди 28 дни
*_Which of us wouldn't Bear Grylls have killed in a week?_* ROFL
Muck006 преди 28 дни
Jeremy is a walking CRISIS ...
Plattsy05 преди 29 дни
Ian Pannell
Ian Pannell преди 29 дни
Laura E
Laura E преди 29 дни
Most likely to have a meltdown on camera: The boys: everyone except James Me: nervous flashbacks to the Bolivia special, where James attacks Jeremy with a machete...
Kissalude преди месец
the sound is all over the place in this one. the first one was crazy quiet.
F1 преди месец
They are getting old and I do not want that.
Артём Сурков
Артём Сурков преди месец
Чем ж ещё заняться в 2 ночи...
E. Ramirez
E. Ramirez преди месец
I think Jeremy forget about the dish he cooked in Spain that gave them all diarrhea ? 💩🤣
John Hobs
John Hobs преди месец
DVD werk nie poes
Phil Rigby
Phil Rigby преди месец
Boring zzzzzzzzz
patrick halbert
patrick halbert преди месец
Interesting version of the newly-wed game. They must have all been married at some point.
Joshua Chandler
Joshua Chandler преди месец
I love these three dudes.... Best trios since Larry curly and I hope they keep pushing the envelope farther and farther but I'm sure their getting older and more ready to retire, but we all want more.
J Evans
J Evans преди месец
Grooming, grooming, look like someone in a care home Mr Clarkson, Sir !
Tempester преди месец
james beat gordon on hells kitchen!
RJK преди месец
10:45 Richard thinking back to the time when he insulted Mexico in it's entirety.
RJK преди месец
I like how you censored "Shit" but not 'Human Shit'.
Hat Kid 2.0
Hat Kid 2.0 преди месец
Why do they all have near identical Venetian blinds? Has nobody noticed that?
SMM Gooz
SMM Gooz преди месец
jeremy looking like sam the eagle
horkusone преди месец
Eyebrows. That’s the whole comment.
OniKai преди месец
I'm sure I remember an episode where May looks like he seriously blew his shit and actually tried to throw I think it was Brick at Clarkson or something, can't quite remember what was going on lol I think Clarkson rammed his car while he was trying to fix it or something was a while back, was hilarious think he was aiming for Clarksons head fuck knows how he missed.
connor booboo
connor booboo преди месец
Miel van Velzen
Miel van Velzen преди месец
Their interiors were prettymuch what i expected after watching tg and tgt lmao.
cal kestis
cal kestis преди месец
The giant dress eventually scream because singer particularly note an a venomous bomber. typical, sticky pendulum
Jacob Mullins
Jacob Mullins преди месец
anyone else notice how hamond puts so much effort into thinking of his answer and the other two just try to insult the others?
Jacob Mullins
Jacob Mullins преди месец
Everyone: may cannot cook Me who say the cook-off between gordon ramsay and may and watched james win:
FollowMyJourney преди месец
The American trip killed me when they say nascar sucks haha, plus the Argentina special was scary
Charissa Samsung
Charissa Samsung преди месец
I'm too distracted by Jeremy's eyebrows 🦉
gogogiraffe преди месец
Clarkson got divorced, shacked up with a much younger woman, and got sacked from his job for punching a producer. I think he wins the midlife crisis.
Mr Tiddles
Mr Tiddles преди месец
James: Says he cooks terribly Also James: Beats Gordon Ramsey in a blind taste test.
R.E.N преди месец
James: "I'm very careful" He drank a concoction of raw meat, Tabasco, bovril, and a brick, He drank pure white spirit (and lived) He drank plum liquor and cannabis in the same glass
Tony Montana
Tony Montana преди месец
Jeremy, for the love of God, trim those eye shadows.
RIVERSIDER преди месец
It's sooo refreshing seeing how well they know each other ❤️💯.... You don't get this type of chemistry between show co-hosts anymore , even with some musical groups , this type of chemistry is hard to come by but should be cherished when you do stumble upon it🤞💯....
Philip Browne
Philip Browne преди месец
Santa Uxia
Santa Uxia преди месец
Clarkson cooked Lobster with G. Ramsey, there goes nothing!
Diesel Estate
Diesel Estate преди месец
Bear Grylls & 5* hotels... LoL 😁
Mr. Irrelevant
Mr. Irrelevant преди месец
I want 3
Seb Abril
Seb Abril преди месец
Jeremy: i can cook better James : i made a cooking show and a cooking book
001 ammar
001 ammar преди месец
I feel sad seeing them get old
Matt James
Matt James преди месец
"Most likely to accidentally offend the locals is Hammomd" Me: H982 FKL, anyone?
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez преди месец
The Grand Tour season 4 ep 3: Surviving Bear Grills, lol just kidding that format would not fit The Grand Tour.
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake преди месец
0:40 Oh he can. Remember the Amazon Seamen special where he cooked a tub of ooooohhhhhhh, you were really late to it, like usual, of course you didn't see it.
Sahil Arora
Sahil Arora преди месец
James has sloth like quality's
Subdued преди месец
Does James smoke?
jackie smith
jackie smith преди месец
Clarkson, manscape your eyebrows lol
RockPaperScissors преди месец
Clarkson looks like a Harry Enfield character.
Daniel Hristov
Daniel Hristov преди месец
Midlife crisis... the one that dyed his hair.
Daniel Hristov
Daniel Hristov преди месец
Am I the only one that utterly loved their “seamen” episode? Please make more episodes like that... get motorcycles again... or planes... just anything different. It’s great.
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife преди месец
What happened to Jezzas eyebrows in the past few years?
Peter Ingram
Peter Ingram преди месец
Did you know, there is a phenomenon in Bristol called the Bristol hum, in the middle of the night, you can hear a humming sound, which stopped when James May moved out, I wonder if it was his Sinesis, or if the hum has appeared in Wiltshire?
Abdullah Malik
Abdullah Malik преди месец
That woman is pretty
wow bam
wow bam преди месец
"I cant really cook but im better than those two." Clarkson is the man
Ellie Townsend
Ellie Townsend преди месец
Jeremy you did get sacked by the BBC so I think you get most trouble
Horseshoeman Running
Horseshoeman Running преди месец
Jeremy, please trim your eye brows!!
Mr Robo-Vision
Mr Robo-Vision преди месец
Why does Jeremy's eyebrows look like overgrown armpit hairs?
SUGAR-3-ME - преди месец
Love how much they know about each other 💪🏼💪🏼
Ryann E.
Ryann E. преди месец
May’s summation of Hammond’s mid-life crisis is the realest shit in this video
mike neville
mike neville преди месец
Hammond! Ur still 38!
Viola Elisabeth
Viola Elisabeth преди месец
Black and white midlife crisis. That killed me!!!
Floyd Freeman
Floyd Freeman преди месец
The best cook is May because he won a cook off against Gordon Ramsay while drunk
Channel Dad Bryon Lape
Channel Dad Bryon Lape преди месец
The lads sure are aging under Lockdown. National shame.
tld8102 преди месец
Why do they all have the same blinds?
Lame Jackson 03
Lame Jackson 03 преди месец
Remember, James May once defeated Gordon Ramsay in a cook off
Ryan A'hearne
Ryan A'hearne преди месец
As i recall jeremy clarkson was arrested in the grand tour for child labour
Cam Winston
Cam Winston преди месец
This was a interesting vid...but Jeremy's sheep farm must be rubbing of on him...! Those eyebrows looked like fleece.
George Bland
George Bland преди месец
Didn't James May beat Gordon Ramsey in a cooking competition
John Evans
John Evans преди месец
Get the lawn mower out, and trim Clarkson’s eye brows.
Joshua Oliver
Joshua Oliver преди месец
Did they all buy the same shutter blind?
Sa Br
Sa Br преди месец
With those windows they look like they're all in different rooms of the same house!
_Staidbody989 _
_Staidbody989 _ преди месец
Dude Alrihhh
Dude Alrihhh преди месец
Would be way better if they could see and hear each other
Hammond and May try to build Lego cars while downing shots
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